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Palestine now: the situation and mood in the West Bank

From A World to Win News Service:
 The following are edited notes of a conversation with three feminist academics who have just returned from a visit to occupied Palestine.

We arrived two days after the bodies of the three kidnapped settler youth were found. The Israeli authorities had been blockading Palestinian communities and arresting people before that, with the excuse that they were looking for the three, but after that it got worse. What we saw was collective punishment on a mass scale, resulting in the arrest of at least 700 people, many of whom had been in prison before. The security forces had lists of people they were looking for. These raids were a way of creating an atmosphere of terror.

Our first night was in East Jerusalem. Israeli settlers, in this case often recent immigrants from the U.S., as well Russia and Eastern Europe, are moving into Palestinian neighbourhoods and forcing the inhabitant out. Local Palestinians identified many of the settlers in the Old City as yeshiva (Jewish religious school) students. There are also whole families with young children. The women are in a "permanent state of pregnancy", with multiple young children in many families.

Settlers appropriate land often by using fraudulent documents showing that they or their family owns the property, and the police evict the Palestinians living there. Sometimes it's a building or a whole floor of a building, sometimes just an apartment or even a single room. Once they move in they make life intolerable for the Palestinians around them. They bring their guards, and they and their children harass the Palestinians constantly to make them leave.

This process may appear similar to what would be called "gentrification" in North America, but in East Jerusalem and Hebron, it's a violent process. It's ethnic cleansing.

For example, in the Old City of Jerusalem, in one apartment complex, there is only a single Palestinian family left. They can't use the main stairs because settlers harass them. Instead, they have to take an old, dangerous staircase to go in or out.

Walking through East Jerusalem we saw a highway where, we were told, settlers in their cars often try to run down Palestinian children walking there. One of our hosts is known in the community and speaks Hebrew, so people come to her for help. Children come to her and say, "Help we're being chased by settlers." This is daily life.

Settlers are now moving into an Armenian (Christian) community next to the Jewish quarter in the old city in Jerusalem. The settler youth constantly spray slogans like "Jesus is a son of a bitch" on the walls to let people know they have to leave. The slogans are put up and then cleaned off and then put up again constantly.

It took us two hours to drive from Ramallah to Hebron in the West Bank, which is about 50 kilometres, in order to go around the checkpoints.

The Israeli military had closed down Hebron a few days before we got there. They blocked off the Palestinian area, not letting anyone in or out overnight. Then after that they wouldn't allow males under 25 to come or go.

There are less than a thousand Israeli settlers in the old city of Hebron, but in the name of protecting them the entire Palestinian population is subject to daily denigration and violence. Their lives are deliberately made miserable. In the old city about 12 kilometres of a main street are closed off to Palestinians. The Palestinians who live there can't have ordinary visitors and need special permission even for family members to come. The roofs of people's homes are on the street level and the living areas are below that. The people who live there aren't allowed on their own roofs.

We met a family who told us about an unusual snowstorm. The snow piled up on the roof and water was leaking into the rooms below. The father had to apply for permission to go up and clean off the roof. He was given ten minutes to do that, and it was hard for him because he was partially disabled from once having been shot in the leg. Meanwhile, Israeli kids were playing on the roof as they liked, making snowmen and so on.

The same man told us how he was sitting in his living room one day when he heard water running. He looked out and saw settler youth standing on his roof and peeing down on his doorstep.

There are a pair of Palestinian primary schools, one for girls and the other for boys, in the area of Hebron that is closed off to Palestinians. The children have to go through checkpoints to get there, and on the way they are often harassed by settler youth. Sometimes it's verbal; sometimes they throw rocks or bottles of urine. The settler kids go to their parents and complain about the Palestinian kids, and their parents come and get the school closed down. But Palestinian parents aren't allowed to come to the school.

On Jewish religious holidays the checkpoints are closed and so the road is too. Since the buildings are all connected, the children can go from roof to roof until they reach the school. The IDF (Israeli army) spray-painted insults on the walls of the home of a lady who lives next to the school, and they harass her for allowing children to pass through her house to get to school.

Hebron is a Palestinian city, but the settlements are under control of the IDF and the Palestinian police in the old town are not allowed to protect Palestinians from the settlers.

Israeli security forces control the checkpoints in and out of the old town. Palestinians have to wait in line to show their identity cards, sometimes for hours. This makes daily life impossible. The soldiers are particularly hard on Palestinian male youth. They are supposed to inspect ID cards and then give them back, but sometimes they just put the card in their pocket and make the owner wait in the sun for three or four hours. Since you can't move around without an ID card, you have no choice but to just stand there. They deliberately provoke people. The night before we got there, a kid who had been made to wait a long time started to get excited and they shot him in the leg.

The checkpoints are a mechanism of punishment as well as control. They are a constant source of humiliation.

On the Jewish side of one settlement in Hebron, there is a big sign in Hebrew and English declaring, "You are now leaving free Israel." The settlers complain about restrictions on their movements through Hebron because it is under Palestinian control. The settlers consider it part of their own country where they should be allowed to do whatever they want.

When you cross into the West Bank from Israel, the landscape changes. There is dust and debris everywhere, it's not neat and clean like the Israeli side. The Bedouin villages in the occupied territory are in a very bad state. They are desperately poor. People might have a small garden. They graze animals. The shelters in the villages are made of corrugated sheet metal. In contrast, the settlers have built suburban communities, which resemble gated communities in Florida.

When you enter Ramallah itself, the landscape changes yet again. There are new buildings, some for Western companies like HSBC, others for UN organizations and the Palestinian Authority's administration offices as well as extensive housing development, much of which is unoccupied.

Israeli settlements are not allowed in Ramallah itself. Because it's a Palestinian administrative centre, and a place where Palestinians are allowed to build, Ramallah is where foreign money goes. Bahrain, Kuwait and other Gulf countries fund university facilities. Money from the Palestinian diaspora also ends up here.

That's one factor in the political mood in Ramallah, a former centre of Palestinian activism that was very, very quiet when we were there. The PA will not allow protests. They attacked a pro-Hamas demonstration. People we talked to were extremely contemptuous of the PA, and Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that are connected to the PA. You can recognize PA officials' cars by their license plates, and they drive luxury models.

Ramallah used to be known as a secular city, but that has changed over the last few years. Now many of the young women and even little girls, maybe the majority, cover their heads. This is especially the case in the universities, and not so much in the areas with cafes and restaurants and businesses. We met many people who expressed support for Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime because they supposedly stand up to Israel. Religion has also become a big part of daily life, much more than when some of us were there in 2005.

There were many demonstrations against the Israeli lynching of the young Palestinian boy while we were in Palestine, and against the attacks on Gaza. Many took place in Palestinian towns and neighbourhoods in Israel itself, not the West Bank. One such demonstration was in Nazareth, where 20 protesters were arrested by the IDF after use of tear gas and sound grenades. Repression is one factor preventing protests in the PA-controlled cities, but there has also been a strong depoliticalization. Many people turn inward, or to NGO-type activities instead of resistance. Many people tend to focus on micro-identities – my region, my town. A belief that Palestinians are different than other Arabs and people in the Middle East. Some intellectuals rationalize that Islamism is once again giving expression to national identity. There is no women's movement. There is an extremely strong atmosphere of political backlash against the revolutionary movements of the
1960s and '70s and up until the Oslo Accords that created the PA in 1993. We haven't seen that so strongly anywhere else in the Middle East.

There are pockets of resistance, but largely functioning through the mechanisms of NGOs and human rights groups. Palestinian youth in Ramallah go to Qalandiya (a refugee camp surrounded by the Israeli "separation" wall, with a major Israeli military presence) to thrown stones at the Israeli security forces. They want to confront the Israeli army.

People have mixed sentiments about what to do, depending on where you are and who you talk to. It's complicated. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has no credibility. People say he is Netanyahu's spokesman in the West Bank.

There's a general disillusionment with the traditional Palestinian left like the PLO and PFLP, especially among youth. Hamas is the only organization with much popular support. Some people talk about launching a third Intifada (the Palestinian uprisings against the occupation in 1987-1993 and 2002-2005). The youth and other people want to be able to express their rage and frustration. It's not clear what that would mean. In Ramallah, it would definitely include targeting the PA.

Can you imagine Gaza has had one of the largest concentrations of refugee camps in the world? Palestinians there are refugees in their own country, and Palestinians from the West Bank aren't allowed to go there. Only humanitarian groups, journalists, and UN are allowed to enter Gaza, but with much difficulty and delay.

Every time Hamas shoots off one of their rockets, they recruit. So does Islamic Jihad.

This whole situation, the Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the Hamas rockets, actually helps Israel. It's not clear who killed the three settler youth, or for what purpose. No one has claimed responsibility. But it's allowed Netanyahu to link Hamas and Da'ash (ISIS or "the Islamic state" in Iraq and Syria) and put Israel's "security" at the centre of what's happening in the region, in competition with Iran. This also allows Israel to attack the unity government between Hamas and the PA.

Years ago it was difficult to talk about the one-state solution. Now there is much popular discussion of a one-state solution, including graffiti and t-shirts saying "48+67=1", meaning the land Israelis occupied in the 1948 war plus the land they occupied after the Six Day War in 1967 equals one nation. However, many argue there is already a one-state solution: an apartheid state.

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Citizen Koch gets a viewing in Wichita Kansas


Wichita residents, living in the home-town of the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, got a chance to see the movie Citizen Koch, Tuesday night at the Warren theatre, in Wichita. The theater was almost full, with about 140 people in the audience.
I wish more people could have seen the film,” said Jeff Wicks, a promoter of the film here in Wichita. “I think even some "die hard Republicans" would be swayed if they came with an open mind and were willing to listen.”
The film is an exposé on the Koch brother’s attempts to alter the US political landscape through their use of special interest groups and huge campaign contributions.
Most of the film focuses on Scott Walker, his rise to power as Governor of Wisconsin. Walker relied on Koch Brother’s money.
The film presented various public works people, a prison guard and a teacher, who fought against Walker’s “knee capping” union busting techniques.
The film also looked at the front organizations the Kochs use, such as
Americans for Prosperity and their part in ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).
The film also followed the presidential campaign of Buddy Roemer the former congressman and governor of Los Angeles who could not get into the presidential debates because he was told he needed to raise a huge amount of money before they would consider him serious. This was covered to show how much big money is a part of our political campaigns.
After the movie Dorlan Bales spoke about his project the Kansas People’s Action.
“Many people only vote in the presidential elections,” Bales said. ”They need to vote in the local elections. We are asking people to work phone banks and knock on doors. This could be the tipping point.”
He added that the Focus will be on defeating Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach. Brownback is trying to impose similar changes here in Kansas as Walker has done to Wisconsin. Kobach has been pushing for anti-voter registration laws.
Sierra Club and a group called Expanding Medicare in Kansas also spoke on protests they plan on doing this fall.
“The audience was clearly fired up from the start and after the film even more so,” Wicks said.

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Letter to Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party from the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolutionaries of Iraq

The following is from Maoist Revolution. It had a translation and I tried a Google translation which I thought looked better. I have followed this group years ago, since there where the only Maoist Iraqi group I could find on line. They have a really good web site, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolutionaries of Iraq. This translation was difficult and may be a little hard to read. As usual, this is not an endorsement of Avakian and his party.
-សតិវ អតុ

View of the Maoist Communist Iraqi Salim Paul and the central body to collective Marxist Leninists Maoist Revolutionaries Iraqis.

Dear comrade Bob Avakian Dear comrades in the party;
Maoist Revolutionary Communists salute the American Reds. All Maoist revolutionaries in the world and the world proletarian was happy the emergence of the Maoist movement in the U.S. imperialists, in their own house criminals, languishing dictators, House of barbarism. These criminals make up the top of the global fascism lurking Bozorabh barbaric House in Washington.
 What pleased the global communist movement Maoist Revolutionary Antthaq Khozpkm was not necessarily its inception until the revolutionary tasks RS it upon himself to drive a heritage authoritarian bloody Ambryayh American fascism. This heritage, followed by Enam gangs regions Kabwe snitch of eater of Achttun .. They Abrrn Back to incinerators death and wars of mass unjust in the countries of the Middle East and the countries of the third world in conditions of mass destruction for economic structures it set a dangerous precedent what is happening in Iraq from looting imperialists and Ossaaahm property Toilers Iraq and the genocide of the indigenous population overall in Iraq. It's a dangerous precedent formed U.S. imperialism to a bloody guerrilla Vbohem Bdaash supported them with money and weapons and end genocide of indigenous peoples in Iraq and on the whole day in the connector at the hands of these Elmejrmyin turbans and the like Najaf and Karbala,
We were hoping that the U.S. Tgesot proletarian take to the streets and public squares to the American Revolutionary Alnzal against Sultan imperialist solidarity with the indigenous people and the toilers of solidarity with Iraq and with the Iraqi Alemraep valuable that kill their own backyard and attacked in the streets of the cities of Iraq.
Dear Comrade Dear comrades and comrades .. What are the tasks of historical Almtath you. The formulations Taatpettmoha in writing in the work program of the Revolutionary Communist Party Maoist U.S. Ellis would urge the proletarian U.S. to the real revolution to crush Zawara predators in their own homes in the corral House barbaric Washington. to Anzn formulations at your party and communist parties revolutionary and Maoism in the continent of Europe is open to different interpretations, what hurts the people who are exposed to the onslaught of imperialism as it is what is happening in City connector, in particular, and the fortune-teller in general.
 Dear comrades and comrades hurts your silence is like a silent graves We agree in principle with the decisions Kongrs Hamburk communist movement Maoist World, which was held recently, which strongly criticized the approach, which does not comply initially with the movement of Maoist revolt world. this is what you wish for U.S. imperialism and orphans of Hitler and Mussolini in the white continent Agouza.

 Where Tsaúm democracy in incinerators death in the genocide suffered by our people at the hands of U.S. imperialism it a very dangerous precedent .. urge you to Tfikon even urging the American people to the uprising against the regime of imperialist U.S. barbaric medieval Ndhamana with the indigenous people in the northern city of Mosul .. even raise fascist criminal Aoyama and Kerry assassin hands for aborigines in the northern city of Mosul, Iraq, and the toilers of Iraq ..

Iraqi Maoist communist movement ..

رسالة   الى الرفيق  بوب  افاكيان  زعيم  الحزب  الشيوعي  الماوي  الثوري  الامريكي  واللجنة  المركزية  للحزب  الشيوعي الماوي الثوري  الامريكي  

من  المنظر  الشيوعي الماوي  العراقي سليم  بولص  و  الهيئة  المركزية  لتجمع  الماركسيين  اللينينيين  الماويين  الثوريين  العراقيين  
19   2014 يوليو  يموز 

الرفيق  العزيز  بوب  افاكيان  ايها  الرفاق  والرقيفات  في  الحزب  
الشيوعي  الماوي  الثوري  الامريكي  تحية ثورية   حمراء  ..  جميع الشيوعيين الماويين الثوريين  في  العالم  والبروليتارية  العالمية   كانت سعيدة  بانبثاق  الحركة  الشيوعية  الماوية  في  امريكا  في  عقر  دار  الامبرياليين  المجرمين المستبدين  القابعين  بالبيت  الهمجية  ..  يشكلون  هؤلاء  المجرمين  قمة  الفاشية  العالمية  القابعة  بزريبة   البيت  الهمجي  في  واشنطن .  
 ما  يسعد الحركة  الشيوعية  الماوية العالمية  انتثاق   خزبكم  الثوري  كان  بالضرورة  انبثاقة   حتى  يقوم  بمهام  ثورية الملقات  على  عاتقه  لدق  التراث  الاستبدادي  الدموي  للامبرياية  الامريكية  الفاشية  .  هذا  تراث  يتبعه  اينام   عصابات مناطق  كابوي  واش  من  اكلي  لحوم  البشر  من  واشتطن ..  وهم  يبررن  العودة  الى  محارق  الموت وحروب  الدمار  الظالمة   في  بلدان  الشرق  الاوسط   ودول  عالم  الثالث   في  ظروف  التدمير  الشامل للهياكل  الاقتصادية انها  سابقة  خطيرة  ما  يحصل  في  العراق  من  نهب  وسلب  الامبرياليين  ووصاياهم  ممتلكات  كادحي  العراق  والابادة  الشاملة  للسكان  الاصليين  في  العراق .  انها سابقة  خطرة  شكلت  الامبريالية  الامريكية عصابات    دموية  لفبوهم  بداعش  دعمتهم  بالمال  والسلاح  والغاية  ابادة  السكان  الاصليين  في  العراق  برمته  على واليوم  في  موصل  على ايدي  هؤلاء  المجرميين  واشباههم  عمامات  نجف  وكربلاء ،  
كنا  على  امل  ان  تحثوت  البروليتارية  الامريكية النزول  الى  الساحات  العامة  والشارع  الامريكي  الى  النظال  الثوري  ضد  السلطان  الامبريالي   تضامنا  مع  السكان  الاصليين  وتضامنا  مع  كادحي  العراق  ومع  المراءة  العراقية  التي  نقتل  قي  عقر  دارها  وتهاجم  في  الشوارع  العامة  لمدن  العراق .. 

ايها  الرفيق  ايها  الرفاق  والرفيقات ..  ماهي  المهمات  التاريخية  المتاطة  بكم .  والصياغات  التي  تتبتموها  كتابتا  في  برنامج  العمل  الثوري  للحزب  الشيوعي  الماوي  الامريكي  . اليس  من شانة  حث  البروليتارية  الامريكية  الى  الثورة  الحقيقية  لسحق  الظواري  المفترسة  في  عقر  دارهم  في زريبة  البيت  الهمجي  بواشنطن .. لانظن  الصياغات  لدى  حزبكم  والاحزاب الشيوعية  الثورية  و الماوية  في  قارة  اوروبا  مفتوحة  للتاويلات  ، ما  يؤلم  الشعوب  التي  تتعرض  للهجمة  الامبريالية  كما  هو  الحال  ما  يجري  في  مدينة  موصل  بصورة  خاصة و  العراف  بصورة  عامة  ..
 ايها  الرفاق  والرفيقات  يؤلمنا   صمتكم  بات  اشبه  بصمت  القبور نحن  نتفق  مبدئيا  مع  مقررات كونعرس  هامبورك  للحركة  الشيوعية  الماوية  العالمية الذي انعقد  مؤخرا والذي  انتقد  بشدة  نهجكم  الذي  لايتفق  مبدئيا  مع  حركة  الثورة  الماوية  العالمية  ..  هذا  ما  تتمناه  الامبريالية  الامريكية  وايتام  هتلر  وموسوليني  في  القارة  البيضاء  العجوزة ..
 اين  تسائم  الديمقراطية في  محارق  الموت   وفي  الابادة  الجماعية  التي  تتعرض  لها  شعوبنا على  يد  الامبريالية  الامريكية  انها   سابقة  خطيرة  جدا   .. نناشدكم    ان  تفيقون  حتى  تحثون  الشعب  الامريكي  الى  الانتفاضة  ضد  النظام  الامبريالي  الامريكي   الهمجي  القرون  وسطي  نضامنا  مع  السكان  الاصليين  في  مدينة  الموصل  ..  حتى  يرفع  الفاشي  المجرم  اوياما  وكيرى  السفاح  ايديهم  عن السكان  الاصليين في مدينة  الموصل و العراق وعن  كادحي العراق ..  

الحركة  الشيوعية  الماوية  العراقية ..

Monday, July 21, 2014

PFLP: Massive assault against civilians in Gaza requires unity and confrontation

Statement by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
July 10, 2014
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Gaza.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza issued a statement on July 10,describing the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist occupation forces in the Gaza Strip is a war of overall aggression which exceeds all limits of logic and humanity. It called for the resistance factions to escalate strikes in each area, including rockets and missiles, to compel the occupying entity to pay a price for its aggression.
The occupation forces are escalating their attacks on Gaza, including bombing and demolishing family homes inhabited by children, women and elders, targeting journalists, the latest of which was the assassination of journalist Hamdi Shehab yesterday, targeting medical personnel and ambulances, health centers and hospitals. All of this reflects the state of bankruptcy which the criminal enemy has reached, its confusion and inability to confront the resistance.
The Front denounced the extreme official Arab silence and international indifference in the face of the destruction in the Gaza Strip, asking if the bodies of women, children and elders pulled from under the rubble of destroyed homes are not sufficient to spark the conscience of international humanitarian agencies and the world, and promising that their Palestinian blood will not have been shed in vain.
The Front dismissed the emergency hearing of the Security Council called by the Arab Group, noting that it comes far too late, after over 80 martyrs and thousands of wounded, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, urging real international action to hold the occupation state accountable for its crimes.
The Front also renewed its call for the necessity of the leadership in power in the PLO to join the International Criminal Court and seek to bring the criminal enemy to trial for its crimes committed against the Palestinian people. Continued postponement is a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs.
The Front also reaffirmed the unity of our people in all locations against the horrific Zionist attack, calling on our people in the West Bank to take to the streets and escalate confrontation against the occupation army and settlers, and for the military wings of the armed resistance there to move to strike the occupation everywhere. Further, it called upon all members of Palestinian security agencies to reject the constraints and obligations of Oslo and instead join the Palestinian people to confront the occupier and protect the people.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wichita KS—Peace Poetry Reading

I have started to do some performance art. Today’s culture and counter culture stinks worse than weak old fish. We need to create rebellious and thought provoking culture to replace and the commercial mind numbing garbage that passes for music and art today. For me I have started performance art. My first attempt was to read a Dada -ist inspired poem; Cliché- And the band played on, that I wrote and performed at Kirbys. Here is Wichita’s next poetry event and I will be there. 

-សតិវ អតុ
Peace Poetry Reading

R Coffee House
(1144 Bitting St. - corner Bitting and Eleventh)
Tuesday – Aug. 19 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
 Local poets, Michael Poage and Diane Whato reading their original work. Wichita musician Tom James will sing his original work.  Readings of others’ poetry ~ especially WWI peace poetry.   Come to relax, to mix and mingle, to drink great coffee and hear  poetry – come to be and make peace in our town and our world! Please spread the word in your own gathering places (bulletin announcements, etc.), e-mail lists, facebook posts, circles of friends, etc.  This event brought to you by People of Faith for Peace, Wichita – who come together on a regular basis to plan and plot “peace.”

Saturday, July 19, 2014

In defense of “Tankies”- Part 2

One person and government that anti-tankies really don’t like is Kim Jong Un (김정은) and his Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea (DPRK). Despite the fact that the DPRK is the result of a socialist revolution, many on the left treat it as if it were straight fascism. It is a very regimented regime and lacks any real freedom or democracy.
The present ruler Kim Jong Un (김정은) uses the ideology of his father and grandfather as a guide for the country—Kim Jong Ilism((김정일) and Kim Il Sungism (김일성). The country is a throwback to the cold war, a country that never fell, as with Cuba. Unlike Cuba Kim Jong Il declared Marxist-Leninism obsolete and replaced it by the ideology of the Juche as interpreted by the elder Kims.
I don’t believe Kim Jong Il is a bad writer, even though it is limited in its appeal to those outside of Korea. DPRK is not really a one party state, but a coalition of parties. The Workers' Party of Korea is the main party, but Korean Social Democratic Party, Cheondoist Chongu Party and General Association of Korean Residents in Japan are all legal.
As with the last article:
Kaitlin Ulyanov “We should support the working class struggles within countries which are targets of imperialism. The best way, ultimately the only way to fight imperialism is though class struggle. In countries where there isn't a coherent or effective left advocate independent working class politics and demands, such as Ukraine (the Ukrainian CP are pro-Russian, voted against allowing protests, I don't know much about Borotba, what I hear they don't sound much better) we can raise the slogan of independent working class politics as a nucleus to build a movement.”

Again; how do we determine what the people of this government really want? There is no organized opposition. Since this country went through a socialist revolution shortly after World War II, will the people be willing to support another worker’s state or will the majority want to imitate their neighbor to the south.
If this government is as repressive as its critics claim, a simple revolution might send it right into the US imperialist camp. That is a real possibility. There is a logic to a complete rejection of a political system if it is repressive, but examples in East Europe—Germany, show us what kind of negative things can happen when such a government implodes. If we want to see what would happen if DPRK collapsed, East Germany is a good place to look. And it is likely that events similar to that would happen if the tankies get their way and help bring down DPRK.  
The German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR) was the cold war haven for the Soviet Union in Eastern Part of Germany. The Socialist Unity Party (SED) ruled the country under the banner of Marxist-Leninism. Many people from Eastern Europe have compared their former governments to military dictatorships with little emphasis on political ideology. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the DDR was a sovereign government even if it was under the tight control of the Soviet Union. UNLKE DPRK the DDR was imposed on Germany by the Soviet Union. Kim Il Sung, the founder of DPRK was a guerilla leader and had political bases and party committees in both Koreas. The US imposed a capitalist country on the south of Korea[1], while the Soviets allowed Kim to develop his regime in the North. It remained an independent government during the time of the Soviet Union. It has always had way more sovereignty that the government of East Germany. The communists of East Germany were part of an underground during Hitler, but never formed any real opposition movement or guerrilla movements of its own.
When the Berlin Wall came down and the countries were reunited, the DDR was simply annexed into West Germany. State run corporations were taken over by the west. The Western government had its members arrested and put on trial for violating the laws of West Germany, even though that country was never part of the West. The ruling party’s assets were taken from them.
Unlike DPRK there were opposition parties which were more progressive than parties in the West. Those parties survived but the East was only a third as large as the West. When national elections were held, those Eastern parties were drowned out by the more established Western parties. The former SED ruling party changed its name to  Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and became a socialist democratic party. It continued to get nearly 50% of votes from Easterners for many years, but like the small new parties, the PDS got swallowed up in elections to the much larger West.
In the following article, it notes that so called unity talks included turning all of the East’s economy to match the Western market economy. Nothing of the East’s methods was kept. Here is DW:
.....The Unity Treaty was brokered by negotiators from East and West Germany and sought to ease and regulate the process of East Germany becoming part of a reunited country again, as well as its transition from a planned economy to a free market system.
But in a recent interview with the German weekly magazine Spiegel, the premier of the eastern state of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, used the word "annexation" to describe what happened between the two Germanys on October 3, 1990.

Another article from Spiegle:
Germany's Disappointing Reunification: How the East Was Lost
By Alexander Neubacher and Michael Sauga
July 1 marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the deutsche mark in East Germany in the runup to full reunification. But the economic benefits that West German politicians promised failed to materialize. What went wrong?
There are some Maoist parties that have made friendly overtures from DPRK. One is the Communist Party of the Philippines.
by CPP Information Bureau 

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the people and government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for successfully and safely carrying out its first-ever nuclear test and hailed the successful test as a “militant assertion of national sovereignty and the right of an independent country to develop its own powerful self-reliant defense capability amidst constant efforts by the US to impose its imperialist hegemony over the world, maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons along with a few other powerful countries, and subvert the sovereign will of the DPRK.” Yesterday, the DPRK government announced that it has successfully carried out an underground test of its nuclear weapons, developed after four decades of painstaking self-reliant efforts, “with 100% of sheer indigenous wisdom and technology… under secure conditions… at a stirring time when all the people of the country are making a great leap forward in the building of a great, prosperous, powerful socialist nation.” There were no reports of radiation leak from the test site. The announcement was met expectedly, however, with condemnation by the US government which called the test a “provocative act threatening international peace and stability.” 
So it is short cited to simply demand that a more humane revolutionary movement take place in DPRK. I too would like a more democratic government. But until imperialism is smashed and defeated in Asia, there is really no chance of that at all. As with the people of the DDR, North Korea’s people will not get a better government. They will likely be annexed by the southern government and they will lose any privileges they have now. The government in the South has a long history of fascist governments. We don’t have to “stand in solidarity with DPRK” but opposing them or supporting efforts to bring that system down are destructive and work against the left.
Only an anarchist would take such a position and that position is destructive to those trying to defeat imperialism.
-សតិវ អតុ

[1]Bruce Cumings, The Course Of Korean-American Relations, 1943-1953, pp. 847-859,/Randall Woods, Willard Gatewood, America Interpreted, Vol II, (Harcourt Brace Collage Publisher, Fort Worth) 1998.

Friday, July 18, 2014


For those wondering what happened to the people of panama after the US invasion here are excerpts from
Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista) de Panamá:

For 25 years, as a result of criminal and illegal armed invasion of U.S. imperialism which, in its traumatic effects is credited with the worsening of the protracted political crisis with no end thus for bureaucratic comprador classes dominant in Panama are desperately struggling to shore up its shattered state. Event, for two and a half decades ago, pushes search reconstitution, put it up and carry it through a series of reforms to its constitutional order, institutional adjustments and restructuring of political unity within the ruling classes, so and so combining the alliances of great traditional political parties.
All their projects open and honest solution to this political crisis have failed. As has been forced to perform them behind the scenes and behind the working class, the peasantry and large masses of native nationalities. Defunct military dictatorship, placed in front of the puppet government, sworn and put forward the scheme for the same U.S. military authorities occupiers, at the latter, it has been proposed to reorganize through II da   Great Reform of State and System Government, hidden behind such designs syrupy anodyne phrases that if "our democracy building", "modernization" and / or "refounding" of the state. Misleading and aimed at cajoling addled population wording.
But is projected II gives . Great State Reform and the oligarchic Republic in a presidential, corporatist and neo-fascist sense carries within itself its denial because she really deny popular sovereignty and that further cuts and dwindling political freedoms and social rights of the working classes country. Anyway, this reform oligarchic power without a genuine, real and revolutionary change thereof is already starting flawed, doomed to lead to failure. By its content, form and method of implementation, direction and objectives of this II da Great Reformation of the state system and the system of government, a real reactionary, undemocratic and aimed to consolidate the one-class monopoly of power in favor of a handful of rich men counter and superrich, vitiating itself and therefore any progressive sense of it, it does not give any power to the people. Reinforces, however, the class dictatorship of big capital and which hides the true loincloth colonial master of the country, U.S. imperialism.
Fiction of popular sovereignty, orphans of any democratic order. Joint dictatorship of the bureaucrat-comprador class monopoly capital, the landlord monopoly capital and the imperialist monopoly capital, centrally conculcador from that of genuine democracy in the country Yankee imperialism.
But as class placed back into history and genuine political, social and national interests of the Panamanian simple working people, it has persisted for all these 25 years in the realization of their political designs unpopular reactionary reformers. Reforms emparchadoras old, now thrown into the trash basket as toilet paper, and consistent steps on institutional reforms militaristic constitution; actually enthronement of corruption, bribery and "steals stolen" institutionalized. The teasing, sassy and cynical, the real will of the electorate consulted, electoral fraud, taxation and dirty in her exclusive use and benefit.
At this point, are we surprised the electoral debacle of May 4, last, suffered by all major political parties of oligarchic capital? No we Communists (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama. In those elections the bourgeoisie as a whole failed to achieve favorable for projects of state reform consensus. When 61% of the population rejected the current power system and the current political regime, rejecting any trick designed to give continuity to this dying system. Those results saw it coming, we denounce with time and act accordingly, we call on workers and the poor people to electoral abstention in these Elections.
The vast majority of the electoral population, participant and non-participant, do not trust this ailing state, the current institutional system, or the system of oligarchic and fascist political parties, and has clearly opposed constitutional order. By which, contrary and violated once again the people's will, manifested that day at the polls, the ruling classes - When not - have been carried out on the same day a huge FRAUD ELECTORAL have been illegally distributed the armchairs government and forged a new political alliance in power. But the crisis persists and continues its inexorable march to ruin the whole country, its conversion into social crisis, sharpening of the class struggle and its popular leading to the oligarchic revolution.
The political crisis of the ruling classes and ruling classes has not been settled, when on the contrary, has taken another step in its aggravation ... and the need to be resolved through the direct intervention of the working people.
"God blind who want to lose", says an old proverb expensive believers. Thus the bourgeoisie still persists in its thirteen, has the reins of power in his hands and not let go goodly. It is bent on carrying his black designs of II gives . Great Reform of the State and the Republic has its expires, regardless. Has not cooled the Presidential Chair. Poltronudo outgoing heat, when the new government of fascist and pro-imperialist Yankee Varela as junk dealer has been to proclaim his bad merchandise, the urgency of the call for a National Constituent Assembly.
Why and why you need the bourgeoisie apandillada in the new PP-PRD alliance with the incoming president head Opus Deist and fascist Juan Carlos Varela, the urgency of the convocation of the Constituent Assembly?
Because he can no longer hide more in the eyes of the people, of the working class and the popular classes, the severity and depth of the crisis of the state. Hence the need for a diversionary denier of all direct and independent participation of the working masses and popular in the affairs of the old state and the old Republic, and semi-feudal oligarchic masses. To hide from the eyes of the people the fact that dominant, working behind the scenes and in the dark full time, are 25 years elapsed!, Has completed plans and construction of a new form of state, presidential, corporatist and neo-fascist clear marking. You need now legitimize everything planned and conducted so far. And the only way not violentista type coup, and that U.S. imperialism would not tolerate it, turns out to be the Constituent.
But a sovereign Constituent Assembly with full powers, will believe the ordinary citizen, but a cut, flawed and controlled. What a surprise! The government bureaucratic oligarchy, sounding the alarm about the constituent, which has been kept under Fullera sleeve one letter, a trump card: The Constituent Assembly Parallel !

For the rest IN SPANISH click here.