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Friday, July 29, 2016

MCP of Manipur- Imperialist powers responsible for ISIS

From Maoist Revolution/ Maoist Communist Party Manipur:

The world is in a state of quandary after the Paris Massacre which claimed hundreds of innocent lives. This carnage is the product of the military interventions which was spearheaded by the USA, UK, France and other European countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and elsewhere.  Imperialist countries organize such “conspiracies” to consolidate the mandate of using naked disproportionate aggression against the people and other nation. So we must condemn the Imperialist Countries who created and supported the ISIS against the people and against those who intervened to their interests, profits, oil, and geopolitical control of strategic areas of the world. It is the imperialist, Fascist governments who are most to be blame for such Mindless Bloodbath. Let's remember and compare how Kurdish freedom fighters in Kobani fights against ISIS and How the Imperialist destroyed  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. 

Paris Massacre is a new dramatic and dangerous development to legalize the air-strikes in the name of Democracy and Justice to suppress the genuine revolutionary movement around the glove. It is a new policy which becomes more and more aggressive against the peoples and the working class in order to overcome its crisis. We can see the same process in India, after the successes of Brahmanical Hindu-fascist represented by BJP at the helm of the Government approving air strikes against Indian Maoist.

In the mid of such political mayhem, we are very happy to know that an International Meeting of the Maoist will be held on the 21st November 2016 in France under the aegis of Maoist Communist Party-Italy and Bloc Rouge(Unification of the Maoist) in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the revolt in the Banlieus. Our party which carries forward the legacy of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot had always considered the new democratic revolution that we are preparing in Manipur as an integral part of the world socialist revolution, the party a vanguard contingent of the world proletariat. We are immensely happy for this great significant development initiated by Maoist Communist Party- Italy and Bloc Rouge (Unification of the Maoist)- France.
We,the Manipur Maoist, extend our sincere greetings on the occasion and wish the occasion a grand success.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism.
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
Yawolna Yaifare.

In Struggle,

Comrade Ngamtaaipa Meitei
International Department,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Translated from Spanish to English with Google;

"Fighting is to survive, to make peace is to perish" is the conclusion of the supporters of the resistance; "Make peace is to survive fight is to perish" is the conclusion of supporters of peace. "[1]
Chairman Mao Tse-tung

The fact that the FARC has signed a peace treaty with the Colombian government does not draw attention. While it is true he has been fighting about for 50 years, half of these has been proposed "ceasefire" "ceasefire", "create dialogue tables", "build peace", "bilateral ceasefire "" unilateral ceasefire "etc., etc.

In 1982, under the regime of Belisario Betancourt, the FARC and the state managed to define mechanisms that approached a series of talks for "peace", giving openness to a political practice that disconcerted not only their partners (the old State Colombia) guerrillas but the rest of Latin America.

Betancourt in 1984 achieved the demobilization of some combatants of the FARC and these give way to the formation of the Patriotic Union (UP), a strategy that argued the creation of "legal front" constitutionalist; a dangerous political duality that ended the lives of the majority of its members.

With Gaviria was no different and with Pastrana alone (1998). In fact, here the FARC achieve the rule deliver them an important area in Caqueta [2], all to create the environment to allow converge on the so-called "peace." Obviously, progress was made on the issue but failed to materialize. And so to this day where the "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" was subject to a certain death and in fact apparently already took shape and found his niche within the space of political mobility of bourgeois democracy.

We might consider that the origins of the FARC in Marquetalia reflected an objective effort to hold a fair peasant war, expressing the deep contradictions between large landowners and landless peasants. The feudal and semi-feudal relations of production pervivían then lined the way to go.

While this was a bourgeois democratic exercise, it is clear that the absence of a correct address class made the process gradually take different paths to nest in the small bourgeois reformism and he mimics the pseudo-Marxist discourse.

Possibly the ideological mutation FARC becomes dramatic when they decide to align with one of the most protervas expressions of revisionism: Khrushchev and other satraps of the imperialist social reaction. It is important to say that did not lose the perspective of Guevarism, hence the spirit of wandering and suicidal underestimation of the role of the masses in the revolutionary war.

The "Bolivarian revolution" was, in terms ideological which has strengthened this revisionist catalyst to get them to the tail of the big bourgeoisie, the big landowners, pandering to imperialism with its Latin American strategy of "demobilization of armed movements" and of course, the Castro revisionism not yield in its efforts to remain the midwife of disenchantment.

The important military structure of this guerrilla and no less talkative firepower has puzzled many revolutionaries in the world. The radicality in the method has been useful to disguise the ideological rickets. That is, radicals with ideology-weak weapons. reformist-revolutionary strength squalor.

Away are the FARC have been a revolutionary guerrilla. His reformism has been exposed permanently. Perhaps the latest statements from his commander, Timoleon Jimenez (Timoshenko) have the ability to simplify their political and ideological essence:

 "... This is not a process that is aimed against entrepreneurship. This is not a process that is aimed to overthrow the Colombian government, is a process that is trying to create the conditions for transformations occurring in Colombia to let us kill ideas that everyone defends "

"... What we want is a Colombia to develop. The productive forces develop. We need to rescue the domestic industry, we rescue the riches ... "

As they say lawyers, "a confession of a party relay tests." It is obvious that this speech is not new, is not a product of the FARC living situation, or at least its spurious command, this has been the political sense that has been dragging for decades. Nor against employers, nor against the state. "To develop the productive forces", how interesting, Nomás they forget that within these productive forces there are relations of production and that these relations generate irreconcilable antagonisms and that they can only be solved with revolutionary violence, or we will have to ask the big bourgeoisie, the big landowners and imperialism if they are willing to put aside their interests without a fight bloody resistance (?).

 Already in practice things they were not displayed different. Successful enough that analysis that make the comrades of the UOC (Workers Union of Colombia) that the FARC ended disputing landowners, state, paramilitary (etc.) the extraordinary ground rent, beating out two big losers: the poor and the wage laborer peasantry. In fact anti reformism became popular, and certainly anti proletarian.

You can not ignore those great military campaigns waged by the FARC that did not aim to destroy and build, to generate power at all, basically those fights only pointed to become true mechanisms of pressure to induce the distinction successive governments attend famous affable negotiating table in the interests of the command conditions.

But you have to see exactly what is behind the "pacification" of the FARC. In this regard we have no doubt it is to mimic the defeat of the armed revisionism in Colombia in an apparent "stagnation of war" [3]. That's the point, without underestimating the fact that the armed movements of this order, for now, are not functional to imperialism nor the reaction using them as a pretext to unleash the most ruthless repression against the just popular rebellion him, and Ideological and organizationally this DISARM THE class and the masses.

The demobilization of the FARC rises from the speech of the false bourgeois peace which contrasts totally and antagonistically with the just and legitimate desire to have the masses of peace, but not one that stated Obama, Raul and Fidel Castro, Santos, his general and the FARC [4], but the peace is won by eliminating production relations that generate exploitation, shame, misery, hunger, pain. The masses, and in them most particularly the proletariat, claim the peace that involves multilateral termination of this comprehensive violence, multifaceted, which generates a country subjected by imperialism and incompatible productive regime with historical requirements of workers and other masses exploited.

We must highlight an important issue. Not that the proletariat and peoples of the world because we acongojemos demobilize the FARC or regret they do and why they shout capitulators !, traitors !, as I do (from a unilateral position) would assume your control program , forms of organization, combat and especially its base or ideological foundation was right, or even more, the masses are to be "orphan" of revolutionary leadership, NO !, WHATSOEVER !; anyway to those who have betrayed it has been his own comrades and obviously the people of Colombia that the story of this revolution (Bolivarian) swallowed and generously gave their blood at the end of account has been trafficked to strengthen the bourgeois thesis the false universality of the state conceptions, peace, democracy, freedom, and of course, the political greed of their commanders with dog dreams look like Congress or sitting on the other bureaucratic apparatus of the old state.

We do not doubt that at the base and middle management sectors FARC has truly committed to his people. But that commitment will lose totally sense if it is not run by the correct ideological line (proletarian), but has the support of a correct Communist Party, on a platform of consistent struggle with the Colombian reality and of course, on the basis of the People's War. Persist in what has hitherto been the FARC will be as enliven a political corpse after a few steps and fall back reissue new agreement will soon be presented.


The impact of the capitulation of the FARC in Ecuador has a lot of weight, perhaps more than in other countries.

Ecuador has historically been the "back room" of the Colombian guerrillas. The support it has given to this guerrilla "revolutionary" Ecuadorian has been mixed. Hoxista efforts PLA revisionism who stayed in the PCMLE and did not become a revisionist monstrosity but no light, no clarity, no ability to penetrate within our people. Later the M19 generated AVC, a jarring organization that repeated step by step what his mentor. The ELN and its impact on small groups that never matured or finished off because we must recognize the Colombian guerrilla transmitting the full format: ideology, forms of organization, armed proposal and of course, many other defects that have become tight obstacle to the development of real revolutionary processes in the country.

Ecuadorian revolutionaries have been bound to be a logistical tool for the Colombian guerrillas, its strategic rear.

The message that sends the FARC and all his acolytes in the country is the peace, the bourgeois-landlord peace, peace of disarmament but that leaves absolutely open all the wounds can not be healed by the electoral, bureaucratic privileges, constitutional.

The country already left the revisionists to cast their vaunted arguments intended to justify what happened in Colombia, but beyond that, to confuse the masses and the class on their fundamental tasks facing organize and prepare the People's War as and valid only mechanism for the destruction of the old state and the construction of new power track.

The PCMLE: "The armed struggle as a way to seize power has not failed; political and social circumstances force prioritize other forms of struggle of the masses to allow greater and more rapid accumulation of forces to seize power. "

The Ecuadorian Communist Party: "We welcome the successful peace processes in Colombia. This ceasefire is the beginning of a change in Colombian sister country. "

The Ecuadorian Socialist Party: "One Colombia without armed conflict will be a great opportunity for democratic consolidation and crystallization of the enormous economic potential of the country (...) Peace is an old and deep longing of Colombian society, its realization requires the expectant society abandon its stance and actively participate in its construction. "

And under that same tenor other sectors of revisionism and opportunism release their vomiting that spread the apparent benefits of the "democratic participation, peace," Farewell to Arms ".

The message that sends the demobilization of the FARC through its Ecuadorian spokesmen is the impracticality of revolutionary violence, to the end, for them, 50 years of war has not stopped but only destruction and victims, reducing the problem of war tara and his ideological war strategy outdated and inconsistent with the reality of our peoples.

The message of the demobilization of the FARC collecting the regime of fascist Correa is that not everyone will surrender their weapons and must be standing alert the armed forces to neutralize the series of criminal gangs that are to be formed and "come to the country to commit crimes". That's what you think the correísta regime fighters of the FARC, who are "potential criminals". And under the repressive apparatus that argument continue gulping the national budget and give free rein to their repressive voracity with those who we do not agree with that "peace".

About related to the FARC, fascist Correa, a few weeks ago purposes, he announced the country that the government would become an interlocutor between the paramilitary regime Santos and Che Guevara ELN guerrillas to overtake demobilization talks in Ecuador.
The knowledge of the ELN, the knowledge of the narco-paramilitary government of Santos, the knowledge of the fascist Correa, our people and their vanguard class, the proletariat, rejects the presence of delegates of the old state of Colombia and ELN members in national territory using it as a base of imperialism to deploy its strategy of disarmament of peoples and delegitimize the use of arms as a legitimate right of the exploited.


The role that has fulfilled the putrid Cuban leadership throughout this process has been crucial.

For several years Fidel Castro has been dedicated to delegitimize the use of violence to seize power. Not only that, the qualifies of extemporaneous and not infrequently aroused the FARC to lay down their arms. No different Raul Castro, who apparently took on the task of tending the demobilization of armed opposition groups as an imperialist mandate and seeks to demarcate the distances between revolutionary violence and the transformation of society, of course, behind this is to be complacent and benevolent with US foreign policy.

As our people say, "incendiaries firefighters." This is essential in the analysis, it must be assessed in its proper dimension the role that it has met the Cuban revisionism in the demobilization of armed processes in Latin America, and it must be said, even from the revisionism have done so well that no we doubt Obama and imperialism must be so happy, as much as Santos, Timoshenko, and the entire reaction the planet. In other words, what has not been able or wanted to do the bourgeois army of Colombia Castro has done since its oracle of revisionism.

The Fariano speech manifests unique, different, and even "guarantor of peace". But worth asking, does the number of political-military organizations, parties, armed movements and demobilized in Colombia not hawking the same?

The PLA (hoxista), the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), the Quintin Lame Armed Movement, the ADO (Self-Defense Obrera), the Ricardo Franco, the M19, the FARC and the ELN that sooner or later it will because that is the nature of the petty bourgeoisie.

All these organizations ended up taking the idea that under the umbrella of bourgeois democracy could do politics and conquer the once objectives set out with weapons. Too bad they realized too late because by left the vital efforts of courageous sons of the people who believed in the revolutionary slogans of the guerrilla commanders who knew that the corollary to their wars ended in the gallows of the old democracy and in it, the bureaucratic way.


It would seem that with the demobilization of the FARC the path of armed struggle in Latin America closes. At least that is what they will disclose to the four winds imperialism, Castro and the reaction from another perspective the Movadef entrenched in Peru.

But hyenas are dreams, dreams of reformism, dreams of imperialism.

Violence is not the heritage of the old state, much less of revisionism. The People's War, that if heritage of the proletariat, and must be understood well. Today the FARC to throw ravine is not a problem, the problem is in what to do? And you have to start there. Lenin simplified it masterfully, the subject of the instrument, the Party. Build and ideologically strengthen a communist party that meets the historical tasks of the proletariat to address specific objectives as have the instruments to the revolution, to organize the People's War within the village, untie unceremoniously against the enemies of the class and the people; destroy the old state and replace it with the new, the new power.

And on that task the proletariat of Colombia has advanced enough, there is only forge, persist, build, persist; the People's War will do the rest, we doubt not the case in Colombia, in Ecuador, in Latin America, in the world.

Once again ENDORSES THE THESIS THE CHAIRMAN MAO: revisionism is the main danger of revolution.
LONG LIVE MARXISM-Leninism-Maoism!

[1][1] Mao Tse-tung, CONTRA LAS ACTIVIDADES CAPITULADORAS. Obras Escogidas de Mao Tse-tung Tomo II,
[2] [2]42 mil kilómetros cuadrados en San Miguel del Caguán.
[3] [3]La tesis del llamado “estancamiento de la guerra” ya fue expuesta por el revisionismo armado en El Salvador, en los años 80´ del siglo pasado. Bajo esta figura se patrocina la idea del “diálogo”, la “paz”. Un  burdo argumento en el que de la noche a la mañana la guerrilla se da cuenta de que no puede derrotar las fuerzas vivas del enemigo, pero eso sí, que éstas tampoco pueden derrotar a la insurgencia. Pierden la perspectiva de la guerra y caen en la estrategia del enemigo que propugna precisamente eso, seducir a los comandantes para que puedan acceder al Congreso o Asamblea, y obvio, éstos arrastran a sus combatientes a la ilusión democrático-burguesa.
[4] Curiosamente Obama, Raúl Castro, Santos y las FARC coinciden en los propósitos, argumentos y viabilidad de la paz bajo una premisa fundamental: la legitimación de la democracia como instrumento político que permite el acceso a las distintas corrientes ideológicas sin que su geometría se vea alterada en absoluto. Las FARC se da modos, de un plumazo (por lo menos lo intenta mientras el discurso le sea funcional a su viejo reformismo), de mandar al carajo las tesis marxistas sobre el carácter de clase que tiene la democracia, el estado, etc.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Fox News attacks mild use of herbs — poppy pod tea — more lies, more hype!

With all the media hype about people using heroin and pharmaceutical narcotics, I knew that members of the media would eventually jump on the sale of poppy pods. I've known a few friends who occasionally order boxes of poppy pods. Their pods just happen to be opium poppies. Those poppies are the easiest to use commercially, even when they are not being used for drugs. But my friends grind them up and make a tea. It relaxes them and they enjoy their use. It seems harmless to me and my friends have used this stuff for years.  
Last year a member of Faux (Fox) News found out, that a person can buy such pods from outlet stores that provide supplies for floral  arrangements and other crafts. The article I saw was called "Opiates disguised as crafting supplies easily bought online." This article includes the usual hype that it is possible to buy opium poppy pods as craft supplies. It is true these supplies can be purchased. But not many people who buy them right now, use them for making tea.
The whole article revolves around a professor and his daily use of these pods:

"The beloved husband and teacher suffered a massive coronary. The death certificate lists opium addiction as contributing to heart failure."

Normally opium (and opiate) use does not cause heart attacks. This is true even when people are in withdrawals. The article admits:

"The death certificate lists opium addiction as contributing to heart failure."

But not the main cause or the only cause. When a person dies while using any amount of drugs it seems common for the cause to be listed, officially, as drug use, when if fact drug users die all the time and that doesn't mean it was because of the drug use. There seems to be a media trend of blaming drugs for a person's death just because the person had those drugs in their system at the time of death.
As the article went on, the professors wife received several boxes of poppy pods that were pre-ordered:

"Sally Sears (the author of this piece) opened the first box with renowned drug addiction specialist Dr. Paul Early and he confirmed the flower husks contain morphine and codeine. To put it bluntly, heroin."  

Opium is not heroin. This is a blatantly false statement. Heroin is Diacetylmorphine and is made by exposing morphine hydrochloride to acetic acid. It is not morphine or codeine. This is an example of hype and exaggeration.  
One thing interesting about this article is that the professor had gotten boxes every day:
"As she struggled to settle her late husband's affairs, the grieving widow was stunned as boxes continued to arrive by mail, almost every day."

That stuff is expensive. A half-pound box may cost between $120 to $200. At the rate she described he must have spent at least $500 a week. Most people can't afford that. And he was living on a professors salary.

"Highly addictive drugs, readily available, is always a bad idea," said Early. "Opiates cause a general sense of peace and tranquility."
But that sense of peace and tranquility doesn't last. It soon becomes a hungry monster that's harder and harder to feed."

But not everyone who uses this becomes addicted to it. Most people who do it order it maybe once a month or less. Fox conservatives have shown their hypocrisy with this article. They always complain that government should stay off our backs and out of our lives. They write and talk all the time about liberals wanting to control them. But their attitude is different when it comes to making personal choices about how we chose to live. Drug use has always been unpopular with conservatives, mostly because of religious prejudices and because of fears it will decrease worker's productivity.
But if we are to be a free society  people should be able to live by their own religious standards. People have a right to use herbal plants as they see fit, as either recreation or self medication. There are a lot of herbal plants that may hold some dangers, but most can be used in a relatively safe way.[1] Besides poppy tea, this includes marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and coca tea (which is legal in some countries and can also be ordered online). Not only are these products relatively harmless in their natural form they are less dangerous than alcohol. Alcohol can destroy the liver, impairs judgment to a much greater extent than herbs, can cause withdrawals and it is far more likely to kill a person than opiate withdrawals. Drinking alcohol causes a lot of health problems and yet it is completely legal for someone to use it. For some alcoholics less dangerous drugs, such as marijuana or poppy tea, may help wean them off of drink.
I'm glad this article didn't spur any more hype than it did. As free citizens we need to have the freedom to chose what we use and how we use it. Employers should judge workers on the work they do and not what they do outside of work. Our lives are ours when we are not at work. If people end up addicted to drugs they need to get treatment. That treatment needs to be made available. But let those who use mild forms of intoxicants alone.

 -សតិវ អតុ

[1] See Steve Otto, War on Drugs or War on People?, (Ide House, Las Colinas, Texas) 1995, p. 190.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Turkey: What happened on 15th July : We will not surrender to AKP Fascism

From Democracy and Class Struggle/ Halk Cephesi (People’s Front) – International Relations Committee:

What happened on 15th July?

We will not surrender to AKP 
(Justice and Development Party)  fascism!

Nor can the people surrender to the AKP declaration of a state of emergency!

On the night of 15th July, the clash between imperialism’s two puppets resulted in a coup attempt and since it was suppressed, a show of strength by the AKP.

The roots of the coup go back to 2012 and are a result of the power struggle between the AKP and Fethullah Gülen, who for a time was ensconced within the AKP. Both are collaborators with imperialism, both exploit the Islamic feelings of the people and both groups collaborated up to 2012 and deepened the exploitation of the peoples of Turkey.

The source of the clash between the two is who will profit more from turning the wheel of exploitation!

For this reason all the talk in the media about democracy is nothing but lies!

The commanders who in Roboski murdered 35 people and are now called “putschists who had betrayed the homeland” supported Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the end, and the commanders who in this period were highly decorated for their services by Recep Tayyip Erdogan are now being called putschists.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan for that matter cannot be anointed as some apostle of democracy since the coup attempt. Since the day he came to power, the blood of every one among our people murdered, tortured in the prisons, shot dead in their homes is on his hands!

And the chief responsibility for the massacres in Kurdistan lies with none other than President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The peoples of Turkey know coups well.

They experienced the 1980 coup and know very well that a people that resisted this coup and was massacred and that the AKP which was “elected” and brought to power with the support of imperialism did nothing to investigate the 1980 coup.

And even in the decisions taken after 15th July there are no moves to investigate the 1980 junta.

15th July… 240 people killed...
8,660 people detained...
6,319 soldiers, 1,481 judges and prosecutors and 650 civilians have been detained, 990 people jailed.

In Turkey as a whole proceedings have been started against 2,843 judges and prosecutors.
979 judges and prosecutors have been detained, 632 jailed.

Among members of the State High Court and Court of Appeal, 113 judges and prosecutors have been detained and 112 imprisoned!
48 members of the State High Court have been fired!

In three days 55,403 civil servants have been fired.
21,738 workers in the National Education Ministry have been fired…

In private teaching establishments, 21,000 teachers have had their teaching licences revoked.
In both central and provincial organisations of the Interior Ministry, 8,777 personnel have been dismissed from duty...

The resignation of 1,577 deans has been demanded in YÖK (translator’s note: Higher Education Council, itself a state control body in higher education created after the 1980 coup).
4 university rectors have been detained!

And after a ministerial meeting on July 20, a three-month state of emergency has been declared!
So, in purges throughout Turkey, bans on going out into the street, executions on the street in broad daylight, bans on publication, searches, the closing of associations, and CONTROL and BANS of every kind of film, song, poem and book are being LEGALISED!

All these decisions and practices differ in no way from the 12th September (1980) junta!

We do not recognise the AKP state of emergency declaration!

We will not surrender to fascism!!

Halk Cephesi (People’s Front) – International Relations Committee
21st July 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

CIA-Vetted, "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Behead Palestinian Child

While the US government, especially under Barack Obama, has used the "moral" arguments that the Bashar al-Assad regime has murdered many of his own people, they have backed rebels they claim are "moderate." Here is an example of what these so-called "moderate" are capable of. In a gruesome video they cut off the head of a young Palestinian boy they wounded. They accused him of supporting Assad. So they beheaded him on the back of a pick-up truck. For me this was disgusting. For the average American citizen, this should be one more piece of evidence that these rebels and all other rebels this country wants to support, don't deserve any support.

 -សតិវ អតុ

From  PJ Media:

Should U.S. taxpayers take comfort in the fact that the CIA-supported "vetted moderate" rebels are only moderately beheading children?
That's the question after shocking video emerged yesterday of fighters of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki beheading a wounded Palestinian child near Aleppo.
What is most interesting is that Zinki had been promoted by the D.C. foreign policy "smart set" as an alternative to ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda's official affiliate in Syria.
The Daily Beast reports:
Members of an American-backed rebel group in Syria beheaded a young child in a grisly execution video.
The footage surfaced early Tuesday of members of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki and a captured child in Handarat, near Aleppo. The young boy, who appears to be prepubescent, is then executed on the back of a pickup truck.
For the rest click here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Goebbels’ disciples tackle Syria

I think this is one of the better analysis of the situation in Syria that I have yet to see.  -សតិវ អតុ

From Voltairenet.Org:
Professor Domenico Losurdo pinpoints several inconsistencies in the Western rhetoric against Syria. They reveal that the problem is not where we think it is and that the discourse aims to justify a war, not to report the facts.

By Domenico Losurdo
What is the nature of the conflict that has engulfed Syria in recent months? Through this article, I wish to invite all those who uphold the cause of peace and democracy in international relations to ask themselves a few basic questions, which, for my part, I will try to respond to by giving the limelight to newspapers and journalists which can not be suspected of complicity with the leadership in Damascus.
1. In the first place, it would be advisable to find out what the conditions prevailing in this Middle Eastern country were before the Assads (father and son) and the current regime came to power in 1970. Well, before then, "the Syrian Republic was a weak and unstable state, an arena in which regional and international rivalries were played out;" the events of recent months have pushed Syria back to its "pre-1970 state." Such are the terms used by Itamar Rabinovitch, former Israeli ambassador to Washington, in The International Herald Tribune [1]. The first conclusion that can be drawn is: The revolt supported primarily by the United States and the European Union could push Syria back to a semi-colonial condition.

For the rest click here.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has made a 180 degree turn during the last election campaign. He has since committed his country to war against Libya and dreams of a confrontation with Syria.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day after day...I watch the news...and get a head ache

This was written and posted a few days ago. After hearing the terrible news delivery of the major news outlets for the Republican National Convention, I thought this article was especailly relevant. It is bad enough we have a phoney democracy— a two party system, where the parties are only marginally different. But some news outlest treat the players as if they are rock stars at a concert. There is no real honest anylisis of these people or their party (Republican). --សតិវ អតុ

Day after day, I turn on my TV to see the early morning news. It is mostly Good Morning America(ABC) and it is more about celebrities than anything else. They have the latest boy band, or woman singer, or some woman that decided her voice was great so she video taped her singing the Star Spangle Banner at the Lincoln Memorial and it went viral (a phrase I'm beginning to get sick of). (This is especially relevant since the RNC had its own cutesy Star Spangle Banner singer.) An instant celebrity, easy as can be.
But what about actual news. It's there. buried beneath the next "Dances with the Stars" winners and other useless crap. Who gets blown up in a terrorist attack, who gets bombed in the middle east and who is ahead in the elections is only a small detail of the day.

I get a head ache watching that stuff. I can turn to other stations but they are just barely any different. So every station I watch in the morning gives me a head ache and I barely get any real news. I do learn about the latest air headed celebrities that I have no real interest in knowing anything about. Maybe if I were 13 again I would like this kind of news...but I'm not.

Are they News makers or the news itself?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

More troops will be sent to shore up the US puppet government in Afghanistan

On one hand newspapers across the country are running an article called; Gen. John Nicholson: "U.S. support of Afghans could be game-changer." Such an article ran in our own local town newspaper; The Wichita Eagle. But is it really a game changer or does it just signal a prolonged presence in Afghanistan, a country already under US occupation?
Afghanistan is one clear and present example of US imperialism at its worst. This is a country still under military occupation by the US. It has a phoney democracy that limits elections to pro-US political parties. The US overran a recognized sovereign government, made up of Afghans in 2001, and replaced it with a US clone, a program now called "nation-building" a model that was first developed in Iraq. Such governments are likely to become more common if a Republican retakes the White House. However President Barack Obama is not waiting around for that. He has already allowed the military to send more troops to Afghanistan and they will be taking a greater role in the war. It's not a coincidence that Obama is also sending more troops to Iraq. This all means that the Afghan army, that the US military put together, lacks the will to fight for its own foreign occupation against an army made up strictly of Afghans.
Afghanistan is a country that has had to fight off invaders for most of its history. The likely hood of a US puppet democracy is never likely to gain the popularity and respect the US general dream of someday getting. Their dreams are more like pipe dreams. While the general below calls the extra troops a game-changer, we can easily see that it is more of a confession that the war is not working. The locals don't want to fight for their own enslavement by a foreign power and a phoney puppet government.
-សតិវ អតុ

From Military Times

KABUL, Afghanistan — President Obama's decision to allow more aggressive U.S. military action in support of Afghan combat operations against the Taliban could have a game-changing effect on the long war, Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said Saturday.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Sanctions On North Korea: An Act Of War By Any Measure

International law prohibits the use of food as a weapon. However, the new sanctions declared by the United States drastically inhibit the ability of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to export coal and other commodities on the international market. The new sanctions are part of long history of the United States attacking North Korea’s economy and harming its ability to provide food for the population.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, US leaders have continuously inhibited the ability of the DPRK to maintain its agriculture system while simultaneously accusing the country’s leaders of “starving their own people.” 
Struggling for Agricultural Self-Reliance
The Korean Peninsula has been divided since 1945. The flat lands that can be used for growing food are mainly in the southern part of the country, where tens of thousands of US troops prop up the Republic of Korea.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has control of the mountainous regions.  Socialism has taken hold in the hills and valleys where Kim Il Sung (whose name means ‘becomes the sun’) fought the Japanese occupiers for decades as a beloved folk hero. Kim Il Sung came to lead the Korean Worker Party which calls for Peaceful Re-Unification of the Korean Peninsula, and has established a centrally planned, Soviet-style economy.
While the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has very little arable land, it has plenty of mineral resources. The overwhelming majority of the coal deposits on the Korean Peninsula can be found in the northern regions.
In 1953, when an armistice ended the fighting in the Korean War, one of the greatest challenges facing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was its lack of arable land. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the DPRK constructed a vast coal mining and steel manufacturing apparatus. The DPRK exported coal to other socialist countries in exchange, not just for food, but for the resources to advance its own domestic agricultural system.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

US: Building the movement for an actual revolution in Baton Rouge

From A World to Win News Service:

Many thousands of people hit the streets in protest in cities and towns across the US after the police murders of two Black men, one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the other in St Paul, Minnesota, the latest of the more than 500 people killed by police so far this year. In Baton Rouge on 5 July police grabbed Alton Sterling, who was selling CDs on the street. They held him down on the pavement, shocked him with an electric Taser and then shot him dead. In St Paul, Philando Castile, who was driving with his girlfriend and her four-year old daughter, was stopped for having a broken tail light on his car. When he reached for his driving license as ordered, police shot him several times. His mother called his killing part of a "silent war against Black people". Police have been killing about a thousand people a year in the last years, almost always with impunity. 

As Revolution, the newspaper and Web site of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA put it, "Despite an incident in Dallas in which five police were killed, this protest must continue and intensify and people continue to seek the cause of the problem and its solution... This chronic police murder comes on top of centuries of the wanton murder of Black people by the official armed forces of the state, by mobs of backward racist white people, and by white individuals – all of which has gone almost totally unpunished. Go back to the slave catchers. Go back to the Ku Klux Klan. Go back to the racist white mobs that drove Black people out of 'white neighbourhoods', beating them and sometimes killing them, and not just one or two but dozens and scores and even hundreds at a time. Go back to the lynch mobs and the 'strange fruit' [bodies hanging from trees]. Go back to the killings of those who had committed the 'crimes' of trying to register Black people to vote, or the 'crime' of going to Sunday school while you were a Black 14-year-old girl in Birmingham. Black lives have never mattered to this white supremacist system, except as a means to amass the much vaunted wealth of this capitalist-imperialist, gold-plated hellhole. As BA [RCP Chairman Bob Avakian] has said, 'There would be no United States as we now know it today without slavery. That is a simple and basic truth.'... This violence in turn is part of something larger – an empire, a whole system, which imprisons, drives from their homes, maims, and kills incredible numbers of people" [all over the world]. (See A Point of Orientation for Right Now,

Resistance continued in many cities throughout the weekend following the murders of Sterling and Castille. Many hundreds of people were arrested as they marched on government buildings and blocked intersections and motorways. "In Baton Rouge, hundreds of people – overwhelmingly Black youth – grouped and regrouped in their repeated efforts to take over Airline Avenue in the face of a heavy, aggressive, and heavily armed police presence," according to Revolution. "Over 100 people were arrested before the night was over; police brought out armoured personnel carriers and carried automatic weapons; they pointed guns in the faces of angry crowds who tried to prevent fellow protesters from being dragged away. But the people were not cowed or intimidated." Following is a 10 July Revolution interview with Carl Dix, spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), USA and co-founder, along with Cornel West, of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Q: How is building the movement for an actual revolution going?

A: The revolutionaries are out in the streets, out among the masses, bringing them the message that this horror is built into the fabric of the system. We've been coming off of Bob Avakian's quote about the role of the police: "The role of the police is not to serve and protect the people. It is to serve and protect the system that rules over the people. To enforce the relations of exploitation and oppression, the conditions of poverty, misery and degradation into which the system has cast people and is determined to keep people in. The law and order the police are about, with all of their brutality and murder, is the law and the order that enforces all this oppression and madness."

And we are challenging anybody to look at those videos of the murder of Alton Sterling and the aftermath of the murder of Philando Castile and challenge the truth of that statement on the role of the police.

We were at, and part of, a march today that was organized by high school students in Baton Rouge to the State Capitol (which is in Baton Rouge). The march drew out hundreds of people. As people were gathering we took out the loudspeaker and I began to speak on that point and saying that this tells us the role of police and it tells us that this horror, that's concentrated by these two incidents, these two murders – but is actually in the context of police getting away with murder again and again and again. And this takes us back to the history of centuries of savage oppression – from the slave chasers to the lynch mobs to the police today. That this horror is built into the fabric of the system. And the way to end it and all the other horrors is to make revolution, overthrow this system and bring in to being a totally different and far better system, and that we in the Revolutionary Communist Party are organizing right now for an actual revolution. I was also able to speak to the leadership that we have for this revolution, in Bob Avakian. And that people need to go to the Website After that, several people from the Revolution Club spoke. And we kind of opened the thing up.

And it was actually very interesting – a couple hundred people gathered around and listened eagerly. And I wound my part up with saying you gotta get a copy of this Message from the leadership of the Revolutionary Communist Party, "Time to Get Organized for an Actual Revolution" [text at]. And then I said to people, "Hold up that message." We had a few people out there distributing it and they held it up. People started going to them to get it.

And then some of the mentors of the high school students who had organized this were saying, you don't want to steal their thunder. They were telling us, this is a high school students' event and you shouldn't be trying to take it over, etc. etc... But then even this divided up because one of the mentors came up to me and began telling me that – and I said well, we're not trying to take it over, but first off, I'm Carl Dix. And she goes, "Ooooh, I'm a fan!" As it turned out, two of the high school students that she had been mentoring had interviewed me at Louisiana State University. That was on the day we got into town and we went to a meeting of a couple of hundred students. We went to the meeting and then afterwards these high school students interviewed me and they were really excited by what they heard and by getting the Message from the Central Committee and they had this woman excited. So she was like, "Oh, that's who you are, I'm a fan, I'm excited to meet you."

There's also this thing of different kinds of people in motion around this murder. All of the speakers at the formal rally were high schoolers. They had told us that at the beginning as part of telling us that I wasn't going to be allowed to speak. And we thought maybe that's true, but maybe that's the way to say, we're not going to let you speak. It turned out that all of the speakers were high school students. And there was talk about the main thing is you gotta vote, that kind of stuff. But at the same time people were talking about dreaming about a world where this doesn't happen. And there was a poem about how terrified people are, but also how that terror has motivated them to act because this has gotta stop. So there were a lot of very good expressions from the stage.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about their dreaming of a world where this didn't happen?

A: Dreaming of a world where this kind of stuff doesn't happen -- referring to the murder of Alton Sterling. So there were different ideas in people's minds and people are waking up to stuff and grappling with what it's gonna take. And expressing some things that aren't gonna to do anything about it, but aspiring to do something about it. It's a very fertile scene.

This march also brought out a lot of college students, a lot of professional people, and it was very multinational. There were whole lot of Black people, but also a good number of white people, people of other nationalities; there were professional people here. It very much was a diversity of people, coming out to stand against this murder.

It isn't yet the case that these kinds of people have connected with the people from the base who are out at the site of the murder and down at the police station in the face of the cops around the murder. But they were marching. They are still in motion. People have not been swept aside by the way that the events in Dallas are being used. That's something that's pretty evident in everything that's happened since Dallas.

Q: So let's go to the resistance. How is that going? The world has seen on TV how police there are aiming rifles, shotguns, pistols at people for demanding justice.

A: Yeah, exactly. I remember being out in the midst of the youth, standing up Friday night at the police station. There was the battle between some of the "responsible leaders", including people who are actually quite close to the youth. At one point a guy who said he was a principal pointed into the crowd and said, "I see a lot of my students here." And a lot of people were nodding their heads, like, "Yeah, I am one of your students." They had a coach get up there and talk about he cared about all of these young people and that's why he wanted them to go home because the police were gonna f- em up if they didn't go home and all of this. But then a lot of the youth started saying, "The police are already fucking us up. Us going home ain't gonna stop that. That's why we're here. We're tired of that and we're not gonna take it anymore." And these more defiant youth weathered that storm of all the entreaties and pleas, plus the intimidation to get them out of the scene. They stayed in the street, blocked traffic, and 30 of them ended up being arrested.

Then about 50 people came back the next day. And it was put on TV. At first, it was just these couple dozen people. And within an hour or two it was like 700 people. And we were out at it and we asked people, what brought you out here? And all kinds of people said, I saw on TV that there was people out here. And that's an expression of the mood: that when people see that there's somebody out there doing something, they want to connect up with it, they want to run and rush and be a part of it.

And there is a great degree of openness to the message of the revolution. I mean we came down with 2,000 Messages and we had to re-order because we were out of them. We had to get thousands more down here. People want to get it. A number of them have wanted to connect with the revolution but they also need to know what the revolution is. We've been working at bringing that out to people and engaging people. Much more needs to be done on that front and can be done.

Q: What about the dimension of peoples' response to there being a leader, BA, who has dared to identify and beyond that actually answer what it says in the Message: "BA has developed answers to why this system can't be reformed... how revolutionary forces could grow from weak to strong, and actually defeat the enemy... how people could then build a new society on the road to emancipating humanity throughout the world... and how to wage the struggles of today to reach that goal. BA's leadership is a huge strength for the revolution: to follow, to learn from, to defend."

A: It starts with nobody knowing who he is. But also, mainly, OK, so, who is he? What does he have to say? What has he done? And people are interested in hearing about BAsics. We've been doing some BAsics quotes, we need to do much more of that.

And we've been emphasizing the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, which was written by BA. And we've been using this thing about how after the revolution people will not be shooting down people – people will no longer be shooting down Black people because we will have defeated these police departments, broken them up and the new public security force would operate on totally different principles -- would sooner lose or risk their own lives than kill or injure innocent people. And we trace that to the BA quote that's in BAsics around Tyisha Miller, we point people to the Constitution.

Q: Is there anything to add in terms of who's coming forward? You were describing different ways and different levels in which people are coming forward. What's the mix out there? Seems like a lot of those who catch the most hell every day under this system are in the streets at night. But from what you're saying, others are taking a stand there as well

A: It shifts a little bit with different activity. Here, this march today, that went to the state capitol building, there was a good representation of white people. I was struck by the diversity of it. This is the march that was called for by the high school students and some college students took it up as well. There were professional people. Three bus loads of people came from New Orleans. There were hundreds of people. Now the thing at night, it is largely Black, maybe overwhelmingly Black. It's not like there aren't any white people. There have been some Black college students who have come out. A Black fraternity came out last night to the protest in front of the police station. And it was significant when they came – they came out at 11 PM because they saw it on TV. And what they saw was a confrontation that was a scene of largely basic masses facing off with the police. And this college fraternity, about half a dozen of their members, they came out sporting their fraternity T-shirts. We saw some students from Southern University (Baton Rouge) and from LSU (whose main campus is in Baton Rouge). They were out the night before -- again with the confrontation with the police. So there is some mixing.

Q: Let's go back to what questions do you see people being up against?

A: In a very real sense people are up against a lot of different ways that they should not confront the system over this. There's the view that don't do it because it's not safe. I mean the high school students got told straight up, you don't want to do anything, because they were going to march to the police station and they got told, don't do that because you could end up in the same kind of situation as Alton Sterling ended up, so back away from that. That's also something that people were told at the police station.

And like I said, there's a very vocal section, of mostly young Black people, but some older Black people as well, who are like, "They are already coming after us." A lot of the people who are most vocal have been young Black women. When we started with the speak-out down at the police headquarters, I spoke, a couple of people from the Revolution Club spoke, and then we began to offer the microphone to other people. And the most eager takers were some of the young Black women who were there.

It was really striking, the way in which people spoke of their fear of what the police murder of Alton Sterling meant for them, for their children, for their brothers, for their fathers. But it was interesting to see the way in which their fear motivated them to act as opposed to fear paralysing them. It was pretty striking. And one of the things that I think we should do, because a lot of those vocal young Black women signed up that they wanted to find out about the revolution and get connected up with the revolution – we should interview them. That's one of the things that we have to do more, actually connect with, and talk to some of these people more about what they're thinking.