Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kobach and his anti-voter laws feels the heat as race tightens

Polls are showing that the race for Kansas Secretary of State is getting closer. And this is good news for those of us who feel that incumbent Republican Kris Kobach is the most racists and xenophobic elected official that Kansas has had in the last 30 years.
In a recent KSN News Poll, conducted exclusively for KSN-TV by SurveyUSA, the race for Secretary of State is tied.
Both Kobach and Democratic challenger Jean Schodorf poll at 46 percent.
Not long ago Kobach was way ahead and few of us felt he could be defeated. Now things are looking better in a race to unseat a man who has focused on disenfranchising immigrants from voting.
Kobach has based his career on his voter ID laws that so far have kept about 18,000 legitimate and legal Kansas voters from voting in recent elections. When he started this campaign he could only account for about 20 cases of voter fraud which he was supposedly trying to stop. His arguments are ludicrous.
“There’s a huge, huge hole in the law that has created 20,000 people unable to register to vote even though they are citizens,” Schodorf said to KSN TV. “Many of them are grandparents and kids going back to college.”
On top of that He has been traveling the country to help other politicians in other states pass similar voter ID laws. Kobach is a national voice for the voter ID laws. Many people in Kansas have wondered if he has really spent enough time in Kansas to do the work that his office of secretary of state, requires.
According to Governing.com:
Kobach is doing a disservice to the Kansas constituents who expect him to devote his attention and energy to his state office. The state ethics commission ruled that Kobach can’t accept speaking fees, but won’t stop him from pursuing legal or political activities elsewhere. State Rep. Melody McCray-Miller, a Democrat, says Kobach’s outside pursuits are unethical anyway.
According to Kansas City Star:
The August poll, done several weeks before Taylor withdrew from the Senate race, found Kobach leading Schodorf 43 percent to 38 percent. A month later, a poll done during the dispute found Kobach leading by a single percentage point.
The polls also show that the public did not like Kobach’s attempt to keep Democrat Chad Taylor’s name on the ballot for U.S. Senate even though the candidate withdrew from the race. The Kansas City Star Said 63 percent of people opposed that action. It seems the public realizes he will do anything to make sure his party wins no matter how unethical it is.
Local Wichita members of the organization KanVote have been working to expose Kobach of trying to stop minorities, poor people and immigrants from voting and his misuse of his office.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Cornel West and Bob Avakian Argue religion this Novemeber

Normally I don’t promote things that Bob Avakian does, (See Avakian—worse than just a bad writer—he acts like a condescending saviorbut he is a devout atheist who has been supporting an atheist and Marxist agenda. Cornel West claims to be a Christian Revolutionary. This will make an interesting dialog to those who happen to live in the New York City area. I don’t. I do imagine someone will record this and distribute it at a later date. Then we can all see it.
My feelings on this are that religion is a part of humanity at this time and trying to divorce religious people from revolution will be a mistake. We can’t expect people to give up both capitalism and religion all at once. I’m also not saying that religious people can’t be leaders in a revolution. We saw that can happen in Nicaragua (see Does communism work?—Does capitalism?) in the 1980s and we need to allow that participation to continue on to any revolution we have. I still support atheism and people’s rights to believe that as I basically do (See  M-theory and the defense of atheism and humanist ideas). But it is suicide to insist that all revolutionaries have to be atheists. -សតិវ​អតុ

From Revolution:

A historic Dialogue Between Bob Avakian and Cornel West on Revolution and Religion: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion will take place at Riverside Church on November 15. ….
…..1. This is a chance to come see and hear Bob Avakian live!  This is a very rare opportunity to see him in person and hear what this revolutionary leader and architect of a whole new framework for the emancipation of all of humanity is saying about the prospects for revolution and what transformations have to be undertaken to truly get free of the confines and horrors of the present system.  How could you not want to be there?
2. This is a chance to see and hear Bob Avakian and Cornel West sharing a public stage together for the very first time, rolling up their sleeves and dialoguing together, exploring some of the important things they agree on and some of the important things they don’t agree on, no doubt surprising and challenging their audience to think more deeply, study more critically, reflect on how they might step up their own participation—with all this taking place in an atmosphere of love, mutual respect, and principled struggle, between these two people, with the shared passion for emancipation of the most oppressed and all of  humanity front and center.  How could you not want to be there?
3. This is a chance to experience what they have to say on a topic, Revolution and Religion: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion, that is objectively very important.  Not so much because of what any of you, as individuals, may personally think about religion. Both believers and non-believers are very welcome at this Dialogue. But individual belief or non-belief is not the heart of the matter on this occasion.  The reason the subject of this particular Dialogue is so important right now is because the topic of religion (any religion, all the many different kinds of religion) matters deeply to hundreds of millions of people, and even billions of people, not only in this country but all around the world.  We all happen to be living at a moment in time where that is very much the reality: Religion really matters to a whole lot of people, and shapes many people’s thinking and actions.  But what is religion’s place, what is its role in relation to fighting injustices and in advancing towards truly emancipatory social revolution?  Can religion help with this? Or is it a hindrance and gets in the way?  These are some of the questions Bob Avakian and Cornel West are going to be batting around and exploring together, sharing their points of unity as well as their differences with a broad audience.  Again, how could you not want to be there?
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Protests threaten political crisis in Mexico

This is more news of an on-going issue in Mexico, that started with the mysterious murders of about 50 people in that country. This has led to speculation of cover-ups and government corruption.   - សតិវ អតុ
From A World to Win News Service:
 Students from a women's rural teachers' college in the city of Juarez in northern Mexico are on strike to demand that 43 kidnapped comrades in south-western Mexico be brought back alive. Police and civilian gunmen attacked the students from the Ayotzinapa teachers' training school as they returned from a protest in the city of Iquala on 26 September, killing three students and three other people. Dozens of students were forced into police vehicles and have not been seen since then. 

In Juarez, after seizing the school premises and then fanning out through the state to inform people about Iguala, the women students were joined by university students and others in seizing the entrance to the international bridge leading to El Paso, Texas. About 700 people blocked traffic with large banners reading, "They were alive when you took them, we want them back alive", according to the newspaper La Jornada. 

Meanwhile, parents of the kidnapped students travelled to the cathedral in Mexico City where they were greeted with applause, embraces and tears as they entered during a service carrying religious signs and chanting "We want them alive!" They were accompanied by a priest active in supporting migrants and a well-known poet, Javier Sicilia, who has condemned the government for the murder of his son in 2011. 

Many thousands of students marched in Iquala and other states across Mexico on 17 and 18 October to mark three weeks since the kidnapping. In a large march in Acapulco, the capital of the state of Guerrero where the murders and kidnappings took place, protesters chanted slogans denouncing the police and drug-gang gunmen as "the same filthy shit". They demanded the downfall of the state governor, who has tried to blame the killings and kidnappings on the corruption of the Iquala mayor, condemned the country's three main political parties as partners in organized crime, and proclaimed, "The terror comes from the state."

At the annual Mexico City International Book Fair, national university students, publishers and others collected more than 3,500 books for the Ayotzinapa rural teachers college. 

More demonstrations around the country have been called for 22 October. 

Following is a leaflet by the Revolutionary Communist Organization of Mexico, which is leading a National Week of Resistance to the War Against the People 20-26 October. (See aurora-roja.blogspot.com, in Spanish)

Ayotzinapa: Crime and crisis of a rotten, bestial state

The government's crimes in Iquala, Guerrero, are infuriating. Six unarmed, innocent people murdered by police and armed civilians, a young man with the skin peeled off his face. Twenty-five wounded, two of them seriously. Forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa teachers' college disappeared, at least 20 taken away by the municipal police. After a big spectacle about alleged confessions that led to secret mass graves, now we are told that at least the 28 bodies identified so far are not those of the students but victims of other savage crimes. 

The federal government led by Enrique Pena Nieto of the PRI [the governing party] and the state government of Angel Aguirre of the PRD ["left" opposition party] put off even the appearance of taking action as long as possible, giving Iguala mayor José Luis Abarca, also of the PRD, enough time to clean up the evidence and get away. The archives and computers of the municipal government and the public security forces were destroyed and the arms taken to a military facility.

The army arrived just minutes after the police shooting. They confiscated the students' phones and refused to call an ambulance for a wounded youth who had been shot in the face. They detained the survivors of the massacre, insulting them and telling the students, "You got what you asked for."

In June 2013 town mayor Abarca personally murdered the leader of the People's Unity organization in Iguala, according to the testimony of others who had also been kidnapped but managed to escape. The tortured bodies of the leader and two of his comrades were later found lying along a road. Although an eyewitness testified before the state prosecutor and federal prosecutor assigned to this case, they did nothing, and now the attorney general is lying when he says that his office knew nothing about it. This shows that both the state and federal government covered up these previous political murders and protected the mayor. 

Now, facing the massive protests sparked by the 26 September massacre in Iguala, they pretend to be "surprised" to have "found out" that the mayor was involved with organized crime. Their aim is to try and disguise this bloody act of police repression as an "organized crime problem", even though the attack was launched by the municipal police lead by the police chief, who like the mayor has now fled. Although the whole truth about the Iguala massacre is not yet known, the involvement of gang hit men in political repression cases around the country shows that the problem is not "organized crime", but that the local, state and federal government all work with organized crime and use it to repress and kill political activists and the people in general. 

The problem goes beyond the Mexican government: the government of the United States is the main architect of the so-called anti-crime campaign that has served to justify 125,000 murders, 25,000 disappearances and 30,000 feminicides [serial killings of women], among other crimes. This amounts to a war against the people. After the Ayotzinapa massacre, what is the U.S. government's advice to us, given by the State Department's anti-narcotics head? Patience – when what they have done has turned Mexico into a bloodbath. At the same time an article in The New York Times, the "liberal' organ of the U.S. ruling class, informs its readers that Mexico is "a country accustomed to mass murder", a racist comment refuted by the massive protests against the mass murder in Iguala that took place in many parts of the country on 8 October. 

The fact is that in the days after this murderous attack, no prominent government member and no major leader of any of the main political parties anywhere in Mexico unambiguously denounced these abominable crimes nor called on people to protest. In addressing the nation, President Pena Nieto could not even bring himself to use the word "murder". Instead, he referred to "people whose human rights were affected." Why? Because despite all the disputes among them based on their petty ambitions, they know that this state cannot do without political repression against the people, that such repression is essential to protect the capitalist state that is inevitably characterized by the wealth of a few and the poverty of the majority, the oppression of women, the domination of the indigenous peoples, the destruction of the environment and all the other evils that are endemic under this system.

The Iguala massacre is not an "anomaly". It is a continuation of the hounding and repression of the combative Ayotzinapa students that previously led to the police murder of two of them in 2011, and it is part of a long history of massacres, disappearances, rapes and tortures by the armed forces, police and paramilitaries since the massacres of 1968, 1971 and the "dirty war" – including the massacres in Acteal, El Bosque, El Charco y Aguas Blancas, the 2006 wave of murders in Oaxaca, the repression on Atenco carried out by all three major parties that left two dead and two dozen women raped by the police that year alone, and the army's execution of 21 people who had surrendered in Tlatlaya last June. 

The basic problem is this criminal and illegitimate state, and the inhuman and oppressive capitalist system this state serves and protects. It is not simply a question of corruption, bad politicians or the policies of one or another of the main political parties that represent the ruling class.

The broad and indignant protests against the barbarity in Iguala have provoked a political crisis within the reactionary state that opens new perspectives for the struggle against this state and this system and to put an end to the war against the people. It has revealed, for all to see, the systematic terror that props up the system in Mexico, a country that "world leaders" recently proclaimed "exemplary" because of its anti-people structural reforms. On 2 October the streets of Chilpancingo resounded with a massive outpouring of indignation, a megamarch that drew people from other states. On 8 October angry protesters filled the Zocalo [Mexico City's central square] and surrounding streets. There were marches in at least 25 states, and other protests in more than 20 countries around the world. 

It is essential to intensify and broaden these protests even more and carry the exposure and denunciation of the Iguala massacre and the war against the people far and wide and deeply, so that more and more people see that this state is not negligent, it is criminal, and strengthen their combativeness and organization, contributing to preparing the terrain to get rid of this illegitimate state through revolution. 

Down with this state that tortures and murders to defend the unspeakable interests of a handful of people! We need a state that protects and serves the people, that encourages and nourishes people's creativity and their struggle to transform the world in the interests of the immense majority. To hell with this system of injustice, impunity, oppression and hunger! We need a new, socialist economic and social system committed to the emancipation of humanity. This great transformation can only be won by means of a conscious and determined struggle of the masses in their millions. "Impossible"? It's time to stop complaining about people's supposed "apathy". Once again the people are beginning to awaken. Every conscious person has the responsibility to spread the truth about this state's atrocities. It is the duty of every communist and revolutionary to help people develop the consciousness, combativeness and organization they need to liberate themselves. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Support the Democratic Party?!—I don’t think so—at least not usually

For some time I have lost interest in supporting the Democrats. For years I had worked for various Democratic politicians and “wanna be” politicians running for office. But as time has passed, it seems the Democrats have moved closer to the right and what little political left we have in this country it is disappearing.
Most of the Maoist political organizations that I work with feel the Democrats are just a faction of the Bourgeoisie. They do nothing for the benefit of the working class and the poor. They also argue against voting because it encourages people to give consent to the ruling classes.
There is some truth to the Maoist arguments, but as usual such issues are not black and white. The Democrats have supported reforms for the benefit of poor or working class people in the past. That does not help a group of revolutionaries who want to overthrow all aspects of the system.
In recent years the Democrats have both moved to the right and they have failed to put up a serious fight for their positions. They seem afraid to challenge the Republican arguments.
Greg Orman, running for Pat Robert’s position in the Senate, is an example of people supporting a rebellion against the two-party system. He has refused to identify with either party, even though Republicans want the voters to believe that he is really a Democrat. They also want to paint him as a liberal, which they believe is a dirty word to most Kansans.
Most of the Democrat’s arguments seem to imply “we believe that also, but we have a different solution to that problem.” An example of that is that Democrats in both Kansas and Oklahoma have dropped their support for labour unions. Union members in those states and others no longer have an ally in either party to defend them.
One argument I have is that the Democrats run candidates but put no money or effort into actually getting their candidates elected. A similar argument was made by Bill Jenkins, of F5:
Below the top of the ticket (Paul Davis), however, we Democrats are screwing the pooch. Consider, for instance, the Attorney General race (if, in fact, one does exist.) Republican incumbent Derek Schmidt is actively trying to prevent federal court rulings allowing same-sex marriage from being permitted in the issuance of marriage licenses in Kansas.
For that and other reasons, it should not be hard to run against Schmidt. But is anyone actually running against Schmidt? I'm sure that there will be a name on the ballot in the Democratic column, but it is almost a secret at this point. In an election where name recognition is crucial, the Democrats seem to be keeping their candidate under wraps….
…The Democrats have nominated Jean Schodorf. Jean is a nice woman and a good public servant who promises to cut out the headline grabbing crusading and run the office efficiently. She would be a good alternative to Kris Kobach (is his middle initial K as well?). Laying aside the argument that she is really a life long Republican, her campaign and that of the Democrats who support her seems to be terribly underfunded. Where are the yard signs, the TV commercials? Even a sitting duck remains seated if no serious effort is made to unseat him.
I noticed the same thing about the Mike Pompeo and Perry Schuckman race. The Democrats have put almost nothing in to support Schuckman. I haven’t seen Schuckman on TV or on signs along the roadway. What is the point of putting up such candidates if the party won’t actually support them?
I haven’t entirely sworn off supporting individual Democratic candidates. I supported Raj Goyle when he ran against Pompeo for the US House of Representatives. Goyle raised good issues and ran a hard hitting campaign. I have been supporting Davis against Governor Sam Brownback since Brownback has personally messed with my career as a teacher. When a politician helps wreck someone's career they have to vote against them.
So for the most part I don’t support voting Democrat. Most never say anything about poor people or the working class. They only talk of helping the middle-class, just as the Republicans do.
And I vote when it makes sense to do it. Sometimes the “lesser of two evils” is worth it to stop those who are truly evil—and many politicians are “truly evil.”

-សតិវ អតុ
Senator Roberts: “He’s a liberal…A LIBERALLL…A LEEEEBERAL” -Pix from www.huffingtonpost.com

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A Google translation with help from សតិវ អតុ

The savage murder of nearly fifty young students in the town of Iguala, Department of Guerrero, Mexico, is another example of the critical levels of impoverishment of Mexican society and with it the existing absolute incompatibility between the old state and masses of the country.
The slaughter committed by the collusion of local authorities, gunmen and members of the repressive apparatus, are a showcase of bankruptcy of bureaucratic capitalism in Mexico, the impressive levels of corruption in all state bodies and especially the impossibility of having the ruling classes continue to rule the country as they have done until recently.
The proletariat and people of Ecuador in solidarity with the families and colleagues of the young normalistas brutally murdered, with the proletariat and people of Mexico who lives the most excruciating shame and exploitation by the big bourgeoisie and big landlords coupled with reckless state criminal violence and promoted by the ruling classes.
The responsibility of imperialism, reaction, revisionism and opportunism in these atrocities is absolute, to the point of having "used" to the masses to corruption, dismemberment and mass murder people are the "bread of every day, "prompting a social normosis which feeds the old Power in Mexico.
The task of the Mexico proletariat growing importance and urgency of the need to organize the rural poor, the oppressed and exploited masses on the path of people's war as the only way to pave the path of power charges.
Our deepest scorn and hatred of the ruling class of Mexico, its ruling classes. Our deepest scorn and hatred of class against revisionism and opportunism of Mexico, complicit in cruelty must be stopped NOW !, an old state to be destroyed totally and permanently!


VIVA Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
-Partido Comunista Del Ecuador- Sol Rojo

Monday, October 20, 2014

New hype over use of mild narcotics by our mainstream news media

This country is obsessed with a so called “drug problems” that include controlling or stopping the use of every narcotic known to man, in their puritanical struggle to push people with chemical problems into their churches. Religion is still a useful tool for our government to control the minds and actions of its people. Part of this system is a steady supply of media hype and propaganda.
Consider this report that came from KAKE TV:

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Debra Billingsley, executive secretary of the board of pharmacy, told lawmakers Monday that promethazine with codeine syrup is being increasingly abused as a recreational drug, particularly by high school students. She says when it's mixed with soda or candy the mixture is often called by several slang names, including purple drank and sizzurp.
If it's added to the Kansas Tracking and Reporting of Controlled Substances program, promethazine with codeine would join dozens of substances that pharmacists track and law enforcement can access with a search warrant.

One little question is “what about those who actually need this stuff?!”
All cough syrup products with codeine are already heavily controlled. A person can buy it without a prescription, but he or she has to sign for it. Those who do are checked and kept from just driving around and buying this stuff all over the town or state. Pharmacies today are very careful not to sell those products to just anyone and especially if they don’t know the person. All narcotics are being watched and those who buy them and those who prescribe them are heavily watched.
The harder it gets for people to buy pain relief the more likely a doctor is to hold back in prescribing pain medicine for those who really need it. Our puritan politicians and pundits would rather leave people in pain than take a chance that a person will take it who doesn’t need it for pain.  
Our founding fathers called for “the pursuit of happiness.” And yet those who want certain drugs that may help them to feel better are denied by a puritan society that believes prayer and religion should be the only kind of self medication. The founding fathers’ words are simply ignored. We live in a “one-size fits all” society that believes we must all live the same, believe the same, act the same and live in a restricted environment where our life style choices are heavily controlled.
Our mainstream press is constantly filling people with hype that sells news, but exaggerates the real danger these medicines actually cause. If use of codeine cough syrup is so wide-spread, maybe we need to look at how young people are buying it and how they get around all the stiff controls on it.
A year ago I wrote this piece of satire on the idea that some legal drugs can be offered for such things as depression, but those who try to use other medications that are not recommended are punished as if they are rapist, armed robbers or murderers for a personal choice they have made:

All I have to do is take codeine and I feel better

By សតិវ អតុ
The political and cultural system here in the USA is completely illogical. We get treated as criminals if we use simple logic. In other words I could easily replace Abilify with codeine and the statement would be true: “I took codeine (or other narcotics) for my depression and I feel better.” However our society has decided that some pills that make you feel better are medicine while other pills that do the same thing are illegal and horribly wrong. Yes there are negative side effects for using narcotics and they can be addictive. But if they make a person feel better, how is that much different from the ad below? People take pills that make them feel better and there is no logic in threatening them with jail and life ruining penalties for doing that. It is simple logic that people do NOT want to feel bad. Duh!!!

-សតិវ អតុ

Rally focused on those who die from lacking health care in Kansas

More than 300 people took part in a “death count vigil,” in front of Old Town’s Warren Square, last Saturday Night. The rally was put on by Help Expand Medicaid in Kansas (HEMIC) and designed to encourage the expansion of Medicaid in this state. In opposing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ADA) Governor Sam Brownback has refused to expand Medicaid as he was supposed to in compliance with the new ADA.
“We‘re here because of the Medicaid gap (that exists), because Kansas chose not to take part in the ADA,” said Lindsey Banage, Medicaid Expansion KS Coordinator.
The event included speakers and a candle light vigil, along with 330 minutes of silence for all those statistically expected to die without adequate health care due Brownback’s actions.
“We have no federal assistance or tax credits,” Banage said. “Our tax money has gone to other states. Kansas has paid for it. But we are not getting the benefits from it.”
She is referring to a federal block grant that Brownback sent back to Washington because he wanted to prove he did not support the ADA. He gave back $31.5 million received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that would have gone to set up exchanges. Altogether he sent back almost $90 million.
Brownback also refused to expand Medicaid as the ADA suggests that state do to fill in the gap between those who can afford health insurance and those who qualify for Social and Rehabilitative Services (Welfare). Several speakers pointed out that there is a gap where people who work can’t afford health insurance because of their low wages and many companies don’t offer health care.
“Healthcare is not just a privilege it is a right,” Banage said as the rally continued into the evening.
She announced that 14 other states are having death watch vigils, because their governors also refused to expand their Medicaid programs. She added there are 23 states where there is no Medicaid expansion.
Also speaking were some ministers, medical personnel, politicians and working class victims who have had to go without medical needs met or who have a loved one or friend who has died as a result of not being able to afford healthcare. Politicians present included Kansas Representative Gail Finney, KS Rep. Oletha Faust-Goudeau and KS Rep. Jim Ward.
“This is no fault of the ADA,” Banage said of those who have been ill or died from lack of health care. She added that emergency rooms will continue to be the main place poor people will go for medical care when they are too sick to ignore their symptoms.
A candle light vigil, along with 330 minutes of silence for all those statistically expected to die without adequate health care, was held last Saturday night.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The international movement to support the Indian Revolution-Part 1

We really don’t have much in the way of a solidarity group with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the US. And yet
Almost every Maoist organization in the world supports the CPI(M). For us here in the US there just isn’t an active organization to take part in this kind of solidarity work. I’m glad that such groups do exist and that Europeans are stepping up and supporting this important revolutionary movement. - សតិវ អតុ

  From Comitato Sostegno GP India:

After Final meeting's declaration and Communist Party of India (Maoist)  Message to Int. Meeting
we begin the publication of all interventions in the Meeting
we start with Introduction and Report of ICSPWI The International Committee of Support to the People’s War in India.


On behalf of the International Committee we welcome and greet to all
comrades and organizations attending here, all those who participate through
messages, all those who are developing similar initiatives on the same
occasion in these days, all those who support the people's war in India
throughout the world, although they cannot celebrate with us the 10th
anniversary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) which guides, organizes and, we are
confident, will lead it to victory.

The meeting we hold today is not the 2nd International Conference we had
proposed and planned after the highly successful Conference in Hamburg on
November 24, 2012.

We had proposed to hold this 2nd Conference in another great country,
outside Europe, in Brazil, at the center of the world clash between
imperialism and peoples, where right this year we have seen an explosion of
the class struggle and popular uprising and where the supporters of PW in
India are numerous and have a strong mass base. Also to allow also many
forces in Latin America to take part directly in the Conference, so as it
was not possible at the Conference in Hamburg.

This decision is consistent with the very nature of the International
Committee, that works to unite the peoples of the world in support to PW in
India, according to the concept "in the fire of class struggle and closely
tied with the masses."

However, the comrades in Brazil told us that they were not yet in condition
to organize such a conference and pointed out also the need to keep high the
struggle and the support to the PW in the imperialist Europe. We accepted
their assessment but we keep our idea and we will propose again to work to
realize the 2nd International Conference in Brazil in the next period.

In no way we could leave the important occasion of the 10th anniversary of
the formation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) without a struggling
and supporting event. Therefore, relying on our own forces, we decided to
organize an international and internationalist meeting in the same month in
which the celebration of the 10th anniversary is unleashed in India, in the
fire of the PW and withstanding the genocidal state repression by the Indian
regime, that in these days is going on.

So, our meeting is with the delegates who accepted the proposal of the
International Committee.

It is carried out in a confidential form, according to the concrete
conditions of the country and the place where we are. Its aim is to open
rather than conclude the initiatives of support for the 10th anniversary
throughout the world, looking at the goal of the 2nd International

The meeting is an opportunity to allow all the attending forces, and after
them all the forces participating in different ways, to debate, to plan the
continuation of the activities of the Committee with the existing proposals,
first of all the International Delegation to India, as well as any other
initiative the participants will put forward and suggest.

The meeting will be opened by the reading of the message the CPI (M)
prepared for this occasion, as its own participation.

To be continued….










Pix from www.reuters.com.