Tuesday, September 02, 2014

TIME OF STRATEGIC VALUE—War news from Ukraine

A Google translation;

The offensive of the Army and the Ukrainian National-Guard-the dictator urgently scheduled Prousa-EU Poroshenko had boasted that by 24 or 26 August this would have crushed the patriotic resistance ucraniano- South-East has bogged down. The militia troops, of standing firm and Popular Republic of New Russia, have passed the counteroffensive. The ucronazistas troops, composed of members of the so-called strong core Sector Law, received on audible defeats suffered heavy losses of men and military equipment; some units have been enclosed in pockets within enemy territory, facing surrender or annihilation.

Among the coup Nazi authorities, to the head such Poroshenko, spreads despair and fear; administration and forced recruitment hopelessly disorganized, has generated only rejection and popular mobilization against it. At the time the sewn comprador alliance, Nazi and ultranationalist is breaking visibly. A single unified government is totally impossible. What makes more and bigger glimpse internal strife and the possibility of a right-wing and militaristic putsch. As your eyes become, pathetic called armed intervention of American troops and the European Union.

So far, the only response they have received comes puppet Ban Ki-moon, the American puppet who serves as Secretary General of the UN, which has called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. All hope in that agency will be futile: the Western imperialist powers, led by the genocidal Barak Obama, are forced to pace given the prospect of having to face the Military Covenant budding Russian and Chinese social-imperialism. Especially that the American president has to measure their war efforts against the yardstick of the upcoming elections and November this year.

Ay, Poroshenko that you are only staying! Or negotiate with the People's Republics or the devil burns your ass.

But as an old saying states "blind God who wants to lose."

Caught between two fires, the supporters to put a good face, spend time negotiating, and the pressure of the military high command and the neo-Nazi Ukrainian recalcitrant, passes the time and put in extreme danger the lives of the thousands of soldiers surrounded.

At that juncture, the ace has gone directly to hand the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Who, taking the opportunity offered by the hair, made ​​a dramatic appeal to the coup Ukrainian President to "immediately stop combat actions "agree a ceasefire and" sit down and negotiate with

 representatives of the Donbas. "With such Anyway, he has been directed to the Central Authorities and the controls militias Donbas the Popular Republics asking "opening a humanitarian corridor" in order to "avoid casualties nonsense, give them a chance to leave the combat zone without hindrance and reunited with their families, returned to their mothers, wives and children and provide urgently needed medical care to the wounded in the military operation. "Adding to continued," is why we have asked the militia of Donbas to open humanitarian corridors for the people to escape. Many have been there for several days without food or water and depleted ammunition. "

Therefore, the request of the Russian President, the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Donetzk Alexandr Zajárchenko responded positively: "We are willing to establish humanitarian corridors to the fenced Ukrainian units."

How is said above, confidence in unexpected military victory in El Salvador and arm Obama, let them reverse the military situation kievistas serious military leaders have stubbornly rejected any evacuation of encircled troops, the fight to break it and escape themselves .

The military disaster naziucraniana adventure is at the door. Materialize will change the entire political and military balance of forces between the classes, parties and armies faced today in Ukraine; also make predicting its political consequences that extend throughout the region europeoorientales.

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Monday, September 01, 2014

It's time to legalize recreational marijuana

When I was in high school I imagined that marijuana would be legalized by the time I was 30. After all, most young people I knew smoked pot or believed in legalizing it. The age of 30 seemed like centuries ago. But it came and went and people changed. A lot of them were sucked into the Ronald Reagan cult of personality and human progress was set back several decades.
Now I’m almost 60 and even though twice as much time has gone by since high school, I may finally see marijuana legalized. This article is right…they should have never made that drug illegal. The original reasons for its ban were racist. Now all across the land the laws are changing. From Oregon:
- សតិវ អតុ                              

Oregon has had a wink-wink, nudge-nudge relationship with recreational marijuana use since 1998, when legalization for medical purposes created a wide, open system that distributes pot cards to just about anyone with a vague medical claim and the signature of a compliant physician. We're not suggesting that marijuana has no palliative value to those with genuine medical problems. But let's be honest: Recreational marijuana is all but legal in Oregon now and has been for years. Measure 91, which deserves Oregonians' support, would eliminate the charade and give adults freer access to an intoxicant that should not have been prohibited in the first place.
 Opponents of the measure are right about a couple of things. Allowing retail sales of recreational marijuana inevitably will make it easier for kids to get their hands on the stuff, as will Measure 91's provision allowing Oregonians to grow their own. It's also true that outright legalization will increase the number of people driving under the influence, which is particularly problematic given the absence of a simple and reliable test for intoxication. There is no bong Breathalyzer.
As real as these consequences are, Oregonians should support outright legalization. No responsible adult wants kids using pot, but legalization would simply add another product to an "adults-only" category that includes tobacco and alcohol. There is no movement to ban alcohol in order to keep it away from kids, so why use that justification to prevent the legalization of marijuana, which in many ways is no worse? The potential increase in intoxicated driving is, again, a reason for concern, and the measure directs the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to recommend appropriate changes to the vehicle code by 2017.

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Happy Labour Day—the fake holiday

Time to go for one last swim-one more picnic- one more backyard ball game- etc. It’s Labour Day. It is the last official day of summer. It’s the last day that public pools are open to swimmers.
This is actually a day that the bourgeois decided to make as Labour Day to replace the REAL Labour Day on May 1. So this is the fake Labour Day and May 1 is the real one.
- សតិវ អតុ

Sunday, August 31, 2014

When Kansas Governor Brownback uses statistics—he uses lies

With record spending cuts in education, lack of jobs and economic blunders on a massive scale what is a losing governor to do? When that governor is Sam Brownback the answer is simple—LIE!
Of course that means using statistics. But there is an old joke among journalists. There are three kinds of lies—Lies, damn lies and statistics. And when it comes to those three types of lies, Brownback uses all three. With the right amount of twisting of the truth, a politician can take simple statistics on face value and twist them into a lie.
Click here to see one of his ads.
CLAIM: "We've grown jobs. We've got over 50,000 new private sector jobs."
According to KWCH TV (Channel 12), “During Brownback's claim, the number 55,100 flashes on the screen. FactFinder 12 checked with Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and that number is fact.
Yes it is true that he has brought those jobs to Kansas…but what about the jobs that LEFT KANSAS? That’s where the fact turns to a lie.
According to Department of Numbers;
There were 1,387,100 jobs in Kansas in July 2014 according to the CES survey of employers. The CPS survey of households showed 1,423,777 employed persons for the month. Kansas added 2,100 jobs in July 2014 according to the CES survey while the broader CPS employment measure fell by 3,345
So he leaves out that jobs in Kansas leave about as fast as they grow. Just ask around and most Kansans will tell you that jobs are few and far between in Kansas. I looked last year for a job and found that every job I went to apply for had dozens of applications stacked in a pile. Most jobs were already taken by the time I applied to those “help wanted” signs.
The simple fact is that I and ALL my friends who have looked for jobs have simply not found them. So despite the statistics that Brownback claims point to more jobs in Kansas—they aren’t there and those looking for work know it.
CLAIM: "One of the lowest unemployment rates in America."
The number on the screen shows Kansas' unemployment rate as 4.9% and that part is fact. However, that puts our state at number 14 on a list of all the states and Brownback's claim of Kansas being one of the lowest rates in the country is up for your interpretation.
My interpretation is that it is less than the top 10. Brownback acts as if it is number 1 and that just isn’t true.
There is also his ad about increasing funding for education. That additional spending came in the last year just so he could make such phony ads. Anyone who works in education—and that includes me, has noticed the deep cuts that have increased class sizes, cuts to a number of programs to special needs students and they have cut classes, such as certain foreign languages and drivers ed. Considering that the last few generations had a lot more class choices than they have today—Brownback has really ripped off an entire generation of students and that is something he can’t reverse just a year before his re-election.
In at least one of those ads Brownback says ‘the sun is shining in Kansas and don’t let anyone tell you different.’ The facts are that Brownback does a lot of smiling in this ad and his constituents, at least the ones I know, both Republicans and Democrats, aren’t smiling at all when they have to deal with an inadequate education system and a lack of jobs. Brownback is the ONLY one smiling in Kansas these days.

Friday, August 29, 2014

We need to take ALL money out of political campaigns

I just received a letter from Public Citizen 
asking me to help and support their efforts to push for an amendment to the Constitution to overturn Citizens United and other Supreme Court rulings that have granted $ billionaires and Big Business unprecedented power over our democracy.
To be exact, they do not want the constitution to treat a business or corporation as a person. This ruling has allowed unlimited campaign contributions from such $ billionaires as the Koch brothers. I’m glad to see this effort and I will do what I can. But this amendment falls short of what we really need to do—GET ALL MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.
I realize by trying to fix this country a lot of revolutionary people will condemn me for calling for anything short of a revolution. But in reality, taking all the money out of our elections would lead to a revolution. That is because the core of this system requires capitalism to be intertwined with elections and campaign contributions do that.
Instead of one man one vote, we have one dollar one vote. A poor person is lucky if they can contribute a few dollars to a campaign. But a $ billionaire can contribute $ millions. Candidates struggle for the approval of the $ billionaires. Before the campaign ads go on TV, the candidates have already tailored their messages to the rich contributors. The people then can approve of their message or not approve of it come election time. The $ billionaires make the message and the voters only get to vote yea or nay. The common voters are spectators and the $ billionaires are actors on the stage.
If all the money was taken out, then candidates could get news coverage from the mainstream press without being told they have to raise a certain amount of money—which is the system at present. News coverage would be equal for all candidates. No money could be raised. A government stipend could be given to all candidates. They could use that money for any type of campaigning they want. But all would have an equal amount and NO-ONE—THAT is RIGHT—NO-ONE could raise ANY campaign funds from ANY individuals. That would return our system to one man one vote. All elections would be based on ideas and not just throwing a name in people’s faces all the time.
How would this bring about a revolution? The wealthy people in this country would declare war on the rest of us. They would not just allow us to vote away their power. That would lead to civil war and we would then have our revolution.
What I’m saying is it is not enough to just ask that $billionaires and Bib Business to be treated separately as a single class of campaigners. We need to demand that all money be taken out of our political system. That would be revolutionary. It would lead to a REAL DEMOCRACY.
And that is what we REALLY need.
- សតិវ​ អតុ


The Communists pay our tribute to all fallen revolutionaries in fighting on 21 August 1971, they faced the fascist military coup led by Col. Hugo Banzer Suarez, who along with the MNR, the FSB and the support of American imperialism, bloodily overthrew the government of Gral. Juan Jose Torrez, with the purpose of disrupting the nascent organ of the People's Assembly, which had been formed at a time of true revolutionary upsurge of the masses seeking the way to the establishment of a true socialism.

With the triumph of the fascist coup was launched the most brutal and savage repression against workers, students, peasants, professionals and intellectuals identified with the revolutionary cause.

Algunos de los revolucionarios que hicieron frente al golpe fascista de 1971, y los que luego desde la clandestinidad  continuaron con la resistencia, se encuentran en el “campamento revolucionario” ubicado en el Prado frente al Ministerio de Justicia, en la ciudad de La Paz, exigiendo derechos y reivindicaciones frente a quienes hoy usufructúan las “bondades” de la democracia, ignorando que su conquista costó muchas vidas, sangre y padecimiento en las mazmorras del fascismo.


Reconstruction Committee
 August 2014.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

CPIndia(Maoist) is making efforts to strengthen its influence in South India

New Delhi: ... Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said their plans include creating a base on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. “The Communist Party India(Maoist) cadres, active in the Wayanad district of Kerala, have also been known to engage in efforts aimed at establishing a forest route from Wayanad district to Mysore district of Karnataka,” he said in reply to a written question. However, despite these activities, the CPI(Maoist) has not been able to establish themselves in these areas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ferguson and “them thar outside agitators”

I normally don’t endorse Bob Avakian and his Revolutionary Communist Party, but I applaud their efforts to work on promoting revolutionary politics in Ferguson MO. I may disagree with his latest synthesis and the cult of personality, but it is a communist party and they are trying to promote revolution. I have nothing against that. On the other hand a lot of liberals and other mainstream pundits have called the RCP “outside agitators.” That is a throwback to the reactionaries of the 1960s, such as George Wallace. In today’s politics it is common for people outside a state to contribute huge sums of money to influence elections in places they are not residents. The latest example of that is Ted Nugent (not from Kansas) putting a fundraising effort together for the benefit of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. So it is a little hypocritical for pundits to criticize any group for promoting their politics in another state.
For that reason I am posting these story leads from Kasama Project:
- សតិវ អតុ

On liberal anticommunism and Outside Agitators

Whatever one's opinions on the RCP and their effectiveness in Ferguson, the recent attacks on them by liberals are nothing but good old fashioned red-baiting portraying them as "outside agitators."  The term "outside agitators" goes back to the Jim Crow South when white supremacists referred to civil rights activists, such Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as "outside agitators" who had come to "rile up" the otherwise content peaceful black populace. To the white supremacists, black people were seen as too dumb to protest without "Red influence." We should reject these stereotypes and stand in principled solidarity and defend the RCP from these anticommunist attacks.

-Doug Enaa

How liberals brought an anticommunist slur from America’s past back to life.

By Douglas Williams, originally published at Jacobin.

 “Outside agitator.”

These words were spoken by Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett when asked about the Freedom Summer voting registration drive in 1964. They were also uttered by Alabama Governor George Wallace when he was asked about the protests in his state’s largest city, ignobly labeled “Bombingham.”
Bull Connor referred to Martin Luther King, Jr. as one, even though his church was in the state capital, Montgomery. These two words were also uttered by Thomas Jackson, the police chief in Ferguson, as he tried to describe why his mostly-white police force could not stop the protests occurring in the nearly 70 percent black city he was charged with patrolling.
All of these men were segregationists, anticommunists, and purveyors of state-sanctioned violence against African Americans. But now you can also find some  prominent liberals using the term, ostensibly in relation to the activities of small pockets of anarchists and the Revolutionary Communist Party in the city.

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Pix from www.dailykos.com.

Ferguson—No Time to “Calm Down”—Time to Step Up the Struggle

From Maoist Revolution/ Revolution Newspaper:
When the police killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO—outside St. Louis—on August 9, it could have been just another “justifiable homicide.” It could have been one more time the police murdered a Black man FOR NOTHING and walked away celebrating. It could have been one more time the whole power structure gave murdering police a pat on the back, maybe even a promotion.
But not this time god dammit! People stood up!
People stood up in the face of savage violence and brutality—which is the oppressor’s “bottom line” argument that things have to stay the way they are.
People stood up in the face of spineless “friends” and backstabbers who demanded people calm down, and “find common ground” with the system that killed Michael Brown.
And let’s be real: The ONLY reason the powers-that-be backed off—for now—on the violent terror they brought down on people who took to the streets is that PEOPLE DID NOT BACK DOWN.
Take a lesson.
Then they went and got their President—Obama—to even say people have a right to protest. But let’s not forget, that is ONLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DID NOT BACK DOWN.
People who this system sees as less than human have stood up in Ferguson. People around the world heard them. The military-style assault on the people of Ferguson made news around the world. So did the struggle of the people. It was a wake up call, and a call to stand up. People started to think and act differently around what is a world-wide outrage. They came from miles around to Ferguson. There were vigils in more than ninety cities. Thousands are protesting tonight from New York City, Miami, New Orleans… and beyond—with all kinds of people joining in.
The strong stand the people took put the oppressor on the defensive. A light is shining on the brutality people face—for the whole world to see.
But the basic demands have not yet been met, and the whole genocidal agenda is still in effect—an agenda that has no future for millions and millions but prison or an early death.
This is no time to “calm down.” It is time to step up the struggle.
The murdering cop must be named, indicted, and put in prison!
This has to end now.
Fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution!