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Thursday, August 31, 2006

US spies on European allies

All our enemies in the Middle East are Muslim terrorists, right? Not according to our government. They have extensive wiretapping and spying going on against European countries that are supposed to be our allies. With friends like us, who needs enemies?
Consider this by the BBC:

The main offices of the European Union were recently discovered to have a wide network of bugging devices planted in several offices and conference rooms. Representatives from several countries Spain, France, Greece, UK, Germany, Italy and Austria all reported to have bugs discovered after a February 28 electronic sweep.

Assassinations? Well, maybe, according to foreign press reports from , New America Media, Posted on August 19, 2006, Printed on August 19, 2006:

Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal

Just after noon on Friday, July 21, Adamo Bove -- head of security at Telecom Italia, the country's largest telecommunications firm -- told his wife he had some errands to run as he left their Naples apartment. Hours later, police found his car parked atop a freeway overpass. Bove's body lay on the pavement some 100 feet below.Bove was a master at detecting hidden phone networks. Recently, at the direction of Milan prosecutors, he'd used mobile phone records to trace how a "Special Removal Unit" composed of CIA and SISMI (the Italian CIA) agents abducted Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric, and flew him to Cairo where he was tortured. The Omar kidnapping and the alleged involvement of 26 CIA agents, whom prosecutors seek to arrest and extradite, electrified Italian media. U.S. media noted the story, then dropped it.The first Italian press reports after Bove's death said the 42-year-old had committed suicide. Bove, according to unnamed sources, was depressed about his imminent indictment by Milan prosecutors. But prosecutors immediately, and uncharacteristically, set the record straight: Bove was not a target; in fact, he was prosecutors' chief source. Bove, prosecutors said, was helping them investigate his own bosses, who were orchestrating an illegal wiretapping bureau and the destruction of incriminating digital evidence. One Telecom executive had already been forced out when he was caught conducting these illicit operations, as well as selling intercepted information to a business intelligence firm.About 16 months earlier, in March of 2005, Costas Tsalikidis, a 38-year-old software engineer for Vodaphone in Greece had just discovered a highly sophisticated bug embedded in the company's mobile network. The spyware eavesdropped on the prime minister's and other top officials' cell phone calls; it even monitored the car phone of Greece's secret service chief. Others bugged included civil rights activists, the head of Greece's "Stop the War" coalition, journalists and Arab businessmen based in Athens. All the wiretapping began about two months before the Olympics were hosted by Greece in August 2004, according to a subsequent investigation by the Greek authorities.Tsalikidis, according to friends and family, was excited about his work and was looking forward to marrying his longtime girlfriend. But on March 9, 2005, his elderly mother found him hanging from a white rope tied to pipes outside of his apartment bathroom. His limp feet dangled a mere three inches above the floor. His death was ruled a suicide; he, like Adamo Bove, left no suicide note.The next day, Vodaphone's top executive in Greece reported to the prime minister that unknown outsiders had illicitly eavesdropped on top government officials. Before making his report, however, the CEO had the spyware destroyed, even though this destroyed the evidence as well.Investigations into the alleged suicides of both Adamo Bove and Costas Tsalikidis raise questions about more than the suspicious circumstances of their deaths. They point to politicized, illegal intelligence structures that rely upon cooperative business executives. European prosecutors and journalists probing these spying networks have revealed that:
The Vodaphone eavesdropping was transmitted in real time via four antennae located near the U.S. embassy in Athens, according to an 11-month Greek government investigation. Some of these transmissions were sent to a phone in Laurel, Md., near America's National Security Agency.
According to Ta Nea, a Greek newspaper, Vodaphone's CEO privately told the Greek government that the bugging culprits were "U.S. agents." Because Greece's prime minister feared domestic protests and a diplomatic war with the United States, he ordered the Vodafone CEO to withhold this conclusion from his own authorities investigating the case.
In both the Italian and Greek cases, the spyware was much more deeply embedded and clever than anything either phone company had seen before. Its creation required highly experienced engineers and expensive laboratories where the software could be subjected to the stresses of a national telephone system. Greek investigators concluded that the Vodaphone spyware was created outside of Greece.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Marijuana got me started in politics

The following are excerpts from Memoirs of a Drugged-Up, Sex-Crazed Yippie,Tales from the 1970s counter-culture: Drugs, sex, politics and rock and roll

By Steve Otto

Chapter Three
From the Cleavers to the Yippies

It was probably during my first year of college that I came across books by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Do It! was Rubin’s best known book. Hoffman wrote Revolution for the Hell of It and Steal This Book. I wasn’t really familiar with Yippie writings before then. I was struck by a theme found in Hoffman’s book Woodstock Nation. He kept insisting that what really pissed him off the most was:
“My friends are in prison for dope and cops stop me on the street cause I have long hair.”
He stated that he opposed the Vietnam War, opposed capitalism and supported the Black Liberation Movement, but drug laws made him really angry. I could relate to that because it was marijuana laws that first got me interested in politics, during my sophomore year at Goddard High, in 1970.

Goddard was a newly built modern school, located in a really small town, outside of Wichita. It was a large round building with a few hallways stretching out like the arms of a spider. The hallways were an orange color and the rooms were painted a real light brown. The building had new plush blue carpet.
It was my second week into the fall semester that I was sitting in Mr. Lempits’ speech class trying to decide what my first speech topic would be. As I sat on the wooden seat of my green metal desk, Mr. Lempits, about 30, a tall, light haired man with dark heavy spectacles said:
“You’ve had several days to decide on a topic for your speech. Today I want you to give me your topic. I’ll call out your name and you tell me what it is.”
He sat down at his large brown wooden desk and took out a green class roster booklet. He got his little blue Bic pen and began calling out names. I wanted to do something on marijuana laws. But I wasn’t sure if I should be as bold as to say that legalizing marijuana was my topic. One by one he read off the students names and wrote topics, everything from abolishing capital punishment to supporting the Vietnam War. Then I heard something I wasn’t expecting.
“My speech will be on legalizing marijuana,” a student said. His name was Dave Nelsin. After that, I figured if Dave could speak on legalizing marijuana, so can I.
“Mark Spies?” Mr. Lempits called.
“Legalizing marijuana,” I answered.
The bell rang and we headed out the doorway into the orange hallway. Dave, a stocky dark haired kid, slightly taller than I, walked up to me and asked:
“Do you get high?”
“Yea. I like to smoke hash and grass.”
“I’ve got some hash at home. I could bring it tomorrow. You want to try some?”
“We’ll go to my car during third period when we take our break. Can you get anything to smoke?”
“I have some grass I got from some of my friends from the last school I went to. It’s pretty good.”
“You can bring that the day after tomorrow. That will give us some dope to smoke for two days.”
Third period was a study hall, but no one studied. They didn’t even refer to it as a study hall. We all referred to it as a morning break. We all just got in front of the pop and candy machines located in a large hallway just outside of the cafeteria. The cafeteria had a large room full of tan plastic tables and chairs. It was located just inside the front glass doors. It was the largest room in the school. It wasn’t hard for students to go out to their cars on break. Many did that for a cigarette break.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fred Phelps embarrasses Kansas once again

Fred Phelps has embarrassed Kansas once again. He’s heading to Mead KS to protests a flag, the rainbow flag that many people associate with gay pride.

According to The Wichita Eagle, Aug. 26:

“The Rev. Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church will demonstrate at the hotel beginning at noon.
The hotel has gained international attention for flying a rainbow flag, which is a symbol of gay rights. The owners say the flag was a gift from their son.
Phelps' group also plans to protest at five Meade churches starting at 10 a.m. Sunday.”

In retaliation, the Kansas Coalition for Equality plans to have its state board's monthly meeting at the Lakeway Hotel in Meade on Sunday.
According to a late night news cast, the owners of the motel are sick of the fuss and plan to sell it and move.
Other news organizations including MTV are planning to cover the event.
Once again Phelps has put Kansas in the national news and made fools of those of us who live here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maoist revolt in India picks up steam

It was long ago that India was trying to help the government of Nepal smash a Maoist uprising by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Now civil war has spread to India itself and that government is now dealing with a rising Maoist insurgency called The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist (Naxalbar).

According to Anuj Chopra, Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor ULGARA, INDIA :”A sprawling, yet largely hidden, war is raging in India's rural countryside, and after years of ignoring it, Delhi is signalling a military counteroffensive.India's Maoist insurgents, also called Naxalites, have expanded their area of operations from just four states 10 years ago to half of India's 28 states today. In 165 districts, they claim to run parallel "People's" governments. This year alone, fighting between rebel and government forces has claimed more than 500lives - many civilian.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh turned heads recently by calling the Naxalites, "The single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country."

The Maoist of India have ties to the Maoist in Nepal. Add to that the possibility of Maoist taking up arms in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Maoist already taking up arms in Turkey, there now is a movement sweeping over Asia and part of Europe to rival the Islamic fundamentalists.

المقالة منشورة في صحيفة الشمس الحمراء

Iraqi Revisionism: from the Marxist-Leninist-Revolutionaries of Iraq:

الحركة التحريفية العراقية تتشبث بالدستور المؤقت
لعهــــد جمهورية عبد الكريم قاسم البوليسية
البرجـــــــــــــــــــــــــــوا زيـــــة

الحركة التحريفية العراقيـــة تد خل الى سوح النظام الراسمالي من منافـذ عد يدة تحت
ذرائع منها الدستور المؤقت لعهد النظام العسكري البرجوازي لعام 1958 والانتخــابات
التي من خلالها سيتـم انتخــاب رموز الدولة الراسمالية بغيــة غلـق التاريخ العراقــي
بالنظام الراسمالي هـذا هو بيت القصيد ، لابـد من القـول ان الدساتير التي اعتمد تهـــا
انظمة الطغيــان الدكتاتورية البرجوازية بصورة متتالية كانت ثمة د ساتير مصممة لمنفعة
الطبقة البرجوازيـة التي لاتمت لها صلة بالطبقة بالبروليتــــاريا ، ما هي تلك الدوافع الا
زوبعة في فنجـــــان على اثر ايغال التحريفية في الاغتراب عن الصراع الطبقي وتعليق
المشاكل الجوهرية باللاثورة واللاصراع مع راسمالية القطاع الخاص... والبــــــلاد يمر في
ظروف التدمير الشامل للبني التحتية لاقتصادية ، وايقاف نموها عن مواكبة التطور الحضاري
من خلال تخويل الوحش الانكلو امريكي كمرجع اعلى للحركة السياسية العراقيـة ، ناهيكم
عن المرجعيات المذهبية التخلفية المحلية ومن هذا المنفذ ياشرون لاطروحة البالية التي
اطلقها واعتمدها الشخصية الرجعية الاشد عدائا للشيوعبية المتمثلة( بالسيستاني ) لتقليــــم
اظفارالتيار الشيوعي وثم اطفاء جذوة النضال الثوري البروليتاري وقبره في المهد ،

ان الغليان الاسلامي الممتد بافاقه الضيقة من منابع المعميين الوصوليين هو الاكثـــــر
شراستا بعدائه للماركسية اللينينية الماوية من الامبريالية والراسمالية العالميـــة واكثــر
صهيونيتا من الصهيونية ذاتها ان الحقيقة التي تؤشر من خلالها المعطيات والتي تنطوي
على عوامـل الانفجــار والغليان المقترن بالانتفاضة الاعلاميـــــة والتنظيمية البروليتارية
لاجتثاث جذور اعداء الشيوعية وجذور الحركة التحريفيـة المتفاعلة معها لقذ فهـــــا الى
مزبلــة التاريخ ، دوى صوت تجمـــــع الماركسيين اللينينيين الثوريين العراقيين ليقتـحم
السماء مفجرا بركان الانتفاضة الاعلامية البروليتارية والانتفاضة الاعلامية البروليتاريـة
كنقلة نوعية في تاريخ العراق تمهيدا لاشعال فتيل الثورة البروليتارية للثورة البروليتـارية
الانتفاضة الاعلامية هي بحد ذاتها ثورة الثقافية بروليتارية كتجربـة لم يسبق لها مثيل
في العراق ، فالثورة الثقافية كفيلة بتعبئة وتنظيم الفكري للبروليتاريا العراقية ، وغلــق
المنافذ امام الفساد الفكري والتخلف السياسي والثقافة الخرافية التي تعتمدها راسماليــة
الدين ورجال الدين الطفيليين حلفاء السلطان المحلي وحلفاء الراسماليــة العالمنيــــــــة
ورؤساء القبائل من الملاكين و الاقطاعيين واصحاب الاسهم في الشركات الراسماليــة
العالمية واحزاب التجارة و الشركات والاسهـم من الصعاليـــك الديمقراطيين واللصوص
والنازيين القوميين الكردستانيين والعربستانيين حلفاء شارون وبوش وبلير، والحركـــة
التحريفية الليبرالية العراقية التي تتستر تحت اسم الشيوعية ، فاي شيوعيـــــــة هـــذه
شيوعية ليبرالية شيوعية تجارة الشركات والدولار والاسهم شيوعيــــــة نشر التعصب
القومي والديني ، شيوعية التحالف مع رجـــــــال الدين والاحزاب الاسلاميـــة الفاشيــة
شيوعية العمل مع المخطط الامبريالي والراسمالي العالمـــي هؤلاء اساؤا استخـــــدام
الفكر الشيوعي واساؤا لمحتواه ، كان لابـد من اندلاع الانتفاضة الاعلامية كثورة ثقافية
لتوعيةالبروليتاريا العراقية وصنع العنصر البروليتاري المعاصر اولا تمهيدا لتقويض
دور الحركة التحريفية العراقية بكل اشكالها ، وتقويض دور احزاب التجارة والشركات
والاسهم ثم تقويض دور اصحاب العمامات الطفيليين عملاء الصهيونية العالمية . ومن
دون الثورة القافية ( الانتفاضة الاعلامية ) يصعب علينــا التخطي نحو الحرب الشعبية
البروليتارية وصنع المجتمع الاشتراكي المعاصر والتخطي نحو النظــام الشيوعي دون
منازع .

التلذ ذ التحريفي بالوطنيات الزائفة والا نصهار ببودقة الجبهات
الوطنية الشوفينية المخزية
فالوطنيين اساسا قوميين متعنتين متعطشين للعـزلة عن العالم والبقاء على حالة مداولة
الهموم البالية كالتعصب القومي وغسل الاد مغة بالدين ، اذا الوطنية العراقية والعربيــــة
اسلامية شائكة وظلامية بكل مزاياها وهي نابعة عن الروح القومية الشوفينينية الصرفة
وتعبر عن خصلتها البرجوازية القومية و بالشكل التالي ( الافظلية للوطن والوطن فـوق
العالم ويساوي العالم باسره ويطوق بطوق حديدي لرسم الية الحدود للعزله عن العالـــم
ان تنامي تلك الفكرة وامتدادهـــا ليس الا امتدادا للنزعة القومية الضيقة الافق وترسيخ
لاقدام الدولة البرجوازية في التربة العراقية ، والتي لابد من اضمحلالها مستقبلا بحكـم
الترابط البروليتاري الاممي لشعوب المعمورة و بحكم العلاقات الاقتصادية العالمية والتطور
التكنيكي في ارجـــــاء المعموره الذي لايستوعبه رجال الدين الاسلام بالاحرى اصحــــاب
العماما ت في النجف وكربلاء وغيرها ، انه لشي غريب جـدا حينما يتباهون التحريفيين
بالسيستاني الذي لايرى للعلـــم والتكنيك والتطور معنى ، هل تمرر شيوعيتهم من خلال
الاسلام ، الن يكفيهم التعصب الديني الذي يغرق الشعب العراقي باسره فجاؤا يظيفـــون
اسلوبهـم هذا تمهيدا لترسيخ الخرافات في المجتمع الطبقي بشكل اعمق ويزيدون الطين
بلا .
ما وراء النظرة الوطنية والتعصب الوطني والتعصب الديني والنزعة العرقيةالقومية اليس
ذلك هو امتداد للنظرة القومية البرجوازية . ان الوطنييـن في تركيبهم البنيوي يعانون
من العزلة الحقيقية عن العالم ، بعد اجرائهم لعملية غلق المنافـذ الممكنة لرؤية العالم
ولايشعلون شمعة لازاحة الظلام كي يرى المجتمع العراقي النور رؤية طليقة وملموسة
غير انهم متعنتين للتوغل الي عمق الظـــــلام وثم ا لتخطي خطـوات تلوا الخطوات نحو
الوراء ، بمعــــزل عن العلا قات مع العالـم المتحظر ، رغـم الطبيعـة الوحشية للراسمالية
التي تبني كيانها من كد وعرق جبين الشغيلة العراقية ويزدادون ثراء من اتعابها ، بهذا
ليس بامكانهم التوافق والانسجام مع واقع البروليتاريا العالمية ، وكالمعتاد يتحجبــــون
دورهم ويختفون خلف جدار التقاليـد الوطنية الرجعية الباليــة المغـلــولة بالتعصب الديني
دورهم والمذهبي مثلا الشيعة العراقيين الاكثر مذاهب تعصبا في عالمنا الراهن ، ينظرون
الى العالــم المتحضر من منضار عدو صعب التاقلــم معه .
ان التحريفيين المتباهين بالسيستاني الرجعي وميشيل عفلق الكردستاني الشوفيني المقبور
( ملا مصطفى البارزاني ) هم اكثر حركات تحريفيـة شوفينية في العالم الراهن ، واثتاء
اقتحامهم لاي حوار يرجعـون الى تاريخ اجـدادهم القريشيون المغلـول بالمفردات المنقولة
من قبــائل القريش ، في طرحهم علل تتعلـــق بالماضي الاسود لاعطاء صورة غريبـة
ومشوهة عن العالم الحديث المليء بالمخاوف منها التخوف من التطور الحضاري البشري
المعاصر ذريعته ا لتحالف مع رجال الدين ورجال الحركة القومية الشوفينية العراقيــــــة
وطنياتهم الشوفينيــة تد فعهم للتعاطف المباشر مع الشوفينية العربية الاسلامية التخلفيـة
ومع الكردستانية الشوفينية الاسلامية تلك هي صورة قبيحة للاقزام الوطنيين من تجار
المال وراس المال .

دستور عهد قاسم انشىء بحينه كد ستور لنظام دولة الطبقات :
العودة لدستور نظام عبد الكريم قاسم الرجعي ، لايقترن بالدعــوة المطلقة لقبر الدكتاتوريات
الراسمالية الارهابية ، لايتسم عراقنا الجريح بالاستقرار بعد ان كابـد شعبنا ماساة الوطن
والكوارث والويلات التي سببتها الحروب الفاشية والغزوات ناهيكـم عن الخسائر الماديـة
والاثار والخراب اضافة للمحن المتتالية والمجازر المروعة والانتهاكات الجسيمة لحقـوق
البروليتاريا ، رغم كل ذلك لم تنكفى الشغيلة على نفسها في خزن الحكمة وترجمتها الى
ممارسة واقعية عبر النضــال لردع الدكتاتوريات الفاشية المتعاقبة ، فالانسان منذ القـدم
قارع الطبيعة الا انه وجد في نهاية المطاف ان تحقيــــق الانتصار يقـع في اللا تاريـخ
لانه لم يكن في مستوى ادراك لقوانيـن الطبيعـة انذاك ، فاثر الجمــــــاعة في التصدي
لتلك الاخطـاء الناجمة عن الكوارث الطبيعية وفي مواجهــة الظوراي المفترسة ، فكانت
النتائج اكثر ايجابيــة من الدستور الموقت لعام 1958 ، فصانعي الثــــــورات والملاحم
التاريخية لم يكونوا بمناءى عن هذه الحقيقـة التي تؤكد في العصر الحديث على اهميـة
الدور الطليعي للبروليتاريا في مسير العمليـات التاريخيــة خاصة في عالــم مترابط لذلك
لايمكن البتة عزل الغطاء في التاريخ عزل التحريفيين انفسهم في جزيرة معــزولة عن
العالـم المكتض بالصراع الطبقي واعطاء الحق والاولوية للراسماليــــــة ودساتيرها التي
تقــــــدم خدمات جليلة للطبقات الارستقراطية الحاكمة وتسحق الشغيلة في المهد .
لقد اعتمد كارل ماركس وفريدريك انجلس في صياغة البيان الشيوعي واجراء تعديلات
عليه في اطار تاكتيك واستراتيجية الطبقة العاملة على خبرة الطبقة العاملــة الفرنسية
الكومونيون الذين هبوا لا قتحام السماء عام 1871 واعاد النظر في موقفهما من ثورة
1848 الالمانية وشخصا الخطاء الذي وقعـا فيه بروح نقد ية بعد ان استلهما مباشرة
تجارب وخبرة الشغيلــة ميدانيا ( لا خبرة دساتير الانظمة البوليسية الارهابية ) فالجماهير
الكادحة تصنع التاريخ وليس الاحزاب التحريفيـة وليس دستور المؤقت ولا دساتير اعتى
الانظمة بربريتا ، الا ان هذا التحديد لاينفي بالتاكيد دور الفرد في التاريخ فالعضمـــاء
الذين انجبتهـــم البشرية عبر مراحل التاريــخ هم نتاج التقيــم الموضوعي للطليعــــــــة
الواعية الطبقــــــة البروليتارية اكثر شرائح المجتمع ثورية والمثقفين الثوريين هــــــم
زهور في صدر العمال " ماركس " فن القيادة ذات علاقات وثيقــة بتجربـــة العمـــال
والفلاحين التي صقلتها التجارب في معمعان النضال الثوري البروليتاري في سياقه على
سبيل االمثال الحرب الشعبية البروليتاريا الرائدة في بيرو ونيبال وهما يلحقان الهزائــم
المتلاحقة بالاعـداء الطبقيين وينزلوا بهم الضربات الموجعة ، ولا يمكن استلهام هذا الفن
عبر المراحل الاكاديمية وهو نتاج للتماس المباشر بالمعانات اليومية للطبقـة الاكثر ثورية
في المجتمع وتشخيص الظرف التاريخي الملموس لحدوث الكارثة الاجتماعية في وضع
الفتيل على فوهة المدافع ، ورفض تغبية التكهن ، ورغم اهميــة الثـــورات التي وقعت
خلال القرنين الثامن عشر والتاسع ، الا ان تلك الثورات والانظمة التي تمخضت عنهمـا
ظلت قاصر عن تقديم مطالب البروليتاريا .

اشار ماركس وانجلس على ضرورة خلق الكيان السياسي للبروليتاريا كادات فاعلـة في
تقويض جهـــاز الدولة ومؤسساتهــــا القمعيــة اضفة الى الامثلة المشتقاة من التاريـخ
فالتاريخ لن يسامح حركة سياسية تحريفيــة في طرح توجهات كاذبة ، فمعظم الاحزاب
التحريفية في بلـــدان العالم الثالث وقعت في اخطاء وانحرافات فكرية جسيمة رغـم ان
معظمها كانت تتزعم الماركسية اللينينية جزافا وتتاقلم مع الراسمالية المحليـة والدوليـة
في اطار تكتيك واستراتيجية تحريفية كادات فاعلة في تهريج ودق الطبـول ان الدولــة
البرجوازية والراسماليــة العالمية رائدان الديمقراطيــــة تسترا على مؤسساتهـا القمعية
لعدم تقويضها ، اضافة الى الامثلة المشتقات من التاريـخ فالتاريـخ لن يسامح حركــــة
تحربقية في طرح توجهات كاذبة ، ان معظم الاحزاب التحريفية في دول العالـــم الثالث
عولت على المنظرين في مراتب برجوازية ضاربة الجذور بالازدواجيـــة علـى صعيــــد
الفكر لاتستجيب لضرورة الساعة مع تقوقعها في مستنقع الخيانة ، تاكيــــــدا لضمــان
عضويتهــا في المحـور التحريفي العالمي ضاربـة عرض الافـق بؤس البروليتـــــــاريـا
والافواه الجائعــة تامينــا لظاهرة النرجسية التي استفحلت منذ الخمسينات فـي تاليــه
العضماء الفارغين لينوبوا في الراي عن الجميع ، ان ماوتسي تونغ لم يكن نرجسيـا
او رومانسيا وقد حاول المنظرين التحريفييـــن توجيه جام غظبهم عليـه انطـلاقا مــن
انه اعتمد في نضاله الثوري على الفلاحين الفقراء والجائعيـن وانكرو دور الطبقــــة
الفلاحية العاملة ودور العامل الذاتي رغم الانصارات الثورية التي حققهـــا الرفيـــــق
ماوتسي تونـغ بالحرب الشعبية تلك الفترة التاريخية العظيمة اتسمت بالبعــد الثــوري

حركة التحريفيين العراقيين يقودها الفحول والمراءة مغيبة :
عدد النساء العاملات ضمن الحركة التحريفية العراقيـة ضئيل جدا لربما تعد واحـدا
على الالف نسبة لعـد د ا لفحول المسيطرين على اجواء تياراتهم واحزابهـم ، لربما
يحثون النساء العاملات بصفوفهم على ارتداء الحجـاب حتى لايغضب السيستاني وغيره
عنـد عدم استجابتهن لتقاليد القريش لايصلحن عضوات بصفوف التيــــــارات التحريفية
ان هذ التيار نتيجة التراوح في مكانه لاتشده رابطة العمل قد انشطر الى شطريـن
اواكثر ناهيكم عن رسم خط مفصلي لفصل الرجال ( الفحـــول) عن خط النسـاء حيث
يفصلهم الحدود الجنسي الفحــــول والاناث وبالتالي قد تلاشى خط النساء وانزل عن
الحساب لم يبقى الا خط الفحول فالمراءة البروليتاريا التي ترغب في الانتمـــــاء
لصفوف التحريفيين مطلوب ان تقــدم بطلبها لحوزة العمامات مع توفر المواصفــات
منها الحجاب وحماية جسمها من المؤثرات الخارجية وحمـاية شرفهـــــا خشية مـن
ان تصطادها نظراة الرجال حتى يسمح بانتمائا لصقوفهم مع طبع الثقة .
نقترح على التحريفيين ان يجندوا الفحــول من خط الرجـــــال على حراسة شرف
رفيقاتهـم وفق التقاليــــد الانسلامية القريشية .
على المراءة البروليتاريا خوض النظال الثوري ضد تقاليـد الابوة الفاشية المتمثلـة
بالسلطان الديني والسلطان النظام البوليشى وسلطـان القوميين النازيين بقايا مــــن
التقاليد الاقطاعية وحكم الفحول .

وطن حر وشعب سعيد شعار ليبرالي برجوازي :
هذه المقولة ذابت في المنابع القديمة لايصلح حتى استعمالها لغويا ، عبارة شائكة
وفوضوية لاموقع لها من الاعراب في ساحة الصراع الطبقي القائم بين البروليتاريا
والراسمالية , قبل ان نفوت عليهم الفرصة وهم يهرولون قرابة ستة عقود زمنية
متماسكيـن بالخيوط القديمة ، بوطن حر من الاحتلال الامبريالي والاتفــــــــــاق مع
الاحتـلال بالوكالة و من خلال الشركات الاحتكارية الامبريالية في ظل نظام وطني
يحكم بالنيابة عن عساكر اليانكي هذا هو الوطن الذي يعملـــــون من اجله وليس
اليوم وانما منذ تاسيس حزبهم بزعامة يوسف سلمان ( فهد ) منذ ذلك اليوم كانت
هذه المقولة الليبرالية والى يومنا هذا سدة كل منافذ عقلهم والحقت ضرارا بالغا
بمستقبل الثورة البروليتاريا العراقية، وكما الحقت ضررا كبيرا بحزبهم سقطوا مئات
الالوف من رفاقهم المخدوعين بمثل هذه المقولات ضحايا في الزنزانات الفاسية و
الساحات العامة دون ثمن لم يحصلو سوى على تسمية الشهيـــــــد من اجل حزب
تحريفي برجوازي ثم تشظي حزبهم التحريفي الليبرالي الى مليون شظية تلك نتاجات
وطن حر من الاحتـلال الاستعماري ويتيح للاحتــــلال بالاستعاضة عنه اي بالوكالة
من نظام يفتح منافذ البلاد لاستضافة الشركات الاحتكارية الامبريالية والغربية حتى
يسرحون ويمرحون بوطن حر وبجنب شعب سعيد لقدوم الشركان شعب سعيد جــدا
بالشركات الاحتكاري للامبريالية الصديقة والراسماليــة الغربية الحنــونة راعيـــــة
حقوق الانسان في الاستثار لطاقاته في خدمة الشركات التقدمية العالميــة التـــــي
جاءت لتحمى نفط العراق وتحرصه من احتلال البروليتاريا العراقية لنــفط العــراق
الي اين ستقود البلاد قطعان البرجوازية من جماعة علم الله اكبر البعثي والاخوة
التحريفيين الديمقراطيين وطن حر من العساكر الامبرياليـــــــــة والاستعاضة عنــه
بالشركات االاحتكارية لامبريالية الصديقة .

في مثل هذه المقــولات الغير مجدية نفعا وغير مدرجة اصلا ايديولوجيا في القاموس
البروليتاري ، قـــــد تكون مدرجة في ا لقاموس التحريفي والليبرالي ، هنا وبحكم
المنطق يتـم فصل الفكرتين كخطين متوازيين لايلتقيا لكل خط خطه وبرنامجــــــــــه
وايديولوجيته ، لايستطيع اى من التيارين التيار التحريفي والتيار الماركسي اللينيني
استعارة ايديولوجية الاخر بالنياتبة عنه الا لهدف تصفية الحساب معه وبهذه الممارسة
قد تم خرق انتمائه الطبقي او حالة التخلي عن طبقته ، لربما من خـلال استعمال
الاسماء واضافتها الى هرمهم السياسي او تركيبهم التنظيمي كعملة رخيصة ومجانية
تستهدف التوصل الى النتيجة المرجوة التي يبتغون الوصول اليها يتم ذلك على حساب
و مستقبل البروليتاريا العراتقية كما فعل ويفعل التحريفيون ، ليس على مستوى المحلي
والاقليمي فحسب وانما على مستوى العالمي .

نظرية الشعب اسطورة تحريفية تداولها التحريفي العفن خروتشوف دون اخذ التميز
الطبقي بنظر الاعتبار وبالحسبان ، وشطب على الصراع الطبقي بهذا فتـح اعوانــه
في العراق المنافـذ بمصراعيها امام التيارات البرجوازيـة العراقيــــــــة كي تسرح
وتمرح في العراق دون منازع كحلفاء دائميين وفق تلك مقولة شعب حر اذا هم
ايضا جزء من هذا الشعب الا اذا تم تحديد الطبقي لطبقات الشعب حتى كل طرف
يناشد طبقته ويماسك بها .

قد يكون ر دنا حاسما لدحظ هذه المقولات والشعارات البرجوازيــــة و من منطلق
بروليتاري صرف مع اخذ بنظر الاعتبار الديالكتيك الماركسي ... والصراع الطبقي
الحامي الوطيس تحديدا لموقفنا المنحاز بصورة مطلقة للبروليتاريا والعمل علــــى
نصرة البروليتـاريا على عدوها الطبقي في استخدام كل الوسائل المتاحة والكفيلة
لاندلاع الحرب الشعبية البروليتارية حتي تتحقق دكتاتورية البروليتاريا في بلادنــــا
تحيــا الشيوعية والموت للتحريفية الليبرالية .

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The end of rational politics

When the powers to be try to censure you and close down your voice, you must have done something right.
The imperialist powers, today mostly the US, have always needed scapegoats, scary monsters and super creeps to divert attention from their own crimes (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon).

When men who are the moral equivalence of drunken prostitutes and they pretend to be our leaders and moral guidance, then there is no morality, there is no sin. There is only the law of the jungle.
That is the reality of today.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Rev. Fred Phelps & Attorney General Phill Kline - a match made in hell

It’s bad enough that Fred Phelps, the radically anti-gay wing-nut, is the most visible Kansan in the nation, for picketing funerals, now our numb skull attorney general has been found to be taking campaign money from him. From the Associated Press:

“OPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- Criticized for accepting a $500 campaign contribution four years ago from a son of the Rev. Fred Phelps, Attorney General Phill Kline has donated the same amount to a group that counters Phelps' protests at the funerals of U.S. troops killed in combat. Kline has publicly denounced the activities of Phelps and members of his church, Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, who picket military funerals arguing that soldiers' deaths represent God's punishment for U.S. tolerance of homosexuality. Democrat Paul Morrison, Kline's challenger in this year's attorney general race, attacked the Republican incumbent on Monday over the $500 received by his campaign in October 2002 from Benjamin C. Phelps of Topeka. It was the only contribution the younger Phelps made that year, according to state campaign finance records. Kline spokeswoman Sherriene Jones said Tuesday that Kline's current campaign staff was unaware a Phelps family member had contributed in 2002. When told of Morrison's attack, the staff investigated -- and then made a $500 contribution to the Patriot Guard.

The guard is a group of motorcycle-riding volunteers who place themselves between the Westboro Baptist pickets and soldiers' families and funeral homes, often gunning their engines to drown out the protesters.”

For those of you who haven’t seen the news or read a newspaper for the last eight years, Phelps pickets funerals of gays and others he blames for contributing to “gay America.” His flock usually brings signs with ridiculous slogans, such as “thank God for 9/11,” or “God hates fags.”For those outside of Kansas, Kline was elected with no attorney credentials by anti-abortion wing-nuts and all he has done is file meaningless charges against abortion clinics and try to prosecute teenagers and organizations he believes promote underage sex. In Kansas we have the blind leading the blind.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The history of the “New Communism” of the late 1970s

The following are excerpts from Memoirs of a Drugged-Up, Sex-Crazed YippieTales from the 1970s counter-culture: Drugs, sex, politics and rock and roll By Steve Otto
While the book does focus a lot on drug use and sex, it tries to capture the politics of the time. It’s been pointed out in other publications that the Revolutionary Communist Party is the only surviving “New Communist” party left.
The excerpts:

I was at Rusty’s house, late one afternoon, after getting off work, when the news came on and led with the death of China’s Chairman Mao. He was in his 80s so there wasn’t much of a mystery around his death. At the time I didn’t think much of it.
“Do you think anyone killed him?” Rusty said.”
“He is in his 80s,” I answered. “He was bound to die sooner or later. All any enemies had to do was wait for it.”
That was on September 9, 1976. Mao had led China since the Communist revolution of 1949. I didn’t realize that his death would have an impact on the world. I also didn’t realize what changes would take place in China after he died and I didn’t realize that Mao’s influence would be felt in the future.
I remembered back to a Saturday late in the summer of 1976. I happened to go to the Community Mercantile food coop’s 5-year anniversary. Many of the people who worked at the Public Notice went to buy their food at this place. A lot of other people I knew belonged to the food coop and bought their food there. By joining, they were technically part owners. It was a simple looking building, probably a small “mom and pop” grocery store at one time. By then it was a plain white building, very utilitarian. It was brown on the inside and lacked any advertising or frilly colors that might be found on a regular grocery store. That day, there was a local folk band playing. The band members were about my age and included a guitar and banjo player. There were a few booths serving refreshments and there seemed to be a picnic atmosphere to the event.
Over on one wall was a Chinese flag. The big red flag with small yellow stars caught my eye. I had suspected there were some people in Lawrence who were pro-China. This was blatant proof. I was beginning to notice that several organizations and people in the town were following a pro-Chinese political trend. This is what would later be known as the “new communist” movement.
Some foreign students actually introduced me to the hard-core-Marxist left. I was walking toward the Kansas Union one day and there were a bunch of Iranian students handing out leaflets. They had a table with some literature. I walked up to the table and took one of their pamphlets.
“DOWN WITH THE SHAH,” screamed the title.
They called him a dictator and anti-democratic. They complained that the US was supporting this guy. The organization was called the Iranian Student Association. I found their cause interesting.
“Our government supports this dictator?” I asked one student whom I later knew as Asghar.
“Yes,” Asghar said. “We are having a meeting tonight if you would like to come. It’s at 7p.m.”
“I think I might come to this.”
After all, 7 p.m. was early enough that I could get out in time for a few beers at the Bier Stube before I called it a night. Asghar was a short student, about my height. He had dark short hair. All the students had dark short hair. They looked rather clean cut, except there was a woman with them. She had on a scarf. She was moderately dressed.
I came to the meeting room, in the Kansas Union, listed on the pamphlet. I sat down in a cheap plastic chair. There I saw several different speakers, at a wooden podium, talk of bringing democracy to Iran. One of them was Asghar. But he kept insisting that he wanted a democracy for “those who toil the land.” It didn’t take me long to realize that these students were hard-core Marxists. I agreed with their criticism of US foreign policy. I was an anarchist, although I was beginning to move toward some type of Western Marxism. I had realized early on that the US foreign policy was bogus. After all, why did the US support a dictatorship in Pakistan over the democracy of India during the war over Bangladesh? The Soviets supported India. And why did the US continue to support Nguyen Van Tu in Vietnam, when he banned all opposition from taking part in an election? We were clearly not defending democracy. What were we supporting -- in Vietnam, Iran and Pakistan?
There were only about 15 people in the chairs. But I was intrigued. I also met Shokrollah for the first time at that meeting…………
We watched excerpts of the trial on TV. Chiang remained defiant. Many people believe she made fools of her prosecutors by putting up tough arguments to the charges made against her. At the end of the trial, she was sentenced to death, but the sentence was postponed for two years to give her time to reform. She was dragged from the courtroom shouting:
“It is right to rebel!”
Chiang was never executed, but also never seen in public again. I was impressed by her performance. The whole government tried to demonize her as a tyrant and yet she came out looking like a defiant rebel.
One day, Shokrollah brought into one of the meetings the Revolutionary Worker, the official newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party.
“This paper is the one that is closest in America to what we think,” he told me.
The paper had a kind of 1960s tone. It used the word pig to describe the Shah of Iran and talked about the pig system. I found out later that the party grew out of a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society. There were some other pro-China parties that were active in the mid 1970s. There was the Communist Party Marxist-Leninist, which was actually the official affiliate of the Communist Party of China. There was a Communist Workers Party, which had a more independent line than either RCP or CPML
I had met members of both the RCP and the CWP who occasionally come to the campus. Member of the RCP often attended rallies by the Iranian Students. One guy named Gus, who had long, blond hair and thick, dark-rimmed glasses, often made speeches at rallies held against the Shah.
“The worker’s need to seize power and establish a workers dictatorship,” he said at a rally held on campus one afternoon.
I ran into a member of the CWP, a short, thin student with long dark hair, handing out newspapers near the Kansas Union one after noon.
“Communist newspaper,” he said to everyone who passed him by.
He gave me a paper. I was amazed at his openness about being a communist.
“That’s how they started the Russian Revolution,” he said. “They had to get the ideas out to the people. That was the only way to reach them and build a revolution.”
There was also a group of the Socialist Worker’s Party, a Trotskyist group that set up tables in the Kansas Union and sold books and their newspaper, the Militant. The thing that all of these groups had in common was their belief that the US workers were on the verge of rebelling against the capitalist system. These groups were on the rise and they were involved in lots of single issue organizations. But unlike the New Left of the 1960s, these groups could not get any publicity from the mainstream press unless they happened to be some place where a riot took place. Then they were only mentioned. The mainstream press had developed the useful tactic of pretending these groups didn’t exist. Every once in a while I saw Time or a local newspaper refer to “the US Communist Party,” the pro-Soviet Party, as if it were the only communist party in the US. The Communist Party USA didn’t even have a presence at KU.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kansas Assholes make national news again

Once more our home state makes the national news for all the wrong reasons.
The town of Mead is a small Podunk in the west of Kansas, about a two hour drive from the thriving metropolis of Wichita.
What could put such a small town on the map? A rainbow flag that restaurant owners JR and Robin Knight put up a flag their son bought in California because, according to The Wichita Eagle:

“The rainbow flag was given to them by their 12-year-old son, who said it reminded him of Kansas and "The Wizard of Oz."

But to local bigots saw otherwise. Believing it was a symbol of gay pride, they tour it down and have thrown brinks through the window of the Lakeway Hotel and Restaurant all over a flag. The Knights have had to deal with vandalism of their place, a drop in business and they still refuse to take the flag down.

Also according to the Eagle:

“Thomas Witt, head of the Kansas Equality Coalition, a group whose mission is to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, said he doesn't see evidence of widespread gay intolerance in the town.
"We really think it's not the whole town," he said. "Most of the people out there are live-and-let-live; that's their culture. There's a few bad apples out there who think it's OK to write hate speech attached to a brick and throw it though people's windows."
On Monday, the Knights shared with a visitor a thick notebook filled with e-mails, cards and letters from people who support their right to fly the rainbow flag, for whatever reason.
'A nice scrap of news'
The southwest Kansas chapter of the equality coalition held its regular meeting Sunday at the Lakeway Hotel. "The meeting was fine," Witt said.
Although there was talk of a demonstration, only about half a dozen young men actually showed up to protest the meeting, he said.
"They said their piece... that they didn't want us in town," Witt said. Then, they left and drove up and down the street, he said.”

So a few Kansas rednecks have made a big stink over a flag. With the blather about terrorists wanting to destroy us because we value free speech, it’s it’s ironic that Kansas patriots want to muffle the speech of those they disagree with.

Why does Kansas always get national publicity for the worst of us.

Monday, August 14, 2006

RIM: Take up the challenge to build a people’s revolutionary alternative

The US green light to Israel’s mass murder in Palestine and Lebanon

Thousands of sophisticated American-made precision bombs deliberately pound Lebanese towns and villages, mosques and churches, airports and ports, milk factories, grain silos, power stations and telecommunications infrastructure. Israeli leaflets scream at the Lebanese people to leave behind their homes before Israeli missiles strike, and those who flee are themselves bombed from the air in their vehicles, many with white flags flying, while bridges and roads are destroyed in order to leave people stranded and to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching them. As of this writing, about 1000 Lebanese have been killed by US bombs and other munitions in the hands of Israeli hit men (wearing army uniforms for the most part) and more than a quarter of the population displaced, and the count is rising daily.

Israel has played the role of attack dog for imperialist interests for over half a century, since its creation as a religious-based Zionist state on Palestinian land. How long would Israel last without the billions of dollars of support it receives from the United States? Today its role of gendarme for the region is being suddenly expanded for the geo-strategic aims of these world-scale terrorists headquartered in Washington who have spilled rivers of the people’s blood during wars and crimes of aggression committed all over the globe. As appalling and contemptible as these massacres carried out against the Lebanese population today are, they may well be a prelude to a much broader war to redraw the political, economic and social map of the Middle East to suit U.S. imperialist interests -- part of a global agenda. It is not just about controlling resources and oil, it’s about developing more complete US domination of a strategic region of the world and trying to break the will and crush the national aspirations and resistance of a population whose hatred for US imperialism in particular and for its armed Zionist thugs in Israel has few bounds. It also has the aim of reining in (or “changing”) regimes like Syria and Iran that are not fully under its command.

Israel’s invasion and air bombardments of Lebanese towns that began in 1982 killed nearly 20,000 people and, as Sharon’s Zionist army stood guard, hundreds of Palestinian were slaughtered by Phalangists at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon. Hezbollah was formed in this period as a Shiite movement among Lebanese to fight against Israel’s occupation of Southern Lebanon, but it also acted as a force of restraint against the Palestinian resistance there. With its contradictory nature, and by avoiding solving the essential problem of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, it contributed to maintaining a fragile Zionist-imperialist stability in that area.

The Israeli state machine of terror instead turned its attacks towards the West Bank and Gaza, murdering Palestinian militants and civilians, building “apartheid” walls to physically separate the two populations and their land, expanding its settlements into the territory carved out for Palestine, destroying its agricultural livelihoods, infrastructure and thousands of homes, and through its repressive system of controls maintaining those who aren’t in its prisons in a different form of captivity. With the election of Hamas in early 2006 – a reflection of the bankruptcy of previous efforts to reach an imperialist-sponsored accommodation with Israel – the US master together with Israel made the political – and military -- decision to put the talk of international “peace” aside and to use the occasion to break the back of the Palestinian government and to try to rout once and for all the Palestinian armed resistance to Israel’s daily terror regimen. The cascade of bombs on Lebanon to eliminate Hezbollah from the southern part of that country is a further step in this “militarised roadmap”. The purpose is not to achieve peace, but to pursue war and to reinforce through the act of mass carnage and destruction the US rulers’ and Israel’s self-designated right to kill anyone they want in the region in the name of whatever demagogy serves them at the time. Sometimes this talk invokes peace, at others it is to end “terrorism”, or to bring about the (implicitly bloody) birth pangs of democracy in the Middle East, as Bush’s current travelling saleswoman, Rice, put it. At the same time, even the most pro-Bush members of the world press are preparing public opinion for a situation of civil war in US-occupied Iraq, where neo-colonial democracy US-style is a murderous joke. And all the while the threats of punishing Syria and Iran escalate.
People all over the world seethe at the unjustness of this latest war of terror and devastation orchestrated between Washington and Tel Aviv, and at the pathetic hand-wringing talks among the European imperialist powers who are complicit in giving this “green light” to mass murder. After Iraq, major actors in Lebanon like the former coloniser France see their interests better served by joining the US war coalition this time around, and the pitifully subservient UN cannot even pass a Security Council resolution condemning Israel for an attack killing UN personnel in its own unarmed posts in Lebanon because of US veto power and overall domination of that institution.

It is way past time to put aside illusions about international forums and such institutions intervening to bring the world’s leading marauders to reason, as demonstrators expressed eloquently in turning their wrath against the UN offices in Beirut. How trustworthy is a US imperialist-brokered cease-fire scripted by those who openly flaunt their own right to use illegal cluster bombs, to violate past agreements like the Geneva convention, and commit crimes against humanity? We must convert our revulsion into conscious political opposition to stop their crimes and to prepare for the struggle that lies ahead. Truly taking the interests of the oppressed and exploited masses of the Middle East to heart means fighting against simple answers and not duplicating betrayals that people have already repeatedly suffered while heroically resisting. No reactionary forces based on religion or ethnicity can unite the diverse peoples and many nationalities of the Middle East – from occupied Palestine all the way to occupied Iraq, to Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran and elsewhere -- and bring about a lasting or genuinely anti-imperialist solution. And it means combining all our collective strength to oppose this ugly war and to support the Lebanese and Palestinian people under siege. These high-tech murderers can create massive terror through their collective punishment in trying to achieve their aims, but they will never gain the confidence of the people of the Middle East. That is one problem they cannot solve. Distrust and hatred must be turned into a conscious political force aimed squarely at the entire unjust system of imperialism and its reactionary tentacles strangling the life out of poor and non-compliant populations. Only a revolutionary movement uniting the oppressed masses in the Middle East that rejects any form of obscurantist religious leadership and theocratic regimes, that seeks to break the hold of neo-colonial powers and their reluctant or willing puppet regimes strewn throughout the region as well as the imperialists’ outpost, Israel, has a fighting chance to end this nightmarish cycle of plunder, war and death.

Despite the imperialists’ attempts to numb people into inaction or fatalistic thinking that they are all-powerful because over and over they brazenly display new levels of brutal aggression against whole sections of humanity they consider disposable (or similarly try to suffocate opposition voices of the middle classes with layers of anaesthetising hypocrisy to justify one intolerable abuse after another), the law that “oppression breeds resistance” is one they cannot control. We must not give in one centimetre to their cynical calculations of either wearing down or repressing the people’s struggles.

New politics must come into being to lead the people’s revolutionary struggle – a new way of looking at how to change society, which classes are friends and which are enemies, who to rely on and what must be done to throw the imperialists out and stand up to its global hegemony; neither nationalism nor religion can accomplish this. The daily misery created by imperialism is constantly creating more of its gravediggers in the Middle East. While this potentially revolutionary social force exists, it does not yet have sufficient conscious and organised _expression -- and it must. This liberating breakthrough requires the proletarian internationalist ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. From amongst those who hate this system and the unjust wars it generates, fighters and leaders need to dare to step forward and take up this challenge.

It is way past time to make common cause to confront the imperialists’ deadly arrogance with the conscious and powerful strength of the oppressed of the region whose interests lie in a totally different future, one that can only be wrested out of the current madness by developing revolution in countries throughout the region as part of the international struggle to bring down the vicious capitalist-imperialist system and usher in a whole new world.

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement
8 August 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

Democrats finally take a hit on the war

So Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., lost his re-election bid. The three-term Senator fell to anti-war challenger Ned Lamont in Connecticut's Democratic primary Tuesday, a race seen as a harbinger of sentiment over a conflict that has claimed the lives of more than 2,500 U.S. troops.
According to The Wichita Eagle, Aug. 09:
Unbowed, Lieberman immediately announced he would enter the fall campaign as an independent. Only six years ago, Lieberman was the Democrats' choice for vice president.
Those not hypnotized the by the current president and his terrorism blather want some real opposition in the upcoming elections and not just someone who will dance around the issues. A lot of people want this war ended and some even want an attempt to mediate peace in Lebanon before the country re descends into civil war.
Will the Democratic Party finally get a clue and move to the left or just continue to slide into oblivion? It’s too early to tell if this is just one state where anti-war people have had enough or whether this is just an isolated incident.Either way: Good Buy Sen. Lieberman and good riddance.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Maoist Iraqi rebel movement

There is a new Maoist group that claims to be taking up arms in Iraq and it is reaching out to the Maoist internationals for recognition and support. I believe they deserve the support. The official Communist Party of Iraq is taking part in the puppet elections and collaborating with the imperialist army of our country.
Yes the war in Iraq is more than just a peace issue. It’s one more example of a country (ours) that simply refuses to give up its ambitious empire building and playing “world cop.” The other opposition groups in the country are Islamic and want a theocracy. Why would we want to support that? I know I don’t want to live under it.

There are those who oppose this new group with a host of complaints. See the example below:

“- wrfdpdsr13 <> wrote:> Dear comrades , first thank you for our responses> .........> Regards the> we have the following critisism about them:> 1.They claim that thier ideaology is the Maoism, but> thier practice > is the opposite for that, this is very obvous from> what appear in > thier web sites which unfortuantly not available in> english and many > comrades my will not confidant what I will say about> them:> > 1.They veiw the socialism as the first stage of> communism and > subsiquently it should be subjucted to pure> communist laws only and > it must reject any need to the use of the economical> drives to > stimulate the workers and the farmares to increase> thier productions > and it should depend only on the mental drive for> this achievments, > while the Maoism according to the teaching of both> Great Mao and > comrade Kim Il Sung is a transitional stage between> capitalism and > communism and subsiquently should subjected to> double laws : the use > of economical drives in addition to the> psychological and > idealogical drives (which came from the applivations> of personality > cult ) to stimulate the workers to increase their > productions .........This principle is the core of> Maoism according > to Mao Tsitung and Kim Il Sung, whithout which the> communist party > is not maoist : in breav the do not> apply the > economical programe of Maoism and have no disign for> the socialist > system that they struggle to achieve......> > 2.They do not apply the Maoist approach towards the> religione and > the beleivers but instad of this they apply very> agressive anti-> religion approach ( they do not the religious> reactionism only as we > do , but they attach the religion as a whole in way> not related to > Maoism ). When Mao reach to power in china the C.P> of China made > from Mao an God for the chinies and they put Mao to> be of religious > power by put hem as taking a religion power from the> Chinies Gods(I > can express comrade my langauge is weak but the idea> is clear ). > They deny such historical fact about Maoism and> China revolution > that all the world know .....)> > 3.They refuse to deal withe volume 6,7,8,9 of Mao> Tsetung selected > works and the collective works of Mao in 9 volume> till 1949 for > being not published by China officially although> these works > available on the MAI (, the depend> on > only> > 4.They are too highly dogmatic refuse to confess any> mistak or oild > fashin aspect of marxism aspect in way opposit to> what applied by > the real Maoist parties such as the Maoist communist> party of > Indea .........> > 5.They use the tearm revisionist against any one who> disagree with > hem about any essue even very simple , and as just> simple example on > thier view they disicribe Enver Hoxha ( leader of> socialist > revolution in Albania as being revisionist !!!!!!> for being anti-> maoist while the correct is that the man was> dogmatic not > revisionist ........”

What’s the point of all this complaining? Who else do we support? The web address for this new groups is or click on Marxist-Leninist-Revolutionaries (MLR) of IRAQ

Saturday, August 05, 2006

As Fighting Flares in Afghanistan, Support for Licensed Opium Production Grows

Fighting might intensify in Afghanistan, but the opium supply is in good shape. All you addicts and narcotic fiends may rest assure that while our war in Afghanistan is a mess, the drugs will flow.

According to

"NATO has three objectives," said Yaseer. "Their first priority is to defeat the insurgency, secondly to win hearts and minds, and third to wipe out the opium." But, he conceded, those goals are contradictory, given Afghanistan's huge dependency on the opium economy. According to the United Nations, opium accounts for somewhere between 40% and 50% of the national economy.”

However, there is now an attempt to draw NATO into operating a drug eradication campaign. Many Europeans are against it, since it will mean more casualties as this will only escalate the war being waged by the Taliban.

plaque memorializing journalists murdered by Taliban,
at hotel where they stayed in Jalalabad

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Revolutionary Maoist greeting from Iraq........

Dear Comrades,we are a collective group of Iraqi revolutionaries ( anti-imperialic anti-revisionistic communists ) we are mixture of Maoists , Stalinians , Gepharists )but we are dominated by Maoists .....I'm here a Maoist member in this new orgonisation (the Iraqi Lef - Movement )we change even the name to defrantiate ourselves from the pseudocommunist groups in IraqWe are anti-the so called communist party of Iraq -center committe who reject the Marxism ........Dear we want your help : we are new orgonisation and we are poor .....Your group is excellent site to us for publication against imperialism and capitalism and because it is free it will assesst us to much in our very hard struggle to rebuild the distriod communist movement in Iraq, we are even unable to deliver a newspaper on regular manner because we are not tall for any imperialic power as do unfortuantly many psuedocommunist groups in Iraq. Most Iraqi communists deviated to Trotiskism , we are not ......Comrades we want your permission to post our articles in your groups. Can we post them in Arabic language with english translation ? If you allow us to post them in Arabic we will prepar english tranlation to them either completely or at least partialy because we face difficalties in translations. If you allow us to post in your group it will be great help to us in our batile against our enamies and also it will be a great help to connect us with the international Maoist parties that we have yet no link with, are we allowed for that or not, please advise usPLEASE HELP YOUR IRAQI COMRADES YOU ARE OUR LAST HOP