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Thursday, September 02, 2010

So how was the presidents speech-—who cares-—it's the policies that went wrong

Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

On Tuesday night we were told by our President Barack Obama that that combat had ended in Iraq. We’ve heard that years before by our ex-president George Bush. He was completely wrong.
While Obama may end up eating his words, he probably is closer to the truth, if he decides to let the Iraqis take care of their own problems. That’s a big if, but more likely to happen than it was with Bush.
This was a complete mistake from the beginning. No weapons of mass destruction were found and Bush planned all along to build a new Americanized Iraq that he hoped would encourage other countries in the Middle-east to emulate. While he claimed this was not a war on Islam, it must be pretty hard for Middle-east Moslems to believe that after the nasty demonstrations against the Mosque in New York, this last week.
The only other country to get on the Bush bandwagon was Afghanistan and that has been by force.
According to The Wichita Eagle;
“As President Obama told the nation that combat had ended in Iraq on Tuesday night, a couple of veterans stood in the Wichita Central Library telling a few dozen people the war was not over, and speaking of the hidden wounds carried by its soldiers.
"They say the war is over, that's why 3,000 combat troops just deployed from FortHood to Iraq," Ethan McCord said Tuesday.
A Wichita Army veteran, McCord may be best known as the soldier carrying a dying child in his arms in the video, "Collateral Murder." The video documents the 2007 killing of civilians and children in the streets of Baghdad.”
Despite all the lying that has gone on since the leadership of the presidency has shifted from Bush to Obama, the problem remains the same. Iraq and Afghanistan are puppet governments that have NOTHING to do with democracy or freedom. They are part of an economic empire and all the talk of fighting for our freedom and way of life and against terrorism is an outright lie.
No matter what happens in Iraq or Afghanistan, nothing will change that. We didn’t need either war. Al Qaeda is now in Yemen and we are not fighting terrorists. We are fighting indigenous people who don’t want to be subjected to an occupation government, in both countries. There are some unpleasant Islamic movements in both countries, but they will have popular support as long as people see us as occupiers.

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