Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ferguson—No Time to “Calm Down”—Time to Step Up the Struggle

From Maoist Revolution/ Revolution Newspaper:
When the police killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO—outside St. Louis—on August 9, it could have been just another “justifiable homicide.” It could have been one more time the police murdered a Black man FOR NOTHING and walked away celebrating. It could have been one more time the whole power structure gave murdering police a pat on the back, maybe even a promotion.
But not this time god dammit! People stood up!
People stood up in the face of savage violence and brutality—which is the oppressor’s “bottom line” argument that things have to stay the way they are.
People stood up in the face of spineless “friends” and backstabbers who demanded people calm down, and “find common ground” with the system that killed Michael Brown.
And let’s be real: The ONLY reason the powers-that-be backed off—for now—on the violent terror they brought down on people who took to the streets is that PEOPLE DID NOT BACK DOWN.
Take a lesson.
Then they went and got their President—Obama—to even say people have a right to protest. But let’s not forget, that is ONLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DID NOT BACK DOWN.
People who this system sees as less than human have stood up in Ferguson. People around the world heard them. The military-style assault on the people of Ferguson made news around the world. So did the struggle of the people. It was a wake up call, and a call to stand up. People started to think and act differently around what is a world-wide outrage. They came from miles around to Ferguson. There were vigils in more than ninety cities. Thousands are protesting tonight from New York City, Miami, New Orleans… and beyond—with all kinds of people joining in.
The strong stand the people took put the oppressor on the defensive. A light is shining on the brutality people face—for the whole world to see.
But the basic demands have not yet been met, and the whole genocidal agenda is still in effect—an agenda that has no future for millions and millions but prison or an early death.
This is no time to “calm down.” It is time to step up the struggle.
The murdering cop must be named, indicted, and put in prison!
This has to end now.
Fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution!

Monday, August 25, 2014

ISIS hysteria—US beats the war drums

The US is beating the war drums over the loss of Iraqi territory to the Islamic State soldiers known as ISIS.
While the real loss is in land, prestige and control of Middle-east holdings by the US Empire, that is not what supporters of a new war are saying.
According to CNS News, Rep. Mike Rogers (R.-Mich.), the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said ISIS is “one plane ticket away from U.S. shores.” As usual the Republicans are using scare tactics to get the US people ready for a war they are promoting. It may be imperialist real estate and “interests” they want back but they are using fear to promote deeper involvement in the ISIS war.
ISIS "present the greatest threat we've seen since 9/11," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, according to CNS News.
So far President Barack Obama is using only air strikes and has said he won’t send in troops. Members of the Republican Party are pushing for an all-out war. Both parties have talked of using allies in a “coalition” to wipeout ISIS:
U.S. airstrikes on Islamic militants in Iraq have blunted their momentum, but defeating them will require a broad regional approach that draws support from Iraq's neighbors and includes political and diplomatic efforts, the top U.S. military officer said.
The long-term strategy for defeating the militants includes having the United States and its allies reach out to Iraq's neighbors, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, according to USA Today.
The idea that this group can rain unchecked terror in the US is ridiculous. The US government has gone to great lengths to be able to stop and prevent such attacks. The hype is just to pump Americans up so they will approve of the kind of military intervention that most of our people just don’t want right now. It used to be “he is just like Hitler” when they wanted us to hate a leader enough to invade their country. Now it is “as bad as 9/11” and the word terrorism.
This would be a good time to remind Republicans—they taught us that we can’t trust the government—especially when they try to pump us full of unnecessary fear.  
- សតិវ អតុ

Saturday, August 23, 2014

On the International Delegation to India – ICSPWI

From ICSWP  AUGUST 3, 2014
The first goal of international delegation is to meet the challenge by the Indian regime and launch on turn our challenge.
Imperialism and Indian regime attacked the ICSPWI and all the international solidarity with People’s War, urging the European governments to put an end to its activities, we will respond continuing and intensifying the actions in each country and, internationally, rising the stake with the challenge of the Delegation.
The Delegation will be there to expose all crimes of Indian regime and demand to put an end to them.
It will demand the release of GN Saibaba and all other people’s political prisoners.
It will demand the respect of all people’s rights: for workers, peasants, women, adivasis, dalits, strdents, progressive scholars and intellectuals.
It will demand political freedoms for all the oppositions, including the Maoists.
It will shout that as long as there is oppression, it is right to rebel and so we are in solidarity with all people’s movements
It will claim the solidarity with all democratic intellectuals, personalities and organizations having these positions in India
International delegation collects representatives from about 10 countries in a mix of well known personalities in the world of democrats and solidarity and social, mainly, and political, internationalist activists well known to the masses and committed in the campaigns of support and solidarity.
All comrades and organisations who want to come in Delegation should send their availability as soon as possible to:
All organizational communications about the International Delegation will be direct, and the final date will be decided at the end of September.
International Committee Support People’s War in India
3 August 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Maize, KS they hate nature—and they wipe it out

Now that bourgeois yuppies have taken over Maize they are enforcing their anti-nature ordinances to make sure that everyone has a sterile looking fine trimmed bourgeois looking yard. And what happens if you disobey the great and mighty City of Maize?  You can be fined $500 or time in jail. That is a lot for an ordinance that actually says a natural plants are the definition of weeds.
I got tired of watching these people chase out all forms of nature…wild animals…plants…open spaces…and birds. At one time a hawk lived in the trees in my back yard—not now. So I let a small patch of land grow wild in my back yard. This little piece of land was my way of staying in touch with nature. It was just about 30 feet long and about 15 feet wide. I had some bushes, some wild plants. I guess technically some of that were weeds. But to me they were natural plants. And there were trees—lots of trees. The National Wildlife Federation encourages such habitat projects and you can get a sign from them.
What this city wants is lots of green sterile bourgeois yards for wealthy people and the upper middle class. What they also want to is run out all the poorer people who lived here to begin with. They have quiet little homes, with laid back yards. Those are all under fire. The lady at the Post Office told me the code enforcement officer mailed out a stack of complaints against people in this town. I was one of them.
But it will be gone soon. That same officer (called the yard NAZI by some of us) has made it clear that I either cut that brush down or pay the fine or go to jail. So I am forced to conform. My view from my house includes widened roads for extra traffic and lots and lots of buildings with mega marts, Menards, Sam’s Club, Lowes, etc. I watch year after year as the planners in this community see how many stores they can cram in one space. It amazes me how much clutter than can create. They put in a traffic light for Sam’s Club, owned by Sam Walton who has a horrible history of employee relations, so their customers can get in and out of their parking lot, while I patiently wait at the stop light for them. I have to wonder how much the city paid to help out Sam’s Club.
The City of Wichita has a policy of putting as many buildings on open land as possible and the clutter out here is amazing. The city of Maize seems to be following the philosophy as well. It’s hard to tell where Maize ends and Wichita begins. Once I drive out of town all I see are rows and rows of stores, most of which I have no interest in.
Areas of wild life of any kind get pushed further out from town. As the town grows, people who already live in the country don’t want us out there. Add to that Kansans view publicly owned land as a form of communism and we city people are kept as far from nature as possible. We are expected to live in the confines of our suburban cages—our slow death prisons I call “suburbia.” It’s a style of living I’ve learned to hate. I even had the cops called on me once for being a suspicious character because I wanted to walk out under an overpass that had some wild plants under it.
So I’m condemned to this suburban prison until I get a chance to move if I ever do. I would like to live in a place that has been left behind from all of this so called “progress.”
- សតិវ អតុ

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trouble coming every day

Ferguson—the Race War Won’t Be About Race

I have heard a lot of commentators say that the police should not create the vision of a state of occupation in Ferguson MO. They say having police that look like soldiers gives the look of an occupier. I agree with this. There is no reason for the residents of Ferguson to be forced to live as if they are an occupied state. And I also agree with commentators who say that the battles by residents and activists against police are inspiring:
Seeing a community actually fight back is so inspiring. -ISH–Kasama Project
What really surprised me was an article from Time magazine, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race,” 

claiming that the war going on in Ferguson is class war. I rarely agree with an entire article in Time, but this one I do agree with.
For example:
This fist-shaking of everyone’s racial agenda distracts America from the larger issue that the targets of police overreaction are based less on skin color and more on an even worse Ebola-level affliction: being poor. Of course, to many in America, being a person of color is synonymous with being poor, and being poor is synonymous with being a criminal. Ironically, this misperception is true even among the poor.
And that’s how the status quo wants it:
The U.S. Census Report finds that 50 million Americans are poor. Fifty million voters is a powerful block if they ever organized in an effort to pursue their common economic goals. So, it’s crucial that those in the wealthiest One Percent keep the poor fractured by distracting them with emotional issues like immigration, abortion and gun control so they never stop to wonder how they got so screwed over for so long.
And Abdul-Jabbar makes the same charge that many of us have made, many times, and that is the news media just plain lies:
One way to keep these 50 million fractured is through disinformation. PunditFact’s recent scorecard on network news concluded that at Fox and Fox News Channel, 60 percent of claims are false. At NBC and MSNBC, 46 percent of claims were deemed false. That’s the “news,” folks! During the Ferguson riots, Fox News ran a black and white photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with the bold caption: “Forgetting MLK’s Message/Protestors in Missouri Turn to Violence.” Did they run such a caption when either Presidents Bush invaded Iraq: “Forgetting Jesus Christ’s Message/U.S. Forgets to Turn Cheek and Kills Thousands”?
He also agrees with many of us leftists that the ruling class WANTS to keep poor people poor and in their place:
Worse, certain politicians and entrepreneurs conspire to keep the poor just as they are. On his HBO comedic news show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver ran an expose of the payday loan business and those who so callously exploit the desperation of the poor. How does an industry that extorts up to 1,900 percent interest on loans get away with it? In Texas, State Rep. Gary Elkins blocked a regulatory bill, despite the fact that he owns a chain of payday loan stores. And the politician who kept badgering Elkins about his conflict of interest, Rep. Vicki Truitt, became a lobbyist for ACE Cash Express just 17 days after leaving office. In essence, Oliver showed how the poor are lured into such a loan, only to be unable to pay it back and having to secure yet another loan. The cycle shall be unbroken.
Abdul-Jabbar looks at the sinking fortunes of the middle class and nearly everyone else:
That’s not hyperbole; statistics prove this to be true. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center report, just half of U.S. households are middle-income, a drop of 11 percent since the 1970s; median middle-class income has dropped by 5 percent in the last ten years, total wealth is down 28 percent. Fewer people (just 23 percent) think they will have enough money to retire. Most damning of all: fewer Americans than ever believe in the American Dream mantra that hard work will get them ahead.
Most of all he notices the ruling classes attempts to divide and conquer the American people:
Rather than uniting to face the real foe—do-nothing politicians, legislators, and others in power—we fall into the trap of turning against each other, expending our energy battling our allies instead of our enemies. This isn’t just inclusive of race and political parties, it’s also about gender. In her book Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution, Laurie Penny suggests that the decreased career opportunities for young men in society makes them feel less valuable to females; as a result they deflect their rage from those who caused the problem to those who also suffer the consequences: females.
So I agree that this is class war. And what is happening in Ferguson is a part of that war. The ruling Republicans have attacked poor people relentlessly and now those people are fighting back. The poor have had their rights cut back, all government safety nets have been cut back and now they have had police murdering their own. They have had enough and they are fighting back.
- សតិវ អតុ

For the rest of the article click here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The death of comrade Aziz, of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan's central committee

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan حزب كمونيست (مائوئيست) افغانستان:

With immense grief, the central committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan announces the passing of one of its members, comrade Aziz.
Comrade Aziz began his revolutionary activism as a proletarian youth in the ranks of the new democratic movement (the Sholajawid Movement) in the 1960s. After the collapse of the Sholajawid Movement, he did not join another leftist organization until 1980. Though he preserved his Shola’ite spirit and remained an anti-reactionary and anti-imperialist militant. In 1980, before the formation of Peoples Liberation Organization of Afghanistan [SAMA], Comrade Aziz joined one of the factions that participated in the formation of SAMA. However, before this formation and immediately after the mass uprisings against the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan [PDPA] regime, our comrade moved to the remote countryside of the Bamyan province, the place of his birth, so to participate with the peoples' struggle against the revisionist coup and the social-imperialist satraps. He remained in the countryside until 1982, leaving only when the Islamist forces took control of the area, when he and his comrades were back-stabbed by the capitulationists within SAMA.
Consequently, comrade Aziz remained active in the diaspora as a cadre of SAMA Gharjistanchapter, continuing his struggle against the capitulationist line within SAMA. In the summer of 1991, after several years of meetings and exchanges with the Revolutionary Communist Cell of Afghanistan and the Revolutionary Communist Organization of Afghanistan, our comrade joined the Communist Party of Afghanistan, releasing a statement regarding this decision. In exile our comrade continued his political and organizational activism; for several years he was responsible for several mass educational programs.
Comrade Aziz was a master practitioner of Taekwondo and trained many people in the field.
Comrade Aziz fought against the right capitulationist line within the Communist Party of Afghanistan, and took a strong stance defending the line of the Party Program andConstitution. Therefore, when the process of the unity of the communist (MLM) movement of Afghanistan began, Aziz joined and defended the process with revolutionary zeal.
Comrade Aziz participated in the unity congress with revolutionary enthusiasm and was elected to the central committee. In 2004, Aziz courageously led the election boycott campaign in his area, unflinchingly facing threats and intimidation from the reactionaries. Although when, due to illness, he had become extremely weak, he still did his best to participate in party activities. Other comrades were always energized by observing his revolutionary spirit. Despite his serious illness, our comrade participated in the ninth plenum of the party––undertaking a difficult and long journey in order to be present––but, unfortunately, could not participate in the tenth plenum that took place a few months ago.
Two months ago comrade Aziz had another heart attack and his health deteriorated. He struggled against his illness in the past two months but today, at the age of 68, he passed away.
The central committee of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan expresses its deep condolences to all the members, supporters of the party, other Maoists of the country and Maoist parties and organizations of the world, and to the family of the deceased comrade. The proletarian revolutionary movement in Afghanistan and the international revolutionary proletarian movement will remember this revolutionary proletariat, passing on his experience and the lesson taught by his life to future generations.

Central Committee, Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan