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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


By Harsh Thakor
Today the menace of Hindutva or Saffron fascism sponsored by the ruling BJP government has reached a crescendo never attained before Arguably its is a stage of undeclared emergency more fatal than the emergency declared in 1975 by Indira Gandhi led Congress.
Thousands of democratic activists are languishing behind bars from all walks of life. Genuine movements of workers and peasants ,youth or students are brutally supressed in the pretext of curbing terrorism.Hundreds of revolutionary intellectual like Professor Saibaba, Vara Vara Rao,Sudha Bhardwaj, Sudhir Dhawale and Anand Teleumbde have been incarcerated. University campuses too have been victims of saffron terror. It is a virtual resurrection of the British colonial days where political activists faced the harshest consequences. Tremors are felt of similar effect to the days of Hitler and Mussolini on the minorities and other revolutionary sections. Even in the jails the barbaric colonial era practices are prevalent.
Of great importance is to recognize the Communist Party India (Maoist) as a revolutionary democratic force by challenging its ban and on organizations representing liberation of nationalities.
Hindu saffron fascism has penetrated all walks of life. The poison of saffron fascism has to be cut at it's very roots by building revolutionary democratic secular movements and standing by the oppressed minorities be it the Muslims or Dalits.Of great importance is the preparation of an anti-caste movement integrating with revolutionary class movements and building a revolutionary front to combat casteist oppression. Fascism will not emerge in the form of Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy but will have a characteristic Indian form, akin to that of a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society. Today India could be termed semi-fascist but we have to study the experiences of emergence of fascist regimes in Chile, Indonesia or Philippines. We have to careful not to make opportunistic alliances with the Congress, other opposition parties or even the revisionist left parties. Morally the Congress is very similar to the ruling BJP party and has actively sponsored or blessed Hindutva. Opportunist alliance with ruling class parties is virtually tailism. At certain junctures only extra-parliamentary forms of struggle can be deployed .
Fascism cannot be defeated through liberalism but only by a sustained revolutionary democratic secular movement.
This initiative in Delhi on February 21-222 is the breeding ground for building up such an organization or movements which is like a sword in the flesh of the communal fascists.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Joint Declaration against the imperialist aggression in Venezuela by Maoist organizations and parties.

This statement was translated by Google, as well as changes made by សតិវ ​អតុ to try and make this article easier to read. There may be a few changes to the original, but every effort was made to keep this as true to the Spanish version as possible. - សតិវ ​អតុ 

"Proletarians of all countries, unite!


We turn to our class, the international proletariat, and the peoples of the world to condemn, crush, mark with fire and reject with deep class hatred the direct and shameless intervention of Yankee imperialism, single hegemonic superpower, great world counterrevolutionary and main enemy of the peoples of the world, against the nation, against the people of Venezuela.
In this new direct aggression, Yankee imperialism applies a coup to   impose a puppet government in Venezuela. It is a plan of Yankee imperialism, which is staged with the self-proclamation as interim president of his puppet, the president of the suspended Legislative Assembly, Juan Guaidó, who was immediately recognized by the arch-reactionary and genocidal government of Donald Trump-Mike Pence as the   " legitimate "president of the country, and giving an ultimatum to the acting government of Nicolás Maduro, to give the command to the  puppet government; intimidating him, that in case of not following the imperialist dictates, he will use all the power and violence of the superpower, establishing as "causes belium" the capitulation of the current government of Maduro in favor of his puppet. That is, either the capitulation of the oppressed nation or the imperialist war of aggression, whatever form the military intervention may take.
This direct aggression of Yankee imperialism, led by Trump-Pence, to change the   government of Venezuela by one of the Yankee puppets, would imply the change of the semi-colonial situation of Venezuela for the colonial one. These imperialists, in the name of the struggle against "dictatorship" and "democracy and freedom", try to subject the Venezuelan people to colonial slavery. It constitutes the most blatant intimidation, interference, control and aggression by the United States against an oppressed Third World nation, violating the national independence, sovereignty and national dignity of the country and the international legal order itself that is an expression of its global hegemony, its Charter of the UN, of the OAS, etc.

Imperialism allows itself to act in such a arrogant and brazen manner against a formally independent country, in its capacity as the sole hegemonic superpower and self-appointed world gendarme; because it is the principal imperialism that exercises its semi-colonial dominion over Venezuela as it does over the other countries of Latin America, the main base of its world dominion (backyard), a situation that has deepened during all the years of the current Chávez-Maduro regime; that as representatives of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie of their country, despite their discourse and secondary contradictions with successive US governments, they have increasingly subjected the country to the economic dominance of Yankee imperialism: through its main and almost only export product, oil, associating itself  to its foreign direct investment and increased its financial dependence on Walt Street. However, they have opened the country more to the penetration of other imperialist powers, it did not break with Yankee imperialism, thus seeking to ride on two horses, Increasing the imperialist struggle for the exploitation of the country and becoming Venezuela more and more accentuated in arena of inter-imperialist strife.
The revolution of a new democracy that puts an end to the domination of imperialism, semi-feudality and bureaucratic capitalism, that is, to the three mountains that oppress the people, now more than ever calls for its concretion through the people's war led by the proletariat through its Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, militarized.
The current regime in Venezuela was established on February 2, 1999,    riding the struggle of the masses against the so-called privatization and the "paquetazos", which the previous governments of the comprador faction tried to impose. The fury of the masses expressed in the "Caracazo" (1989)   swept   for the moment the wishes of the buyer, mainly linked to the US, to take out everything that the landowner-bureaucratic state had accumulated for decades.
Now, with the deepening of the country's crisis, the Yankee imperialists and   lackeys at their service come the moment, through the imposition of a puppet government, to appropriate more fully the great riches of the country: targeting oil in the first place of Venezuela, the largest reserve in the world, and to take advantage of the unbeatable conditions offered by this country for exploitation by the imperialist financial capital; all for the benefit of the Yankee financial oligarchy over its imperialist competitors . By establishing their colonial slavery through a puppet government, the Yankee imperialists would no longer share the economic monopoly with several other imperialist countries over Venezuela (semi-colonial character), but rather  they would establish their exclusive imperialist economic monopoly over the country (colonial character).
As it has always been, it is the people   who have to defend the country. The Venezuelan people have to mobilize widely to ward off the danger of capitulation, expressed by the representatives of the Maduro government as the tendency to compromise, which has been openly or covertly expressed by those who fear the power of imperialism and propose as consequence the inevitable subjugation of the nation, because it does not trust in the power of the people and in the solidarity of the peoples of the world.
For revolutionaries, imperialism is a colossus with feet of clay, paper tiger and weapons are not decisive. Others place their hopes to overcome the threat of colonial subjugation of the country   mainly in the foreign aid of the other superpower, Russia (the skinny dog), or Chinese social-imperialists, through economic aid, weapons, etc. or of his diplomatic mediation. The latter is related to the doubt that these people have about whether the enemy will attack: some consider it a probability, others say “no way.”
For their part, the Yankee imperialists, through their representatives, have declared that the US policy with respect to Venezuela is established. Those who imagine that   a commitment to the USA that does not imply the capitulation of the government of the country and the surrender of the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela, only live full of illusions. Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, has shown an act where he shows that they are mobilizing for direct military aggression: "to move 5,000 troops to Colombia." In addition, as in the Middle East wars, the imperialist powers act in collusion and struggle with the Yankees to push Maduro to capitulation. The German government demanded the immediate holding of "free and fair" elections and indicated that it is willing to provisionally recognize Guaidó as head of the interim state while those elections are being held, in the same way England, France, Spain, etc.
The Venezuelan government has to reject the capitulation and put aside any compromise policy, the political situation has entered the stage of preparation for national resistance against imperialist aggression, has to take on the challenge and mobilize and arm the people, as well as to the armed forces in order to safeguard national independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity to enforce them in a harsh war of national resistance against foreign aggression.
The government of Maduro, showing political shortsightedness, has delayed in recognizing that he was facing a coup d'état applied by imperialism through his lackeys, trying to centralize the main responsibility in the "opposition" as if it were an internal matter, that is, in the officials and not in the emperor; before the action of the Trump government to impose the puppet government via recognition of Guairó as "interim president" announced the breakdown of diplomatic relations with the US. etc., which he said did not mean a break with the US but only with his government; it has not arranged the mobilization of all the forces of the nation to face the aggression of imperialism as it had to be the military mobilization of its forces and of the masses;
Despite the change in the internal and external situation determined by the direct imperialist aggression, it intends to continue maneuvering without the energy, decision and integrity, speaking of "dialogue", of "peace". In similar situations, despite having the same class limitations as Maduro, others dared and chose the path of resistance.
It is up to the proletariat and the people to put an end to all the verbiage that prevents a more forceful rejection of the imperialist ultimatum and the adequate preparation for resistance, to oppose to military aggression the invincible War of Resistance against Yankee Imperialism.
The proletariat and the people of Venezuela, combative as always, is rising with great patriotic sentiment and deep hatred of imperialism and all its lackeys of the country and abroad with what is demanding the government of Nicolás Maduro reject the capitulation, which meets its obligations and abandon any hope that by focusing on dialogue with the lackeys or diplomatic deals with the imperialists they will abandon their plan in motion.
To the proletariat of Venezuela, to the most advanced within it, to the Maoists, it is up to them to raise the slogan   of forging a broad national anti-imperialist united front; merge with the workers, peasants, petty-bourgeois, national bourgeoisie and members of all other classes   who are willing to confront the imperialist aggressor and its lackeys with the exception of a handful of traitors, it is necessary to actively promote the general armament of the people in the field and the city to prepare for a broad war of resistance, as an armed struggle, struggling to lead it and in the course of the mass to struggle to reconstitute its Communist Party,  as a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, to transform the armed struggle of resistance into a people's war of national liberation. It is up to the Maoists to prepare the application of a broad guerrilla war that takes the countryside as the main one and the cities as a necessary complement.
It is up to all those who do not want to be the slaves of the United States, all those who are to conquer the true independence, sovereignty and national dignity of the country, all those who refuse to submit themselves to intimidation, interference, control and aggression of the Yankee imperialists. With all of them, it is necessary to unite and mobilize them,   opposing the calls for conciliation, for peace or for privileging the negotiations before acting decisively to crush the Yankee imperialism's aggression that has taken place for the moment in the form of a coup d'état.
The Maoists, as representatives of the proletariat and its emerging vanguard, are responsible, starting from the principle of independence and self-determination, to apply unity and struggle with the other forces that come to shape the people in the current political situation, where the contradiction between nation-imperialism is becoming the main. It is necessary to demand to proceed conscientiously to reform the system that governs the army and the political system by expanding democracy, develop the independent mass movement, enforce education for national defense, repress the lackeys and other collaborators, develop the industry of war and improve the living conditions of the people.
Present as of utmost importance the lifting of the program of resistance, which in the present conditions is of a prolonged nature. The war of resistance of the people must aim to build a true Revolutionary Power (the New Power) and not the simulations of socialism of the 21st century that has frustrated the people so much, more if the Power of New Democracy in every corner of the resistance, expel the invading enemy and crush all its worms and lackeys, for its establishment throughout the country.
The peoples of Latin America, in order to safeguard national independence and national sovereignty, have the imperative to carry out a "coup for a coup" struggle against the aggressive and genocidal Yankee imperialism, the principal enemy of   the peoples of the world.
The direct intervention of Yankee imperialism that has begun as a coup d'etat accompanied by a whole deployment and siege of forces to lead to capitulate the government of Maduro and subjugate the nation, will not stop there if it does not achieve its objectives, it will go away climbing in all areas to try to achieve its objectives and that is why it awakens and awakens a new wave against Yankee imperialism among the peoples of Latin America and the world. 
It is up to the signatory parties and organizations to assume the role of giving an organizational expression to this new anti-imperialist wave, fighting against imperialism and its servants and lackeys in each country.   We have to develop a broad and vigorous global campaign in support of the Venezuelan people against Yankee imperialist aggression.
You, heroic Venezuelan people, without a doubt you are not alone in your struggle. The proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world are united to the people of Venezuela. You enjoy the support of the proletariat of the United States and Canada, of the proletariat of the imperialist countries of Europe and Asia, and of all the peoples of Latin America, Asia, Africa, of the support of the peoples of the whole world.
In the face of the direct aggression of Yankee imperialism against   Venezuela and the peoples of Latin America, it is up to our peoples to rise up in revolution and face the war of imperialist aggression with more People's War.

Venezuela and all of Latin America will be the tomb of the Yankee imperialist hordes!

Venezuelan people discard the illusions and prepare for resistance!

Imperialism and all the reactionaries are paper tigers!

The struggle of the peoples of the world against Yankee imperialism will win

Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun
Popular Peru Movement (Reorganization Committee)
Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
Building Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galiza.
Red Flag Committee. (Germany) 
Maoist Communist Party - Italy.

Pix by Sarbaharapath.

Declaración Conjunta contra la agresión imperialista en Venezuela de organizaciones y partidos maoístas

"Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!


Nos dirigimos a nuestra clase, el proletariado internacional, y a los pueblos del mundo para condenar, aplastar, marcar a fuego y rechazar con profundo odio de clase la intervención directa y descarada del imperialismo yanqui, superpotencia hegemónica única, gran gendarme contrarrevolucionario mundial y enemigo principal de lo pueblos del mundo, contra la nación, contra el pueblo de Venezuela.
En esta nueva agresión directa, el imperialismo yanqui aplica un golpe de estado para  imponer un gobierno títere en Venezuela. Es un plan del imperialismo yanqui, que es puesto en escena con la autoproclamación como presidente interino de su marioneta, el presidente de la suspendida Asamblea Legislativa, Juan Guaidó, que fue inmediatamente reconocido por el gobierno archirreaccionario y genocida de Trump-Pence como el  “legítimo” presidente del país, y dando un ultimátum al gobierno en funciones de Nicolás Maduro, para que entregue el mando al  gobierno títere; intimidándolo, que en caso de no seguir el dictado imperialista, empleará todo el poder y violencia de la superpotencia, estableciendo como “causas belium” la capitulación del actual gobierno de Maduro a favor de su títere. Es decir, o la capitulación de la nación oprimida o la guerra imperialista de agresión, cualquiera sea la forma que adopte la intervención militar.
Esta agresión directa del imperialismo yanqui, encabezado por Trump-Pence, para cambiar el  gobierno de Venezuela por uno de las marionetas yanquis, implicaría el cambio de la situación semicolonial de Venezuela por la colonial. Estos imperialistas, en nombre de la lucha contra "la dictadura" y por "la democracia y libertad", pretenden someter al pueblo venezolano a la esclavitud colonial. Constituye la más descarada intimidación, interferencia, control y agresión de los Estados Unidos contra una nación oprimida del Tercer Mundo, violando la independencia nacional, la soberanía y la dignidad nacional del país y el propio orden jurídico internacional que es expresión de su hegemonía mundial, su Carta de la ONU, de la OEA, etc.
El imperialismo se permite actuar así de forma soberbia y descarada contra un país formalmente independiente, en su condición de superpotencia hegemónica única y auto-nombrado gendarme mundial; porque es el imperialismo principal que ejerce su dominio semicolonial sobre Venezuela como sobre los demás países de América Latina, base principal de su dominio mundial (patio trasero), situación que se ha profundizado durante todos los años del actual régimen de Chávez-Maduro; que como representantes de la gran burguesía burocrática de su país, pese a su discurso y a contradicciones secundarias con los sucesivos gobiernos de los EE.UU, han sometido cada vez más el país al dominio económico del imperialismo yanqui: a través de su principal y casi único producto de exportación, el petróleo, asociándose  a su inversión extranjera directa y aumentado su dependencia financiera de Walt Street. No obstante han abierto más el país a la penetración de otras potencias imperialistas, no rompió con el imperialismo yanqui, buscando así cabalgar sobre dos caballos. Incrementando la contienda imperialista por la explotación del país y deviniendo Venezuela cada vez más acentuada en arena de contienda interimperialista.
La revolución de nueva democracia que ponga fin a la dominación del imperialismo, a la semifeudalidad y al capitalismo burocrático, es decir a las tres montañas que oprimen al pueblo, clama ahora más que nunca por su concreción a través de la guerra popular dirigida por el proletariado a través de su Partido Comunista, marxista-leninista-maoista, militarizado.
El actual régimen en Venezuela se estableció el 2 de febrero de 1999,   cabalgando en la lucha de las masas contra la llamada privatización y los “paquetazos”, que los gobiernos anteriores de la facción compradora trataron de imponer. La furia de las masas expresada en el “Caracazo” (1989)  barrió  por el momento los deseos de la compradora, ligada principalmente a los EE.UU., de sacar a remate todo lo que el Estado terrateniente-burocrático había acumulado por décadas.
Ahora, con la profundización de la crisis del país, los imperialistas yanquis y los  lacayos a su servicio ven llegado el momento, mediante la imposición de un gobierno títere, de apropiarse más completamente de las grandes riquezas del país: apuntando en primer lugar al petróleo de Venezuela, la reserva más grande del mundo, y a aprovechar las inmejorables condiciones que ofrece este país para la explotación por el capital financiero imperialista; todo en beneficio de la oligarquía financiera yanqui sobre sus competidores imperialistas. Estableciendo su esclavitud colonial mediante un gobierno títere, los imperialistas yanquis ya no compartirían el monopolio económico con varios otros países imperialistas sobre Venezuela (carácter semicolonial), sino  establecerían su monopolio económico imperialista en exclusiva sobre el país (carácter colonial).
Como ha sido siempre, es el pueblo  el que tiene que defender el país. El pueblo venezolano tiene que movilizarse ampliamente para conjurar el peligro de capitulación, expresada por parte de los representantes del gobierno de Maduro como la tendencia al compromiso, que ha sido expresada abierta o solapadamente por parte de los que temen al poder del imperialismo y proponen como consecuencia la subyugación inevitable de la nación, porque no confía en el poder del pueblo y en la solidaridad de los pueblos del mundo.
Para los revolucionarios, el imperialismo es un coloso con pies de barro, tigre de papel y las armas no son lo decisivo sino el hombre, la masa. Otros depositan sus esperanzas para superar la amenaza de la subyugación colonial del país principalmente en la ayuda extranjera de la otra superpotencia, Rusia (el perro flaco), o de los socialimperialistas chinos, mediante la ayuda económica, armas, etc. o de su mediación diplomática. Ésta última está relacionada con la duda que tienen estas personas acerca de si el enemigo atacará: algunos la consideran una probabilidad, otros dicen que de ninguna manera.
Por su parte, los imperialistas yanquis por medio de sus representantes, han declarado que la política de los EE.UU. con respecto a Venezuela está establecida. Quienes se imaginan que  es posible un compromiso con los  EE.UU. que no implique la capitulación del gobierno del país y la entrega de la independencia y de la soberanía de Venezuela, sólo viven de ilusiones. El asesor de seguridad nacional de Trump, Bolton, ha dejado ver un acta donde muestra que se están movilizando para la agresión militar directa: “desplazar 5,000 tropas a Colombia”. Además, como en las guerras del Medio Oriente, las potencias imperialistas actúan en colusión y pugna con los yanquis para empujar a Maduro a la capitulación. El Gobierno alemán exigió la celebración inmediata de elecciones "libres y justas" e indicó que está dispuesto a reconocer de forma provisional a Guaidó como jefe del Estado interino mientras se convocan esos comicios. De igual forma Inglaterra, Francia, España, etc.
Al gobierno de Venezuela le corresponde rechazar la capitulación y dejar de lado toda política de compromiso, la situación política ha entrado a la etapa de preparación para la resistencia nacional contra la agresión imperialista, tiene que asumir el reto y movilizar y armar ampliamente al pueblo, bien como a las fuerzas armadas a fin de salvaguardar la independencia nacional, la soberanía nacional y la integridad territorial para empeñarlas en una dura guerra de resistencia nacional contra la agresión extranjera.
El gobierno de Maduro, mostrando miopía política, se ha demorado en reconocer que estaba frente a un golpe de estado aplicado por el imperialismo a través de sus lacayos, tratando de central la principal responsabilidad en la "oposición" como si fuese un asunto interno, es decir, en los funcionarios y no en el emperador; ante la acción del gobierno de Trump de imponer el gobierno títere vía de reconocimiento a Guairó como "presidente interino" anunció el rompimiento de relaciones diplomáticas con los EE.UU. etc., que según aclaró no significaba un rompimiento con los EE.UU. sino sólo con su gobierno; no ha dispuesto la movilización de todas las fuerzas de la nación para hacer frente a la agresión del imperialismo como tenía que ser la movilización militar de sus fuerzas y de las masas; ni ha aplicado de inmediato las medidas punitivas contra los lacayos que han cometido toda clase de crímenes contra el pueblo venezolano en servicio del imperialismo yanqui.
Pese al cambio de la situación interna y externa determinada por la agresión imperialista directa, pretende seguir maniobrando sin la energía, decisión y entereza, hablando de "dialogo", de "paz". En situaciones similares, pese a tener las mismas limitaciones de clase que Maduro, otros se atrevieron y eligieron el camino de resistencia.
Al proletariado y al pueblo le corresponde poner fin a toda la verborrea que impide un rechazo más contundente al ultimátum imperialista y la preparación adecuada para la resistencia, para oponer a la agresión militar la invencible Guerra de Resistencia contra el Imperialismo Yanqui.
El proletariado y al pueblo de Venezuela, combativo como siempre, se está levantando con gran sentimiento patriótico y profundo odio al imperialismo y todos sus lacayos del país y del extranjero con lo que está exigiendo al gobierno de Nicolás Maduro rechazar la capitulación, que cumpla sus obligaciones y abandone cualquier esperanza de que centrando en diálogo con los lacayos o tratos diplomáticos con los imperialistas estos van a abandonar su plan en marcha.
Al proletariado de Venezuela, a lo más avanzado dentro de él, a los maoístas, les corresponde enarbolar la consigna  de forjar un amplio frente único nacional antimperialista; fundirse con los obreros, campesinos, pequeños-burgueses, burguesía nacional y miembros de todas las otras clases  que estén dispuestos a hacer frente al agresor imperialista y sus lacayos con excepción de un puñado de traidores, corresponde impulsar activamente el armamento general del pueblo en el campo y la ciudad para prepararse para una amplia guerra de resistencia, como lucha armada, pugnando por dirigirla y en el curso de la misa bregar por reconstituir su Partido Comunista,  como Partido Comunista marxista-leninista-maoista militarizado, para transformar la lucha armada de resistencia en guerra popular de liberación nacional. Corresponde a los maoístas preparar la aplicación de una amplia guerra de guerrillas que tome el campo como principal y las ciudades como complemento necesario.
Corresponde unir a todos aquellos que no quieren ser los esclavos de los Estados Unidos, a todos aquellos que estén por conquistar la verdadera independencia, la soberanía y la dignidad nacional del país, a todos aquellos que rehúsan someterse a las intimidaciones, interferencia, control y agresión de los imperialistas yanquis. Con todos ellos corresponde unirse y movilizarlos  oponiéndose a los llamados a la conciliación, a la paz o a privilegiar las negociaciones antes de actuar resueltamente para aplastar la agresión del imperialismo yanqui que ha entrado a desarrollarse por el momento bajo la forma de golpe de estado.
A los maoístas, como representantes del proletariado y de su vanguardia en ciernes, les corresponde partiendo del principio de la independencia y auto-decisión, aplicar la unidad y lucha con las otras fuerzas que pasan a conformar el pueblo en la actual situación política, donde la contradicción nación-imperialismo está pasando a ser principal. Es necesario exigir proceder concienzudamente a reformar el sistema que rige en el ejército y el sistema político ampliando la democracia, desarrollar el movimiento de masas independiente, poner en vigor la educación para la defensa nacional, reprimir a los lacayos y a otros colaboracionistas , desarrollar la industria de guerra y mejorar las condiciones de vida del pueblo.
Presentase como de suma importancia levantar el programa de la resistencia, que en las condiciones presentes es de naturaleza prolongada. La guerra de resistencia del pueblo debe apuntar a construir un verdadero Poder Revolucionario (el Nuevo Poder) y no los simulacros de socialismo del siglo XXI que tanto ha frustrado al pueblo, más si el Poder de Nueva Democracia en cada rincón de la resistencia, hasta expulsar al enemigo invasor y aplastar a todos sus gusanos y lacayos, para su establecimiento en todo el país.
Los pueblos de América Latina a fin de salvaguardar la independencia nacional y la soberanía nacional, tienen el imperativo de llevar a cabo una lucha “golpe por golpe” contra el agresivo y genocida imperialismo yanqui, enemigo principal de  los pueblos del mundo.
La intervención directa del imperialismo yanqui que ha empezado como un golpe de estado acompañada de todo un despliegue y cerco de fuerzas para llevar a capitular al gobierno de Maduro y sojuzgar a la nación, no se detendrá allí si no logra sus objetivos, ésta se irá escalando en todos los terrenos hasta tratar de alcanzar sus objetivos y por eso despierta y despertará una nueva ola en contra del imperialismo yanqui entre los pueblos de América Latina y del mundo. 
A los partidos y organizaciones firmantes nos corresponde asumir el rol de darle expresión organizativa a esa nueva ola anti-imperialista, combatiendo al imperialismo y a sus sirvientes y lacayos en cada país.  Tenemos que desarrollar una amplia y enérgica campaña mundial en apoyo al pueblo venezolano contra la agresión imperialista yanqui.
Tú, heroico pueblo venezolano, sin lugar a dudas no estás sólo en tu lucha. El proletariado y pueblos oprimidos del mundo están unidos al pueblo de Venezuela. Gozas del apoyo del proletariado de Estados Unidos y Canadá, del proletariado de los países imperialistas de Europa y Asia, y de todos los pueblos de América Latina, Asia, África, del apoyo de los pueblos  del mundo entero.
Ante la agresión directa del imperialismo yanqui a  Venezuela y a los pueblos de América Latina, toca a nuestros pueblos levantarse en revolución y enfrentar la guerra de agresión imperialista con más Guerra Popular.

¡Venezuela y toda América Latina serán la tumba de las hordas imperialistas yanquis!

¡Pueblo Venezolano desechar las ilusiones y prepararse para la resistencia!

¡El imperialismo y todos los reaccionarios son tigres de papel!

¡La lucha de los pueblos del mundo contra el imperialismo yanqui vencerá

Partido Comunista de Ecuador - Sol Rojo
Movimiento Popular Perú (Comité de Reorganización)
Partido Comunista del Brasil (Fracción Roja)
Fracción Roja del Partido Comunista de Chile
Organización Maoísta para la Reconstitución del Partido Comunista de Colombia
Comité de Construción do Partido Comunista maoísta da Galiza.
Comité Bandera Roja. (Alemania)
Partido Comunista maoísta - Italia.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

US- Trump is no working class hero—crude and vulgar, but he’s no champion of working people

When Donald Trump ran for president, a lot of people claimed he was the candidate of the working class. This was said by a lot of his supporters and many of them actually are working class people. To those of us one the left, who have studied Marxism and the various “working class” related theories, calling Trump “working class” seemed absurd. For one thing he is a $billionaire. He has never been poor enough that he needed an actual working class job. He never worked in a factory. He never worked as a fast food person. He was born into money and he has had plenty of it his whole life.
According to MATTHEW CHOI, writing for Politico Trump’s attitude towards working people:

“This really does have a higher purpose than next week’s pay,” Trump said during a news conference…..
…….. When asked whether there would be any safety net for federal employees who don’t get paid because of the shutdown, Trump said: “Well, the safety net is going to be having a strong border because we’re going to be safe.”

And in a different article in Politico:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Trump told Democrats on Friday that he was willing to extend the shutdown for “months or even years” to get the funding he wanted, an account Trump confirmed during the news conference.
The president said a resolution could come soon, though, and he added that he believes federal employees are fine with the shutdown continuing.
“I think if you ever really looked at those people,” Trump said, “I think they would say, ‘Mr. President, keep going.’”

His words speak volumes for those who believe he stands for working class people. He has no idea how hard these weeks without pay can be. People lose a lot from being denied their pay. Many of these people have had to barrow money just to survive. Much of the damage is irreversible. Some of these people have sold their prized possessions to survive this. And if most or all of these people were to quit these government jobs, the effects on society would be catastrophic. Trump has no clue as to what it is like to be without an income. He has never experienced what it is like to be working class.
Many working class people can identify with his crude, shoot from the hip remarks. I constantly hear working class people say “he talks the way I do.” Maybe he does. But that only proves he can regurgitate vulgar unrefined speech. He is vulgar and unrefined. Just because he can speak like the working class doesn’t mean he understands what it is like to be working class. He is a $billionaire. He has never had the problems of a working class person and his attitudes toward those who work prove that well.
Those who believe he is a working class hero need to learn to distinguish between a vulgar oaf and a person who seriously knows what working class people go through to survive. Trump hasn’t a clue!?
Any working class person who identifies with Trump is seriously misguided. And that is a major problem with this country today—working class people who just don’t have a clue. Ignorance is a dangerous thing in today’s world.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The US love affair with war is spiraling out of control

If there is one thing I detest politically, more than anything else, it is this country’s (USA) addiction to war. Over the last 30 years there has been nearly NO discussion on US foreign policy. That means no politician; neither Democrat nor Republican in Congress have discussed alternatives to the endless wars this nation is involved in. The mainstream press, which is The Wichita Eagle here in this part of Kansas, has also ignored any dissent of the US military industrial complex.
During the presidency of Ronald Reagan there was a powerful peace movement to oppose his intervention in Central America. That included Reagan’s attempts to topple the Marxist oriented Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and to stop his attacks on the leftist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) guerrilla movement in El Salvador. Despite all the variations of Marxists and left oriented groups in Central America and the Caribbean, Reagan treated all those nations as part of a cold war strategy that was by now obsolete. He treated his strategy of war in Central America as if he were fighting in Eastern Europe. Reagan was delusional about the cold war and no one close to him made any effort to change any of that. Many US conservatives played along with Reagan’s delusions that Central America leftist movements were nothing more than an extension of Eastern Europe and satellite nations of the Soviet Union.  Before Reagan left office he invaded Grenada, a small Island nation that had been run by the Marxist government of Maurice Bishop. Bishop had come to power through a revolution (or coup),  in 1979. He was overthrown by another Marxist, on the 19th of October 1983 Bernard Coard. Reagan invaded the country on the flimsy excuse that there were nearly 1,000 Americans in Grenada at the time and they were in danger from the Coard Government. Many of the Americans were students at the island’s medical school. Reagan claimed that the invasion was needed to protect those students. Nearly the entire world condemned the invasion of Grenada, but the US simply ignored world opinion and did what was popular with US conservatives. Before the invasion Reagan had included Grenada in his cold war agenda of destroying all Marxist governments in Central America and the Caribbean. Now it was clear that the US had no respect for international law.
After the fall of the Soviet Union, the US took on a new role, now that this country saw itself as the winner of the Cold War. That lead to the idea that the US was now the only super power and Marxist regimes were abandoning their Marxist, anti-imperialist ideology for that of European Democratic Socialism. With the Soviet Union out of the way, the US began to flex its muscles, making invasions common place in combination with the idea of world conquest. Reagan’s follow up, President George Bush, invaded Panama, about 1989, to remove Manuel Noriega and replaced him with a US puppet regime. Communism was no longer the reason behind the conquest of nations. Noriega was accused of being a drug dealer. In the later part of his term in office, Bush began the first war in Iraq,on the 28th February 1991. In many ways this was the beginning of what Bush himself called “the new world order.” Since that time the US has invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. Today the US is involved in about 7 wars, including the two occupied nations just mentioned Yemen, the Korean Peninsula and Syria. We can also include Venezuela, a nation we may be at war with soon. 
This country has become the major military power. By now most leaders realize that invasion by the US is no contest. Losing is a sure thing by all those who dare stand up to the US Empire. And the invading warier is now a part of the American culture. We see army personnel honored as “heroes” even though many have not done anything that heroic. Army people are constantly on television, in commercials, TV shows, news shows, as they surprise their loved ones, such as their children, after coming back from conquering and plundering other nations. We see them in the movies and TV dramas. The US warrior is now a part of the American psyche. No nation spends more money on their military than the US. Nearly half the US budget goes to the military. Unlike the days of Ronald Reagan there is virtually no opposition to the US war machine. That includes the US Congress, all US presidents since Reagan and the overwhelming majority of the US mainstream media.
Some activists blame Barack Obama for the end of an active peace movement. A lot of political activists believed Obama would put an end to the endless wars the US was fighting.  Most were disappointed when he made no effort to rein in on this country’s many wars. It was as if this country just gets into one more endless war after another one. Since that time many anti-war activists have become disillusioned as well as just plain overwhelmed with this country’s militarism.
National Public Radio (NPR), usually considered to be a liberal source of news, has been very supportive of the military, covering its “warier heroes” and US’ wars.  
Here in Wichita I have written to The Wichita Eaglewith a letter opposing this country’s meddling in Venezuela. It has not been published. But they ran a pro-war editorial column Sunday by Marc A. Thiessen,[1] “Great nations don't quit wars before they prevail.” While complaining that we have endless wars, his way of fixing them is to try and win all of these un-winnable “anti-terrorism” wars:

“Great nations do not fight endless wars,” President Donald Trump declared in his State of the Union address. It was a line that could have been delivered by President Barack Obama, who in 2015 memorably said, “I do not support the idea of endless war.”
Just a few days before Trump’s address, his own party delivered the president a stinging rebuke when Senate Republicans passed a resolution opposing his Syrian and Afghan withdrawals by an overwhelming bipartisan 68-to-23 vote. Trump’s defenders say: That’s just the foreign policy establishment advocating “forever war.” When, they ask, will these wars end? When will we be able to declare victory and go home?”

His article is full of contradictions. Just how many materials assets and how many lives are we supposed to sacrifice in order to win these wars? How do we know when we have won such a war? Will we ever consider ending these wars? We have had 30 years of people running around with those giant Styrofoam hands yelling “we’re number one,” as if we were simply at a football game. Enough is enough. A country dedicated to the conquest of others can never feel safe. Such attitudes erode civility and lead to a false sense of security. And for those who want to bring about change in this country, how will that be tolerated when change is not tolerated in our puppet regimes or of those democratic countries we are supposedly installing around the world. Change will not come easy to a nation that has forged a culture of force and coercion.

     Maduro: U.S. manufacturing ‘humanitarian crisis’ to justify its military intervention in   Venezuela

[1] Marc A. Thiessen, “Great nations don't quit wars before they prevail,” The Wichita Eagle, February 10, 2019, p. 21A.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


By Harsh Thakor

Yesterday the turbulence of a storm was created on the Bathinda-Chandigarh highway by the Zameen Prapti Sanghrash commitee on Bathinda-Chandigarh highway. Around 1,000.agricultural labourers thronged from villages of Sangrur,Malerkotla and Bhawanigadh, literally painting the venue red .The agricultural dalit community displayed nerves of steel in fighting for their just demands of 1/3rd right to panchayat land, 99 year lease of land to dalits, Scrapping of all cases against ZPSC leaders or activists, re-instating of 2 dalits into jobs were they were removed, and 10 marlas of land awarded to every dalit family. It was a tribute to the great resilience of the dalit agricultural labour and the painstaking qualitative work of the ZPSC. At many junctures the activists defied the SDO from pacifying them with the sharpness of a sword, Inspite of making so many promises five months ago the administration has not fulfilled a single promise. Speakers included Mukesh Mulaudh, Gurmukh Singh, Gurpreet Khedi and Gurdeep Khandiwal. The Protest displayed the venom in the haters to the dalit agricultural community or wrath against the social order and their great capacity to organize resistance.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

USA Freedom?—Woman’s child nearly taken over a failed drug test from eating lemon poppy seed bread

By សតិវ ​អតុ 
We live in the freest country in the world (USA), our leaders, media pundits and school teachers constantly tell us.

"We live in a country where we are protected from tyranny and oppression, at home and abroad," they keep telling us.

And yet people lose custody of their children because they don’t pass a drug test.
So in My Twin we read a story of a women, Jamie Silakowski, of Rochester, NY, who almost lost her child because of a messed up drug test result. According to My Twin  

 “A doctor came into my room, that was the first time a doctor had come to my room and said, 'Just so you know, you failed your drug test, is there anything you took?'” Silakowski recounted.
That's when Silakowski, of Depew, remembered driving through Tim Horton's before going to Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.
“(I told the doctor) I did have a lemon poppy seed bread, just throwing that out there. And he laughed and said, 'That's from Seinfeld, that can't be,' and I said, 'That's where I heard it, that's why I'm just bringing it up,'” Silakowski said.
What happened next had no one laughing.
“I didn't know what to do, I had nowhere to turn, I didn't know what questions to ask,” Silakowski said. “I offered to retake the drug test, I asked if I could do another urine sample, a blood test, a hair sample and they said no.”

The fact is that a person can get a bad drug test from eating poppy seeds. She said she would never eat poppy seeds again:

“Silakowski doesn't know where she'll go from here with all this, but she is certain of one thing, she'll never eat a poppy seed again.”

 So what kind of society do we live in where a person can’t eat poppy seeds because a bad drug test can cost her (or maybe a guy) her child?
After all the abuses of police power under the so called “war on drugs” we still live in a society where the choice to use chemicals for any reason can lead to loss of a job and a loss of a child. From Legalzoom:

“When a parent struggles with drug addiction, his parental rights may be affected. In some cases, child protection agencies may remove a child from a parent’s care if that parent abuses drugs. Likewise, during a divorce, a court may deny a parent custody if he has untreated drug abuse or addiction issues or terminate his parental rights entirely if he does not address his drug abuse problems. Therefore, treating the underlying illness is often key to protecting custody and parental rights.”

We are living in a time when people are seriously questioning the last 30 years of a drug war that has put more than one and a half million people in jail as well as costing people their jobs and custody of their children. According to The Atlantic:

"America is a world leader in incarceration. The U.S. locks up more people than any other country, the University of London’s Institute for Criminal Policy Research reports. An estimated 1.6 million individuals were held in state and federal prisons at the end of 2014, while roughly 1 out of every 36 adults fell under correctional supervision, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics."

So people are waking up and beginning to see how ridiculously it is to lock people up just for possessing chemicals they want to use, for either their own entertainment or for self medication. Both conservatives and liberals within this government system realize there is something wrong with these statistics.
No matter what the reasoning is behind punishing people for taking drugs, the results has led to a country that is very far from being "the freest country in the world." It just doesn't add up.
When looking at all these statistics there is often something lost in the various arguments for drug laws. Most of us agree that drug use and abuse is unhealthy and medically dangerous. Narcotics, such as heroin are potentially addictive. Some people really do overdose and die from using these drugs. And yet people who are often aware of these dangers use these drugs anyway.
Most of us note a difference between those who sell drugs and try to profit off of a person's personal flaws and those who simply use them. While a user may have a "drug problem," dealers may not have any personal problems with drugs at all. They are simply supplying users with the drugs they need or desire. There are small time dealers who sell just enough drugs to supply their own personal habits and there are those who make anywhere from about $100 a week, up to a $million or more a week.
Few of us sympathize with those who make a plush life for themselves by selling drugs. Many such people belong in jail. But for many of us, there is no reason to put a small time user in prison.
There are those who have favored putting users in jail for religious reasons.[1] Others are concerned about the health of people in our society. Many people have feared that their own children may get caught up in drug addiction.
There are many of us who believe that people in this society deserve to have the right to choose how they want to live their lives. We don't jail people for smoking cigarettes, or for drinking alcohol. Both of those choices are destructive and both can cause addiction and death.
All across the country states are legalizing marijuana. For years, politicians, religious ministers, media pundits and others have all tried their best to keep marijuana illegal. The efforts of those who want that plant legal are just now starting to win.
According to Citizens Count:

New Hampshire is surrounded by states that have legalized possession of marijuana: Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont.
Adults over age twenty-one can legally grow a small amount of marijuana at home in those states. Maine and Massachusetts also allow commercial sales of marijuana, with a license.
Marijuana laws in other states
Six other states have legalized marijuana: Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.”

That is just one drug that may soon be added to tobacco and alcohol as a legal high. However, just being legal doesn’t mean that a person’s job can be protected. Some employers may not allow an employee to smoke pot just because it is legal. Drug laws cover a long list of illegal substances that people like to use and some of them are not popular with anyone who doesn’t like to use them.[2] That would include such drugs as heroin. Add to that a growing list of herbs that are suddenly illegal as soon as legislators find out that people are getting high on them, such as K2. While the rest of the country is trying to wind down the war on drugs, Kansas is trying to do the opposite by illegalizing a long list of herbs as soon as their use is discovered.
That brings us to the issue of child custody when a parent (or both parents) has a drug problem. Generally, courts determine custody at the time of a divorce. Likewise, the court may take away a parent’s legal custody—or right to make decisions for the child—if the parent does not seek substance abuse counseling or make other efforts to achieve sobriety. If the parents have joint custody the court may modify its order and give the parent without a drug problem sole custody.
What we really need to ask is how the courts affect the parents and their rights. A parent should have the same rights as any other person when it comes to drug use, except how it affects their children. I don’t think many people disagree that an unfit parent should lose their child if there is real abuse. But such abuse needs to be verified. Silakowski should never have had her child taken on such flimsy evidence. Her doctor was arrogant and violated her privacy. As it turned out she wasn’t even using drugs. She nearly lost her child for eating a snack.
There is something seriously wrong with a system that takes people’s children from them over flimsy evidence of possible drug use. If this country were truly free, people would be able to choose how they live, without the dangers of being jailed, losing their jobs or losing their children.
This country has a long way to go before it can be called “the freest country in the world.”

[1] Steve Otto, War on Drugs/War on People, (Ide House, Las Colinas) 1995, pp. 37-38.
[2] Steve Otto, Can You Pass the Acid Test? (Publish America, Baltimore), 2007, pp. 120, 121.