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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"People's War" or self defense? —we must know both

Marxist believe in overthrowing capitalism. Many Maoist around the world call for "people's war." In some countries that is obvious. It has been practiced in Peru, India, Nepal, the Philippines and elsewhere. But that is in the third world, or the really poor countries of the undeveloped world. What does "people's war" mean in an industrialized country, such as in the US or Europe?
So far I have only read one declarations of "people's war" from a Maoist party in the industrial first world, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada. They have talked about it, since June, 2005, or possibly before. They have had several articles in print since that time, discussing "people's war." They have an article called, How We Intend to Fight, but they really don't go into a lot of specific details as to what they will do. They do say:

"Through the Revolutionary Communist Party, we will cultivate and organize our resistance. In other words, organize our struggle and our refusal to submit to capitalist exploitation. This struggle in turn will transform the shape of society in a thousand ways. We cannot fully measure it at this point. But unquestionably, the aspect of these transformations will be spectacular. All that is currently in the shadows will become clearer, more obvious and impossible to hide. And this begins with the proletariat, the class the rich despises, and who will appear under a new light: different, daring, brave and sure of itself. The proletariat will transform society and transform itself at the same time."

They talk a lot about resistance, but not how they will do it. Maybe it is not important for them to go into their own forms of people's war for security reasons.
In an article called "In Defense of People's War" they defend their ideas against Curtis Cole, who wrote an opposition to the "people's War" on the Kasama Project. They also discussed some differences they had with him over  “Gonzalo Thought.”[1]
Chairman Gonzalo made war in, Peru, a poor country with large underdeveloped areas. His main mistake was not having any back-up plan in case he was captured. After he was caught, his revolution began to fade. The RCP-Canada is correct that Gonzalo has contributed to the theories of "people's war." They also pointed out that he made some mistakes and they are not Gonzalistas. Gonzalo's ideas would not work well in the US, at present. So does the RCP of Canada mean an actual guerrilla army that lives in the forest lands to make attacks in the city? Does it really just mean more vigilante actions against the state? Or does it mean some kind of militancy? Maybe conditions are different in Canada.
In the US most of us feel an actual guerrilla war will end in our destruction by an over militarized system that is actually waiting for us to launch some type of military adventures. In other words physically attacking them would be doing exactly what they have been waiting for us to do. So we don't want to make things easy on them.
But in the US most of us are not prepared for guerilla war, but we should be and we should start now. Right now in the US, the government has been training for years on various anti-terrorist- -anti-insurgency tactics and they are ready for us if the left decides to take such actions.
We can see from their reaction to the Islamic militant actions or near actions some of the methods they would use against us. Some of these  tactics they may have originally been devised to use against Marxists.
We see, over and over again, FBI agents tricking would-be suicide bombers into buying truckloads of explosives. They scan for people who show an interest in taking up armed Jihad and when they find their victims they pretend to sell them their explosives—only to surprise them with arrest and the explosives don't work. They even did that to a small group of anarchists, in Ohio, who wanted to blow up a bridge. If a friend says they can get explosives—run away. They are sure to be FBI agents or have been in contact with such agents.
We know they spy on us on the internet and they infiltrate every organization they can. There is a reason they went after Edward Snowden.[2] As we saw in the Boston Marathon bombing, they have the technical tools and the trained police manpower to capture such people within a day or two of such actions. 
In other words they could wipe out our "people's war" in a very short time.
So most of us have ruled out military action or launching a "people's war" anytime in the near future. But that does not rule out studying the possibility of "people's war" and how to launch such a campaign if the need ever arises.
If we had some kind of revolutionary situation, where the state temporarily broke down or if we had the numbers to overwhelm their security apparatus, we could make use of military moves against the state.
It is my belief that we should study all aspects of peoples war— how to make explosives, how to make can-grenades, how to make use of guns and various types of vandalism against the bourgeoisie system.
It is perfectly legal to go and buy guns. As long as people buy guns and ammunition they are braking no laws at all. Some explosives can be made without detection, especially for use as anti-personnel weapons, such as home made grenades—using cans or pipes that can explode and shred shrapnel. Other explosives, such as gunpowder or 4th of July fireworks can also be legally bought.
We can also study black block tactics and simple sabotage techniques that are not necessarily violent and can't really be classified as terrorist. We can spray paint slogans on walls. We can put broken glass in the driveways of those who defend the system. There are all kinds of simple sabotage methods we can use. The CIA actually makes books on how to sabotage an economy. Again, we can use some black bloc tactics, but actually killing people or war is off the table, presently.
Then there are the needs of self defense. The political right-wing and ultra-right-wing have made their beliefs clear and they want completely unrestricted gun rights. They want legal guns and they want the right to carry them anywhere. And they do mean ANYWHERE.
For our interests it looks as if these rules are for our advantages. We can buy all the guns and ammo we want. We can defend ourselves.
But are right-wing gun people mostly worried about defense against criminal elements? No! They also want the ability to attack political (and religious if we include jihad) elements they really hate. They hate parts of the government and want to be able to intimidate those agencies. Just look at welfare cowboy Cliven Bundy. He has intimidated the federal government into letting his cows graze free on government land. He owes them more than a $million. Government officials have backed off of him. His guns worked.  
The gun people usually hate liberals, some of them are racist, but most are deeply pro-military and their recent reaction to the shooting of five army recruiter personnel shows how their guns can quickly focus on new targets. One of their favorite targets now include just about anything Islamic. After the army recruiter shooting, gun people across the country came together to volunteer to protect gun-les army recruiters. One group calls itself Operation Hero Guard. Most of these right-wing people consider any one in the military a hero, even those who just recruit young people for their imperialist wars. It was mostly a symbolic move, but it demonstrated how quickly they can turn their guns on someone besides criminals. Their aim now is Islamic militants and Islamic Americans.[3]
What is to keep these right-wing vigilantes from moving their targets from Islamic radicals to left-wing radicals? The answer is very little. They can realign themselves any day and go after us with gusto. They can become modern day black shirts. They can even be used by the government to attack us. That is why we must be ready to fight against vigilantes, black shirts or any government agency that tries to back us into a corner or wipe us out. This is not just "peoples war" it is also self defense.

[1] Chairman Gonzalo/AKA Abimael Guzmán
[2] Edward Snowden is a former National Security Agency subcontractor who made headlines in 2013 when he leaked top secret information about NSA surveillance activities.
[3] See Allen Lardieri,, or Tomi Lahren,

Monday, July 27, 2015

North-Korea: Socialism is Not Only Anti-Imperialism

A Short History of US Imperialism in Korea

Always ready to encourage serial killings in a new imperialist intervention, the bourgeois press agitates on a regular basis for a new war against North Korea. The popular portrayal of North Korea is a country whose people (who should be freed by Western imperialists) are enslaved and starved by an unpredictable and paranoid leader (that we should eliminate) who is allegedly preparing the first global atomic war. This discourse of an imminent threat would justify “our troops” going there to provoke a “regime change” no matter what it will cost in terms of human losses.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, and according to the mood of the moment, the next target for imperialism could be Syria, Iran, or North Korea. The bourgeois media, however, are careful not to speak of the previous imperialist interventions that are the main reason for the North Korean regime and its population’s hostility. Below we will examine, through a brief history of US imperialism, the nature of this threat.

Japanese Occupation and Resistance (1910-1945)

At the end of the 19th century, Korea, like many other parts of the world, was the victim of Japanese German, American, French, and British imperialists who were competing for control of the country. Japan finally won out and, in 1910, Korea was annexed by the Japanese Empire.
Under this occupation, the peasants were massively expropriated while workers suffered exploitation as they saw their food rations decreased by almost half. The people underwent continual exactions from Japanese settlers who were acting in almost complete impunity under the extraterritorial rights doctrine. 1 The situation worsened up until the Second World War when millions of Koreans were enslaved, many dying in the mines or sequestered in brothels reserved for Japanese soldiers.
It is in this context that a powerful resistance movement emerged, which would see one of its highest points in the March 1st Movement of 1919 that brought together more than two million people over three months in some 1,500 street demonstrations. Seven thousand demonstrators died at the hands of police officers, many under torture. Fifty thousand were put behind bars under Peace Preservation Law, 2 and thousands more escaped repression into neighbouring Manchuria, which soon was also occupied by the Japanese Army.
The unbridled exploitation of the peasant and working masses thus led the nationalist movement, initially limited to the old fallen nobility, to extend and radicalize, inspired by the wave started by the October Revolution and fed by the revolutionary struggles in neighbouring China.

The US Occupation of South Korea

• The “Liberation”
In August 1945, following the Japanese surrender to Allied forces, the Soviets, at the request of the Americans, halted their advance in the zones occupied by Japan. On September 8, US forces landed on the Korean peninsula and set up a military government south of the zone where the Soviet were stationed, north of the 38th parallel. But the Americans, despite being part of the war against Germany and Japan, recognized the Japanese as their natural allies in Korea since their objective was to contain the Communist progression.
Thus, on Sept. 9, 1945, John Hodge, head of the US military government in Korea, announced the restoration of the former colonial authorities. The widespread outcry that this decision aroused forced him to retract it, but he nevertheless appointed Japanese advisers to the Americans in management positions. The old colonial police was also rebuilt; a significant part of its new staff was recruited from the still active fascist youth leagues. Finally, in December 1948, the Peace Preservation Law was restored under a new name: the National Security Law. So-called “Liberation” was in fact the beginning of a new occupation.
• Phony Elections
In November 1947, in order to ensure a minimum of “democratic legitimacy” to their regime, the U.S. proposed that the UN oversee elections in Korea. But upon arrival, the UN observers voiced their concerns about the validity of the process. The Australian delegates warned that the elections were “appearing to be under the control of a single party”—the then Korea Democratic Party.
Despite opposition from France, Canada and Australia for the immediate holding of elections in Korea, the United States managed to get the support of other delegates.3 Elections were therefore held. The American military government had indeed planned the “democratic transition” in 1945 when they oversaw the formation of the Korea Democratic Party (Han-guk Minjudang), which consisted of large industrial magnates and landowners all closely related to Japanese interests. The Americans thus established an interim government in 1946 at the head of which the Han-guk Minjudang was placed; one year later, the same party was responsible for overseeing the elections.4

For the rest click here.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kurds withstand Turkish Airstrikes and massacres

I received the following news item:

Today in the northern kurdish City Suruc has taken place a massacre against members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) this morning.
An bomb explosion has killed a lot of young people and wounded many more. Around 300 young people were on the way to Kobanê to stay there for one week and to help to rebuilt the city.
We call you to organize international campaigns as a sign of solidarity and to protest against the massacre and the bloody policy of the AKP-dictatorship and the fascist ISIS Gangs on July 21 and 22.

With revolutionary greetings
International Bureau 

And when the US has congratulated Turkey for its role in stopping ISIS, this report comes out making a joke of Turkey's role in the region. Turkey is stuck in the pas trying to punish its own minority groups rather than fighting ISIS.  -សតិវ អតុ

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish jets struck camps belonging to Kurdish militants in northern Iraq, authorities said Saturday, the first strikes since a peace deal was announced in 2013, and again bombed Islamic State positions in Syria.
The strikes in Iraq targeted the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, whose affiliates have been effective in battling the Islamic State group. The strikes further complicate the U.S.-led war against the extremists, which has relied on Kurdish ground forces making gains in Iraq and Syria.
A spokesman in Iraq for the PKK, which has been fighting Turkey for autonomy since 1984 and is considered a terrorist organization by Ankara and its allies, said the strikes likely spelled the end of the peace process.
For the rest click here.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Of the fascist attack in Suruç / Turkey

Translated with Google;

Wide international solidarity against the fascist terror attack Suruç First images of young martyred in the attack fascist ISIS In the fascist attack in Suruç / Turkey (Kurdish name: Pirsûs), before yesterday are at least 32 young socialists killed. 29 of them have now been identified. Their names are: Koray Çapoğlu, Cebrail Gunebakan, Hatice Ezgi Sadet, Özkan Uğur, Nartan Kılıç, Veysel Özdemir, Nazegül Boyraz, Kasım Deprem, Alper Sapan, Cemil Yildiz, Okan Pirinç, Ferdane Kılıç, Yunus Emre Sen, Çağdaş Aydın, Ali Can Vural, Osman Çiçek, Muca

ücahit Erol, medali Barutcu, Aydan Ezgi Salci Akyürek Nazli, Serhat Devrim, Ece Dinc, Emrullah Akhamur, Murat Yurtgül, Erdal Bozkurt, İsmet Şeker, Suleiman Aksu, Büşra Mete Mehmet Ali Varol, Dilek Bozkurt.
More than 100 were seriously injured. 20 of them struggle with death. They belonged to the Federation of Young Socialists (SGDF) and came from all over Turkey. They met to prepare for reconstruction operations in Kobanî. Stefan Engel, chairman of the MLPD and Chief Coordinator of the ICOR, said yesterday: "His death is a great loss to the international revolutionary youth movement and our common struggle for liberation If we set to commemorate the victims and their evaluation so determined. continuing our common struggle to achieve our revolutionary and reconstruction of Kobanî "socialist goals.
According to previous research fascist called "Islamic State" (IS) is responsible. The attack proves once again that the fight against the fascist terror of the so-called IS and other Islamic fascist organizations is far from over and has to be vigorously pursued internationally.
An important role in supporting the IS play the neo-imperialist countries Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar, for this serves as a bulwark against the "Arab Spring" and transnational revolutionary ferment. IS support with arms, money and logistics. The regional power Turkey neo-imperialist under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, makes IS thugs from operating from its territory. His main interest is to stop the liberation struggle of the Kurds in Rojava to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria and consolidate its role as a regional power. In addition, the old leadership of the ousted Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein played a significant role: Since the military leadership is a core of IS-guide today.
The co-chairman of the HDP in Turkey (Democratic Peoples Party), Demirtas, made a report on Turkey's role as follows: "No one should claim that the security forces were not aware of each person who has Pirsûs traveled that day. The responsibility of the transitional government of Turkey to take those days arrangements for the protection of its citizens. But while government contracts against the alleged threat by the PYD thousand soldiers on the border, other You can easily walk in on Pirsûs and perpetrate such a bomb. "
In Germany there have been protests and demonstrations yesterday, in which MLPD and Rebell have been involved. Commemoration and solidarity were an integral part of the Monday demonstrations on July 20 - along with Kurdish and Turkish friends and friends!
In the coming days more solidarity actions taking place, it is called to Germany by Kurdish organizations, the MLPD, MLCP and other progressive and anti-fascist forces. In his condolence Stefan Engel continued, "We call for a full investigation of the slaughter and the most severe punishment of those responsible."
In this sense it must be entered by insisting on achieving the following demands:
Immediate creation of a humanitarian corridor for Kobanî!
Stop the criminalization of Kurdish activists in Germany and the abolition of the ban on the PKK in Germany!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Idiot Conservative news anchor’s rant to Obama goes viral

What an asshole and racist. This woman is one of the most anti-religious freedom and inept person on foreign affairs. From The Idiot Factor:

From Yahoo News:

The Ages of Empire - The universal traits of imperialism

I came across this in Democracy and Class Struggle and found it interesting. I really hate imperialism so I hope much if this is accurate and I hope they are correct that our empire's days are numbered. I would like to live long enough to see the US empire crumble, but that may be a treat that is just out of my reach. I am 60 years old and today's millennials (or the present generation, also known as the Millennial Generationor Generation Y) seem to really like the military, and US military adventurism, more than any generation since the 1960s. But that doesn't mean things won't change for such blatant military adventurism. The simple slogan "I want to kick the bad guys ass" may not last as our young find out the realities that lie in the countries they want to fight in.
So I blog and try and bring people the truth hoping some day that I will contribute in some way to the downfall of this empire. I just fear I may run out of time before I can see the results of my work. -សតិវ អតុ

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maoists in India people's war- news

Bauxite mining: Maoist leader alleges SP’s role
In an audio tape circulated to a few media houses by the East Division of CPI (Maoist), Kailasam, a leader from the division has claimed that the Superintendent of Police (Visakhapatnam) Koya Praveen is helping the companies who intent to undertake bauxite mining in the Agency areas of the district by trying to suppress the people’s movement. The tape has claimed that the SP is trying to blame the Maoists for instigating the adivasis in taking up a movement against the bauxite mining in the Agency areas of Visakhapatnam district.
But in reality, it was a people’s movement as bauxite mining in the pristine Agency areas will spell doom for the adivasis who have been inhabiting the region since generations. Kailasam has claimed that the SP is trying to gain control over the region by intimidating innocent adivasis in the name of area domination exercise, by employing the central paramilitary forces. The East Division leader alleged that Mr. Koya Praveen’s claim that the recent bandh called by the Maoist in the Agency areas, protesting the bauxite mining, was a big flop was a false declaration. “Running buses under armed escort cannot be justified as a success measure against the bandh call,” he has asserted in the audio tape. He also contended that the police was falsely blaming the Maoists for supporting the adivasis in ganja cultivation and trade in the interior parts of the Agency areas.
For more information on India click here.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Abdulazeez shows us the dangers we face being imperialists

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was not a terrorist in the classical sense. He didn't target innocent people as they go about their daily life. He didn't blow up children as the Boston Bombers did. 

He went strictly after military figures. A fifth person has died, giving him a grand total of five killed. 
Still the Mainstream press and the government consider anyone who attacks military personnel as a terrorists. The term terrorist has taken on political labeling in the last 30 years. 
Millennials today seem to like the military. This generation may be the most pro-military, pro-war generation since before the 1960s. This generation needs to realize that that playing army and "kicking the bad guys ass" comes with clear dangers. Some of those "bad guy" (a really childish label.. Only children should say that) will come and fight back. They can kill both the army people and our civilians. 
Abdulazeez was a lone wolf. The government spies could not focus on an investigation before he acted. These are the clear danger to the US government and the whole society- a few people who really hate the imperialist system- and in these times that means Islamic Jihadists. Those are the ones that are taking military action against this country now. These are the dangers a society faces when it insist their country needs an empire to be "free."
 -សតិវ អតុ

Friday, July 17, 2015

Checkmate of elites: the brutal offensive of the capitalist class against workers told by a Reaganite

This is from Cuestionatelotodo:

It has been translated to English.

The following article is interesting because it is not written, let alone by a revolutionary or radical, but by the undersecretary of the US Treasury under President Ronald Reagan. This is an interesting description of what is happening in Greece and in Europe, in fact, also in the opinion of American conservative, an episode late in the class struggle began on a par with the Industrial Revolution and is reaching levels It is becoming more violent against the working class today time.
Paul Craig Roberts
In short, the article by  Paul Craig Roberts , is very revealing, and shows that their enemies know far better than the working class itself, which has forgotten and even rejected, that Marx was right, and that the class struggle It is the motor of history; the difference with the theory of the father of communism is that the offensive, with few exceptions, is today the capitalist class.
The so Paul Craig Roberts, pictured with earmarks of being a whole financial shark shows that these know full well how the world, while the exploited are in a world of illusions, religions, economic aspirations, rights, feminism, animalismos etc ..., far from focusing on what is important for their freedom: defeating big business. For example, as accurate and illustrative says things about today as that " The Soviet Union was a sign that there was a socialist alternative capitalism. The Soviet collapse and the "end of history" deprived the left of an economic program and left the left, especially in the United States, only focused on "social issues" such as abortion, gay marriage , gender equality and racism, which undermined the traditional support of the left to the working class. The class struggle disappeared from the stage, diluted in a war between heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks and whites, men and women . " O , following Marx, Lenin, Stalin or Mao, and the idea of all summarized perfectly by the Chinese leader as "political power grows out of the gun," says a truism that, paradoxically, they know very well that 1% parasites controlling the world's wealth while the people and the workers are deceived by their propaganda media narcotics as pacifism or interclasista coexistence: " What we see here is the impossibility of peaceful change, as explained by Karl Marx and  Lenin. It always happens the same: the revolutions and fundamental reforms are frustrated or revoked by the 1% that is left alive. Marx, frustrated by the defeat of the revolutions of 1848 and led by his materialist conception of history, came to the same conclusion, as did Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot: all saw clearly that let live members of the old order It meant that sooner or later there would be a counterrevolution that would take the people again to bondage . "

Fascist elite, hidden behind its democratic disguise, is very clear, and the author of the article also. Everything that is happening, since the end of the Soviet Union, is a brutal offensive of the ruling minority of capitalist mafias, against the working class, using the excuse of the economic crisis: " Greece is just the beginning. We see rriegos driven from their country by a collapsing economy, we see the social welfare system and an extraordinary unemployment disappear, but all that poverty is not limited to Greece;. will be extended to other countries in the EU's same mass privatization, the same looting we are seeing in Greece, will be extended gradually, gradually to other countries . " Can the workers react and move to the counter before their exploiters again fulfilled his dream of making them slaves? The article as published below:
The Greeks have been defeated. The prime minister has betrayed his people. He has been around the world: Syriza has surrendered to the "agents of the 1%", the economic elites.
The message that brings this collapse of Syriza, is that the welfare system throughout  the West will be dismantled.
Begins the great plunder. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, has agreed to loot the people richest 1% 
Greek and snatches all the advances in social welfare that the Greeks reached in the twentieth century, after World War II. Pensions and health care for the elderly are over.

Apparently, 1% "need" the money.

The Greek islands, ports, utilities and water management, airports, all the rich national heritage, will be sold to the privileged 1%. And they will sell at bargain prices, of course, almost gifted.Of course, water bills for the people, will not be precisely bargains.
This is the third round of austerity imposed on Greece, an austerity that has required the complicity of the Greek governments. Indeed, austerity agreements serve to conceal the looting of the Greek people and steal literally everything.
The IMF is a member of the Troika imposed austerity, even though now the IMF economists have said that "austerity measures have proved to be a mistake." The Greek economy has been definitively destroyed by austerity. Therefore, Greece's debt has increased as a burden and every round of austerity makes the debt more impossible to pay.
But the evidence of what has happened does not matter. As the 1% pillages, the truth has no interest. One of the most serious things we've seen is that Greek democracy has proved totally impotent. Looting has come forward, even though the people voted against him a week ago. And what we have seen after the referendum in Greece, is that Alexis Tsipras is an elected prime minister who does not represent the Greek people, but the interests of the 1%.
After what happened, the sigh of relief that elite 1% has been heard around the world. The last party of the left in Europe (or what passed as left), was on his knees, like the Labour Party in Britain, the French Socialist Party, and all similar parties in Europe.

Without a firm ideology that can sustain, the European left is dead, as has happened in the US with the Democratic Party. With the death of these political parties, the people no longer have a voice. And a government in which the people, people on the street, no voice, no longer a democracy.This is something we can see clearly in Greece. A week after the Greek people expressed decisively in a referendum, the government slavishly ignored and humiliated that 1%.

The US Democratic Party died with the relocation of jobs, which destroyed the financial basis of party in the trade unions. The European left died with the fall of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a symbol that was a socialist alternative to capitalism. The Soviet collapse and the "end of history" deprived the left of an economic program and left the left, especially in the United States, only focused on "social issues" such as abortion, gay marriage, equality gender and racism, which undermined the traditional support of the working class left. The class struggle disappeared from the stage, diluted in a war between heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks and whites, men and women.

Today, when Western nations to a new model of servitude face as the world faces the spectrum of a possible nuclear war as a result of the belief of the American neoconservatives that America is "the chosen people of history" to hold world hegemony, the American left, for instance, is occupied in its battle against the Confederate flag . The collapse of the last European leftist party, Syriza, means that unless more determined parties arising in Portugal, Spain or Italy, the witness now passed into the hands of right-wing parties such as the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage, the National Front of Marine Le Pen in France and other ultranationalist right-wing parties, pitted against the model of the European Union.

Syriza had no chance of success, because it failed to nationalize Greek banks in response to the determination EU to take them to fail. The Greek elite 1% held by banks and the media, and the Greek army shows no signs of being on the side of his people. What we see here is the impossibility of peaceful change, as explained by Karl Marx and . Lenin

always happens the same thing. revolutions and fundamental reforms are frustrated or revoked by the 1% that is left alive 

Marx, frustrated by the defeat of the revolutions of 1848 and led by his conception 
materialist history, he reached the same conclusion, as did Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot: all saw clearly that let live members of the old order, meant that sooner or later there would be a counterrevolution that would lead the people back to serfdom.
In Latin America, all the reformist governments are vulnerable and are at serious risk of being overthrown by the economic interests of American or Spanish elites.We are watching this process going, right now, in Venezuela and Ecuador. For that reason, seeing the magnitude of the problem, people like Lenin and Mao, tried to remove
the old order. The Holocaust class that brought in their countries was much times the Jewish holocaust with the Nazis. Today, Westerners do not understand why Pol Pot emptied urban areas of Cambodia. West sells Pol Pot as a psychopath and a mass murderer as a psychiatric case; Pol Pot but simply he acted on the premise that if allowed to live to representatives of the old order, the revolution would be overthrown. Pol Pot stepped to the counter, hitting ahead and completely eliminating the entire class that might be inclined to start the counter. At the time, the English conservative Edmund Burke said the way forward was reform, not the revolution. British elites, although it lost some privileges, accepted the reform, claiming to Burke, not to confront the revolution.

But as we see, today the left is totally defeated and the elites of 1%, or just they have to accept even the slightest reform. For them, since there is only one alternative: that the rest of us obey. And for that reason, we can say that we are witnessing the check matte finish on the village. Greece is only start. We see rriegos driven from their country by a collapsing economy, we see the social welfare system and an extraordinary unemployment disappear; but all that poverty is not limited to Greece; It will be extended to other EU countries. The same mass privatization, looting same we are seeing in Greece, will be extended gradually, gradually to other countries.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised-Updated

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By Gil Scott-Heron
This was a word-song from 1970. I updated it for a reading at the open mic night at Kirby's as a part of my performance art events. The open mic got cancelled so I'm posting this anyway. I really like this.

You will not be able to stay home, brother
You will not be able to plug in your Ipad and cop out
You will not be able to lose yourself on a hit a' dope
And skip out for beer during commercials
Because the revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will not be brought to you by dancing with the stars
In 6 episodes with lots'a commercial interruptions
The revolution will not show you pictures of Obama
Blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John Mccain
Scott Walker and Joe Biden to eat hog maws
Confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary
The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be brought to you by the
Koch Arena and will not star Ted Nugent
And Kid Rock or Bullwinkle and Sponge Bob
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal
The revolution will not get rid of pimples
And make the girls wanna fuck you
The revolution will not make you look 12 pounds thinner
Because the revolution will not be televised, Brother

There will be no pictures of you and  Royals manager Ned Yost
Pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run
Or trying to slide that color TV into a stolen ambulance
NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32
Or report from 29 districts
The revolution will not be televised

There will be no pictures of cops shooting down
Blacks on the instant replay
There will be no pictures of cops shooting down
Blacks on the instant replay
There will be no pictures of  Cornel West
Being run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process
There will be no slow motion or still life of Jesse Jackson
Strolling through Watts in a red, black and green Kwame Nkrumah
T-shirt that he has been saving
For just the proper occasion

The Voice, American Idol and Biggest Loser
Will no longer be so damned relevant
And women will not care if Dick finally gets down with Jane
On search for tomorrow because people
Will be in the street looking for a brighter day
The revolution will not be televised

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock news
And Michelle Obama blowing her nose
The theme song will not be written by Pharrell Williams
Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Hank Williams Jr., Beyoncé,
Taylor Swift, Englebert What'is'dink or Aerosmith
The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be right back after a message
About a white tornado, white lightning, or white people
You will not have to worry about a Shark Vacuum sweeper in your bedroom
Flow the insurance girl or the Ty-D-Bowl man
The revolution will not go better with Coke
The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath
The revolution WILL put you in the driver's seat

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised
Will not be televised, will not be televised
The revolution will be no re-run brothers
The revolution will be live

The original: