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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Israeli Government sends military aid to Peru and Andes nations


Notes taken from press:

An Israeli with links to arms makers here is helping Peru's army fight Maoist rebels; A strange Defense Ministry promotion A few months ago, the Israeli security firm, Global CST, headed by Major General (Res.) Israel Ziv, won a $10 million contract to prepare the Peruvian army's special forces for its struggle against the Communist Party of Peru ("the Shining Path") - which recently renewed its struggle. The group is a Maoist guerilla organization that has been trying to foment a Communist revolution in Peru.

Ziv and his partners in the firm have previously supplied similar services in fighting against guerilla forces, including the integration of an intelligence system, to the Georgian and Colombian armies.

In Georgia, their students failed the test and suffered a beating at the hands of the Russians.

In Colombia they succeeded in a daring commando raid, with the assistance of Americans, in saving the life of Ingrid Betancourt, the former presidential candidate who had been held prisoner for six years by the guerilla forces of the FARC rebel group.

Ziv not only prepares the army, he also has an influence on the equipment it will acquire. Thus he serves as a kind of sales representative for the Israeli military industries which reward him accordingly.

On his advice, the Peruvian army bought night vision systems manufactured by Elbit for its gun-ship helicopters. The deal amounted to about $3 million.

Ziv recently conducted negotiations to get controversial arms dealer Aaron Frankel to join his firm as a partner. Frankel was a good friend of Moshe Keret, the former CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries, which he represented in arms deals in Russia and Azerbaijan.

The State Comptroller found suspicions of criminal dealings in these affairs but the police, after investigating, recommended that the file be closed for lack of evidence.

Frankel was due to buy shares of the Mikal Group (which owns Soltam), which was forced to sell its part in Global CST after Elbit invested in Mikal with an option to buy it in its entirety.

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