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Memoirs of a Drugged-Up, Sex-Crazed Yippie

I Am Pol Pot

Can You Pass The Acid Test?

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War on Drugs or War on People?

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o    Evolution

o    ខ្ញុំ

·                     The Happydale travelogues: A day with the Pastor Phlasch   
·                     The Happydale travelogues: Dr Einstein I presume

·                  The Happydale travelogues: It wasn’t funny at the time, but I’m laughing my ass off now

·                     Does legalizing marijuana signal a change in American values?


        The Happydale travelogues: The suicide solution—It’s not for everyone


      The Happydale travelogues: Drug stories produce a fake contact high


       Drifting Towards Maoism

       Self Help—Self absorption

         Employee testing—we are not workers—we are sheep

          Education is more than just “getting a job”       

      I can retire with dignity—in Ecuador—not the US

      Kratom—It is time for the DEA to butt out of adult use of herbal remedies

       Solidarity with the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

        Our Independence Day—don’t dismiss the entire past

         DPR(North) Korea has shown a remarkable ability to analyzing US culture in this film


      Brown Recluse—another example of people’s fear of nature


    Paul Weyrich - "I don't want everybody to vote"

     Journals of a Lumpen-Proletariat—Life among the trailer parks

   Central American solidarity work—spied on by the FBI

    Lies, damn lies and the US news media—designer drug scare

    The Indian elections and the US press’s biggest secret—the red corridor

   Journals of a lumpen-Proletariat—The American dream (illusion) and jail

 Canada begins a rational policy for addiction—heroin   prescriptions

 My State of the Union Address - Part 1

 Comment from our local newspaper—"Not our war"

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