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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kansas School Board tries to hide meeting on sex-ed

For those interested in Abstinence only sex-education, the Kansas School Board is having a meeting at Wichita's North High, Next Tuesday, at 10:15a.m. If you’re for it, chances are you’re a minister or a rich corporate person who can easily get the day off.

If you’re a poor sucker, as most of us are, who wants accurate education to stop unwanted pregnancies, try explaining to your boss why you need your minimum wage job (or slightly higher) off so you can support, what the wing-nuts call pornography (sexual information and the endorsement of condoms) in school.
The meeting will be 90 percent the people right-wingers want. They’ll push they’re religious views and those who don’t buy it will just suffer the consequences. If you’re youngsters get pregnant or get AIDS, it’s just “the Lord punishment” according to the majority on the board.

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