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In Kansas—What's in a name? Republicans care!

There is a new bill, dubbed House Bill 2234. This bill requires all public colleges and technical schools in the state to “adopt and implement, or require to be implemented, a policy and plan which prohibits an employee from providing or using such employee’s official title when authoring or contributing to a newspaper opinion column.”(
It would seem that conservative Republicans want to stop scientists and professors from putting their names on editorials and letters to the editor that might make them look stupid. So it prevents them from using their titles or credentials of any kind when they submit these opinions to a publication. 
This may be a reaction to the fact that about 90 percent of scientists believe in global warming and about 80 percent of conservative politicians holding office do not. Those professor type credentials just don't make the conservative Republicans look good. This new bill fixes that.
So we here at Otto's War Room (毛派) had to consider what we will do if this new law passes. We don't have a whole lot of people with doctorates or credentials here at the blog. Burt what will we do if an article comes in written by a Dr. or Prof.? What is a blog to do?
We have an answer! We have Dr. Derel Eck Tahlwen to answer for us. He has impressive credentials. He has written journal articles and books. he has credentials in political science, math, weather science and cooking.
If that new bill passes, we can get Dr. Tahlwen to sign important documents for us. Dr Tahlwen has a Ph.D. in philosophy. He has written two books, The dialectics of Tahlwenism and Tahlwenism for Beginners. He merges capitalist philosophy with ethics and developed mathematics of fascism. He has argued for legalized marijuana and yet he thinks they should ban alcohol, with the death penalty for those who sell it. His fist published paper, his Masters Thesis, was called That Which is Heavy Sinks. He coined the famous maxim; Κρατήστε σφιχτά το τέλος σας.
He is a middle of the road politician. For example he believes there is a problem with global warming, but the only solution he endorses is for people to stop cooking their food. He believes that if people do that, global warming will disappear in the next 20 years.
His credentials as a middle of the road centrist will help us since we are obviously left-wing here. That way we will look more conservative to Kansas Republicans and they are more likely to believe what we tell them.
He will also sell us the rights to put his name on articles he didn't write. If a professor writes an article for us, he sends it in and we want to use it because it contains actual research the professor did, we put Dr. Tahlwen's name on it. The doctor doesn't live in Kansas so it will be hard for the Kansas State police to find and arrest him. Since Dr. Tahlwen has a Ph.D. that will make the article look like it was done by a researched professional.
We may get harassed by the state of Kansas for breaking their new law, but none of the usual writers will have to worry about getting arrested. With all these new laws designed to stop freedom of speech, who knows what we will have to do to keep the right to say stuff that the Republicans don't want to listen to.

-សតិវ​អតុ (or should I say Dr. អតុ. Dr. Seuss got away with that for all these years.)

Peru—The death of Comrade Nancy

On February 17, a political prisoner in Peru, Margi Clavo Peralta, otherwise known as Comrade Nancy, died. She was a high ranking member of the Communist Party of Peru (known in the press as Shining Path). Here is a excerpt from an article I received in my e-mail from Maoist Revolution:

Political and War Prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru, held a conference in the Miguel Castro, to our dear people and the public in general to say that:

1. On Tuesday February 17th has passed the Political Prisoner Margi Clavo Peralta.
The Margi companion, comrade Nancy, who from her youth became a member of the Communist Party of Peru, more than four decades ago. She decided to devote her life to the cause of the proletariat, the people and the Peruvian revolution serving it with all her heart and with absolute selflessness, being an active participant in the arduous struggle for the Reconstitution of PCP in the great epic of the people's war and in the fourth stage of political struggle of the Party; never stopped fighting persisted firm in its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary convictions, Gonzalo Thought. And although he missed politically after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, Leadership of the Party and the Revolution, he knew bear with fortitude his public criticism and clearly distanced the right opportunist line of Block splitting, taking and defending with conviction the current fundamental policy Settlement Politics, General Amnesty and National Reconciliation. Margi gave up his studies in Electronic Engineering at the National Engineering University to devote herself completely to the interests of the class, the people and the Peruvian revolution for which she gave her life. As Chairman Mao ruled: "To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai; serve the fascists and die for the exploiters and oppressors is lighter than a feather. "HER DEATH IS A WORTHY DEATH.
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy—You taught us well

We will miss Leonard Simon Nimoy. Also we will miss his character Mr. Spock. The Star Trek series was not just a space show for TV. It was a homage to humanist philosophy. The original was never full of religious dialog. The (Star Trek:) Next Generation was even above capitalism. "We no longer judge a man by his wealth" Captain Jean-Luc Picard often said. There are those who told me that day will never come....but in some ways it has on the Star Trek franchises.

Nimoy was in a lot of TV shows including old 1950s cowboy shows. The character he created on Star Trek was a kind of übermensch. He had powers far beyond human as well as a conscious far more advanced than all the humans he worked with.
This article should really be about Nimoy, but it is really about Spock. Many who knew the real Nimoy will honor him way more than we can. However, Spock is like a Superman. We know the character and we can relate to him.
I for one like the idea that humanity should aim for the stars. But I also agree with those who say that science can't move faster than our social sciences—or—are we become nothing more than conquering space invaders?
Nerf Herder - "Mr. Spock" 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution transformed a Chinese University

I like to provide writings on the Great Proletarian Cultural  Revolution of China (伟大的无产阶级文化革命). The campaign itself was not really very successful and the reason for that is that it was not well understood by those it was intended to help and those asked to participate in it. The idea behind the GPCR was to advance class struggle and fight class differences and prejudices. As with the US Civil War, intended to end slavery, and the Civil Right movement of the 1960s—these movements meant that some classes would gain new liberties while others would lose class privileges. The loss of privilege has never been popular anywhere in the world. However, liberation to the downtrodden classes can only come with the losses of privilege of others. One problem with the bourgeoisie propaganda and explanations of the GPCR is that they never explain it at all. They usually describe it as a Stalin-like purge and fill their pages with horrible antidotes designed to make the GPRC look like some kind of horror show.
The following article is a good explanation of the GPCR. So I am posting this article here for serious explanations of the GPCR.

The following has been translated by Google;

Note - The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1969) was the highest point reached on the road to communism. Under the leadership of Mao Tsetung and his close comrade in arms Lin Piao (林彪), the Chinese proletariat and the masses won great victories in the areas of political and social life, education and eradicate illiteracy, in health, in liberation of women, in creating a new art and culture to serve the people, etc., etc. It is no coincidence that, for this reason, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, both yesterday and today, is the target of furious attacks of the bourgeoisie and the revisionists of all kinds.
The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China is a treasure trove for international and for those who yearn for a world free of exploiters and exploited communist movement. All who aspire to a classless society, communism, must study it and learn from it.
A touch on the important changes that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution held in the university area of ​​the PRC is offered by the section entitled The Cultural Revolution Mao Tsetung (泽东)chapter in the book of Bernd Oelgart ideologues and ideologies of the New Left, Anagram, Barcelona 1971, pp. 46-58, we offer below taken from the blog of the comrades of the Long March Toward Communism.


We have no intention of drawing a historical description of a phenomenon unique cultural revolution in the socialist world, but as with Maoist political line.
(...) Our view is contrary to that of many Western commentators who claim that cultural revolution started from above, and thereby deny all spontaneous origin to that movement. In our opinion, there are a number of signs that show the opposite: first, the publication rather late in August 1966, official directives as the "Decision regarding the great proletarian cultural revolution in sixteen points" when criticism violence had begun a year earlier. And, moreover, considerable freedom of action of the Red Guards in that vast country. The central decisions were limited to the ideological line. (...)
The cultural revolution in the university field entry was made on the political background and only later on the constructive aspects. It was necessary to start with the analysis of the role of the university in society, know what makes the authority in establishments, to form that kind of people, before rebuilding a model of new type. The criticism expressed by female students are symptomatic: "... A large number of students have been severely indoctrinated by reactionary ideas of the exploiting classes such as" the race of letters is the only honorable "," build a reputation "," become experts "," their way "(...) etc. The current examination system favors the spread of these ideas (...) Many schools are concerned unilaterally schools have a large proportion of students admitted to colleges and for this reason many become "special" schools, "key" that only admitted to the "outstanding students". Schools have opened the doors wide to those who only care about the books and pay no attention to politics, but have closed a large number of outstanding children of workers, peasants and revolutionary cadres ... "( 1).
It is clear from this letter the emphasis on moral and ideological education. The schools in revolutionary times want to serve the people must politicize and ideologize a large part of the course materials detriment of smaller immediate value, for example, the second foreign language. After the abolition of the examination system taken from the Russian model appears, reducing the selection and too narrow specialization contributes to favor the creation of elites, and then is expanding access to schools for workers and peasants world, which already we referred. A means of allowing the increased number of students has been to reduce the number of mandatory school years cycles of primary, secondary and final, partly occupied by temporary work programs. It seems obvious that this decrease lowers the level of studies, but in this vast country is essentially provide a quantitative statement. In that sense, a reduction of schooling for a minority long term lets increase the overall level of the entire population.

 It follows: (1) a more egalitarian stratification (humanistic aspect); (2) the minimum education necessary for the modernization of agriculture and industry (economic aspect); (3) an interaction of both. You can check the unanimous agreement of observers and sinologists as to the finding of effort in this area and achieved success. E. Snow said: "Having visited numerous primary and high schools, middle, have come to the conclusion that no nation has achieved so quickly release the masses of illiteracy and millions of beings instill knowledge of scientific technique and industrial. (...) In all areas of advanced studies have already tax comparable to those of Russia and the West standards. " (2) wrote that in 1960, ie, exactly eleven years after taking power in a country of the most backward in the world, comparable to Russia in 1917, but much more late in 1949 that India currently.
(...) From this perspective, accusations university mandarins during the Cultural Revolution, tending to impede the restoration of bourgeois role of university elites' -training and move forward creating theory-praxis units, which would join the struggle understood classes, the struggle for production and scientific experiment. The first stage of this triptych was the participation of students in the crafts of the communes and industry. To this end, the academic year comprises several months of manual work. But the claims of a real relationship between workers and students need a new way of University, the involvement of students in rural work does not change its root the institution that is the university, for the direct connection fails. Testing programs to ensure that students, then the pictures, do not constitute a privileged layer are numerous. For example, "over a hundred people in the Tongtsi Shanghai University, have been sent by computers to do research and studies in the fields and factories in August and September this year. Based on his research, he has developed an audacious proposal to reorganize the Tongtsi University, and turn it into a new institution, in a commune. It shall consist of a university, a construction section and a research center, bringing together three functions: teaching, research and construction. " (3)
These attempts prove a fierce will to get rid of the old type of separate student of the longer run also the only manual laborer, towards each other masses. (...)
(1) Cahiers de la Gauche prolétarienne, No 1, Paris, April 1969, p. 71.
(2) E. Snow: La Chine en marche, Stock, Paris 1962, p. 168.
(3) Cahiers de la Gauche prolétarienne, ob. cit., p. 82.

Kansas Rep. Pompeo never met a war he didn’t like

Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, fourth district, is one of the most pro-military leaders to come from Kansas. Pomeo never met a war he didn’t like. He also has full faith that the government’s (NSA) surveillance of American citizens. He believes we are supposed to just trust our government that it will behave just fine.
Pompeo likes to send out newsletters for the benefit of his constituents.
“How odd, a President coming to Congress to ask it to reduce his power to defeat an enemy he has himself indicated must be crushed….
…This draft AUMF would place our troops at risk by limiting their actions on the battlefield, and place Kansans at risk by failing to take the threat from ISIS seriously. Congress will work its will over the coming weeks and, I hope, draft a clear, thoughtful, and strong authorization.”
The reality is that President Barack Obama has wanted an increase in power. The thing Pompeo is doing is to try to make Obama look bad. Since Obama wants to fight the same war, the only thing Pompeo can do is to try to look tougher on the fight against ISIS (Islamic State)
One questions that keeps coming up in the news is “why do young people keep joining ISIS?” John Horgan, a psychologist and professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Center for Terrorism and Security Studies, Told International Business Times:
“They want to find something meaningful for their life. Some are thrill seeking, some are seeking redemption.”
Other professionals are claiming that many people who join up feel they are left out of the society they are living in. They feel isolated and don’t belong. Those are the people who are likely to turn on the society they live in.
And if that is true Pompeo works against his own interest when he makes it clear he is not for ALL his constituents. Pompeo believes in Christians and those are the only constituents he wants to address. He does include the Judeo tradition, but cuts out non-believers and non-Christens:
“I was hosted by Pastors Mike Andrus and Phil Thengvall and First Evangelical Free Church in Wichita where I met with a seniors group in their chapel. They allowed me to share my faith journey, my observations about faith in Washington, D.C. and how the American Judeo-Christian history has made our nation exceptional. I assured them that there are men and women of faith in Congress who are working every day to restore America and set us back on the right path.”
Maybe he believes non-Christians should all just stay out of politics because they don’t really belong in this country. He doesn’t seem to realize that Muslims living here are more likely to join a group as ISIS if they are made to feel they aren’t really a part of this country. Pompeo needs to give his constituents more consideration. He might try by being tolerant of those who are different.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Panama—Maoists grieve the loss of Comrade Enrique Castillero

Probably a lot of my US comrades are unaware that there is a Maoist party in Panama, the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama. Not only does this party exist but it is quite active—at least on the internet. The party has some websites and a very active blog called; Luminoso futuro (Bright Future).  The blog and web site are also a part of the Red de Blogs Comunistas’ blog collective. Otto’s War Room is also a part of that collective.
These Maoists have just recently lost an important member of their organization; Secretary General of the Central Committee Comrade ENRIQUE ANTONIO CASTILLERO GONZALEZ. So I am posting this to honor their fallen comrade. This letter was translated by Google.

Dear comrades;

 The Political Committee and the Central Committee of our party, the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama, with pain and sorrow, informs you that this 19 February
2015 our dear Secretary General of the Central Committee Comrade ENRIQUE ANTONIO CASTILLERO GONZALEZ has passed away. This has left Comrade Enrique Castillero, at 78 years of age, a victim of a painful cancerous disease.

He has ridden a long terminal phase of four years. Disease and prostration which have not diminished in any moment his theoretical and practical work policy and organizational capacity, nor his efforts and commitment in building our party, the (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party of Panama, as a revolutionary political tool needed to conquer the national and popular sovereignty, national independence, the new popular democracy and the complete victory of the revolution socialist proletarian and the bright communist future of our country.

His teachings and rich revolutionary political experience accumulated over 63 years of unwavering activity proletarian revolutionary-from an early age, typographic worker, has been linked to the labor movement and working masses and popular- have been a rich source of inspiration and guidance for all of us, his comrades and brothers of class.

Comrade Enrique Castillero, firm Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, has always been at the forefront in the fight of authentic  Panama Communists in combat rightist opportunism and reformism, against revisionism and Browderist and kruschevista in reporting that tengxiaopinista that increasingly infeccionaba the heroic Communist Party of China and all the young International Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist).

The dear comrade Enrique Castillero, in the course of his long communist militant, Marxist-Leninist, was a wise leader and Conductor of the Maoist Communist Panama in its Long March that has given life to the Communist Party (ML) of Panama, his most beloved son. He was found at the head of fifteen pioneers who have begun the construction of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Movement Panama. Organizer, first, of the Revolutionary Communist Party Panama; then its dissolution in shaping the Frente Obrero Socialista (ml) and culminating in laying the theoretical foundations and
policies of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama. A great political and moral debt has contracted the working class, people and the Panamanian nation with this proletarian revolutionary, communism, its flagship son. He in pomp magna, with proletarian humility and firmness, has entered the history of the communist and Maoist movement in our country.

Today, our dear comrade Castillero Enrique Gonzalez has left. He leaves a void difficult to fill. You now wanted a Comrade, rests us your comrades, successors and class brothers, is our commitment to you, we will not drop the big red flag for your ideals and take a beating. Panama will be communist or sink into the sea!

The Political Committee and the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama extend their deepest condolences to his companion wife, family and other mourners, urging them to turn pain into strength. Surely that's ideal for who lived and died Comrade Enrique Castillero are embodied in you and us his comrades and brothers of class.

P. Villarreal Amilkar
Secretary General
Quibian Gaytan

Monday, February 23, 2015

Manipur Maoists to hold a Solidarity Evening for the Communist Party of Philippines

The following letter was sent to my email. Although I can't make this event (most likely no one I know will) I am printing this so others can witness the solidarity between these two M-L-M parties in Asia. This blog supports both parties and their revolutionary activities. There may be some differences between these two parties as well as some differences between US revolutionaries as myself—but the important thing is that we Maoist can agree and find common ground. In these countries were Maoist parties have been successful in organizing  mass movements and revolution, we in the US can stand in solidarity with them.

From Maoist Communist Party Manipur:

To The Central Committee,
The Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of our party, the Maoist Communist Party Manipur (Manipur Maoist) of the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people in Manipur, we send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt Yawolna Yaifare to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), Brave Filipino People’s Army, New People’s Army (NPA) and Its Revolutionary Masses.

As representing an Proletarian Internationalist Party, Manipur Maoist, It’s my pleasure to declare that An event called ' A Solidarity Evening with Filipino Comrades ' is to be organized in Manipur by our Party in support of the Revolution of the Filipino people led by Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) which is waging a victorious Peoples War as a part of the World Socialist Revolution, on the International Women's Day that falls on the 8th March-2015.
There would be visual(video) show, discussion program and leaflet distribution in various schools, colleges, institutions, work places and revolutionary Areas focusing on how New People's Army (NPA), People’s army of Philippines  has been facing and encountering very bravely and firmly with great enthusiasm.
The world is progressing, the future is bright and no one can change this general trend of history. We should carry on constant propaganda among the people on the facts of world progress and the bright future ahead so that they will build their confidence in victory.

Red Thunder, the monthly journal of the party, in its continuous publication, the (XVIII) Issue will be published and distributed on this precious day. This volume consists and is mainly based on the background and current activities of the Revolution led by CPP.
Manipur Maoist was formed and established on the 10th August 2011. During this short span of time the Party can occupy and carve a special niche on the World Socialist Revolution when the party is organizing a Solidarity event in support of Filipino Revolution as an initial duty of the party on Proletarian internationalism. Manipur Maoist shall take its responsibility and perform its duty of Proletarian Internationalism persistently and consistently. This is the first kind of event in the history of Manipur Maoist taking the responsibility of proletarian Internationalism.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Long live the proletarian Internationalism!
Long live the unity of the international Proletariat, revolutionary and democratic forces and the oppressed nations and peoples of the all over the world!
Yawolna Yaifare.

In Struggle,

Comrade Ngamtaaipa Meitei
International Department,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

Comment from our local newspaper—"Not our war"

A letter I submitted to The Wichita Eagle:

I see a lot of letters, such as “Obama no leader” (Feb. 8 Letters to the Editor), complaining that President Obama doesn’t do enough as a leader to take on ISIS. I think he has gone too far.
All we have to do is look at the Kurds to see that people who take an interest in their own democratic institutions are willing to fight ISIS and win. In Iraq, lots of land was originally lost to ISIS because the people do not respect the puppet government this country installed there thanks to President Bush.
There are also countries with no democracy or input from their people, such as Saudi Arabia. They don’t need the support or effort of their army because they just count on the United States to go in and fight for them.
We need to start letting these other countries fight their own war and get out of the Middle East. That fight is over land, oil and other resources, all of which do not justify the kind of military intervention we are involved with now.
This is not about our freedom or democracy.
This is not our war, and we do not need to waste our troops or resources in someone else’s battles.


Oscars vindicate Edward Snowden! —Citizenfour honored

In a star-studded vindication of Edward Snowden, the Oscars gave the award for best documentary to Citizenfour, a documentary about Snowden. Not only did the documentary win, but journalist and collaborator Glenn Greenwald gave a positive speech about Snowden and the work he did. This, of course, goes contrary to the statements made by our militarist representative, Mike Pompeo, of the fourth Kansas district. He has called Snowden a traitor and accused him of treason. Pompeo—put this in your pipe and smoke it!!

Citizenfour has won the Oscar for best documentary, for its director Laura Poitras, editor Mathilde Bonnefoy and producer Dirk Wilutzky.
Collecting the award, Poitras, flanked by journalist and collaborator Glenn Greenwald, said: “The disclosures of Edward Snowden don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself. When the decisions that rule us are taken in secret we lose the power to control and govern ourselves.” Poitras thanked Edward Snowden for his “sacrifices”, and added: “I share this award with Glenn Greenwald and the many other journalists who are taking risks to expose the truth.”

For the rest click here.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Right-wing Christian mercenaries snub the leftist- atheist Kurds

An article in Middle East Eye now says that many Christian rightist who went to the Kurdish lands to fight off IS (Islamic State) have left after finding out that most of the people there are both atheists and leftists. Many of these fighters are from YPG, (Kurdish People’s Protection Units/ Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) or from the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistani), a formerly Marxist-Leninist party and guerrilla group. Today those groups have adopted a form of anarchism based on Murray Bookchin’s communalism theories.
According to the Middle East Eye:

According to foreign fighters quoted by AFP, an exodus is currently underway of US and other Western volunteers from the YPG due their left-wing stance, with one US army veteran – referred to as “Scott” – claiming he decided not to join after finding out they were a “bunch of damn Reds.”

And for many of these right-wing mercenaries, they are fighting for Christians and only Christians. They don't seem much different from IS except they are Christian rather than Muslim:

One Christian American volunteer, who called himself Brett, told Reuters that he had joined Dwekh Nawsha (which translates as “Self-sacrifice) in Iraq’s Ninevah province where Christian villages still held out against IS.
“Here I’m fighting for a people and for a faith, and the enemy is much bigger and more brutal,” the army veteran said, comparing it to his time with the US military in Iraq in 2006.
“These are some of the only towns in Nineveh where church bells ring. In every other town the bells have gone silent, and that’s unacceptable.”

One thing is for sure—Few fighters against IS have had the success of the Kurds. They have been fighting for their rights from Turkey for decades. These people have fighting experience and never needed a lot of aid. They also have their own democratic institutions and don't rely on the US to give them everything they need and help the fight off their enemies. They are dedicated, and motivated. They have recovered much of the land that IS took and they have kept it. Few fighters outside the Kurdish regions can make that claim.
Strangely they have adopted a political ideology from an American anarchist communist- Murray Bookchin.
For an example of what Bookchin believes in:

Indeed, Proudhon's famous declaration that 'whoever puts his hand on me to govern me is an usurper and a tyrant; I declare him my enemy' strongly tilts toward a personalistic, negative freedom that overshadows his opposition to oppressive social institutions and the vision of an anarchist society that he projected. His statement easily blends into William Godwin's distinctly individualistic declaration: 'There is but one power to which I can yield a heartfelt obedience, the decision of my own understanding, the dictates of my own conscience.' Godwin's appeal to the 'authority' of his own understanding and conscience, like Proudhon's condemnation of the 'hand' that threatens to restrict his liberty, gave anarchism an immensely individualistic thrust.
Compelling as such declarations may be — and in the United States they have won considerable admiration from the so-called libertarian (more accurately, proprietarian) right, with its avowals of 'free' enterprise — they reveal an anarchism very much at odds with itself. By contrast, Michael Bakunin and Peter Kropotkin held essentially collectivist views — in Kropotkin's case, explicitly communist ones. Bakunin emphatically prioritized the social over the individual. Society, he writes, 'antedates and at the same time survives every human individual, being in this respect like Nature itself. It is eternal like Nature, or rather, having been born upon our earth, it will last as long as the earth. A radical revolt against society would therefore be just as impossible for man as a revolt against Nature, human society being nothing else but the last great manifestation or creation of Nature upon this earth. And an individual who would want to rebel against society . . . would place himself beyond the pale of real existence.'[1]

This may not be Marxist-Leninism or Maoism but it makes for an interesting experiment in what can be accomplished when a theory is put in practice.[2] They also have many atheist among them and that also makes them unique. Even if these people are not adopting the right political ideology, they offer a positive attempt to create something better than what IS or the other Muslim movements have to offer. In some ways their anarchist views may not be that different from Marxist-Leninism or Maoism.
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[2] See also Mao Zedong/泽东  , ON PRACTICE,
On the Relation Between Knowledge and Practice, Between Knowing and Doing.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Kansas State Legislature is infuriating

From F5:

Whoa, Nellie. Who are those yahoos and who sent them to Topeka to run our state? The Kansas Legislature is, in many of its actions, certifiably bat-crap crazy. Do these folks represent the people of the state or are they sleepers, seeming reasonable enough to win in a district with no Democratic candidate, until they get to the capital? This is a legislature which was ordered by the Kansas Supreme Court to up their game in funding the state's schools in order to carry out their Constitutional mandate to adequately support education. They all claim to be supporters of education, though they draw the line at frills like pianos, art classes, etc. While the funding they offer may be more than last year (and I am not sure that it really will turn out that way), it does not keep up with the rising cost of doing the schools' business. Most districts are looking at drastic mid-year cuts and deeper cuts next year. The only labor union left with enough clout to oppose the Brownshirts' plans is that of the teachers. The KNEA and affiliated organizations can turn out lots of boots on the ground during any election campaign. So, it seems, they must be broken. Last session, the legislature voted to end tenure rights for teachers. This is a big step toward making it possible to fire any teacher for any reason. The hitch was that tenure rights could be part of a negotiated agreement and therefore survive the legislature's assault.
For the rest click here.