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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Celebrating 50 Years since Naxalbari: Part 2


By Harsh Thakor
One of the hardest debates today is whether to recognize the formation of the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L.) Till 2004 the C.P.I.(M.L) peoples wra hands down upheld it and classified de-recognizing as counter-revolutionary.This was the stand of the Central Team of the C.P.I.(M.L.).Erstwhile groups like the Maoist Communist Centre and Unity Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India did not uphold it. The principal reason for these forces to reject it was the left adventurist line abandoning mass organizations and not recognizing the converging revolutionary forces around it.Comrade T.Nagi Redy and D.V.Rao were expelled from the All India Coordination Commitee of Communist revolutionaries.
They opposed boycott as a strategic slogan and the calling China's chairman our chairman.Later after the 1970 formation comrades like Souren Bose and Sushital roy Choudhary attempted to combat this line of Charu and to some extent Suniti Kumar Ghosh.We have to analyze whether it's formation had some beneficial aspects.For instance the role it played in expanding or giving life to the Srikakakulam movement before it was beset by left adventurism.
It also shook some plain regions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as well as inspired youth in Punjab.Probably without it's inspiration Andhra Pardesh Radical Students s Union in 1973 and Virasam in 1970 would not have been formed,even if the party line officially called for ban of mass organizations.Kondappal Seetharamiah himself was a member of the C.P.I.(M.L.)Morally T.Nagi Reddy or D.V.Rao did not advocate stages theory and were preparing an area to create armed struggle.Left adventurism thwarted their bid to created people's armed struggle.
Whoever tried to separate Charu Mazumdar from Naxalbari, had practically separated themselves from the path of Naxalbari.
In this essay I wish to reflect on his positive contribution and critically portray his stature.
Charu Mazumdar was the pioneer in demarcating from Khruschevite revisionism and upholding the torch of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung Thought(now Maoism).This year we commemorate 50 years since Charu Mazumdar started writing his famous 8 documents in 1965.They Sowed the seeds for the line and formation of the re-organized Communist Party.

In 1965,he wrote his first five documents.

On 28th January 1965 C.M wrote the first of his eight documents which analyzed the present and International Situation , how Communists were being arrested ,and how to build the revolutionary party. ( STUDY EIGHT DOCUMENTS HERE)
Within September 1965 he wrote 4 more documents.In the 2nd document summed up the experience of struggles of the Tebhaga.In the third document he analyzed the favourable post world war 2 situation and the failure of the Communist party to utilise it.
He also discussed the agrarian revolution taking lessons from the past and propagated armed struggle.
In a fourth document he covered the forms of organization and struggles combating revisionism and explained the concrete manifestations of revisionism.
In a fifth document he exposed the revisionist character of the C.P.I.(M.).who upheld Khruschevism and opposed path of armed struggle.
These 5 documents sowed the seeds of the glorious Naxalbari Struggle. Later in his 6th document in 1966 gave the call to organize anti-revisionist struggle and exposed the capitulation of the C.P.M.
In his 7th document he gave a call to the workers, peasants and middle-class youths to work to initiate armed struggle and seize political power.Finally in his eighth document he wrote on the tasks of the peasantry to form liberated areas in the countryside and exposed the class collaborationist policies of the C.P.I.(M.L.) through the united front govt.
It is also the 45th anniversary of the 8th Congress of the C.P.I.(M.L.) held in May 1970 which defined the party programme. It was the 1st time in history that an all-india Communist party upheld the programme of protracted peoples war path’ and classified India as a ‘semicolonial and semi-feudal ‘ society.
A very complex study is whether we uphold the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L.) Or not.
I am posting some excerpts of writings from 'Voice of the Vanguard in 1997 .I feel at the time of the unity into anew party there should have been amore thorough going analyiss on this aspect rather than announcing that the party had been re-organized.I am not running down erstwhile MCC.or PW.groups but feel there is atheoretical weakness when analyzing the question of re-organized party.
Historian shave to anlyze whether massline was violated before May 1970 Conference or in A.I.CC.R.period iteslf.Did the party collapse only because of C.M's assasination"Did the party loose it's grip from 1969 itself?
Maoist Communist Centre on par with C.P.I.(M.L.) ?
To me it is a distortion that M.C.C had the same stature as the C.P.I.(M.L.) or equated at the same level.
Historically can Kondapalli Setharamiah be placed at the same stature of Charu Mazumdar or Ganpathy?Putting Kanhaiu Chatterjee on par with comrade Charu Mazumdar is erroneous as Professor Amit N Bhattachrya analysed.
Excerpts from Voice of the Vanguard -July -October 1997
I am reproducing this for cadres to analyze the question of party historically.Here the C.P.I(M.L) Peoples War group refutes an article by Maoist Communist Centre understimating or undervaluing contribution nad role of the C.P.I.(M.L.) formed in 1969.
The views and criticism of the M.C.C. on C.P.I.(M.L.) are non-dialectical,one-sided and distorted.
It refutes the article of erstwhile Maoist Comunist Centre being critical of formation of C.P.I.(M.L.) and denying it's historical role.
The M.C.C.upheld Naxalbari but denied the historic role of C.P.I.(M.L.)It reiterated the historic significance of it's formation,the objective necessities of it's formation and the role it played in summing up Naxalbari and other armed peasnt movements.It also underplayed the role of Comrdae Charu Mazumdar.
In MCC's view C.P.I.(M.L.) was not a natural culmination of Naxalbari.
In fact my personal view is that the Maoist Comunist Centre never had the historical a statuture of the C.P.I.(ML) formed in 1969 In fact the C.P.I.(Maoist) is not the re-organized Communist [party but a major component of the party to be re-organized.
I also disagree that after the PW-PU merger in 1998 into C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War,the original C.P.I.(M.L) was re-organized.The 2204 merger of MCC and PW group was principalled but I do not still a tribute it the status of the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L.)Historically for 18 years the PWG tooth and nail defended the re-organization of the 1960 C.P..I.(M.L).
CP.I.(M.L)played a great role in the great upsurge that swept the countryside in the wake of naxalbari and the heroic battles of the peasantry to seize political power for the 1st time in Indian history.,in Srikakulam,Birbhum, Musahari, Lakhimpur Kheri Gopiballavpur and centers in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.Can we obliterate these glorious struggles of the seventies which wrote a golden chapter in the annals of the Indian people's struggles for emancipation and can we deny the role of C.P.I.(M.L.) in initiating and advancing the first ever conscious effort to build peoples war,red army and base areas?
In fact in Srikakulam hundreds of villages were liberated giving birth to 'red ares' as a result of conscious effort under the leadership of C.P.I.(M.L.).Can we deny this great heritage which was nothing but development and culmination of the agrarian revolution that started from Naxalbari
Without C.P.I.(M.L.) could these struggles reach the heights where they had reached creating history in Indian revolution?
Can we advance the agrarian revolution today if we fail to take positive lessons from these glorious struggles.Defending C.P.I.(M.L.) is the question of upholding the great heritage of Naxalbari itself which cannot be sepertaed ffrom the party formation.
 True ,he made serious errors calling for 'annihilation of the class enemy ' and for the 'disbandment of mass organizations.'However certain sections of the Communist camp villify his great contributions and only expose his errors.
Although critical of gross mistakes the Andhra Pradesh state commitee led by Kondappali Seetharamiah and the C.O.C.(M.L.) upheld the programme of the 1970Congress .Later the C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples war and Party Unity sections also upheld it. Although critical of left adventurism comrades like Sushital Roy Choudary, Suniti Kumar Ghosh ,Kondappali Seetharamiah and Darshan Singh Dushanj upheld the positive aspect of Comrade C.M.
Even a revolutionary punjabi jounal 'Surkh Rekha' upheld his contribution in 1993 and in 2014 which also upheld Comrade T.Nagi Reddy.In the same article in 1993 it upheld the contributions.of Comrade C.M.and T.N. Forming a new party in 2004 did not mean rejecting the contribution of CharuMazumdar.Morally Charu Mazumdar led the Naxalbari struggle and later groups like PWG or PU always though critically,swore by his name.
Significant that degenerated or revisionist Marxist -Leninist groups reject Majumdar.
Today groups like Red Star have villified the party programme of the 1970 Congress while the Kanu Sanyal C.P.I.(M.L.) does not uphold C.M's revolutionary contribution.Red Star Group has distorted the 1970 party programme by advocating ‘neocolonial era ‘ and ‘’path of peoples democratic revolution.’
It was Comrade Mao Tse Tung who himself endorsed the 1970 party Congress programme.
The 1970 C.P.I.(M.L.) Party Congress programme set the base for the later struggle of the C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War group, Party Unity Group and the present C.P.I.(Maoist) ,of course with amendments. In the 1995 C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War Conference and the 2001 9th party Congress(actually 2nd of C.P.I-M.L.) the 1970 Congress party programme was upheld and a portrait of Charu Mazumdar was garlanded.
Both these conferences were termed as a continuation or sequence of the 8th party Congress held in 1970 and thus the events were termed as the 9th Congress. Even the unity Congress of the C.P.I.(Maoist) in February 2007 called it’s event as a continuation or step from the 8th Congress of May 1970.It must be stated that earlier in the late 1990’s the erstwhile Maoist Communist Centre was critical of Charu Mazumdar and the C.P.I.(M.L.) formed in 1969...
However when the C.P.I.(Maoist) was formed it unanimously recognized it and the verdict was reached that 2 parties were formed the C.P.I.(M.L.) and the Maoist Communist Centre. In the earlier decades C.P.I.(M.L.)Peoples War Group was critical of M.C.C.not joining the C.P.I.(M.L.) while M.C.C claimed that the conditions for formation of the party did not exist and it was hastily formed. In this context we should also study the analysis of T.Nagi Reddy,D.V.Rao ,Andhra Pradesh Co-ordination Commitee of Communist Revolutionaries, and the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L.) which analyses that only when the final party is formed can unanimity be reached on the question of the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L).
I do not think it was correct to conclude that the C.P.I.(M.L.) was re-organized with the PU-PW meger into C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples war or that the party was re-organized with the formation of the C.P.I.(Maoist).Maoist Communist Centre did not join the 1969 C.P.I.(M.L) but that dies not give it the same stature as the C.P.I.(M.L.) .M.C.C.I.had the same status as the C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples war .party.
True Charu Mazumdar was wrong in calling the entire bourgeoise as comprador’, abandoning mass organizations and movements, calling ‘China’s chairman,our chairman’,advocating ‘annihilation of the class enemy’,considering ‘boycott of election’as a strategic slogan , ‘Guerrilla warfare’ as the only means of struggle, ‘that a revolutionary situation existed in every nook and corner of India’ etc. Such slogans reflected doctrinarism and not Marxism.
Authoritarianism, bureaucratism or egoism was prevalent and mass line was violated..However it was C.M’s very efforts that sowed the seeds of the demarcation of revisionism and the upholding of Mao Tse Tung thought in India. Quoting 1983 Liberation organ of C.T.C.P.I.(M.L.) “Proper evaluation of Comrade C.M. has not yet been done on the basis of dialectics of historical materialism,which requires a thorough study of his writings and deeds.
It requires time for such research of his writings and deeds. Thus we do no deem it proper to make any irresponsible comment on C.M.,even if a rectification of his errors is necessary. Comrade C.M.’s main line of thinking was not isolated but evolved through the process and development of 2-line struggle inside the C.P.I.and C.P.M.,who were concurrent with the 2 line struggle in the international arena ,particularly the great debate. Comrade C.M. tirelessly fought against class collaborationist line of the revisionists and waged bitter fight not only in theoretical field but practical field.
Thus he was under continuous suppression by revisionist forces.” Arguably Lin Biaoist line had it's effect on Mazumdar's ideology in the period from 1967-72..
We must all read the interview of Zhou En Lai by Souren Bose in 1970 critical of C.P.I.(M.L.)’s policies but also remember the tension prevailing because of Lin Biaoist line.
In yesteryears the erstwhile Central Team faction always called for the re-uniting of the central Commitee formed at the 1970 C.P.I.(M.L.) 8TH Party Congress. The erstwhile U.C.C.R.I.(M.L.) of Nagi Reddy and D.V.Rao.did not give Comrade CM the appraisal he deserved .

In the view of he new organization

"The Central Leadership of the C.P.I(M.L)failed to resolve correctly certain questions of policy regarding mass line ,military line and style of work. Instead of devicing correct CT Marxist Leninist policies in the light of objective analysis, the cental leadership started divicing such policies subjectively. Consequently our revolution receive setrbacks.The Central leadership gradually deviated from the very ideological foundation of the party.
They revealed a sectarian, individualist and bureaucratic trend. The failed to mobiles all the sincere C.R's in he party,through ideological persuasion and political struggle. Although the 8th Congress of the C.P.I(M.L),boldly drew a clear line of demarcation between Marxism and Revisionsism, upheld the correct general orientation and path of Indian Revolution, yet adopted certain left adventurist policies on the questions of mass and military line.It asserted that mass struggles and mass movements wee indispensable and that the principal contradiction was that between feudalism and the broad masses.
It is significant that later in their April 1993 issue of Liberation they wrote, 'The C.P.I(M.L) had failed to understand the significance of consistent struggle of ideological, political nature within the party and outside for further quantitative and qualitative consolidation of revolutionary forces in and around he C.P.I(M.L)Early success led them to sectarian politics and organizational authoritarianism.They failed to realize the significance of consistent struggle in each and every activity of party leadership brought forth from C.PI.and C.P.M. Revolutionary broadness and flexibility was replaced by authoritarian principles .The leadership failed to realize the dimension of the converging process of revolutionaries in and around the party. Opportunist onslaught within the party gave rise to organisational centralism.
The Central Team however upheld the formation of the C.P.I(M.L)in 1969.Quting their journal, "The heroic ideological struggle through concrete actions leading to armed agrarian upsurge by the peasntry ,the main force of revolution gave birth to the re-organised Communist Party-the Communist Party of India(Marxist Leninist)In 30 years the party has split into several fractions.Some of them claim to be he party while others operate as part of the paty.Many Communist revolutinaries are divided in these gropups.
There has been failure of Communist Revolutionaries to evaluate correctly the original/correct formulation on which the structure of he party was built.The time is most suited for the true communist Revolutinaries to merge with he whole.i.e.with the "C.P.I.M.L". and form the centre to take up the responsibility of the Indian Revolution which is New Demoratic and principally an armed agrarian revolution.
We must establish the monlolithic Centre of democratic centralism which was lost after 1972.9
When the original C.P.I.M.L disintegrated)The All India Revolutionary Centre(re-esatablish the 8th Central Committee) of the party must be re-established."
The above document is significant as there was once a conflicting viewpoint on thr formation of the party in 1969.Groups like Peoples War Group,Party Unity or C.R.C upheld it unchalengingly,while factions like Maoist Communist Centre ,Chandra Pulla Reddy Group,U.C.C.R.I.(M.L0' OF Nagi Reddy opposed it. Today the C.P.I.(Maoist) concludes that there were 2 founding parties the Maoist Communist Center and the Charu Mazumdar led C.P.I(M.L).
Significantly the erstwhile Central Team of the C.P.I.(M.L.) which upheld C.M. critically merged with the C.C.R.I in 1994 which upheld the line of Nagi Reddy. into the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L. )Like Maoist Communist Centre steams remained outside the C.P.I.(M.L.) like the Chandra Pulla Reddy or Nagi Reddy factions but that does not mean we downplay the validity of the historical role played by Charu Mazumdar.
We must be critical of the sectarianism of the C.P.I.(M.L) of 1969 in preventing other Maoist revolutionary forces from joining it and endorse the views of T.Nagi Reddy ,D.V.Rao etc on it’s major errors.


Scalise shooting is the latest in US political violence—As Malcolm X said: It's the "chickens coming home to roost"

The latest shooting of Republican House Whip Steve Scalise is a logical reaction when a political party simply pushes certain classes of people to their edge. The Republican Party now runs both houses, the presidency and the Supreme Court. And they are using all their power to punish the poorer classes- even to the point of letting them die from medical neglect.
So to some extent the Republicans are reaping what they sow. They follow an agenda that amounts to giving US corporations everything they want at the expenses of the working poor.
The shooter, at the Republican baseball practice, in Alexandria, Virginia, was James Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, who died following a shootout with authorities. He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders' progressive politicsand he hated President Donald Trump. That alone is not unique. A lot of Americans like Sanders and hate Trump. But few, if any of us, want to go as far as actually shooting Republicans. That's not to say the temptation is not there. It is. But most of us have the will power to hold off of on such actions. Hodgkinson was that one person who simply went over the top. He shot at several Republicans and he hit at least six people, but only Scalise was seriously wounded enough that he is still in the hospital.
One thing the Republicans can not say is that their side is the peaceful one. Just a few weeks earlier Greg Gianforte, who won Montana’s special election, was charged with assaulting a journalist one day prior. Many of us found the election results infuriating. However there have been conservative pundits such as Susan Stamper Brown, who wrote in an article: "I thought Gianforte’s response was kind of sexy. Before the snowflake generation evolved, that’s how manly men resolved their differences. And still do, in places like Montana and Alaska, where men aren’t ostracized for being men." Her column was picked up and ran in our local newspaper, The Wichita Eagle
So there is plenty of blame for Republicans for uncivilized behaviour that has taken our country by storm.
There are those who say we should agree to disagree. But the policies at stake have never been greater. The repeal of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ACA) was a real hit for many working poor who relied on that for health insurance. With that repeal many of the working poor will now be without health insurance coverage and as a resultsthey will lack health care. With a lack of preventative treatment, many will now die early in life, because they will only see a doctor after they can no longer ignore the symptoms and it is then too late and their once preventable diseases will now become fatal. When people are facing unnecessary death they have good reasons to feel angry.
And many Republicans are just mean-spirited about it. Governor Scott Walker wants to make Wisconsin the first state in the country to require able-bodied, childless adults applying for Medicaid health benefits to undergo drug screening. He and other Republicans want this move to serve as a national model. On one hand this amounts to a death sentence for people with drug problems. It also amounts to potentially killing off poor people because Republicans don't approve of their life styles. In fact Walker also wants to charge Medicaid recipients with a lot of money if they, as he puts it, smoke or engage in other unhealthy behaviour.
This is both mean-spirited in that the drug users will need some kind of health treatment and it is arrogant to let some one die because their personal habits are unpopular. There is definitely reasons to be angry about this.
There is hostility on both wings when it comes to protesting. Anarchists (or antifas, short for anti-fascist, as they are sometimes called) have gone to attacking Trump supporters and conservatives love to brag when one of their thugs hurt an anarchist. A site called Heat Street  bragged that man from Patriot Prayer, at a Portland political rally, "knocked an antifa guy to the ground." There are many YouTube videos showing antifas and Trump supporters fighting.
We are living in a time when people are fighting over the nation's resources and the fighters are not interested in fighting fair. The country has plenty of resources and keeping those from the lower classes is both an act of selfishness, mean-spirited and just plain old fashion class warfare. There is reason to be angry.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Celebrating 50 Years since Naxalbari :Part 1

By Harsh Thakor






The Naxalbari armed peasant struggle defined a new epoch in the history of India.
It sowed the seeds for the emancipation of the Indian people like no event after 1947 and continued the legacy of the glorious anti-colonial movements and the Telengana armed struggle.
It illuminated the flame of Maoism and made a landmark contribution in demarcation the forces supporting revisionism and social imperialism.
I pay red salutes to every single martyr of Naxalbari and those who carried on it's legacy later in Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar, Jharkand and Punjab.
It created a spiritual rennaisance amongst the youth of India who wee inspired in lighting the spark of Maoism all over the country..No doubt the movement veered into left adventurism but neverthless it sowed the seeds for the growth of Indian Maoism and the insurgency today in Dandkaranya.
No doubt Comrade Charu Mazumdar resorted to a left-adventurist line by abandoning mass organizations but still he was the pioneer in demarcating Indian communists from revisionism and Soviet Social Imperialism and in upholding the Chinese path of Cultural Revolution.Charu Mazumdar played a great role in the Naxalabri struggle itself .
Even if it earlier it  launched a thorough self-criticism f the Charu Mazumdar line and rectified it to this day the C.P.I.(Maoist) owes it's achievements to the roots laid by Comrade CM.
Upholding path of armed agrarian revolution for so many decades give the C.P.I.(Maoist) a cutting edge who proved the validity of creating armed squad resistance .
It has to be saluted for lighting the torch of the legacy of Indian Maoism as in Dandkaranya where red light is literally shimmering.
No way can we say its is a modification of the Charu Mazumdar, adventurist line...The PU group only launched mass resistance struggle till 1987 but built an outstanding peasant movement through the M.K.S.S.
Today the C.P.I.(Maoist) has written anew epoch in Dandkaranya region by building the Jantana sarcars and their achievements can at least compare with that of Chinese red army in the 1930's or 40's or later Telengana from 1946-51 and Sendero Luminoso from 1980-92.
They have not built base areas with people self -governing or running themselves or a complete parallel power but their sacrifices have proved dividend as they have given genuine armed military resistance to the state.
At least in important respects the C.PI.(Maoist) implements mass line whatever it' s overall weakness in spreading to plain areas.
One error is considering path of boycott as elections as a strategic path as still I feel conditions are not completely ripe for tactical use of election boycott.
Today in light of the ascendancy of Hindu comunal fascists,the fascist onslaught of corporates,the suppression of peasant struggles for right to land and oposing land grabbing ,the organized attack on the right of workers particularly on contract to organize and the repression of revolutionary intellectuals the politics of agrarian revolution has imbibed during naxalbari is all the more significant It should burn like a red flame in the fields,factories and Universities.
True we have to apply the politics of naxalbari adapting to the situation of today when globalisation has penetrated every region.However still feudalism is our main enemy.Politics of Protracted peoples war have to be innovated in light of greater urbanisation,influence of imperialism and capitalism on the society,
Special fronts should be sent up to combat hindu communal fascism through mass revolutionary resistance.
The C.P.I.(Maoist) has resurrected the legacy of the Bolshevik and Chinese Communist parties burning the flame of Maoism. I think the C.P.I.(Maoist) has not developed base areas like the Chinese Communist Party in the 1930s or in the Telengana armed struggle from 1946-51.
Neverthless they have built the first re-organized Marxist-Leninist Maoist party of it’s kind and the merger of M.C.C.I and PW group as well as the 2007 conference will be written forever in the annals of world revolutionary movement.
Great self criticism and humility was displayed in the 2007 event and I rever the words of comrade Kishen,(spokesman)former secretary of M.C.C.who admitted errors like revisionist tendencies and sectarianism openly in an Interview.
Inspite of a great setback in Andhra Pradesh from 199-2002 it boldly admitted it’s downfall and consolidated itself with phenomenal tenacity in Chattisgarh.
The Chinese party hardly faced the obstacles of the Indian Maoist party like casteism, communalism and cultural diversity.
The C.P.I.(Maoist) although commiting serious mistakes in mass line and military line have developed some of the most creative forms of work.
We have to ward of propoganda by journals like ‘Frontier’ that claim that it is divided into various parties in Jharkhand or are violating Mao TseTung’s ideology and human rights like ‘Red Star’.
In fact in recent years Kolkata based journal‘Frontier’ has ridiculed the Maoist party virtually calling it a military outfit with no proper strategy.
I believe the party has made errors of democratic practice within mass organizations in terms of developing democratic functioning but one has to consider the complexities of a situation when conducting armed struggle.
It’s principle weakness is also inability to sufficiently protect itself as a party by mastering Leninist or Maoist doctrine.There are also sharp tendencies of military approach replacing massline and confusing the party with the military organization.
In spite of criticisms made in 1978,the errors of the past have not been completely rectified.
On the theoretical front the they have not fully developed the theory of protracted war in context of the subjective conditions of India and there has been a tendency to mechanically copy the Chinese Experience.Not sufficient work has been created in urban areas.

Neverthless they have done justice to the sword of ‘Maoism' by forming the 1st ever Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army in India , built itself without creating any personality cult which is remarkable and have managed to devise retaliatory forms of struggle to defend itself.
The Peoples Liberation guerrilla army blended the skill of an architect with the innovation of a musical composer .It has combined the defensive power of a boulder with the aggression of a tiger..Above all,it was not mechanical in it’s functioning.,doing it’s best to adapt to the Indian conditions.
The party gave the most fitting answer to all intellectuals who were critical of the Maoist theory of protracted peoles war..The R.P.C’s led by the Maoist party have weakness in terms of of democratic functioning and I feel the party must study the works of comrades like T.Nagi Reddy and D.V.Rao.
We must also remember the great contribution of Kondappali Seetharamiah (died in2002) who formed the PWG and of the role of the Maoist Communist Centre.
Today bourgeois circles maintain that there is enmity between M.C.C.and PWG Cadres which is false.
I will never forget the admiration Professor G.N.Saibaba had of the C.P.I.(Maoist) which he placed in another league from any other group.
I recommend all readers to read both his 2012 and 2008 interview on the internet where he elaborates the contribuition of the Maoist party.
I recommend all cadres to read the document of the unified Moaist party published in 2004 on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which elaborates the development of Maoism dialectically.
I also admire the interviews in 2004 ,where both the erstwhile secretaries,Ganapathy and Kishen self –critically asses the past and sum up the negative and positive events.
The C.P.I.(Maoist) has given a new dimension to the movement in India by functioning as a centralized party and blending the armed struggle with mass movements.
Professor G.N.Saibaba superbly portrays the building and functioning of the Janata Sarcars which encourage independent peoples Initiative.
The research writings of Gautam Navlakaha depicted how much the Maoist party strived for developing democratic functioning within the village councils.In Bihar and Jharkahand the Kranitkari Kisan committees have been consolidated.Film maker Sanjay Kak feels the Maoists have created history in Dandkaranya..
The C.P.I.(Maoist) is reminiscent of a river flowing ,encountering the most hazardous of storms . In Orissa they have shown great creativity in intervening in Malkangiri and building the Chulia Adivasi Sangh.It has started moving like a fish in water in Orissa and created embryonic structures of power.In Lalgarh the party made serious errors and achieved a major set back..This exposed it’s line and practice in plain areas.
Calling for unity with Mamta Banerjee was  a major blunder by Kishenji and functioning so openly.The strength of subjective factors wa sunder estimated .Neverthless it gave life and ressurrected a movement no force did.
One of the most noteworthy aspects was the principled unity of the 2parties into the C.P.I.(Maoist) and the dialectical approach of the 2 parties. Functioning as a united party has greatly boosted the morale of cadres and members.
There is propaganda in bourgeois media that ex-.M.C.C.cadre have had ideologically and moral conflicts with former P.W.G.cadre and feel there has been discrimination. This has to be combated openly.The party reports consistently defend the importance of the P.L.G.A..
What is significant is that the united party has analyzed the errors of the former constituents from flexibility,to dogmatism and loose party structure. One of the most disturbing factors was the clashes in the late 1990’s between the 2 organizations,who ultimately resolved to settle their differences.
Ironically after over 2 decades the 2 groups merged after negotiations in 1981 and 1995 failed. The ultimate merger was like reaching the summit of a mountain peak after facing the most hazardous of expeditions and treading the steepest paths. The achievements in the last 10 years have surpassed those of all the previous eras of erstwhile constituient groups.
Critiques like Sumanta Banerjee and K.N.Ramchandran(C.P.I.-M.L-Red Star) openly condemn the Maoist party as a terrorist force or consisting of armed squads of roving bands.
There is an erroneous tendency that equates the Maoist party line with ‘Che Guevarism or focoism.True at times there are deviations but the party strives to implement Maoist protracted peoples war.
The late Dipankar Chakraborty made an objective analysis on Lalgarh but was over-critical of the Maoist accusing them of hjijacking the movement.
The most supportive elements outside the C.P.I.(Maoist) have been from revolutionary activists in Punjab who have combated ‘Operation Green Hunt’ in a most systematic and determined fashion and defended the Maoist movement.
The Lok Morcha ,Punjab organized 3 showings of the film ‘Red Ants Dream’in various districts of Punjab which had a great following in Bhatinda.The rural class of Punjab could identify with the movement of the Maoists.The Lok Morcha,Punjab office-bearers state that openly speaking against the Maoist movement or being overtly critical is speaking against the very revolutionary cause.
I deeply appreciate the answer given by the Maoist Party Spokesman in Economic and Political Weekly to the criticism of Sumanta Banerjee in 2009 and to the articles in Bengali journals ‘Aneek’ and ‘Shramjeevi.’
The author would have liked a greater liaison of the C.P.I.(Maoist) with the forces of the Communist Party Re-Organization Centre of India(M.L..),who have a sound theoretical understanding and similar line.
I also wish it could learn more from the Communist Party of Philippines on how to correctly develop a Bolshevized party structure ,build up urban work and legal fronts and develop the mass line .
It should critically assess the errors of the Peruvian Communist Party and why it capitulated.
It also needs to back a broader based democratic rights movement and not turn it into a mere party front.
In recent times the Maoist movement has even spread to Kerala amd comrades like Ajitha and Kapu Devraj have been martyred .
Displaying meticuluos political skill the Maoists have spread their wings to Kerala
One of the most heartening experiences is to hear the voice of Comrdae Vara Vara Rao of Virasam who feels the roots of  a new world have already been created in Dandkaranya.
Many meetings of Virasam represent the voice of this struggle and intellectuals  like have even researched and written a book on them.Intellectual Rajani Desai of RUPE ,even with concrete differences admires the Maoist party for fighting for protracted peoples war path.Yatindra Kumar ,secretary of C.P.I.(M.L.) New democracy although differing with line recognizes the movement the Maoist party has built up in Dandkaranya.Nazar Singh Boparai from Punjab  , an ex associate of C.P.R.CI.-M.L feels that the Maoist party is ringing the bell of true massline.
Intellectual Professor Manoranjan Mohanty feel sit is the most organized and potent force in India challenging the Indian state.Jaison Cooper and other human rights comrades also feel that it defines the Indian  revolutionary movement.
Even with differences Dalit intellectual Anand Teltumbde upholds the Maoists as the true fighters for revolutionary democracy.
Ritesh Vidhyart and other comrades of Bhagt Singh Chatra Morcha of Utar Pradesh feel that the Maoist party is the most genuine group fighting for massline.The best intellectual defence of the  Maoists is by professor Amit Bhattacharya.
Major open critiques of the C.P.I.(Maoist) are the K.N. Ramchandran led C.P.I.(M.L.) Red Star group , the C.P.I.(M.L.) Liberation and  to an extent formally the Rahul foundation group.Red star openly callsthe Maoist party terrorist,’Lin Biaoist” or ‘anarchist’ who carry out money extortions.
Although opposing state attacks on the Maoists they class them as dangerous as the C.P.M.It openly condemned ‘Jan Myradal’s ‘Red Star over India’ as distorting facts.
Rahul group has toned criticism a lot but still feel  they are a cruder version of C.P.I.(M.L.) of Charu Mazumdar and although revolutionaries represent ‘terrorism.’
Liberation group has acted as an agent of the state to defeat the Maoist struggles.
Strangely it is the Communist Party of India leaders who are more vocal in condemning Operation Greenhunt in Chattisgarh .
C.P.I.(M.L.) supporting Kanu Sanyal line and U.C.C.R.I.(M.L.)D.V.Rao group are much less vocal ,but occasionally term the Maoist party practice as ‘romantic’ or ‘left-adventurist.’ Fascinating that in earlier decades like 1980’s  Organization for protection of democratic rights which was part of the All India Federation of Organizations for democratic Rights representing Nagi Reddy line and at stalwart in the democratic rights movement vocally condemned erstwhile C.P.I.(M.L.) peoples war group actions as ‘left-adventurist.’Today similar trends representing democratic Rights movement never condemn Maoist action and claim that  doing that it would be an attack on the people’s movement itself.
This is a marked change in the approach of civil liberties activists.C.P.I.(M.L.) New Democracy which about 2 decades ago virtually launched a tirade aginst the erstwhile PWG today also never is openly critical of Maoist actions.
Intellectual Sumanta Banerjee has virtually turned 180 Degrees from the time he wrote ‘In the Wake of Naxalbari’ and defended C.P.I.(M.L.) calling the Maoist squads  as ‘roving bands.’
Today there is a powerful tendency of  Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights of Andhra Pradesh  related to Red Star  group that attacks actions of the maoist forces which is reactionary.
Association for Democratic Rights,Punjab , takes a very strong stand against condemning Maoist actions in Orissa,Jharkhand and Orissa.Recently
I met some AFDR members who claimed that genuine mass work was initiated by Maoists in Orissa and it was not just armed squad action.
Basically we all revolutionary cadres or sympathisers must realise that by terming the C.P.I.(Maoist) actions or movement as ‘Left Adventurist’,’Lin Biaoist” and ‘Che Guevarist” we are attacking the very people of India.
Comrades associated with the Communsit Praty Re-Organization Centre of India (M.L.) endorse this view even with important differences.
This is a healthy development as earlier erstwhile U.C.C.R.I-M.L forces from which the originated very strongly condemned armed action sof C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War group.
They feel the actions are not just hapahazard but based on planning and organization.
What is heartening today is the unity of democratic forces in combating the fascist Operation green hunt policy.
Impressed with rallies and meetings in Capital of Delhi and in Kolkata last year.
What is most important today is to sharpen the cutting edge of the party and emphasise the relationship between the re-organization of the vanguard party and the agrarian revolution.Mass organization smust alos have the independent identity and not function as mere front organizations.
All the revolutionary groups are components of the eventual party which has to be re-organized.
Even when facing fascistic repression we must revive forms of mass struggle and mass political fronts .
A strategy has also to be developed and formulated in the plain areas where condition svary from those of the forest areas.
Today the C.P.I.(Maoist) is not able to penetrate the plain areas, It also does not have a sustained programme in states like Punjab and Uttar Pradesh even if it has pockets of support.
What is significant is that feudalism dooes not exist in it’s classical form in those states nor is possible today to launch agrarian revolutionary movement.
Although officialy not banned  in states like West Bengal or Bihar in the moral sense Revolutionary Democratic Front cannot function openly .The party has to devise forms of mass struggles ,particularly in urban and palin areas.
Quoting Tilak Gupta “It may be safely anticipated that Maoists would continue to remain an attractive propostion to tens of millions of our impoverished and oppressed masses  so long as the unfinished business of agrarian reforms and solution to elementary livelihood problems  remain incomplete in  various parts of India.”Gautam Navlakha on movement in Dandakaranya
We have to refute intellectuals like Sumanta Banerjee who term the Maoist armed squads as roving bands and claim that protracted peoples War is outdated for Indian Conditions.
We have to learn from the sacrifices of comrades like Kishenji.We have to also refute intellectuals who claim that India has reached capitalist development and that agrarian relations are no longer semi-feudal.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stop disturbing the tranquility of Manipur (Near India):

From Maoist_Revolution:

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur strongly oppose the unforgivable acts of assaulting & murdering common workers by certain individuals/SOO groups disturbing the tranquility in Manipur following fifteen years of nepotism and anarchy. These heinous acts are taken very seriously and challenging to us & an appropriate response will be initiated. The murder of a state native Meetei women, an ordinary common citizen, who was battling to provide for her family by an Assam Rifle personal & a leech of a person from one of the numerous SOO lowlife thugs at Moreh, and other innumerable incidents of harassing common workers, viz the abductions and murder of workers in Kangpokpi and other parts of Manipur will no more be tolerated as this is taken as a direct challenge to the fabric of Manipur and we vehemently oppose these cowardly subversive acts tooth & nail. These SOO thugs are, as the name suggest day light robbers & murderers who are out to live on looting and plundering common people anywhere everywhere, on the highways, at the place of work or even homes, that people are now feeling insecure even within their residences. The bewildering fact is that the state & central rulers are keeping their eyes & ears shut despite to all these atrocities which makes us wonder whether they are an extension of their tactics of suppressing the common people with their reign of terror. It is high time the common people say nay to such deeds and respond appropriately. Regardless of the ethnic SOO groups who tarnish the name of " Yawol", it may be mentioned that the Maoist recently taught a lesson they will never forget, to SOO group stationed at Napet Khun, Imphal East. That operation of the Maoist is however not the end, but the beginning of a relentless effort to protect the society and especially the common workers, irrespective of caste, creed or faith from any form of harassment. A question which arise to us at this critical juncture is that of those so called Human Rights Organizations. Where are they when such blatant assaults & murders are occuring in broad daylight under the patronage of the rulers? Or are these Human Right Workers only a mere "Human Rights Pawnbroker" ,interested in "Selfies", "Awards", "Fame" or some prime time on a TV Channel? Are they vultures thriving on the fogs of war and on the spoils of war? We will not be surprised as these Activist and their cohorts will soon start coming out of their holes as the month of June is in a few days and many a big events will soon start happening. The collection from these events will be of course enough till next June. Where are the CSO s to protect indigenous people too? Aren't these assaults & murders a blatant violation of Human Rights and a threat to Indigenous people? Or are these cases not befitting enough to our esteemed Human Rights Activist or CSOs based in Manipur or outside Manipur to bring monetary gains or fame for themselves? Maoist Communist Party Manipur will no more remain a mute spectator to all these atrocities committed on the workers or to any of our common people of Manipur. If the responsible authorities do not rein in or leash their state actors SOO within a week, keeping these lowlife communal thugs in their designated cages or camps, the bloodbath to follow will solely rest on the shoulder of those responsible for keeping them in cages or camps with whom they have an agreement - an agreement to lay down their arms and live in a designated cages or camps.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

US- Islamic hate march is unsuccessful in Wichita, KS

An anti-Islamic march fizzled today, as less than thirty marchers, from ACT For America, went in front of the Islamic Society of Wichita, according to the Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas. The March was planned by ACT For America
which describes itself as:

"We are the NRA of national security.
We don’t just support the protection of America’s national security
- we’re fighting for it."

In other words they are a far right organization, just as the NRA. They are Islamophobic and an anti-Muslim hate group, but they also claim:  

"is committed to recruiting, training, and mobilizing citizens community by community to help protect and preserve American culture and to keep this nation safe." 

Usually groups that talk of preserving American culture are trying to prevent other cultures from being able to survive here in the USA. They are more like fascism than a group to preserve anyone's rights.
Many local organizations monitored the event in case there was going to be any trouble. There was a consensus to avoid a counter march so that the ACT did not get more publicity than they would otherwise get.
Members of DSA (a local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America), Peace and Social Justice Center and some others local organization will be attending a Ramadan After Dinner at the Islamic Center, June 12. These groups want to oppose Islamophobia. That is not to say all these members are Muslim, and certainly many people in Wichita do not support a government that is dominated by Islam or any other religion. But they do believe that all religions in the US deserve respect.
All fundamental religious beliefs produce believers who are willing to disrespect other people's religious views. They often support poisonous political views that are disrespectful to people of other faiths and beliefs. But marching against all members of that entire religion is always counter productive.
That is why  many of us will be joining Muslims for their Ramadan After Dinner. We want the Muslims in Wichita to know that we respect their religious beliefs and their constitutional right to practice the religion of their choice.
Local marchers can be seen in the photo below:

Pix by Bill Anderson.

The anti-march was part of an nation-wide effort. Some of the other marches across the US were not as quiet as the one in Wichita. The people and Muslims of Wichita were lucky.

Pix from NBC News:

Friday, June 09, 2017

G7 to refugees: please drown out of sight

From A World to Win News Service:

The meeting in Taormina, Sicily, of the gang of seven of the world's most dangerous imperialist powers, had one immediate effect that helps reveal what the G7 is about. 

The site, a seaside resort, was chosen not just for its luxury but also its geographical location, difficult to access even in ordinary times. The main discussion was on whether to continue the charade of the Paris Climate Agreement, providing the illusion that the imperialist system will prevent climate disaster even though it can't take the radical steps necessary to actually do so, in contrast to Trump's naked "my country first" planet-busting policies. The other major topic was immigration, but here, too, the point was not how to resolve an emergency in the interests of humanity, but how to keep out desperate humans fleeing the wars and other horrendous conditions the G7 countries have played a major role in creating. As if to illustrate these terms of discussion, citing the security of the two-day G7 meeting, the Italian authorities decreed that for a week, ships carrying people saved from drowning in the Mediterranean would not be allowed to land in Sicilian ports.

On the eve of the summit, several thousand people were pulled out of the waters between Sicily and Libya. Since the EU abandoned its joint rescue operations, the NGO ship the Aquarius is one of the biggest now carrying out rescue operations, along with other volunteer organizations, commercial vessels and the Italian coastguard. It was not allowed to bring its rescued passengers to Sicily but instead had to take them to Salerno, many hours away. As the ship's owners, SOS Mediterrannée, pointed out, the intention was to keep these refugees from the attention of the world media gathered in Sicily, and avoid the embarrassment of putting actual human faces on a topic of cynical discussion. But this knowingly put into danger often dehydrated, perilously cold, injured and otherwise vulnerable people rescued at sea but not allowed to land. 

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) ship the Prudence, equipped to carry 600 passengers, had 1,449 rescued people aboard when it was rerouted to Naples, perhaps a dozen hours further away than the nearest Sicilian port. An MSF spokesman said that its staff could no longer guarantee the safety of the people they had taken responsibility for. The situation was especially acute on board smaller rescue boats, which have no facilities to provide more than immediate emergency care, or even feed and shelter people during a prolonged voyage. Even worse, the several extra days that ships spend travelling up the Italian coast and back are days when they can't save people.

What does it mean to talk about human rights, an SOS Mediterranné spokesman asked, or, to pretend to do so, if Europe and the G7 have not only renounced their responsibility to save lives, but are now experimenting with potentially life-threatening restrictions on private rescue operations, denying, by implication, that all human beings have an equal right for their lives to be saved. And once the precedent is officially set that state political interests take precedence over certain human lives, the potential danger is far worse. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wichita, Kansas River Festival is just a giant advertisement

Each year we have the Wichita River Festival and every year I don't attend. Part of that is because it is nothing more than an elaborate advertisement for the city's businesses. All across the US, other main cities have similar yearly festivals and it is all just as commercial as in Wichita. Everything has a logo attached to it. The races are named for local banks. Everything has a sponsor. And every year there is a parade, the first day, and every business in town has a float to advertise their business.
For many years this event has not been well planned. One year I went to hear a singer was scheduled to perform on an outdoor stage. She was rained out. The moved the concert indoors, but didn't tell everyone where it was. The do have some good bands come in from time to time. A few years ago they had the Turtles. One year me and my wife actually went to see Paul Revere and the Raiders. But usually the places they play are over-crowded, the drinks are over-priced and they are often sandwiched in between acts I don't want to see.

There is also the heat and the crowds. It gets hot in Wichita in June. And the crowds make it worse. So some of us just don't go. This year I won't be and not many of my friends will go either. If the city set up block parties instead of advertisement events, a lot more of us would have gone. But commercialism is not what many of us want to celebrate. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Brussels: "Trump not welcome!"

From A World to Win News Service:
Donald Trump's arrival in Brussels was met by a spirited protest of about 10,000 people from cities in Belgium, neighbouring France and Germany, and other countries. A broad spectrum of political organizations, NGOs, student groups and individuals marched through the city centre behind a large banner reading "Trump Not Welcome". Other slogans protested Nato and the summit he had come to attend, the other major target of the two days of actions. Many signs shamed the U.S. president for his anti-immigrant and Islamophobic rants and policies, particularly his attempt to use Islamic fundamentalist attacks to claim that immigrants have turned Brussels into a "hell hole". Signs and chants played with the theme, "You call us hell hole, you're an asshole." Young women were particularly prominent in the crowd. Some marchers wore the pink "pussy hats" made famous by the women's march against Trump in Washington and denounced misogyny in angry and creative slogans. The threat to the planet was another major protest focus. The city's mayor told the media that he had refused "a request from abroad" to ban the demonstration. 
A contingent of supporters of Bob Avakian's new communism from several countries took part in the march and leafleted extensively. The above banner in French reads, "Let's sweep away this criminal and murderous system – Revolution, nothing less!" Members and supporters of the 8 March Women's Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan), some in the new communism contingent and a variety of others carried banners and signs with the slogan "In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America – Drive out the fascist Trump-Pence regime!" 
The following day, about a hundred people were detained after they briefly blocked access to the new Nato headquarters. Three dozen more were arrested for climbing adjacent walls to put up anti-Nato banners. Greenpeace activists scaled a tall construction crane and hung a giant banner reading "Resist" in front of the hotel where Trump spent the night. All were held until Trump left town. Several thousand protesters also marched against the G7 meeting in Taormina, on the Italian island of Sicily, where Trump's trip ended, despite police intimidation tactics meant to prevent people from reaching the mountaintop city.

Pix by Daily Mail.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Communist Party of the Philippines: Duterte's martial law is not only against the New People's Army, it is against the people at large

Translated to English by Google.

Response to Bello's claim that martial law is not against the NPA

Silvestre Bello III, chief negotiator of the GRP, insists that the CPP made a mistake in urging the New People's Army to intensify its tactical offenses against AFP. He asserts that the declaration of martial law in Mindanao is not against the NPA.

The martial law of Duterte is not only against the NPA, it is against the people in general. It limits the civil and political rights of the people. It limits your freedom of movement and other freedoms. Martial law transfers these freedoms to the military and subjects the people to abuse. Under martial law are the military, the recognized abusers of human rights, those who govern.

In the city of Davao, with fanatical support for martial law, Mayor Sarah Duterte is harnessing the people in their communities. About three hundred people have already been arbitrarily arrested by the military for failing to comply with arbitrary rules imposed by the military and militarist bureaucrats. Duty's martial law is doomed to be worse than his "Oplan Tokhang."

With these severe policies, Duterte is demonstrating that under his martial law, everyone is suspicious until he can prove otherwise. As every Filipino knows, especially the poor and oppressed, proving his innocence to the military is often impossible.

The GRP must respond to these flagrant violations of the General Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). In addition to the pending issues of about 500 political prisoners who remain under the Duterte government, as well as the growing list of human rights violations perpetrated by the AFP under its "Oplan Kapayapaan."

The imposition of martial law in Mindanao will have negative implications in the current NDFP-GRP peace negotiations.

Since Duterte's martial law is against the people, it is imperative that the New People's Army (NPA) take steps to oppose and fight against it to defend the rights and interests of the people.

If it is true that the martial law in Mindanao is not directed against the NPA, then Bello must inform the Secretary of Defense Delfin Lorenzana. In announcing the declaration of martial law, it was Lorenzana himself who cited the NPA as one of the "problems" of the GRP so that all of Mindanao had to be subjected to martial law.

In addition, even before the declaration and imposition of the Dutyana regime's Mindanao martial law, the AFP has been carrying out a dirty war by occupying civilian communities, extrajudicial executions, kidnappings and detentions under its "Oplan Kapayapaan." Emboldened by Duterte's order to the military to "crush the hills," he has carried out aerial bombardments near civilian communities, sowing terror among the residents and damaging their livelihoods. These attacks have been carried out mainly against peasant masses suspected by the AFP of being involved in the revolutionary cause.

Only by intensifying the revolutionary armed struggle can the people defend their rights and interests.

Communist Party of the Philippines
May 25, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Peru: Reports of actions of the People's Liberation Army

From Luminoso futuro:

Translated by Google:

 Dear Sirs, we inform you the following:

Last night I report ATV channel 9 of the tasks fulfilled by the EPL in the capital, where Jaime Antezana affirms "they are tests that make to develop and pass military actions, and that flag is the Party and dynamite means that they are strong and that They used violence, "this holds him and before denied the ganapan, pseudo senderologo and on the similar action in the central highway they did not take anything, they hid it but we have photos of it, we are sending them.

 Good preparation and execution itself expresses a brilliant success for President Gonzalo, the Party and the people's war and a coup against imperialism and the reaction and crushing of the new revisionism. Actions that have to remove the big soundboard capital at home and abroad. 

Today 27 left in the Eye Ojo almost everything of Carapongo bridge, with pint and flag, in addition it is affirmed on the part of a head of the Dincote: "that was done after date of 17 of May so that the police do not infiltrate, That has been done during these days and that the senderistas realize it clandestinely, and that they are behind its passage ", etc. The daily eye says that 6,7,8 and 9 May is Heroic Resistance Day for the massacre made by the armed forces in the prison, this because they have read the leaflet that the PLA fighters have distributed and the newspaper Ojo On the web is www. (We attach the note after the graphical report of the., Note of the AND)

With immense joy and revolutionary optimism to the full, we inform you that the task was fulfilled as it is established for the actions of agitation and armed propaganda, following all the steps from the preparation of the task to its execution and balance. The C. Have forwarded the photos that we published with the slogan of Defend the Life and Health of President Gonzalo with People's War !, there is a photo of a fighter of the EPL appreciating the steering wheel and the way to volantear, the pint on President Gonzalo la Made up to the whereabouts of the Carapongo bridge in the central wagon at the back of the faucet near the high voltage tower just like the flag, the site is San Juan near Pariachi and have not been covered. Only they have given coverage to the one that appears in means of the press of the reaction.

 To the companions of the PLA nothing takes away and they are fulfilling the tasks established with great decision and high revolutionary spirit and raising the bellicosity.Everything stirs up the contradictions and even remade the means of reaction here and abroad as it is doing, it has always been so because the failure of reaction and imperialism in its task of annihilating the people's war increases the reactionary contest And unmasks revisionist and capitulationist LOD and LOI.

 A big hug to all the comrades who work with you for putting Maoism in command of the new wave of the world proletarian revolution and especially those of Latin America and Europe!

  Defend the health and life of President Gonzalo and his all-powerful thinking with people's war!
Long live the Marxist-Leninist-Mayan People's War, Gonzalo Thought! 
Yankee go home!

May 27, 2017
Note forwarded by the EPL

Below the periodical note of the reactionary newspaper Ojo

Rosario Espinoza / Glademir Anaya
They also found terrorist spots in Chosica
Police investigate the finding yesterday morning near the Carapongo bridge  , in  Chosica a flag, pints with threatening messages and explosive material, allusive to Sendero Luminoso , a terrorist group that for many years kept Peruvians in a state of distress. 
In order to deactivate the artisanal explosive devices, the presence of the agents of the Explosive Deactivation Unit (Udex) was required. 
Scare . Residents, hearing the detonations of these agents controlled by the agents, recalled the terrible years that the country lived because of terrorism. 
According to the police, these explosives were similar to those that detonated in the 80s and caused terror in the population. They were known as the  cazabobos , powder-coated stones and lined with paper. 
These explosives, which could well cause the death of someone who manipulated it, were placed as a trap under a piece of cloth. 
At the base of the Carapongo bridge   the police also found pints, one of the hammer and sickle with the initials of the Communist Party of Peru and another with the message "Yankee go home" , as a sign of rejection towards the United States. 
To the place also arrived personnel of the Direction against Terrorism (Dircote), who investigate these events. 
They remember date.  Sources of intelligence from the PNP told OJO that the pints were actually given days ago and that they are due to part of a clandestine work carried out by members of Sendero Luminoso. 
"They have taken advantage of the little presence of authority to make these pints. They obey to that this month was celebrated the beginning of armed fight " , indicated to OJO a high official of the Dircote. 
As can be  remembered, on May 17  Sendero Luminoso perpetrated its first attack in the Andean community of Chuschi, in Ayacucho. 
"They celebrated later to be able to take care of a possible infiltration of our agents.Although we are always on the heels, " he said. THE FACT: "They have taken advantage of the little presence of authority to make these pints. They obey to that this month was celebrated the beginning of armed fight " , indicated to OJO a high official of the Dircote. As can be remembered, on May 17 Sendero Luminoso perpetrated its first attack in the Andean community of Chuschi, in Ayacucho. "They celebrated later to be able to take care of a possible infiltration of our agents. Although we are always on the heels, " he said. THE FACT: "They have taken advantage of the little presence of authority to make these pints. They obey to that this month was celebrated the beginningof armed fight " , indicated to OJO a high official of the Dircote. As can be remembered, on May 17 Sendero Luminoso carried out his first attack in the Andean community of Chuschi, in Ayacucho. "They celebrated later to be able to take care of a possible infiltration of our agents. Although we are always on the heels, " he said. THE FACT:On May 17 Shining Path perpetrated its first attack in the Andean community of Chuschi, in Ayacucho. "They celebrated later to be able to take care of a possible infiltration of our agents. Although we are always on the heels, " he said. THE FACT: On May 17 Shining Path perpetrated its first attack in the Andean community of Chuschi, in Ayacucho. "They celebrated later to be able to take care of a possible infiltration of our agents. Although we are always on the heels, " he said. 
Sendero Luminoso considers May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th as the "Heroic Resistance Day", dates on which the FF.AA was admitted to the Canto Grande penitentiary.
Dircote staff investigates the case.
Pints ​​were made at the base of the Carapongo bridge.