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Sunday, May 24, 2015

On This Memorial Day

Remember our dead every year on Memorial Day. They serve their corporate masters and spill their blood. But remember there are dead folks on the other side also.
-សតិវ អតុ

Saturday, May 23, 2015

This Memorial Day I have found some truth among the mainstream media

I have a hard time getting people to realize the US is an empire and the process of taking over other countries and parts of the world have nothing to do with defending freedom or democracy. That is one of my goals in life—to bring this argument to the US mainstream public. And it is not an easy task.
And yet some times the truth works its way in to the mainstream press. One of the latest examples is  Stephen Kinzer's  "The world of threats to the US is an illusion," published by The Boston Globe.
While the slant and wording is different from what I usually write, it says the same basic thing that we are paranoid and view the aspirations of others as a threat to us.
For example:

"WHEN AMERICANS look out at the world, we see a swarm of threats. China seems resurgent and ambitious. Russia is aggressive. Iran menaces our allies. Middle East nations we once relied on are collapsing in flames. Latin American leaders sound steadily more anti-Yankee. Terror groups capture territory and commit horrific atrocities. We fight Ebola with one hand while fending off Central American children with the other.
In fact, this world of threats is an illusion. The United States has no potent enemies. We are not only safe, but safer than any big power has been in all of modern history."

Is this true? Yes. All of it is true. I've never worded an article this way, but if I did it certainly follows the themes I have written about. My own writings usually use such phrases as "empire building" or the simple word "imperialism." I write of "sovereignty being crushed," "people's resources as being stolen" and "people being conquered."
But this article makes the point that the desperate people of the third world are not a serious threat to the residence of this country.

"Our other asset is the weakness of potential rivals. It will be generations before China is able to pose a serious challenge to the United States — and there is little evidence it wishes to do so. Russia is weak and in deep economic trouble — not always a friendly neighbor but no threat to the United States. Heart-rending violence in the Middle East has no serious implication for American security. As for domestic terrorism, the risk for Americans is modest: You have more chance of being struck by lightning on your birthday than of dying in a terror attack.
Promoting the image of a world full of enemies creates a “security psychosis” that misshapes our view of the world. It tempts us to interpret defensive steps taken by other countries as threatening. In extreme cases, it pushes us into wars aimed at preempting threats that do not actually exist."

And this is accurate. Consider that car bombs go off all the time in Iraq. The Boston bombing is the only one that has gone off and hurt people since 9/11. If terrorists where that dedicated to conducting terrorist attacks on US soil they would have done way more of that than has been actually happening. Another passage:

"Promoting the image of a world full of enemies creates a “security psychosis” that misshapes our view of the world. It tempts us to interpret defensive steps taken by other countries as threatening. In extreme cases, it pushes us into wars aimed at preempting threats that do not actually exist."

A good example of the above is Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea. They built a nuclear bomb to defend themselves from the George W. Bush Regime, back when he invaded one of the countries in the Axis of Evil. No one in the news media notices that North Korea feels threatened by the outside world and developed that bomb to defend themselves.
So in his conclusion Kinzer said:

"This impulse is not peculiarly American. Feeling threatened strengthens group solidarity. Some thinkers have gone so far as to suggest that since societies become more united and resolute in the face of enemies, those that have none should find some.
“It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love,” Freud wrote, “so long as there are other people left over to receive the manifestations of their aggressiveness.” Nietzsche believed the nation-state’s “profound appreciation of the value of having enemies” produced a “spiritualization of hostility.” A young country especially, he said, “needs enemies more than friends: in opposition alone does it feel itself necessary.”
When Americans see threats everywhere, we fall into this trap. Believing we are besieged is strangely comforting. To recognize how safe we are would require a change of national mindset that we seem reluctant to make."

So we see some truth in the sense that this is a nation where paranoia about national security is the national psych and norm today. While there is not a lot about the basics of imperialism we see a side of this country that relies way too much on militarism.
This is not the only article I have found. With this Memorial Day coming I should point out that there are many peace people and military critics who will not post anti-military articles today. Yet I have found one by REBECCA SANTANA, of Yahoo News that lets us know:

"Veterans of the Iraq War have been watching in frustration as Republican presidential contenders distance themselves from the decision their party enthusiastically supported to invade that country.
Some veterans say they long ago concluded their sacrifice was in vain, and are annoyed that a party that lobbied so hard for the war is now running from it. Others say they still believe their mission was vital, regardless of what the politicians say. And some find the gotcha question being posed to the politicians — Knowing what we know now, would you have invaded? — an insult in itself."

So even in the mainstream of politics there are those who seriously notice that these wars can just as easily be a human waist and lives were lost neadlessly. So if there is anything I am grateful for this Memorial Day it is that there are still a few journalist left that will write about the truth.

-សតិវ អតុ

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kansas Supreme Court to rule on Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative

Wichita KS will be getting a state supreme court ruling on the Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative that was supported by voters in last April's election.
The Kansas Supreme Court will hear the case, between the state and the city of 
Wichita, in September.
Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has challenged the new ordinance, promising to stop it. He claims that a city ordinance can not legally over-ride a state law. He and other 
Kansas officials have not honored the democratic wishes of the people of Wichita and have done everything possible to stop the ordinance from ever being enacted.
There are several reasons some political figures, along with various individuals, are opposed to decriminalizing marijuana. Many religious leaders oppose it due to their fundamentalist ideology. There are religious leaders who believe that reformed marijuana smokers may join their churches after being forced into rehabilitation. There are also those who profit from the court mandated drug rehabilitation programs offenders are sent to.
Those who oppose it have been sending letters into 
The Wichita Eagle, Wichita's main local newspaper, sharing a lot of the same arguments. The latest is to remind the readers, over and over, of the case of
Seth Jackson, who left his 10-month-old foster child in a hot car, last July, while he was high on marijuana.
One of the letter writers, Peter Goico, used that antidote and insisted that this kind of thing happens all the time. But in reality such incidences are extremely rare with marijuana. Other letter writers have not mentioned any other specific cases such as this one in their letters.
The Supreme Court should be able to settle this issue once and for all. There is also the
 Kansas House Bill 2049 which goes further than the Wichita ordinance in lowering penalties and would be state-wide. It also allows for some medical use of marijuana.
The ballot initiative was put on the ballot after local activists from 
Kansas for Change coalition along with JENI (Jobs & Education-Not Incarceration) and the Peace and Social Justice Center worked for months to gather signatures. One of the main reasons for the pro-referendum groups is to stop the over population of the county's prison population.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A Google Translation/ សតិវ អតុ:

Today, just as in Peru the most brazen and stubborn revisionism strategic counteroffensive, the proletariat and people of Peru and the international proletariat we attended live commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of the Armed Struggle.

Of course, the war can not be mechanically view of metaphysical way, idealistic, without property and others of the laws of war where not only our actions is one that has an impact on its development, but the international context movement, the national dynamics strategic and tactical disposition of the enemy. That all goes determining moments, scenes, circumstances, contradictions and of course, ways to solve them, always on the same strategic base: People's War until Communism.

With voice command issued by President Gonzalo: are the initiators !, was launched in 1980 to armed struggle as manifested in the Peru People's War, that is, people's war under guidance of the proletariat and its Communist Party. People's war has universal validity and that from the Andes of Peru to India, have been endorsing its validity, effectiveness and especially the theoretical and ideological and political foundation as the military line of the international proletariat for the sake of power.

Peru comrades began the greatest feat of the proletariat after the triumph of the Revolution in China, feat that becomes collect all the historical experience of the proletariat from the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, the Revolution of New Democracy China, the Great Cultural Revolution and of course, the accumulated wealth of the class and the people of Peru in the class struggle and that takes scientific, dialectical forms, like Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought experiences.

The great worker-peasant storm lighthouse Peru was the world proletarian revolution at the end of last century. His light was flare stimulated and burned burning hearts of the proletariat and people in the Philippines, Turkey, Nepal and India, and become present in the new set beacon from all parts of the world encourages the development of the People's War / or disposal of the Communists to build and rebuild intimately and inseparably tight to the guide of the powerful ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Communist Parties.

 Today the People's War through difficult times in Peru, however, must not overwhelm, are stages of the war in which incidentally lost the initiative, but not the war. It is a matter of time and effort to vivify, reorganize, recover invigorate Power gestated years ago and launch the final offensive.

Today the situation is more complex, revisionism confuses the masses shown after arm themselves victorious in Nepal under leadership of Prachanda miserable and consent of revisionism Avakianista; now in Peru Movadef he intends to do the same, wants garrisoned fulfills its strategic role to the old state, but that says a lot and nothing at once. Much, because it marks its counteroffensive that seeks to avert the revolution ideologically and politically disarm the proletariat and the masses in line spurious bowels of the old bourgeois-landlord democracy. Nothing, because I still colluded with reaction and imperialism, revisionism has not been nor will demonstrate objectively that the PCP and the People's War have lowering flags of struggle and abandoned its strategic project to destroy the old state and build on their ruins new: New Power, New Democracy as the manifest as transit dictatorship of the proletariat socialism, hence the course of the People's War in Peru and the democratic revolution of a new type remain firmly registered in the charters of the Great World Proletarian Revolution .

 It is a matter of time, the Mapuche in their war of national liberation and anti-feudal effort over 300 years fought in the war of Arauco; so, and still they have many pending tasks, almost all done. That is the class struggle and can not be viewed rigidly stageist is fulfilled, but with difficulty, without petty immediacy; however, President Gonzalo was forged in the membership to understand it that way, which is popular war, its characteristic is prolonged, and that scramble comrades, in that we struggle the Communists understand and develop.

Follow crumbling old walls, deploy dawn, the future belongs to us and we can only attend a meeting with People's War.

"We had a tough time ?, Yes: but what ?: reality has shown that if you persist, the policy remains in charge, remains the political strategy, military strategy is maintained, it has a clear plan, defined, then it advanced, and is capable of facing any bloodbath ... ". Gonzalo P.

What we understand about the People's War in Peru & Ecuador communists? That in the same way as the Commune, the October Revolution and the Revolution in China, the People's War in Peru on its scope, triumphs and turns, are light, they are a guide. When hurried efforts to unleash the great worker-peasant storm in Ecuador to serve the world proletarian revolution fight these legacies are reissued tight to the new social, political and ideological movement that unfolds society as a whole and can only be processed from the right ideology of the proletariat. That is, we can not pretend to see the People's War in Peru outside the Commune, to the great Bolshevik revolution or the revolution in China of Chairman Mao. What we now undertake and what still remains to be done with blood, fire and optimism class has that stamp printed by the initiators in May 1980, proletarian leadership exploited masses with People's War until victory.

We understood that when we speak of People's War in Peru, we are talking about people's war in the Philippines, Turkey and India, is a dialectical and even systemic relationship, it becomes ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and that is essential to note understand and apply.

When hyenas reaction and revisionism howl and moan outrageous shouting that "the People's War in Peru has been defeated" have but that, dreams of hyenas. The People's War remains latent, increasingly nests among the people, it's about time that big storm soon be nourished by the vital efforts of the international proletariat ... then if you will dance.

Honor and glory to the fighters who gave their blood FEE IN THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU 
VIVA Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Run, Kinky, run

I'm not really endorsing candidates, but we need a little humor in the ugly arena of politics.

-សតិវ អតុ

The Texas "Jewboy" would make a fine Kansas governor.

From F5:

Believe it or not, it's time to start looking for a new candidate and preparing ourselves to win the next Kansas Governor's election. I have found the perfect candidate, Kinky Friedman of the Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. He ran for office several times in Texas and lost. What's wrong is he's running in the wrong state. Kansas needs and wants Kinky, not Texas.
I checked with the Secretary of State's office, and there are no qualification requirements for governor. Actually a 10 year old could run. Kinky wouldn't even have to change his Texas residency.
Kinky's first calling to serve was for Justice of the Peace, Kerrville, Texas as a Republican in 1986. He lost. The next time he ventured into politics was for the 2006 Texas gubernatorial election as a Democrat against the villainous Rick Perry. Friedman garnered 13% of the vote as an independent and out-fundraised the Democrats. One of his stated goals was the "dewussification" of Texas. He followed other celebrities like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura, former WWE pro-wrestler and Minnesota Governor. In 2010 and 2014, Kinky ran for Texas Agriculture Commissioner as a Democrat but was beaten in the primaries.
Friedman is somewhat Lincolnesque. Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections, crashed in business twice and suffered from depression. As we know, he was one of our greatest presidents. Kinky endorses medical marijuana. There are many reasons to support medicinal marijuana especially for cancer patients. Friedman said, "Guess what for chemo? It's the big one; chemo kills more people than cancer. More than surgery or radiation….A lot of people like me who don't smoke pot are realizing this." It could help chemotherapy patients eat, sleep, and squelch the worry about dying. He also mentioned medical marijuana helping children with autism and Alzheimer patients. Think of it; University of Kansas Medical Center could outpace Texas' M.D. Anderson Hospital with cancer patient care.
For the rest click here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nepal—factional splits are destructive!

I have watched for the last 15 years or more as the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) made such great strides in people's war that I believed they might actually win a revolution in that country.
First there was an end to the people's war. Then there was an election victory and then a split. I don't blame all the people who split from the party after Prachanda simply gave in to an electoral western style government.
Let's be honest here. We know two facts. One is that a party that at least believes in Maoism hold office with some more revisionist communist parties. Is this really a tragedy? I agree it is not what we wanted. But we have supported the revolutionary faction for years and they have not gotten ANYWHERE. I'm not against having real revolutionary goals.
But now we have a second factional split and when I look at the future all I can see a loss coming up. The 1980s and 1970s were full of factional splits. And what did that gain anyone? Small parties folded more and more as they were just too insignificant to matter in the politics of a modern time.
There used to be factions of Maoists and Socialist Workers Party in Kansas City when I visited there. Today none of those groups are still in Kansas City. There are no traces of Marxists anywhere. It looks as if there never were any Marxists there.
So why does this news about a factional split in the Maoist revolutionary movement make me sick to my stomach? Why do I see  déjà vu all over again? Will we make all the same mistakes twice?
I'm going to print this article for information purposes. I find the whole idea that we can afford such a split disgusting. The Imperialist have sharpened there skills to wipe Maoist out the whole world over. I noticed just a week ago how much smaller the Indian Red Corridor has become and I have to wonderwhat are we doing wrong? Even the Maoist of India have consolidated—not split their movement and that makes sense. Spitting a movement up does not make any sense.

-សតិវ អតុ

Ideological Bankruptcy of Baidhya Faction

From Maoist_Revolution:

-Rishi Raj Baral

“We will join hands with the government to support the ongoing rescue, relief and reconstruction and rehabilitation operation.’’ Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’

I have already mentioned that ideologically Baidhya faction has parted from the revolutionary path and organizationally it is heading toward liquidation.  In fact, just they are pretending to be the follower of MLM and NDR, so that, they could be able to keep their cadres silence. It is not the allegation, Baidhya's opinion regarding the relief operation is enough to understand   their ideological stand. 

Ideologically  Baidhya faction has gone bankrupt. Their  ideological bankruptcy has come out  during the earthquake relief operation. Baidhya  faction announced that he will contribute 10 lakhas to the government and will assist the government relief operation.  As the English online telegraphnepal  has mentioned: “The communist veteran in a brief encounter with the press men appealed his party cadres to support government’s ongoing rescue operation in the earthquake affected districts of the country. ‘We will join hands with the government to support the ongoing rescue, relief and reconstruction and rehabilitation operation.’ ’’
We must condemn such activities and  it is a matter of pride that Nepalese people have come out in the street  raising the slogan : Go Back Indian Media, Go Back Indian Army. It is not only the matter of Indian expansionism, American imperialism also doing the similar activities in the name of relief operation. The use of drone   has produced all around annoyance against Americans.  And it is admirable that most of the Nepalese medias and progressive intellectuals are reading American activities very watchfully. People have raised the voice: Stop flying the drone, Stop the surveillance against Nepalese sovereignty.

We all know outrage has aroused throughout the country regarding inability and  inefficiency  of  the government. Victims have not realized the presence of the government in the remote area. Even the leaders of ruling party Nepali Congress  have stated the failure of government on relief operation. People are   raising fingers against partiality, unfair and corruption done in  the name of relief operation. Medias have exposed  the involvement of some leaders and cadres of ruling parties in such evil deeds.  The people of remote areas, who are badly affected and damaged by the earthquake, have not  gotten any relief material  until now. 

In such circumstances, Maoists should take the situation in their hands. Local  Party Committees and cadres should join hands with the victims, not with the foreign agencies. We must discard the role of foreign agencies and INGOs. We must raise the voice against corruption and partiality. We must learn from the history of Haiti.  But, only the CPN Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’ has joined hands with the people of remote area. The top leadership of Biplav faction has involved in relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation operation in the badly affected areas. With 300 volunteers, Biplav himself is participating in the relief operation.  Not only this, a group of revolutionary writers and cultural activists, close to Biplav faction, also has involved in the relief operation in Dhading, one of the badly damaged district.   But the leaders of Baidhya faction has no any separate plan and program  for the earthquake victims,  just they are visiting the damaged  site running  in  luxurious vehicles, guarded by  the Police officers.

I have not to say anything more about the ‘leaders’ like CP Gajurel ‘Gaurav’, Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Dev Gurung.  They have already lost their ground in the Nepalese Maoist movement.  Now, Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ a highly respected leader within the Maoist movement and outside, also has lost his ground. One after another, most of the followers have abandoned him. What a matter of irony! A veteran leader like Kiran has gone astray. But in politics,  it happens so. When you lose the ideological base and Politics in Command, you lose everything. What will be  the next step of the Baidhya faction is not unseen. A online news portal close to Baidhya faction has spoken for the ‘national government’-a coalition government. Now it is crystal clear that Baidhya faction is following the step of Prachanda, who is crying for the ‘national government’. There is no another way for their survival. After all, birds of the same feather flock together. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

India- Maharashtra ATS claims to have arrested senior Maoist leader

Ajith along with an aide identified by police as Ismail Hamaza Chiragpilli was arrested from a hospital.
The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has claimed to have arrested senior Maoist leader Ajith (62) – who also goes by the names K Muralidharan and Thomas Joseph – from the outskirts of Pune city early on Monday morning. Ajith along with an aide identified by police as Ismail Hamaza Chiragpilli alias Pravin alias James Mathew (29) was arrested from a hospital in village Talegaon Dabhade – about 30 kms from Pune – and produced before a special judge on Tuesday morning. Additional Sessions Judge S V Mane has granted a seven-day police remand to question the two arrested accused. Police did not clarify how long the duo have been living in Talegaon. Police described Ajith as a close aide of top Maoist leader Ganapathy.
They said that Ajith and Ismail were residing in Talegaon Dabhade under a false identity. The duo has been booked under Indian Penal Code (PIC 419, 467, 468, 471 and 34 read with UAPA sections 10, 13, 20, 38. “We have arrested them yesterday from Moraya Hospital in Talegaon Dabhade after getting a tip off from a source. They belong to the banned CPI (Maoist) party. We will be releasing a detailed note for the press later,” said Bhanupratap Barge, Senior Police Inspector, ATS (Pune Unit). A large contingent of police personnel was deployed at the Shivajinagar District and Sessions Court. The police did not allow the media persons to sit for the remand hearing citing ‘need of secrecy’ and security reasons. The two accused were produced in the court with their faced covered with a hood. When he was escorted out from the ATS office, Ajith told media persons, “I am a member of the CPI Maoist party. I shouldn’t have been arrested like this. My arrest is illegal.”
Maoist leader Murali Kannambally held in Maharashtra
PUNE: Maoist leader Murali Kannambally has been held by the Maharashtra police. Murali, a native of Ernakulam, was arrested from Pune along with another Maoist identified as Ismail, brother of Moideen of Pandikkadu, the master brain behind the Maoist attacks in Kerala. The police are questioning the two in a secret place. Murali, accused in attacking the police station at Kayanna in Kozhikode in 1970 was absconding for the past 40 years. Murali, engaged in terrorist activities in north India, had published various books in Maoism. Murali, who was a student of Kozhikode Regional Engineering College, discontinued his studies and fled the state. As a student, he became a part of naxalism and later formed a naxal group named naxalbari. When a split was witnessed, he stood with K Venu. Later, when the Maoists merged again, he led the main leadership of naxalba.