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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Protracted People’s War is not universal and in some places—suicidal

In recent years a lot of leftist have written about protracted people’s war (PPW), a major emphasis of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist writers and theoreticians of today. PPW is a major theory and it is being used successfully in some third world countries, such as Philippines. Today the most successful use of PPW is in India.
But PPW is not possible in all countries. PPW has been promoted as a universal strategy for revolution by many organizations and writers. Chairman Gonzalo has written extensively on the use of PPW and many of his supporters have called PPW to be universal.
According to the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) of Canada, as an introduction to an article on this subject:

Protracted peoples war is the only way to make revolution.”

And not everyone agrees with this statement. A lot of people disagree with this and they have written about it. That would include a group calling itself Mass Proletariat:

“Protracted People’s War (PPW) has been promoted as a universal strategy for revolution in recent years despite the fact that this directly contradicts Mao’s conclusions in his writing on revolutionary strategy. Mao emphasized PPW was possible in China because of the semi-feudal nature of Chinese society, and because of antagonistic divisions within the white regime which encircled the red base areas. Basic analysis shows that the strategy cannot be practically applied in the U.S. or other imperialist countries. Despite this, advocates for the universality of PPW claim that support for their thesis is a central principle of Maoism. In this document we refute these claims, and outline a revolutionary strategy based on an analysis of the concrete conditions of the U.S. state.”

Theorists have been developing PPW in recent years in contrast to the now outdated focoist theories utilized by Che Guevara. The big difference between these theories has been the emphasis on including the people in PPW. Maoists rely heavily on the support of people in areas where PPW is put in use. The problem in some countries is the reliance on military weapons and places to hide the revolutionaries. No matter how much PPW is developed and improved on, there are some places it just won’t work.
For a person living in the US it seems very obvious why PPW won’t work here. 
There are a number of reasons we don’t see any guerrilla organizations taking on the US Government with arms, here in the US. The two best examples of past Marxist insurrection, here in the US, were the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground aim was more for pressuring the government to end the Vietnam War than it was to overthrow and replace the US government.
The SLA was probably the best left-wing guerrilla group this country has ever had.[1] There have been a number of US guerrilla groups,[2] which our government always refers to as “terrorist groups.” The SLA eventually collapsed. Its leaders were all captured and jailed, bringing the group to an end. Since that time American leftists have avoided any kind of armed insurrection. For one thing the US government has made a special priority of being able to capture such groups. There are now vast networks of spies all across the country trying to break up and arrest military groups before they get started. The government used its experience breaking up such groups and the Whether Underground and the SLA as practice for any future groups. They are using all their tactics against Al-Qaeda and ISIS (supporters of the Islamic State) cells in the US today and they have been very successful. With the exception of 9/11 most of ISIS and Al-Qaeda attacks have been disrupted.
One example of their tricks is to plant a person in a dissident group and this person just happens to know someone who can deliver a truck full of explosives. The group of people buy the truck, which is actually full of fake explosives that won’t work. Then they are all arrested and charged with attempting to bomb various targets. After the fist few times this was done, people should have known better than to fall for that scam again. But it has worked to capture lots of Islamic people and groups. But it was also successfully used against three anarchists with the Occupy Cleveland movement who wanted to blow up a major bridge, which would have been a major traffic disruption. We can see what would happen if groups on the left tried such tactics. Many of them would be in jail.
Since the 1980s the US government has waged a so called “War Against Terrorism” which includes developing a massive network of spies, and the use of police and military tactics to watch nearly every dissident organization in this country. There is little privacy in this country and anyone who does anything suspicious can be assured that some government agency is spying on them.
The question of what we can do is not clear. We already know that using elections alone will not create a revolution. The Occupy movement from 2011 was an example of trying to use people power to change the system. That was not very effective. Keeping up a momentum just wasn’t possible. But that event did teach us some things about revolutionary tactics. One they we realize is just how much out government doesn’t care if “the whole world is watching.” Our government relies on brute force and cares nothing what those in other countries think. Maybe a combination of various different tactics might work. Red Guards - Los Angeles (NCP-LC) has claimed to be starting a PPW, but from what I read it may just mean using more militant tactics than launching an actual war with guns and bombs. The same thing may be said of Canada’s RCP. But right now, relying on a PPW, with real guns and bombs, is just not the answer.

Pix by MLM Mayhem!

[1] Some other small groups in the US included the May 19th Communist Organization (M19CO) and the United Freedom Front. There have also been several Puerto Rican armed groups.
[2] See Brian Glick, “War At Home,” (South End Press, Boston), 1989. This book explains the covert action the FBI used against legal political groups of the 1960s and 1970s. While these “dirty tricks,” were exposed and denounced. It is likely such tactics would be used today against any political group that dissents against the US government today. Everyone on the left should have a copy of this book.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Christmas At Ground Zero

Saturday, December 15, 2018


This is from Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun/
Partido Comunista de Ecuador - Sol Rojo. Just click on the picture.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

US- Working In A White House Wonderland—RICHARD CROWSON

I was driving along in my car and I heard this song on the radio, channel KMUW, 89.1, Wichita,  Kansas’ NPR station. I managed to find it on the internet, so here it is—a great little ditty to listen to for a good laugh. To actually hear this song, click here and look for the music play button.

The Lyrics:
 (A song, to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Going away is John Kelly
He took a swift kick to the belly
You'd think it takes a real chump
To want to join up with Trump
Working in a White House Wonderland

In the meadow Trump can build a snowman
And offer him the job of Chief of Staff
But when Trump tries to hire him he’d say, “No, man!
I’d have to be insane! Don’t make me laugh!”

Later on, Trump will perspire
‘Cause there’s no one left to fire
Eating Big Macs with cheese
Among blood-red Christmas trees
Working in a White House Wonderland

Maybe there’s somebody who will do it
Work extra hard for pay that’s cut in half
If I were Trump I think I’d look into it
Hire an undocumented immigrant chief of staff!

Gone away are so many
It used to be that there were plenty
As Mueller tightens the knot
Nobody wants to get caught
Working in a White House Wonderland

Sunday, December 09, 2018

US- Wichita, Kansas- Plight of immigrants explained by Claudia Amaro, at the Peace and Social Justice Center’s Annual Dinner

US meddling in foreign countries, whose people now flock to the US, was discussed by Claudia Amaro, a leading activist and organizer in the Latino community of Wichita, who spoke to the Peace and Social Justice Center, for their Annual Dinner, last Friday.
Each year devoted supporters and members of the Peace and Social Justice Center gather for a dinner and speaker.
“It is too bad we have such a president” (as Donald Trump), said Amaro. “Immigration has always existed. It is as broken system that comes from years ago.”
Amaro discussed many of the bad laws that have been passed over the years that have contributed to the immigration problems of today.
She gave the example of NAFT (North American Free Trade Agreement).
“It created great hardships,” Amaro said.
She added that US Corporations went to Mexico to avoid taxes and to dodge paying workers minimum wage. The agreement undermined labor laws.
Amaro reminded people that it was Ronald Reagan who attacked the countries of El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as Honduras.
Honduras had a coup in 2009[1] to remove a progressive president, Manuel Zelaya. Amaro pointed out that the US has a history of using military coups to remove progressive leaders and replace them with military dictators.  Continuous, interference in Central America has helped to create the situation we have today. Violent gangs dominate day to day culture in much of Central America.
“People are determined to get a better life for their kids,” Amaro added. “There was a coup in Honduras and every country in the world has condemned it, accept the US.”
Amaro is a US citizen today, but she said that not all of her relatives are citizens.

“I moved to the US when I was 12 years old,” Amaro said. “I was born in Mexico, but my home is the US.”
While she has been a citizen most of her life, her husband was not and she had to help him gain his UScitizenship. She now helps other non-citizens to get their citizenship. She often deals with people who are in detention centers, where she said the conditions are terrible.
“People go through hell,” she said.
Amaro explained that people need to share the stories of these immigrants so that the common citizens of this country understand what life is like for these people.
She also said that voting is important.
“Some politicians just want my vote,” Amaro added.
She suggested people check out a politician’s history is on immigration. If their record is bad voters need to expose them for that.
Amaro explained that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) plays a destructive role in immigrant’s lives and this country has developed a culture of hate that needs to be countered.

[1] The 2009 Honduran coup d'état, part of the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis, occurred when the Honduran Army on June 28, 2009 followed orders from the Honduran Supreme Court to oust President Manuel Zelaya and send him into exile. Zelaya had attempted to schedule a non-binding poll on holding a referendum on convening a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. Zelaya refused to comply with court orders to cease, and the Honduran Supreme Court issued a secret warrant for his arrest dated 26 June. Two days later, Honduran soldiers stormed the president's house in the middle of the night and detained him, forestalling the poll. Instead of bringing him to trial, the army put him on a military aeroplane and flew him to Costa Rica. Later that day, after the reading of a resignation letter of disputed authenticity, the Honduran Congress voted to remove Zelaya from office, and appointed Speaker of Congress Roberto Micheletti, his constitutional successor, to replace him. -From Wikipedia.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

US- Once again I look at important traditions as a revolutionary—so I'm celebrating Winter Solstice

By សតិវ ​អតុ

When Revolution occurs, we have to evaluate our society and decide what stays and what goes. So for us here in the USA what do we do about Christmas on December 25. It is a festive celebration. I’m sure many atheists celebrate these holidays as well. Why should we not take part in such a holiday. After all it is in the dead of winter when we could use some cheerfulness. And it involves us meeting up with family members and friends. It is a great time of year. But it is also associated with the Christian holiday which involves celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. actually the December holiday that was taken over by the early Christians, when Rome converted to Christianity. Many of the old symbols are still used—such as putting a tree in the house and decorating it. And also having some kind of father character which we now call Santa Clause.  
No one is stopping people from celebrating Christmas, that is the holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, despite the fact that that the actual date has never been completely narrowed down for him,. Picking a date for such a celebration is just fine. It is symbolic and I have no problem with that. Just let the rest of us celebrate as we want to.
Some time ago people in this country realized that Jews don’t celebrate Christmas, so some people began trying to include Chanukah in these holidays. In some cities as in New York there are a lot of Jews. There are menorahs and many people say “Happy Chanukah.” There is also the newer holiday called Kwanzaa. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966, as the first specifically African-American holiday. According to Karenga, the name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase matunda yakwanza, meaning "first fruits of the harvest", although a more conventional translation would simply be "first fruits".
A few years ago I studied various pagan beliefs, such as Druidry. Most celebrate some kind of version of the holiday known as Winter Solstice. I later decided to go back to my traditional humanist approach to spirituality and I adapted the doctrines of Epicurus. Epicurus did not deny the existence of god(s) but decided that gods take care of gods and humans need to take care of themselves. He also told people we should learn not to blame everything on gods. ‘If your house is crushed by an earthquake it isn’t the anger of the gods, you built your house in an earthquake prone place.’ And he didn’t believe in an after-life.
I am a Maoist first and an Epicurean second. I put more of my energies into my politics than my spiritual beliefs, and they overlap. Both Maoism and Epicureanism promote focusing on humanity. Either way, I believe that people come first, not gods and not the afterlife.
I still like the fall holidays, I still celebrate Samhain for Halloween and for Christmas I celebrate Winter Solstice or Yule, which at one time was also celebrated as Saturnalia. Saturnalia or the solstice was actually the December holiday that was taken over by the early Christians, when Rome converted to Christianity. Many of the old symbols are still used—such as putting a tree in the house and decorating it. And also having some kind of father character which we now call Santa Clause.
I'm not trying to wipe out Christian Beliefs. But I do not share their belief in Jesus as a divine God-head. So I have found other reasons to celebrate this holiday. Many atheists have found their own reasons to celebrate this holiday.:
Recently there was the blog for American Atheists who make the argument:

"American Atheists posted new billboards in Memphis and Nashville on Friday that read “Dear Christians, I share my toys. Why won’t you share the season? Happy Holidays for all!” The new message is in response to an anti-atheist billboard placed by a group of Christians on Thursday evening in Memphis that parodies the atheists’ first billboard that launched Monday and that accuses atheists of sacrilege and claims Christians are being bullied.
The Christian campaign’s spokesperson Marshall Hart also accused American Atheists of “using children” to spread its message, despite using the photo of a three-year-old girl on its own billboard.
“The hypocrisy is unbelievable,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Millions of American children are forced to go to church under the threat of being denied meals, losing household privileges, having their college tuition cut off, or being kicked out of their homes. Many atheist adults are forced to go to church under threat of divorce or lose custody of their children. We must ask the question, who are the real bullies? Those who are unafraid to stand up for our views on billboards, or those who destroy families from the inside out?”

I like celebrating the Winter Solstice and I get to do all the fun stuff, such as decorating a tree, putting lights on my house, toasting with wine, and giving a few gifts to close friends. My spirituality does not come from a god. It comes from within those who share my beliefs. That works for me and I plan to stick with that.


Have a Happy Winter Solstice! —Or Christmas/ Saturnalia, etc!

Keep The Merry, Dump The Myth! (Official) - Peter D'Angelo

Jethro Tull BBC Promo Vid for Solstice bells 1976

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

George H W Bush—war criminal—but he was not as obnoxious as the other Republicans

George H W Bush was a capitalist, an imperialist and a Republican, all things that I dislike about people who are those things. He was a war criminal, he picked a fight with the government of Iraqand its leader, Saddam Hussein (يتي صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكر ) conquered the country of Panama and illegally removed its leader, Manuel Noriega. It was the US at its worst arrogance and Bush was in charge. He invaded Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands and losing only a few Americans. Statistically that looks good, until we realize with all our new fangled high tech weapons it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was a lopsided victory by an international bully.
And still, Bush was the least obnoxious Republican president we have had since the new conservative era began, with Ronald Reagan. Reagan was way more destructive and he really hurt working people. Bush’s son, George W. Bush was an idiot a really stupid person and he was also a war criminal—like father, like son. And compared to Donald Trump—we can say he wasn’t total jack ass. H W was just a lot easier to tolerate. He seemed like a nice guy. It would seem a person can be a bloody imperialist and still seem like a nice guy.
Still, I’m sick of hearing about him. He died. He wasn’t a saint, he wasn’t really a very good president. He was just not as bad as the other monstrosities. All the other mainstream politicians and journalist have acted as if he was the best thing since sliced bread. I guess he did have some redeeming values. And it is if the journalist and some politicians almost have to admit that Reagan, W. and Trump are monsters in comparison.
And for me—that says it all.

Mehdi Hasan on George H.W. Bush’s Ignored Legacy: War Crimes, Racism and Obstruction of Justice

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


          By Harsh Thakor


Around 15000 farmers converged from all over India like Tami Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Telengana, Orissa etc. to the Capital city of Delhi. They symbolized the depth of oppression of the Indian peasantry who are literally enslaved by the grip of the pro-corporate policies of the BJP govt. The atmosphere of a turbulent ocean was created reminiscent of a red spark turning into a prairie fire illuminating the capital.

Even if not quantitatively of such a high magnitude qualitatively it was a historic event. It won the support or sympathy of a large number of intellectuals and middle class sections who volunteered to supply food. No doubt ruling class Opposition party forces participated with their leaders addressing the rally but they could not derail the framers agitation from the basic burning issues or distort its essence. Morally the opposition leaders literally had to stoop down to the peasantry. A very wide range of organizations participated which was progressive in building broad based unity. Above all it comprised of the rich peasantry, poor peasantry, landless agricultural labourers and Adivasis, thus building the united front. It was a fitting bow to the fascist Hindutva forces who wish to divert people from their burning issues by adopting policy of divide and rule. Promoted the spirit of true nationalism and secularism.

The major issue was for the implementation of remunerative prices for farmers ,loan waivers ,cancellation of debts and compensation to families of suicide victims. The leaders summed up how in essence every move of the Narendra Modi led BJP govt. was anti-people ,narrating how a free license was given to the Adanis and Ambanis to loot the land and resources of farmers and Adivasis. The true consequence of globalization and liberalization on agriculture was explained in depth. The issues revealed how semi-feudalism was still a major ingredient in agriculture with the peasantry literally becoming victims of the middlemen playing the role of money lenders. Inspire of great inroads of Imperialism and capitalism feudalism still played a determining role.

On the 1st day the peasants assembled at Ramila Maidan. where all the leaders of the organizations addressed the rally on the 30th the farmers marched to the Parliament vociferously raising slogans. It was most impactful march illuminating the torch of resistance as it proceeded and winning the hearts of many a citizen of the capital. Significantly the rally was blocked by the police just reaching the parliament hose where the marchers sat down and the leaders addressed.

From the Communist revolutionary camp the biggest contribution in the event was made by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Dakaunda) followed by the All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha led by the C.P.I..(M.L.) New Democracy.

One must salute the leaders and cadre of the participating organizations for making working so arduously and making such meticulous preparations. It was a testimony of how they led the farmers in their day to day class struggles .The Adivasi march in Mumbai a few days before was a perfect illustration.

Even if clear cut class polarization not prevailing due to influence of ruling class and non-Marxist trends it prepares the ground for a platform to unite the broad peasantry to counter the merciless pro-imperialist or pro-corporate policies of the ruling BJP govt .

What is most important is that the farmers do not have illusions or be swayed by the promises of the alternatives of the ruling class opposition parties like Congress, Aam Addmi party or even the CPI.CPM. They must be educated that in essence all of them are part and parcel of the oppressive semi-feudal, semi colonial rotten democracy, with no concrete programe for combating imperialism or feudalism at its grassroots. Otherwise such organizations in the rally in Delhi would simply be tailing the demands of the landlords and rich peasantry.


Around 100,000 farmers from across the country converged and marched to the parliament of India in New Delhi demanding a special session to discuss their problems. They were stopped near Parliament Street Police station in the national capital, where their leaders addressed the protesters.

The farmers, who have been camping at the Ramlila ground since Thursday, began their march to Parliament Street around 10.30 am amid heavy policy deployment.

The farmers are demanding a special session of parliament to discuss crop support prices, a nationwide waiver of farm loans amid rising fertilizer costs and other agricultural inputs. The government’s procurement agencies, which are mandated to purchase agricultural produce at guaranteed rates, buy only a small portion of total output, leaving millions of farmers across the country at the mercy of middlemen

About 800 million people of India’s 1.3 billion depend directly or indirectly on farming, with agriculture accounting for about 16 percent of the economy. The country is the world’s top grower of cotton and the second-biggest producer of wheat, rice and sugar.

Farmers from 24 states have also joined the protest to press for their demands, including debt relief and remunerative prices for their produce. Some farmers traveled for more than 2,000 kilometers from different parts of the country to reach New Delhi to participate in the two-day protest.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed the rally and said “If the loans of industrialists can be waived off, then the debt of farmers must be waived off as well. I assure the farmers of India, we are with you. Don’t be scared.”

Participating in the mega farmers’ rally in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal demanded that the central government should immedietly implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission. He said if the Modi government fails in doing this, farmers will give a befitting reply in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. “Five months are left for the Lok Sabha election. I demand that the central government should implement the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission.”

The key recommendation of the Swaminathan commission report was that MSP be set at 1.5 times the cost. For instance, if the cost of producing a particular crop is Rs 1,000 per quintal, the MSP should be Rs 1,500 per quintal.

NCP leader Sharad Pawar said “We will bring in a necessary legislation to solve issues of the farmers in distress. We don’t have numbers, but will do whatever we can do to pass the two private member bills in Parliament”

Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah as the two eldest Kaurva’s — Duryodhan and Durshaasan — ill-famous for bringing the dynasty down.

The farmers are protesting under the aegis of the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), which is a coalition group of over 200 farmer organisations from across the country. The coalition is also demanding that parliament pass two bills prepared by the AIKSCC – the freedom from indebtedness bill and a bill to guarantee remunerative MSP.

Between 1995 and 2016, 3,33,398 farmers committed suicide. That is over 15,000 suicides every year, 1,200 suicides each month or 42 suicides per day.

Monday, December 03, 2018

US, Wichita Kansas—Peace and Social Justice Center Annual Dinner Annual Dinner is this Friday

This is the most progressive anti-imperialist group in the Wichita Kansas area.
The Peace and Social Justice Center will have its Annual Dinner This Friday, December 7, at 6pm. At Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church, 655 S Lorraine Ave.

This year’s theme will be "A Community Raising its Voice" with leader and activist Claudia Amaro.
Claudia Amaro is a leading activist and organizer in the Latino community of Wichita.  Part of her story is featured in three books including Dreamers: An Immigrant Generation's Fight for Their American Dream. Claudia has a weekly community Radio Show on La Raza 99.7 FM, called Planeta Venus. Every Monday night she invites members of the community to come on the show to share their stories. Planeta Venus is one of the few media that inform the Latino community about local events and news.
Dinner is $25. Please RSVP at 316 263-5886. Seating is limited.