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Specter of Ruin of Roman Empire Haunts US—DPR (North) Korean news agency said

A few days ago The Washington Post ran a story about an editorial in response to a speech US President Barack Obama gave at a university in Australia. The Post reported the president was at;

"University of Queensland in Australia when he began to talk about the present day's place in history.

"I often tell young people in America that, even with today’s challenges, this is the best time in history to be alive," the president said. The president's speech was then followed by one by then-Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who explained how the U.S. military would need to reform to keep this place in history."

The article then goes on to mention an editorial in Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea in rebuttal of his speech. There is one thing I have condemned throughout Obama's presidency and it is his continuation of the policy of US imperialism. That is also the main thing I have in common with the DPRK. We both hate imperialism and long for the day when it dies. The only difference between me and this editorial is that I am way less optimistic that the empire will fall as quickly as this editorial said it will. And yet I find comfort in the fact that an entire government opposes this system as much as I do.

-សតិវ អតុ

From Korean Central News Agency (of the DPRK):

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Obama making a speech at a university in Australia recently said it is the best time to live in history but there are so many threats to the present world order that those disputes have to be settled in a peaceful manner.
Secretary of Defense Hagel at a meeting of those concerned of the military in California said there is no guarantee that the U.S. military and technological advantages that became the basis of the international security order in the last century would automatically last in the 21st century, too.
This is a poor shriek of those facing ruin.
This is recognition of the dark reality in the U.S. as it is a reflection of extreme uneasiness and horror-phobia.
The U.S. is now thrown into confusion as its uni-polar domination system called world order is getting out of control.
Its military muscle and dollar's position that have propped Washington's moves for world domination are now sinking rapidly.
The DPRK's access to nukes and its measures for bolstering them qualitatively and quantitatively have become a nightmare-like blow to the U.S. keen to carry out its strategy for world domination.
At a time when the U.S. was grappling with troubles in the Middle East, styling itself a world gendarme without any ground, many countries put spurs to increasing military capabilities to cope with possible aggression by the world's "only superpower".
Lots of aggression wars waged by the U.S. in different parts of the world led to huge military expenditure, plunging the U.S. already saddled with heavy debts into a bottomless financial and economic crisis.
The U.S. excessive issue of dollars for the settlement of the issues of huge military expenditure and financial deficit is resulting in the steady devaluation of the U.S. dollar.
This suicidal act and wide-ranging use of national and regional currencies in various countries and regions are shaking down to the roots the present international financial system with U.S. dollar as a main currency.
To top it all, the U.S. hegemonic moves have been snubbed even by its allies, to say nothing of the international community.
The U.S. is, therefore, driven to its wit's end unable to handle Ukrainian crisis and other major international issues at will.
As a ruining house has often fights, the U.S. is locked in fierce bickering over such complicated issues as military budget.
The U.S. has now the hardest time in its history.
Yet, it has gone so foolish as to cover up its predicament through such talk as the "best time to live" and "peaceful settlement". This reminds one of the old Roman empire that was buried in history after facing a ruin for coveting for prosperity through aggression and wars.
The poor fate of the U.S. reminiscent of the ruin of the Roman empire is a due outcome of its history of aggression and arbitrary practices. 

Addam's Family Values Thanksgiving Play

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Ferguson, MO, U.S.—Killer cop whitewashed –

"Amerikkka must come to a halt! There is righteous resistance and you must be part of it!!!"

From A World to Win News Service:

The following statement by Carl Dix, spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party[1], was released shortly after the authorities announced that killing of unarmed Black youth Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last August was justified. "Amerikkka" refers to the Ku Klux Klan, an armed organization born to keep down Black people after the end of slavery – the point is that while the KKK is still a powerful reactionary force (it has been raising support for the officer who killed Michael Brown), that function is being handled by the state itself. 

The grand jury has refused to indict Darren Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson. Once again one of their hired guns has gotten away with murdering a Black youth. This is a shot to the heart. A brutal, horrible injustice in its own right. And a damning indictment of the very essence of this system. It was a statement that ONCE AGAIN, the lives of Black people mean NOTHING to those who sit atop this empire of injustice.

This has to stop. NOW. 

Amerikkka has a long history of savage oppression of Black people going all the way back to the dragging of African people to this country in slave chains. This savage oppression continued after slavery was abolished in the form of Jim Crow segregation and lynch mob terror. And it's still in effect today in mass incarceration and the police given a green light to brutalize and even murder people. Police have killed two Black men in St. Louis since Michael Brown was murdered. A 12-year-old boy was murdered by police in a Cleveland playground just this past weekend.

For weeks the authorities told people to remain calm and let the system work. For days we heard them threaten to unleash militarized police and the National Guard on anyone who would protest. Well, the system has worked – it's let another murdering cop walk free. This amounts to the system giving a stamp of approval to police murder of Black people.

And that is why it is so right, so just, and so necessary, that people are standing up! Within hours, people from the projects from the campuses and beyond poured into the streets in righteous fury and defiant protest. They stood up to teargas in Ferguson. At 1 a.m., thousands marched through the heart of New York City, from lower Manhattan through Harlem, and have shut down the Triborough Bridge. Protesters blocked key freeways in Los Angeles and Oakland. Hundreds at the White House staged die-ins. There were actions ranging from prayer vigils to street protests, from Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, and beyond. 

There is no standing on the sidelines now. 

Bringing business as usual to a halt needs to continue and be built on. People need to stay in the streets. Don't go to work. Walk out of school or make stopping this genocidal program what your schooling is about. People in the neighbourhoods where police routinely brutalize and murder need to make their anger felt through mass political resistance.

And everybody needs to join in saying NO MORE to police murder. Athletes and musicians need to take a stand on this. Everyone has to take a side in this fight: Are you with the police who murder Black youth and the system that gives them a stamp of approval for their murderous actions? Or are you with the people who are standing up and saying NO MORE to this shit? If you fail to act, you're going along with the stamp of approval this system gives to police murder. But if you do act, you can be part of changing everything!

What is at stake is the very world we will live in. Can you tolerate a world where the lives of Black people mean nothing? It’s that basic. If your answer is no, bring AmeriKKKa to a halt! And don’t stop until there is justice and the murderer of Michael Brown is in jail.

Wichita rally in solidarity with Ferguson.

Photo from Mike Shatz.

[1] As usual, we print statements from other parties, even if we are not affiliated with them. -សតិវ អតុ


Wichitans rally in solidarity with Ferguson

Shouting "No cameras, no guns," about 100 people came to a Rally in Wichita, Tuesday night, in solidarity with protests in Ferguson MO, after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.
"If they can't equip with cameras, they can't equip with guns," protesters chanted at the rally. This was in response to efforts to get the Wichita Police to wear body cameras at all times to make the police force more accountable for shootings. Presently, Wichita plans to equip every police officer with a body camera by the end of 2015, according to Rep. Gail Finney, D-Wichita.
Rioting broke out in Ferguson the night before this rally, but the Wichita rally was peaceful.
"They wouldn't act crazy if they would stop the killings," said AJ Bohannon, IGYB (I've Got Your Back), as he spoke to the crowd. "Police brutality is killing us... We don't have to act like animals. There are other ways...."
A Woman in the crowd pointed out that a child, Tamir Rice, with a toy gun was recently killed. Rice died in a Cleveland hospital after a police officers, responding to a 911 emergency call, confronted and shot him when he thought he had a toy gun.
Also in the crowd was Elisa Allen, sister of 26-year-old Icarus Randolph, a mentally ill Marine veteran who was shot in front of his home on July 4. She carried a poster with his picture on it.
"We have more police shootings than cities three to nine times our size," said Djuan Wash, Sunflower Community Action.
He suggested getting the Racial Profiling Advisory Board to get involved to try and stop these killings.
"Do nothing, change nothing," was another chant by the crowd.
Other rallies in solidarity were held in such cities as San Francisco, Denver, St. Louis and Philadelphia. There were several of such rallies in North Carolina.
In Ferguson the protests continued Tuesday night. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) ordered additional National Guard troops into the city.

AJ Bohannon addresses the crowd Tuesday night protesting in solidarity with those in Ferguson, MO.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

News updates on Ferguson MO and the verdict

It is totally understandable that people in Ferguson MO have been rioting. That verdict was an outrage and we have plenty of reason to believe the verdict is bogus. The evidence and the conclusion follow what happens almost every time such a verdict is reached. Black people get murdered by cops. Those in those juries seem easily manipulated just as our elections are. I don't EVER remember any jury finding ANY policeman guilty of wrong doing during the shooting of a person by police. NEVER!!!
We know they tried to prepare for this because they KNEW the outcome in advance!!

-សតិវ អតុ

About 100 people gathered tonight around Wichita State University in Wichita to protest the Ferguson, MO Verdict. The crowds chanted "no cameras no guns!" This was a comment on a project to have police in Wichita have cameras on them at all times.

Consider from
We've finally heard from Officer Darren Wilson.
Wilson had been publicly silent since the events of August 9, when he shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. And, even as the grand jury announced its decision not to indict him, he remained silent. He had his attorneys release a statement on his behalf.
But on Monday night, St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch released the evidence given to the grand jury, including the interview police did with Wilson in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. And so we got to read, for the first time, Wilson's full, immediate account of his altercation with Brown.
And it is unbelievable.
I mean that in the literal sense of the term: "difficult or impossible to believe." But I want to be clear here. I'm not saying Wilson is lying. I'm not saying his testimony is false. I am saying that the events, as he describes them, are simply bizarre. His story is difficult to believe.
For the rest click here.

by Nat Winn, Kasama Editorial Working Group
The system has laid down THEIR verdict. Now, and in the coming days, the people will give OUR verdict.
It has been a long time since the people, in their broad mass, have anticipated and prepared to respond to the oppression and disregard that the United States government has shown Black youth. The police murder of Michael Brown in August of this year in the small midwest town of Ferguson, Missouri, has served as  a rallying call to young Black people and all who support their fight against oppression. Both the racist authorities and the people in the streets have been anxiously awaiting this decision on whether to indict Brown's murderer, which is now here. The national guard has already been called out. The emergency has already been declared. And the people in the streets have been building together to insure that the mockery of justice that is now upon us doesn't go unchallenged.
Predictably, yet another Black life is deemed expendable, and the right of the police to wage a reign of terror over Black communities has again been validated by the grand jury's decision.

For the rest click here.

Ferguson Riots: Burning Cars at Dealership Ferguson Missouri Riots Ferguson Protest Footage

Sunday, November 23, 2014

World War I panel sees similarities to today's wars

Another exciting panel discussion with the growing number of Wiz Kid Team, at Kirbys this Saturday. Since we only scrapped the tip of the Iceberg on World War I we decided that more can be said. Once again we had Paul Harvey Oswald, Casher O'Neal, Kenya Blue, and me, Red Rob Blogger starting off the discussion. Others joined in as we got the discussion going.
Paul had ordered a pot of coffee, while Casher and I had Mickey's Beer. We were watching CNN and they were discussing preparations for the Ferguson
decision on the cop who killed Michael Brown.
Red Rob Blogger: I like the quote I just saw, "what ever happened in the '60s, we saw it on TV. I saw the whole war live on TV every night, unlike today when people want to hide it from us.
Casher O'Neal: They're bracing for the Ferguson
Paul Harvey Oswald: I brought some Chocolate Muffins. They were on sale.
At this time the group was joined by Kenya Blue, another active member, who began discussing the Battle of Verdun, were there were 70,000 casualties.
Kenya Blue: There was also the battle of Somme. There were 300,000 casualties. You got trench warfare going on. There was mass slaughter and they only moved about 7 miles. They learned that sending a bunch of men against guns didn't work.
Paul: The battle of Somme changed the way we fight wars even today....
We also saw the beginning of Chemical warfare.... Then this was the fist air planes used in war and aerial combat was used. They became important too. Air support was important.
At this point the group is distracted by a blond lady MC on HGTV. The distraction didn't last long.
Kenya: Wasn't this the war were the Germans tried to get Mexico to attack Texas?
Red: Yes. The Zimmerman Papers (Telegram). The English intercepted it and released it after the sinking of the Lusitania.
Casher: Woodrow Wilson was the president who didn't originally want to get in this war... You know his wife took over for a time when he was sick and actually ran the country. Some people consider her to be the first woman president.
President Wilson suffered a severe stroke in October 1919. Edith Wilson began to screen all matters of state and decided which were important enough to bring to the bedridden president. In doing so, she functionally ran the Executive branch of the government for the remainder of the president's second term, until March 1921- Wikipedia.
Next a person calling himself the Commander enters the panel and begins discussing guns.
Rob: Don't we usually see some one called the Colonel or the General, in  mystery stories?
The Commander: That is the Admiral.
Rob: Right.
By now panel members got distracted enough to put money in the juke box. The fist song was Warren Zevon - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner.
Kenya: I can see some similarities to the battles against ISIS (Islamic State) and the battles of World War I. There are a lot of countries involved who say they just won't go along with this even though they are threatened by it.
Rob: Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said we (US) should not offer to fight THEIR wars and let them sit back while our people die.
Another comparison was the war in Ukraine and the role of Vladimir Putin. No one at the table seem to like Putin.
Rob: He's like the flip side of Ronald Reagan. He's popular in Russia for all the wrong reasons and he lacks any ideology. He is like Leonid Brezhnev, a clumsy brute, yet he lacks any of the socialist ideology of Brezhnev.
Kenya: It is like he is saying to the people in Crimea, "you owe us back payments for the last 10 years."
At this point Rob puts on Frank Zappa - Saint Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast.
Paul: a lot of what is going on today is a lot like what was going on in World War I, with countries making secret treaties and those secrets getting out.
Casher: Since 1917 Russia was strangely absent...Trotsky abandoned peace negotiations and that helped the hostilities from escalating....  
(The Bolsheviks came to power promising to stay out of the war.)
In the Great War the US sent American teenagers to save the world and we still follow this policy today  we sent our young and enthusiastic to be butchered on foreign soil.
Picture by Kevin Smith.
In this picture Casher O'Neal, Red Rob Blogger, Paul Harvey Oswald and Kenya Blue.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


A Google Translation/

Every time takes on greater historical significance stoic defense of the city of Kobane by Kurdish fighters organized in the People's Protection Units (YPG), bucking the criminal offense of terrorist ISIS (Islamic State), organized and armed by US imperialism and supported by the Turkish puppet regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Despite the brutality with which the terrorists operate hordes of ISIS, the Kurds have no other basis than the justice of their struggle, without more support than that provided by its historical reason for asserting the need to defend their territories in order to realize an independent state, has managed to violate decisive defeats terrorists are gradually undermined their aspirations to create a territorial link near the Syrian-Turkish border; way that would enhance and strengthen logistics corridor spaces replicating that constantly offer the pro-imperialist government of Turkey.

The proletariat and people of Ecuador, greet and sympathizes with brother Kurdish people fighting imperialism strongly expressed in the criminal hordes of ISIS (Islamic State), and have no doubt that Kurdistan will become the gravest for responding to terrorism new imperialist strategy to position and control the Maghreb, the Arab States and the Gulf.






-Partido Comunista Del Ecuador- Son Rojo

For the original in Spanish click here.

Thanksgiving—the more difficult and less politically correct holiday

As the big day comes, Thanksgiving, we can all look forward to spending time with our families—that is for those of us who actually have families living nearby. I don’t make a big deal out of Thanks Giving. There are those who believe the holiday is not really worth celebrating as the original event was the beginning of spreading imperialism, capitalism and genocide against the Native American Indian population(See Mike Ely, Original Occupation: Native Blood & the Myth of Thanksgiving, Kasama Project).  

There is also those who hate making a holiday out of killing and eating a specific animal (See  Hannah Sentenac , A Vegan Gives Ten Reasons to Skip the Turkey This Thanksgiving, New Times).

However, many of us will go to a holiday feast with the intention of celebrating time with our families and/or friends. We are thankful in life for some things. Most of us have either accomplished something of success in our lives or we may like our relatives—spouses—or our friends and lovers. Last year I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, followed by most of December. I had a severe pain in my back caused by an infection. I will be thankful that I won’t be in the hospital this year. Since I’m an Epicurean and don’t believe in praying to god, I will simply be thankful. I also won’t dump a guilt trip on my relatives for the sins of their ancestors or the fact that they are eating a murdered animal.
As usual I will boycott Black Friday, which for me is now a tradition (See Black Friday—Black Friday—Black Friday!!!, Otto’s War Room (毛派).

I have no need to buy loads of crap that neither I nor my friends and relatives actually need. Black Friday is a truly evil fake holiday created by greedy capitalists. This is the reason some people hate this season.

This year I’ve made some hard apple cider.


Indian government steps up Operation Green Hunt

From A World to Win News Service:

The following article by the JNU (national university in Delhi) Forum Against the War on the People) appeared on on 19 October. It has been slightly edited.
Chattisgarh is a state in central India, part of a broad swath of remote forested lands running north and south in the country’s interior. The Indian government, the UPA coalition headed by the Congress Party Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, launched Operation Green Hunt against the "Naxal" (Maoist)-led insurgency in October 2009. Most of the inhabitants are tribal people (adivasis) who work as day labourers and earn much of their living from the forests – for instance, gathering and selling leaves used to make bidi cigarettes, or harvesting flowers used to make liquor. To deprive the insurgency of their support, state-organised vigilante groups and other security forces "relocated" 50,000 of these people into squalid prison-like camps near roads where the military can watch over them. Operation Green Hunt is now being intensified by the new Indian government headed by the Hindu fundamentalist Narendra Modi, who was assured of U.S. support in his September talks with President Barack Obama. The CRPF is the central police force.

In mid-October we were informed through the media of yet another "encounter" and "fierce gunbattle" in the forested tracks of Bijapur district in Chattisgarh. Three "Naxal women" were reportedly killed by the joint security forces constituting a hundred-odd CRPF and police, all of whom were left unscathed. While the truth in all such cases is always the most difficult to discern, any such instance reminds us of the horrors of the Sarkeguda (2012) and Edakmetta (2013), fake encounters of adivasi villagers in the same Bijapur district – massacres that too were initially passed on by the security forces as "fierce gunbattles with Naxalites".

The corporate media of course parroted the same. Despite the desperate attempts on the part of the police, the CRPF and the Home Ministry to plug the loopholes, it was soon clear that on the fateful night of 28 June 2012, around 600 forces of the CRPF, CoBRA [commandos] and state police surrounded the hamlet of Sarkeguda and indiscriminately fired upon the hundreds of adivasis from the adjacent villages who had gathered to discuss the preparations for their annual seed festival. While the then-Home Minister Chidambaram claimed to have hunted down "hardcore Maoists", according to the then-Union Tribal Affairs Minister’s own admission out of the 20 persons gunned down, half were school-going teenagers; a child who sustained injuries was just four years old; they carried no arms; and none had any criminal record.

A near exact re-enactment of the same horrific incident happened just a year later in Edakmetta village of the same Bijapur district. On 20 May 2013, in the depth of the night security forces surrounded villagers gathered to celebrate the "Beej Pondum" or seed festival and a volley of bullets was indiscriminately fired, killing eight villagers, including three children and others between the age of 28-30, all unarmed. The claims of the government soon dissipated and such has been the history of brutalities or fake encounters in the Indian state's five-year long, ever-intensifying war on people in the name of Operation Green Hunt.

Five years since it began, the beneficiaries of this war remain the same, only its executioners have changed hands. The war on people that was flagged off by the Manmohan-Chidambaram combine in 2009 [then the Prime Minister and Home Minister, respectively], today has an even more brutal Modi-Rajnath [today's Prime Minister and Home Minister] combine to pursue the hunt. We can recall, even after the Sarkeguda fake encounters, when all the progressive-democratic sections were outraged at such cold blooded murder, the then-Home Minister Chidambaram was categorical in his justification/support for the CRPF. He said, "The encounter for some reason is being called a fake encounter. The CRPF has said he has nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I am the home minister and the CRPF is under me. We have been absolutely candid, frank and upfront." The present Home Minister Rajnath Singh has gone a step further saying that during his tenure as Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh, he had given a "free hand" to police officers to deal with Maoists and assured them that they would not be "hassled" by the Human Rights Commission. And with that he prepares the grounds for further fake encounters, massacres, arson, loot, torture, and rape by the security forces with the complete backing of the government. This only shows the single-mindedness with which the Indian state wishes to pursue this war.

But alongside the brutality of this single-mindedness, what this also serves to show is a desperation of the Indian state. The big corporates, multinational corporations and Indian monopolists like Tata,   Birla, Ambani, Adani and Mittal, at whose behest the UPA had declared this war to facilitate the indiscriminate looting, plunder and sale of trillions of dollars worth of natural resources in the central and eastern adivasi heartland of India, are today ever more hungry for profits. With hundreds of government-corporate agreements to mine, extract and sell at pittance now stuck in the pipeline, they are ever more eager to crush the resistance of the people struggling to defend their life, livelihood and dignity against the model of death, destruction and displacement that is being championed by the state in the name of "development" or "progress".

This was evident in the virulent corporate backing behind Modi's campaign in which he promised to deliver on his promises of a more "iron-handed" approach (than the erstwhile UPA regime) in steamrolling all "obstacles" to the path of "nation’s development" (read the path of unbridled looting of resources). Delivering on the above promises, and to the delight of big business, right after coming to power Modi has shoved aside all environment/forest/wildlife regulations in his blitzkrieg of clearances. In about a month’s time, the government gave the go-ahead for a record 175 projects. Doing away with the independent experts, Modi "streamlined" the National Board for Wildlife to make it more "investment friendly", which then, in a record sweep, cleared 133 of the 160 waiting projects in two days! Making a mockery of the so-called transparency of public institutions, none of the details of these lightening clearances are being made public so as to avoid widespread protests and outrage.

Taking Chidambaram’s project to its logical culmination, the plan is to overhaul the already weakened environmental laws; distort the environmental impact assessment rules; restructure the National Green Tribunal; allow coal mining without any public hearing; and also take away the right of the gram sabhas [local councils] to oppose any project in adivasi land. What is in store is a pro-corporate and anti-people drive of genocidal proportions.

The carrying out of the above goals entails the further intensification of Green Hunt to brutally crush all resistance from the people to save their lands, livelihoods and resources (said to threaten the "investment climate"/"development"). After assuming office, Modi has already added 10 more CRPF battalions to the lethal arsenal of the state comprising various security forces and commandos with support from the Army and the Air Force, along with Israeli drones – and private militias. Out of the total 36 battalions of central forces in the state, 29 were deployed in Bastar alone. Now, with the 10 additional battalions deployed again in Bastar, this adds up to 39 battalions with nearly 30,000 paramilitary personnel in this district, making it one of the most militarized regions of the subcontinent. As the head of Bastar Modi also has appointed the infamous Kalluri, the man who was held responsible by the democratic rights activists across the country for the burning down of 300 adivasi houses in Tadmetla and Morapalli in 2011.

The witch-hunting voices of opposition to Greenhunt is just an another extension of Operation Green Hunt: In October, several democratic groups intended to organise a meeting in Vishakapatnam to expose the state's brutalities in Operation Green Hunt and mobilize opinion against it. But, to ensure that no news of the state's war on the people reaches the urban centres, several civil liberties and political activists were taken into preventive custody to disallow the meeting. Arrests, suppression and gagging of democratic voices against Green Hunt has been a central feature of this war since it began in 2009 – be it Dr Binayak Sen, Sudhir Dhawale, Sachin Mali, Hem Mishra and countless other people's activists and organizations. A few months back, professor G.N. Saibaba, one of the conveners of the Forum against War on People in Delhi, was similarly hunted down, abducted and charged with a plethora of false cases by the state.

But as the state escalates this war on the most oppressed adivasi and dalit [so-called "untouchables"] people of the country to usurp their land and resources, the progressive democratic section must unite and build a most resilient movement standing in solidarity with their struggle for their forests and livelihood and demanding an immediate end to Operation Green Hunt.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Koch Brothers become The Daily Show's latest sponsor—and target for satire

I can't resist anytime someone takes aim at the Koch Brothers. Here is a segment of the Daily Show:

Kansas- Brownback not worried about $ shortfalls

The “what—me worry?” kid, AKA Governor Sam Brownback, has probably heard that Kansas is about to have to deal with looming revenue shortfalls. During the elections he said “the sun is shining in Kansas” and most commentators are implying that he has foolishly created this mess and ignored it at the same time.
The revenue shorts have risen to about $700 million. If Brownback does what he usually does, as he has done now for most of his four years in office, he will cut education and social services to the poor, disabled and elderly. Hiss wealthy buddies, such as the Koch Brothers, can rest assured he will not raise their taxes.
Brownback only won the election by 50 percent, with the rest of the votes split between Democratic challenger Paul Davis and a libertarian candidate Keen A. Umbehr. So far he has shown no sign he will be more cautious of his right-wing revolution. He seems in no mood to worry about the 50 percent of voters who voted against him. His only concern is his Tea Party backers who poured campaign money into his re-election.
As someone who presently works in the Wichita School System as a Substitute Teacher, I have seen firsthand the damage he has done to our schools—larger classes, shortages of equipment and supplies, teachers being fired and classes being cut. This generation is getting ripped off of having the decent education their parents had.
I have a friend who had to quit working and go on government disabilities' and he is terrified that he will have his income cut and he will end up in a homeless shelter. I would say that his fears are justified.
He is destroying our schools and possibly pushing poor people into homeless shelters and the worst part is he just doesn't seem to care.
The “what—me worry?” kid, AKA Sam Brownback, has probably heard that Kansas is about to have to deal with looming revenue shortfalls. During the elections he said “the sun is shining in Kansas” and most commentators are implying that he has foolishly created this mess and ignored it at the same time.
The revenue shorts have risen to about
$700 million. If Brownback does what he usually does, as he has done now for most of his four years in office, he will cut education and social services to the poor, disabled and elderly. Hiss wealthy buddies, such as the Koch Brothers, can rest assured he will not raise their taxes.
Brownback only won the election by 50 percent, with the rest of the votes split between Democratic challenger Paul Davis and a libertarian candidate Keen A. Umbehr. So far he has shown no sign he will be more cautious of his right-wing revolution. He seems in no mood to worry about the 50 percent of voters who voted against him. His only concern is his Tea Party backers who poured campaign money into his re-election.
As someone who presently works in the Wichita School System as a Substitute Teacher, I have seen firsthand the damage he has done to our schools—larger classes, shortages of equipment and supplies, teachers being fired and classes being cut. This generation is getting ripped off of having the decent education their parents had.
I have a friend who had to quit working and go on government disabilities' and he is terrified that he will have his income cut and he will end up in a homeless shelter. I would say that his fears are justified.
He is destroying our schools and possibly pushing poor people into homeless shelters and the worst part is he just doesn't seem to care.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bonita Gooch speaks at the Peace & Social Justice Center Annual Dinner

The Peace and Social Justice Center has been around for years. On Friday December 5, 6pm, at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church,
655 S. Lorraine Ave, close living residence can come to the annual meeting.
     This is our 22nd Annual Dinner with speaker, Bonita Gooch, editor and publisher of The Community Voice, the newspaper and heart of Wichita’s Northeast Community. Bonita will speak about police/community issues before and after the protests in Ferguson, MO, that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown in August, 2014.
      Tickets are $20 includes a delicious Mediterranean dinner. Please call 316-263-5886 or email to RSVP. Seating is limited. You can reserve your place at, donate $20 for each and post a message.