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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Let’s not fear guns—embrace them for self defense

I always thought the conceal carry law was reckless. But now, since it is already here, I think we leftists should embrace it. When possible buy a permit and get permission to carry a gun.
Buy a good gun. Learn how to use it. Don’t just hope that the gun will scare off trouble makers. Some people have had to learn the hard way. A gun in the hands of a person who can’t use it is quite dangerous. The Greensboro Massacre is a good example of what can happen when a group of leftists flash guns around that they really didn’t know how to use.
But the Tea Party right-wing radicals have already bragged that they are buying more guns and hoarding up on ammunition. If they are doing this, why shouldn’t we on the left arm ourselves?
There are some Tea Party web sites promoting gun ownership, such as the North Shore Tea Party and Missouri Gun Owners who openly claim;

About Us

Missouri Gun Owners firmly believes that the individual's right to keep and bear arms is the most basic human right of a self-reliant and free society. Our goal is to bring every Gun Owner together from all walks of life.”

If that works for them, why shouldn’t it work for us? We can do a lot of things that are legal, such as buying guns, having a conceal carry permit and learning how to use guns and legal defensive weapons.The far right has taken advantage of these laws and there is no way the government can come down on leftists for doing these things as long as their right-wing supporters do. In Kansas guns go right up there with Jesus as an all important mantra of the conservatives here.If a local leftist group is large enough they can even form militias and study military tactics and it is legal.There seems to be a false perception that all leftists are against guns and want to take their (Tea Party activists) guns away. For many of us, that is far from the truth. Let them have their guns. We need to buy our own.
We can let the right-wing know we are not un-armed sitting ducks. They tend to focus on the anti-gun liberals so much they may overlook that some of the left will support the idea that they can arm themselves legally.We just have to make it clear we are not declaring war on the government the way the Weather Underground Organization and the Symbionese Liberation Army did. At this time we can make it clear that our weapons are for self defence only.Some people on the left are afraid to have guns. They seem to believe, in the 1970s and late 1960s, that the Black Panther Party was singled out by the FBI and attacked and destroyed for having guns even though they had them for self defence.
They overlook that the FBI put together COINTELPRO which was a type of dirty tricks organization with the purpose of using false claims and any kind of legal argument to destroy all the New Left groups, including the Black Panthers. Most of the groups they went after, they focused on drug use. They used a number of dirty tricks to not only disrupt groups such as the Black Panthers, but also to spread misinformation about them.
COINTELPRO is gone now, but if leftist groups, such as the Kasama Project and those associated with it are successful, a new and similar program may arise. But to do nothing out of fear of a government that will attack us anyway is a defeatist attitude that will only cripple us.
We need to defend our right to the same gun rights that the right-wing groups in this country have. The government and its choir of apologists will all try to discredit a left-wing group that gains in popularity whether its members are armed or not. Let’s not be cowards and let’s stand up for our rights.
We have a right to arm ourselves. -សតិវ អតុ

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