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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Today is St. Patrick's Day- a day full of left-wing Irish tradition

By សតិវ ​អតុ
Today is St. Patrick's Day. While the tradition is that this is a Catholic holiday honouring a saint, many of us use this day to honour the culture and history of Ireland. The country has a long history of left-wing political rebellion and socialist and communist movements. Here is a song to honour one of the country's most important political figures, James Connolly.

Black 47 - James Connolly

Friday, March 16, 2018

From Communist Party of India (Maoist): It is not possible to create a New India without the formation of a New Democratic Society

A Google translation to English:

From Red de Blogs Comunistas:
The Network of Communist Blogs (RBC), faithful to its commitment to become the voice of the oppressed   and exploited of India and the Naxalite revolution in Spanish, has translated the latest communiqué of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist ), in relation to the violent attacks by the government of India and its paramilitaries against Dalits and other groups of democrats on January 1. 
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Taking advantage of the celebration by these Victory Day (on the occasion of a battle against Hindus 200 years ago), in Bhima-Koregaon, near Pune, where about 300,000 people gathered as a celebration-protest because the dalit "They no longer tolerate the exploitation and domination of high castes", as explained, for example, by Z. Devasagaya Raj, secretary of the Office for Dalits and Tribals of the Indian Episcopal Conference (CBCI).

This year hundreds of Hindu nationalists attacked the concentrates with firearms and blaca weapons, a situation denounced by the PCI (M), which accuses the Nationalist government that defends Modi's castes of being its instigator, as well as pointing out the campaigns as hoaxes of this in favor of a New India, which does not attack, superficially, the brahmanic caste system nor, of course, the essential inequality of capitalism. As is obvious, for the communists and the Naxalites only true democracy, the end of all exploitation, can give rise to a New India, a red India.

"Our Party clearly states that it is not possible to create a New India without the formation of a New Democratic Society that does not give up before the difficulties and miseries of the people, that eliminates the exploitation and ends  the conditions that make possible the caste discriminations , religion and sex . "



January 9, 2018

Our Party condemns with the greatest energy the attack with knives and fire carried out by the sectarian forces of Hindu nationalism against the thousands of Dalits, democrats and members of secular groups that celebrated on January 1, day of his historic victory, which also commemorates the dignity of the Dalits in Koregaon Bheema, Maharashtra. It is undeniable that Hindu nationalism has become a great threat to the survival and dignity of Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities, and that it will not stop growing, if we do not fight with all courage until defeating the vile sectarian forces Brahmanical.
In Maharashtra, the Shivaji government lasted from 1674 to 1680. Later the Peshwas ruled the Maratha empire. Although the Marathas defeated the Mughal kings, they could not face the British armies. The British defeated them and established their military and administrative center in Poona. In the first quarter of the 19th century, the Peshwas tried to occupy Poona with an army of 28,000 soldiers, but the British resisted 12 hours and did not give up control of Poona. It was the Indian Dalits enrolled in the British army who resisted the peshwas. Apart from the British, for two centuries the dalits have celebrated on January 1 the defeat of the peshwas as their day of victory and symbol of their own dignity. The brahmanical forces have not been able to digest this celebration that is repeated annually. With the support of the central power and the state of Maharashtra, this year the hired thugs of Hindu nationalism - with Sambhaji Rao Beede, of the Siv Prathishtan, and Milind Ekbote, of the Hindu Ektha Manch, at the head - attacked the Dalits and their followers with knives and fire in Koregaon Bheema on January 1. Dozens of national-Hindu terrorists threw homemade bombs, causing panic among the people of Koregaon and its surroundings. A young Dalit lost his life and many others were injured in these attacks. The leaders of the Dalit organizations had informed the government and the police well in advance about the celebrations, but they did not take the appropriate security measures, precisely to encourage attacks by national-Hindu hitmen. The government and the police spurred the terrorists in the pay of Hindu nationalism with the sole purpose that the Dalits do not even try to celebrate these days of exaltation of their own dignity. In fact, everything happened according to a previous design. The bands of Sambhaji and Milind were limited to putting into practice the abject joint plan of the central and state governments, their intelligence units and the forces of the Sangh [Parivar]. Our Party calls on the Dalits, the Adivasis, the members of the minorities and the democratic and secular forces throughout the country to bring to public attention the infamous tactics of the Maharashtra Prime Minister, Devendra Fadnavees. The government and the police spurred the terrorists in the pay of Hindu nationalism with the sole purpose that the Dalits do not even try to celebrate these days of exaltation of their own dignity. In fact, everything happened according to a previous design. The bands of Sambhaji and Milind were limited to putting into practice the abject joint plan of the central and state governments, their intelligence units and the forces of the Sangh [Parivar]. Our Party calls on the Dalits, the Adivasis, the members of the minorities and the democratic and secular forces throughout the country to bring to public attention the infamous tactics of the Maharashtra Prime Minister, Devendra Fadnavees. The government and the police spurred the terrorists in the pay of Hindu nationalism with the sole purpose that the Dalits do not even attempt to celebrate these days of exaltation of their own dignity. In fact, everything happened according to a previous design. The bands of Sambhaji and Milind were limited to putting into practice the abject joint plan of the central and state governments, their intelligence units and the forces of the Sangh [Parivar]. Our Party calls on the Dalits, the Adivasis, the members of the minorities and the democratic and secular forces throughout the country to bring to public attention the infamous tactics of the Maharashtra Prime Minister, Devendra Fadnavees.

More than a hundred Dalit, democratic, secular, progressive and revolutionary groups supported the call for a strike on January 3 in Maharashtra to condemn the attacks on the Dalits in Koregaon Bheema. Citizens across the country have demonstrated their anger at the attacks of National-Hinduism through militant actions against the government in many places. It is regrettable that Prakash Ambedkar and the Republican Party of India, which was one of the main organizations that called for the strike, have turned back. Nobody will support such a decision that undermines actions against Hindu nationalist terrorists who dropped bombs, fired guns and indiscriminately beat men and women,

The hired thugs Sambhaji Beede and Milind Limbodi, who participated in the attacks against the Dalits in Koregaon Bheema, continue to move freely. It is natural given his close relationship with Modi, "the main servant of the people", since the 2014 election rallies.

Our Party also strongly condemns the detention in Mumbai of Jignesh Mevani, a young popular leader in Gujarat, whom the police Maharashtra intends to involve in several assemblies, as well as the detention of JNU student leader Umar Khalid, defender of the dignity of the Dalits.

Everything that the National-Hindu Modi says about the improvement of Dalit conditions, highlighting the bad tactics of the defender of the oppressed Ambedkar, is part of the national-Hindu conspiracy and nothing more than that. Let's say it loud and clear: Modi, great Manu who affirms that "everyone must do his duty" in the Brahmanic Chathurvarna system, in the order of castes and untouchability, as stated in the Bhagavad Gita, not he has a moral right to praise Ambedkar and we will never tolerate him with a single word against the Dalits. Our Party calls on the oppressed to fight united and organized against the aggressions of the National-Hindu forces that rule with bloodstained hands, beginning with that of Rohith Vemula to that of the young Dalits of Koregaon Bheema. It is time for the democratic, secular and progressive forces to openly expose the lie of brahminical opportunist politics and support popular struggles. Everything that Modi says about the construction of a New India ["Nava Bharath"], without taking into account the religious and caste question, is nothing more than faramalla. Our Party clearly states that it is not possible to create a New India without the formation of a New Democratic Society that does not give up before the difficulties and miseries of the people, that eliminates the exploitation and finishes Everything that Modi says about the construction of a New India ["Nava Bharath"], without taking into account the religious and caste question, is nothing more than faramalla. Our Party clearly states that it is not possible to create a New India without the formation of a New Democratic Society that does not give up before the difficulties and miseries of the people, that eliminates the exploitation and finishes Everything that Modi says about the construction of a New India ["Nava Bharath"], without taking into account the religious and caste question, is nothing more than faramalla. Our Party clearly states that it is not possible to create a New India without the formation of a New Democratic Society that does not give up before the difficulties and miseries of the people, that eliminates the exploitation and finishes with the conditions that make discrimination of caste, religion and sex possible.

Central Committee
PCI (Maoist)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Long live the 200 years of the birth of the great Karl Marx!

Google translation:

This year the proletariat and all the exploited and oppressed of the world celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Karl Heinrich Marx. With overflowing jubilation, communists throughout the world celebrate the founder of our ideology. With Marx and Marxism, the great chapter in the history of humanity opens up where men, endowed with the ideology of the proletariat, can scientifically understand the laws of society and thought, thus beginning the conscious struggle to end society of classes and move towards glorious communism.

Marx and his dear comrade Friedrich Engels raised for the first time the voice of command: Proletarians of all countries, unite! Slogan under which millions of workers have been launched into the revolutionary struggle throughout the world, have managed to put the flags of communism in increasingly higher summits:From the triumph of the great October Socialist Revolution in Russia that has inaugurated a New Era for humanity, through the great Chinese Revolution in 1949 and dozens of victorious national liberation struggles of oppressed nations and peoples, to the epic of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, up to the popular wars of the present that persist uncontained in Peru, India, the Philippines and Turkey. And with this Marxism has developed through its application and in the midst of the most bitter struggles, becoming in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, which is the new, third and superior stage of Marxism. With outstanding and hard struggle against all odds in Peru, the flag of Maoism and Gonzalo Thought, invoked by the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo, is invincible.   

Reactionaries and revisionists insist, unable to hide their almighty and immortal doctrine, to show Marx fragmented and falsified as the "library intellectual", as the Marx "humanist", the "poisoned avenger", "the dogmatic". The revisionists, old and new, who strive to empty Marxism of its revolutionary essence, collide with its unmistakable definition of the class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat: " as far as I am concerned, I do not hold the title of discoverer of the existence of classes in modern society, and not even of the struggle between them. Long before me, bourgeois historians had described the historical development of this class struggle. What I did again was to demonstrate: 1) That the existence of classes is linked only to particular, historical phases of the development of production; 2) that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat; 3) that this same dictatorship only constitutes the transition to the abolition of all classes and a society without classes . " [1]

Others try to show it as "anti-dogmatic" in its attempt to oppose it to those who label dogmatics but who have truly been its continuators, who have consistently and creatively applied Marxism to the revolutionary practice directing the proletariat to conquer power and build socialism: Lenin and President Mao.

But there is only one Marx: the founding genius of the ideology of the proletariat, the great leader of the proletariat who laid the theoretical, ideological and political foundations of the class struggle, and guided it in its first battles against the European bourgeoisie and reaction, the vindicator of the need for revolutionary violence and the dictatorship of the proletariat, the fierce combatant against the false theories that deviate from the proletariat,   the fervent revolutionary who devoted his whole life to the cause of the proletariat and who had no other aspiration than his emancipation. It is up to the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations to clean up the mud that the revisionists have cast on the figure of the great Marx and to return to the proletarian masses the true image of the firstgreat jfe of the class.

Some revisionists draw a Marx imprisoned in the London library. They try to hide - after the enormous scientific work done by Marx - their own betrayal of the proletariat and justify its capitulation and ineptitude to lead the proletariat and the masses towards the seizure of power. Avakian, desktop revisionist, delirious when comparing his work of shoe with the years that Marx spent in London dedicated to the scientific work to write Capital , work in which strips the root of capitalist profit, surplus value, essence of the economy contemporary capitalist, and scientifically demonstrates the inevitability that the proletariat bar the outdated capitalist production relations. As Marx himself put it "My main mission today is to leave the working class with a sufficiently firm and broad theoretical base to serve as a point of support in its future organization and arsenal from which it will draw the necessary weapons to fight with the bourgeoisie" [2] . "To ensure the success of the revolution, the unity of thought and action is necessary. The members of the International try to create this unity through propaganda, discussion and organization ... " [3] .  Marx devoted himself to scientific work not by erudition or fame, but on the contrary - under the most bitter attacks of his opponents and enduring huge sacrifices in poverty and disease - he did it with the sole purpose of laying the theoretical foundations of the ideology of the proletariat, a question that he understood to be of vital necessity for the workers cause because it laid the ideological foundations for his political struggle and organization.

Nothing more alien to reality and Marxism, to think that Marx spent his life away from the masses and revolutionary struggles. Marx was always a determined revolutionary: in his militancy in the newspaper of the left Hegelians, in the leadership of the League of the Communists, in their participation in the revolution of 1848 in Germany, in the meticulous correspondence that throughout their lives maintained with the most varied leaders of the proletariat, in the constant publication of articles and sometimes the direction of magazines for the agitation, and finally , in the great leadership that it had of the International Workers Association, the First International, which laid the ideological bases of the proletariat on which the first communist parties would be built in several countries. Before the tomb of Marx, Engels said:"Marx was, first and foremost, a revolutionary. The true mission of his life was to cooperate in one way or another to the overthrow of capitalist society and the institutions of the state created by it, to cooperate for the emancipation of the modern proletariat, to whom he for the first time instilled the consciousness of his own situation and their needs, the awareness of the conditions that informed their release ". [4]

Others try to deceive the masses with a humanist and even pacifist Marx. The founder of the ideology of the proletariat argued that "the antagonism between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is a struggle from class to class, a struggle that, taken to its highest expression, is a total revolution. Moreover, should we be surprised that a society founded on the opposition of the classes is resolved in the brutal contradiction, in a clash of bodies as a final outcome? " [5] . After the experience of the proletariat in the revolutions of Germany in 1848 and especially with the glorious Comuna of Paris in 1871, Marx would raise his understanding and synthesize even more the need to destroy the old machinery of the bourgeois state by means of revolutionary violence and to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.

" Marx in his Critique of the Gotha Program on the problem of the correlation between the State and [socialist] society , which Marx calls the" first "phase, or lower phase of communist society,left forever established: '... Between capitalist society and communist society-Marx continues-mediates the period of revolutionary transformation from the first to the second. To this period  also corresponds   a political   period of transition, whose State can not be other than the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat ...      '" [6]

Today they dare to raise Marx against the universal validity of the people's war. They argue that in some countries there are no conditions to start the people's war - or revise the concept of people's war to leave it as a mass political strike or insurrection - and that preparing the beginning would be willful, adventurous or isolated from the mass movement. Marx harshly criticized those desperate revolutionaries who were fighting without the masses believing that "the engine of the revolution is not reality, but the will" [7] . But precisely reality is not static. Historical and political development has led to a revolutionary situation in unequal development and to the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution, a situation that demandsreconstitution / constitution of militarized communist parties to start popular wars as soon as possible . Those who preach today the mass political strike and the insurrection as a strategy of the revolution - some call it the strategy of the people's war for the imperialist countries - are those who deny reality's demands and defend the usual opportunist path of accumulation peaceful of forces, prelude to parliamentary cretinism.

It was precisely Marx who rescued the energetic principle of human activity, the "active side" of idealism and led it to materialism, refuting all contemplative materialists and urging an active revolutionary practice to transform reality, something that today only materializes arming the masses part by part, incorporating them in the middle of the people's war for the seizure of power. Marx also stated: "Where we say to the working class: you have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and people's struggles, not only to change reality, but to change yourselves, empowering them for Power , you say to them: Or we immediately go to Power or we go to sleep " [8].Volunteer and far from the masses are those who initiate or develop armed struggle without a militarized communist party, firmly guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism applied to the country itself. In this way they arrive sooner or later to the preaching of "going to sleep," to agreements of "peace" and capitulation to reaction, thus denying the general crisis of imperialism and the main historical and political tendency to revolution.

Marx was the leader of the proletariat who achieved the unity of the workers' movement in severalcountries during the years of the International War , a unity based on the strong defense of the principles of the proletariat and in opposition to conciliation. Accused by the authoritarian Bakuninists and by many others of splitting, Marx knew that the First International had already fulfilled its historical mission and that it was better that it ended before it was killed by unprincipled unity . Today the dispersion in the Communist International Movement can only be overcome by creating a unity on the basis of the principles of Marxism, ie on a unified understanding of Maoism, which far from leading to dogmatism provides the ideological basis for the creative application in each country, forging guiding thoughts to reconstitute / constitute communist parties that initiate and direct popular wars.

Marx always trusted unswervingly in the proletariat and never, during the failures of his early struggles, doubted his historical mission-scientifically proven-to be a gravedigger of capitalism. Far from falling into despair or dejection, he took pains to draw lessons from his temporary defeats to nourish Marxism and also laid the foundations of the struggle against revisionism."All the important sections of the annals of the revolution from 1848 to 1849 have the heading of Defeat of the Revolution! But what succumbed in these defeats was not the revolution. They were the traditional prerevolutionary appendices, the survivals resulting from social relations that had not yet become sufficiently acute to take a very precise form of class contradictions: people, illusions, ideas, projects of which the revolutionary party was not free before the February revolution and those that could not free the victory of February, if not just a series of defeats . " [9]

Applying this analysis of Marx to the whole era of world proletarian revolution, we see that we are facing a tremendously strengthened proletariat, which in the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution has emerged victorious and strengthened with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in hard and bloody fight against imperialism and reaction, inseparable struggle of the struggle against all opportunism and revisionism.

In 1879, the one who years later was consecrated as the first revisionist of history, E. Bernstein, tried to revive in his "Retrospective Review of the Socialist Movement" those pre-revolutionary ideas that Marx condemned and declared defeated in the revolution of 1848. Marx and Engels went into battle and broke ranks stating that: "As for us, and taking into account all our past, we have only one way left. For nearly 40 years we have been highlighting the class struggle as a directly propelling force of history, and particularly the class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat as the great lever of the modern social revolution. This is the reason why we can not march with men who want to extirpate this class struggle from the movement" [10]. Today, the pending task of the balance of the last decades of the International Communist Movement, can only be carried out clearly delimiting the fields, repudiating the new revisionism that has been defeated, and uniting us around a higher understanding of Maoism.

The call of the Manifesto of the Communist Party and of the manifesto of the First International for the proletariat was clear: to seize power and subordinate to this objective the immediate interests of the proletariat, and according to the moment, without losing the final objective, to draw the appropriate tactics. For this reason Marx always oriented with great skill the tactics of the proletariat for each moment and the relation that it should have with the other classes of the society: in times of prosperity of the capitalism (that not yet had become monopolist, parasitic and agonizing) it drew the workers wage struggle as real civil wars to prepare the class for the " future battle" and for the "ultimate goal". He defended the use of legality in the periods of "political stalemate and domination of bourgeois legality " [11] but severely condemned the German Social Democratic Party for not having passed into illegality firmly after the law of exception was enacted against the Socialists in Germany. As for the relationship of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie and the peasantry where the democratic revolution had not yet been consummated, Marx set up invaluable analyzes that served as a guide for what Lenin and President Mao Tsetung would develop; the bourgeoisie " without faith in itself and without faith in the people; growling against those above and trembling before those below"[12] . And in front of the peasantry, Lenin would gather "while in Germany the (bourgeois) democratic revolution was not completed, Marx concentrated all his attention, as regards the tactics of the socialist proletariat, in promoting the democratic energy of the peasants " [13] , putting on the surface what was said for him and what the revisionists of that time would take care to bury: "The whole problem, in Germany, will depend on the possibility of supporting the proletarian revolution with a kind of second edition of the peasant wars." [14] 

This year, the 170th anniversary of the publication of The Manifesto of the Communist Party , a program of the proletariat drawn up by Marx and Engels, whose principles today are valid and valid and corresponds to apply them. We emphasize once more the call of the Manifesto: "Communists consider it unworthy to hide their ideas and purposes. They openly proclaim that their objectives can only be achieved by overthrowing the entire existing social order by violence. Let the ruling classes tremble before a Communist Revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose in it other than their chains. They have, however, a world to win."

We then celebrated with joy the birth of the giant of the proletariat, who drank from the highest of humanity, from the classic German philosophical faith , from English political economy and from French socialism, and in struggle with them, synthesizing and elevating them masterfully, giving to light the integral scientific ideology of the proletariat, which in more than a century and a half of hard class struggles and struggles of two lines has become Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the contributions of universal validity of Gonzalo Thought.

It is up to the communists to raise, defend and apply, mainly to apply Maoism to carry out revolutions of new democracy and without interruption to move to the socialist in the countries dominated by imperialism - the vast majority of countries and where the vast majority of the masses - socialist revolution in the developed capitalist countries and successive cultural revolutions to prevent the restoration, develop socialism and secure the passage to communism . And this can only be done by fighting against imperialism and the relentless and unbreakable reaction of the struggle against old and new revisionism, and its new expression that was systematized and structured in the right opportunist lines. In Peru, today with its own revisionist party organization, which intends to usurp the name of the PCP and with its front-facing electoral bodies such as Movadef and Fentep, as well as fighting its other expressions, such as those of Avakian and Prachanda, etc. 

Let us celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of our founder, the great Karl Marx and the   170th Anniversary of the Manifesto of the Communist Party, going more and better to impose Maoism as the command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, the necessary basis for the proletariat can reconstitute the Communist International that will shape with popular wars the epic begun by Karl Marx towards our final goal the forever golden Communism:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
Long live the 200 years of the birth of the great Karl Marx, first great Head of the proletariat!
Long live your brilliant and unfading work!

Long live the 170 years of the Communist Party Manifesto!
Defend and apply proletarian internationalism!
Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo with people's war!
Down with the Imperialist War! Long live the People's War!
People's War has communism!

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction)
Movimiento Popular Peru (Reorganization Committee)
Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun Red
Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile
Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico
Red Flag Committee - Germany

February 2018

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018



A report from India-
By Harsh Thakor
One of the greatest events in the history of revolutionary movement of Punjab took place at Grain market in Barnala district commemorating International Women's day on 8th March which I was privileged to witness—25000 peasants shimmered the torch of liberation today in Barnala fruit market to extinguish the forces of darkness in Bku ugrahan karza mukti rally like a huge army. Venue resembled a stormy ocean or a huge flame encompassing the whole venue—Tribute to painstaking work, revolutionary democratic functioning and massline practice of Bku ugrahan who are arguably the strongest landed peasant organisation in the revolutionary camp in the entire nation. An event I will never forget which could rank amongst the best ever in history of Punjab writing a new chapter to the glorious history. Most significant event in light of the spate of thousands of farmers suicides in recent months and government policies representing the very anti-thesis of any progressive development plan—An approach that resisted economism with great methodology to build class organisation and an example to the communist revolutionary camp as a whole. Their experience was an abject lesson to everyone about how building a movement was not only about undertaking political propaganda but building genuine mass political struggles against enemies like money lenders, politicians, corporates, landlord elements, etc. Arguably no peasant organisation of the landed section in india amongst revolutionary forces can stage such a big mobilisation or practice massline. to this extent—It was virtual proof that the struggle of the peasantry of the BKU(Ugrahan)pursued a genuine revolutionary path and were not practicing economist trend. In the view of journalist Neel kamal no peasant organization has built such a sustained peasant movement in Punjab today challenging the autocratic policies or is such a scourge in the eyes of the of the administration as the BKU (Ugrahan) No organization as consistently at grassroots level educated and mobilized peasantry in Punjab against the anti-people state policies as the Ugrahan group. True agricultural labour had a different periphery of demands and could not participate on the same plane as here with the landed peasantry but nevertheless the landed peasantry particularly the poor section is an ally of them. Half of the 25000 participants comprised of women which also speaks volumes of the work of the peasant organization. With intense concentration the participants heard the speeches and vociferously shouted slogan son the conclusion on each of them like lightning and thunder burning in their hearts. I was most impressed with how the speeches dealt with al the pesant and women’s problems at their very root and dialectiaclly related the problems faced by women with that of the broader peasant movement.

Other organizations of the landed peasantry like BKU -Dakaunda and Kirti Kisan Union attended the All India level peasant rally which even if mobilisng broad peasantry was tailing behind the ruling classes.

The rally was chaired by Shingara Singh Mann, secretary of the Bathinda district of the BKU(Ugrahan). The speakesr included president Joginder Singh Ugrahan,Secretary Sukhdev Singh Khokri, Head of women's wing Harinder Kaur Bindu and Navsharan Kaur daughter of the legendary revolutionary playwright Gursharan Singh. At the conclusion a 15 min cultural programme was staged organized by Amolak Singh of Punjab Loksabhyakara manch with the theme of debt problems faced by farmers.

Monday, March 12, 2018

US- We will support the students and their walkout March 14

This Wednesday I will be working at my job as a substitute teacher for the USD 259 School system. I don't know which actual high school I will be at, but I will be somewhere on the school grounds and I fully support the student's desires to walk out on March 14 at 10 in the morning to take part in a nation-wide student walkout to demand that something be done about the availability of guns in this country, especially by minors and it will also be a demand for safer schools. I think what I like best about this is that students today are using a form of civil disobedience to make a political statement. It is my hope they will learn that this country has a long tradition of such civil disobedience.
The students are learning to directly confront authority. They are learning that it takes powerful action to force the stodgy leadership of this country, including our moronic president and his inept congress allies. It takes direct action to get any results. The students may not get exactly what they want, but by taking such a bold move, they may actually make a difference. Not everyone agrees with me. According to The Wichita Eagle:

"What we do not want is (for) kids to be walking out of a building unsupervised, because . . . that is not a safe way to be able to get their voices heard," said Alicia Thompson, superintendent of Wichita schools.....
....Thompson said Wichita high schools will allow student-led rallies during the lunch hour or before or after school, supervised by staff."

She is not alone. There is considerable resistance to the walkout as it is planned. Also according to The Wichita Eagle:

"The Women’s March EMPOWER branch, a group dedicated to youth-led advocacy, is encouraging students, teachers and others to take part in “#ENOUGH, a school walkout on March 14 at 10 a.m.
The goal is for students and school staff to walk out of their classrooms for 17 minutes that morning – one minute for each of the fatalities at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – to urge Congress to “take meaningful action to keep us safe and pass federal gun reform legislation,” the organization said in a statement."

I hope these students will stand up for their rights and walk out at their expected time. This is an opportunity for these students to learn how to develop an understanding of student activism to empower themselves. It is a great opportunity and every adult staff member needs to support the students and their action. I know there will be many staff members who try and control the students, but those of us who are concerned that students learn from this experience need to lend their support. I will fully support these students and their actions.
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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Celebrating International Women's Day

“Break the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution!” -Jiang Qing/江青

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Hoppy Gnome, in Wichita, Kansas, plans to donate some of their proceeds to the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center. Many other people came to drink and donate. 

What is Women's Day? Alexandra Kollontai

What is Women's Day? It's really necessary? Is not it a concession to women of bourgeois class, to feminists and suffragettes? Is it not harmful to the unity of the workers movement? These issues are still heard in Russia, although not abroad. Life itself has given a clear and eloquent answer to these questions.

The day of the woman is a link in the long and solid chain of women in

the workers movement. The organized army of women workers grows every day. Twenty years ago the workers 'organizations only had scattered groups of women in the bases of the workers' parties ... Now the English unions have more than 292,000 syndicated women; in Germany there are around 200,000 unionized and 150,000 in the workers' party, in Austria there are 47,000 in the unions and 20,000 in the party. Everywhere, in Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, women of the working class are organizing themselves. The army of socialist women has almost one million members. A powerful force! A force with which the powers of the world should count when the issue of the cost of living, maternity insurance, is put on the table,

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

People’s War to address gentrification in Los Angeles — Maybe just political action here in Maize

By សតិវ ​អតុ
It's been a long time since anyone has considered launching a Maoist People's War here in the US. For many of us, it seems almost impossible. We don't have large rural areas that are undeveloped enough to put a guerrilla army. It is hard to hide a guerrilla army anywhere in the US. But the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) of Canada discussed launching a people's war in that country starting about some time between 2002 and 2014. And now the Red Guards – Los Angeles (RGLA) have declared“The time for activism is over. Now is the time of war.” That is a pretty big statement. Do they mean an all-out war with people shooting guns at each other? Or maybe they mean a more heightened sate of activism.
Some of what they mean is in their latest article:

The plan, as it was revealed, was to march to the art galleries in the so-called “arts district” of Boyle Heights and focus on the main target, the new breweries…….
….Hollenbeck Division pigs were adequately prepared as they have a seemingly good, but incomplete, understanding of the high level of militancy of the Boyle Heights anti-gentrification movement. ……
…..We say they have a good understanding of the all-around growing militancy of the movement, but it is incomplete because they do not grasp its essence. They do not fully understand the high-level of discipline and naked revolutionary selflessness of the movement’s soldiers, who have shed the dead skin of their activism.

The issue they are concerned with is the gentrification of the Boyle Heights neighborhood, in the Los Angeles area. I’m very familiar with that issue since a form of gentrification is taking place in my present hometown of Maize, KS. Gentrification is a real serious problem for either minority people, as in Boyle Heights, that would be Chicano people, and it always affects poor people in a negative fashion.
I strongly expect that the people’s war as proposed by the RCP of Canada is similar to what the RGLA is planning here in the US. Canada does have a lot more rural underdeveloped spaces. Canada is bigger land wise than the US. But the population is less than one tenth as big. So there could be rural guerrilla war fare. But I’m guessing they are also looking at a more heightened militarism. Their last article was in February of 2015 and it included a rebuttal of Curtis Cole’s Idealizing PPW: A Response to the PCR-RCP, written for the new defunct Kasama Project.

“In hack internet speak we could accuse Cole of “straw-personing” our position, and we will go into this in more detail in later sections, but since it is not enough to just dismiss a critic of making this mistake (after all, it is equally unprincipled to accuse someone of this without going into detail—as Cole does at one point), we’re left with the unfortunate job of trying to correct an erroneous depiction while, at the same time, responding to those critiques that are half-correct.”

And RCP Canada wrote a lot to explain that Canada is not the same as the US nor does it require the aid of a US revolutionary “people’s war:”

“The fact that Cole asserts that “[a] revolution in Canada cannot survive without a revolution in the United States of America” as if this is a fact of nature (there is no real argument, it is simply justified with rhetoric about the power of the US media, the reactionaries who would not allow us to make revolution, etc.)—which is perhaps the basis of his conflation of Canada with North America as a whole—is proof of this exceptionalism. It could also be a holdover from the imperialist chauvinism that has hampered the international communist movement for over a century, that deep-seeded assumption amongst first world communists that the revolution must be accomplished in the imperialist centres first or any revolution at the peripheries will be doomed.”

RCP Canada has not given us a lot of details as to what they meant by people’s war. The group is still active today. They are preparing for a special May Day event in 2019. It would be nice if they do something this year as well. 
I sure don’t want to be one of those old experienced Marxist-Leninist who keep shooting down the more militant young Marxists all of the time with all of that “The time isn’t right yet…We just don’t have enough people…. We just don’t have enough resources….society is not approaching a revolutionary situation.…today’s young Marxist lack the maturity, the understanding, the experience….etc.”
I see enough of that and I have to wonder if such people will ever decide the time is right for either people’s war or the more militant style of political action—and I would include the black block tactics. Such Marxists will probably never approve of the idea that US society is ready for an actual revolution. I don’t want to be like one of those old fogy Marxists. In 1968, France was near a Marxist revolution, by Marxist students and if the old fogies of the French Communist Party  had supported the revolt, it may have succeeded. France has never come that close to a revolution and neither has any of Europe’s other nations. That opportunity was lost and nothing like that has ever happened since. Let’s not make the same mistake in the US today by condemning those who are willing to take risks. We need to let people try new things.  
That brings us to the issue of gentrification. I live in Maize, a small town of about 3,420 people. It had been a small farming oriented town, with a lot of rural people living in it. It was about 10 miles from Wichita only a few years earlier. About 10 years ago, or maybe more, wealthy people began moving into the town. Wichita and Maize grew until today, where they are side by side. The new people voted in their representatives who began to draw up stricter rules on what people could do with their lawns and public property. They also began to change policies that were in place to help the poorer people make payments when their water bills and other utilities were too high for them. Everything that has benefited the poor residents have been scrapped. All agreements made with citizens have been replaced with strict rules that allow utilities to cut off services if a resident is even a day late paying their bills. At one time they cut the water off of a busy restaurant in Maize, at noon, during the rush hour, for being late and without warning. They came up with strict laws to Levy huge fines over those who grass and landscaping don’t appease the newer regulators and their regulations. The town has many new housing developments that offer much more expensive housing that the town has had in the past. As with any gentrification scheme, the idea is to run poorer people out and allow wealthier individuals to come in and replace them.
Such efforts in Boyle Heights include bringing in art galleries designed to drive up housing costs and rent. The RGLA has also focused on some new craft beer breweries. The RGLA has focused on what they call “hipsters” which they have declared war on. As RGLA described their actions;  

“Another stop was at artist live-in lofts where militants launched heavy trash on top of cars over a tall wrought-iron fence. Other militants shook the fence, repeatedly slammed a dumpster with heavy debris. The goal was to ensure the lofts residents were awake and aware of the march-bloc and its thirst for revolutionary violence.
Gentrifier-hipsters[1] were terrified. The pigs were seen shining lights on hipsters walking out of or around the art galleries and breweries, being told to go inside, to probably lock the doors, and stay away from the windows. This was emergency code red for gentrifier.”

I found an article by the Los Angeles Times that covered these militant actions:

……He (Jackson Defa) said that in San Francisco, he saw his rent jump from $700 to $2,000 in a year because of gentrification and moved to L.A. for a new start. He worked at a coffee shop in West L.A. until the owner sold it.
Schwarz, 33, a video game developer, lost his job last June. He held a few jobs to make a living and rents a room for $700 in the West Adams area.
"I wasn't surprised," Defa said of the protesters. "I was surprised they didn't want to listen."

On one hand this article gives a dim view of the anti-gentrification group, which is not well defined as to what groups are in this action. They never mention the RGLA by name. On the other hand it makes it clear that these art galleries and other attempts a gentrification are raising rents and costing poor people a lot, even pushing them out of the Boyle Heights district. The quote above shows the heavy rent increases for people. But they also gave a negative look at the tactics used by the anti-gentrification crowd. While the Los Angeles Times didn't mention the breweries discussed by the RGLA, they wrote about a coffee house that was under attack, called Weird Wave Coffee:

"Anti-gentrification forces spent weeks trolling the coffee house on Instagram before and after it opened June 15. They held protest rallies outside the business, holding posters, including one that read "… White Coffee" and included an expletive, and another that said "AmeriKKKano to go." They passed out fliers with a parody logo that read "White Wave."
Some Latino residents who defended Weird Wave Coffee said they were called "coconuts" by activists. Brown on the outside, white on the inside.
"It makes us look bad," Koda Torres said of the confrontational tactics used against the cafe. "The way they handle the situation of gentrification wasn't appropriate. They were almost vandalizing their windows, harassing the customers, calling people sellouts and racists."

I don’t have the man power to put together such “revolutionary activities” as where done by RGLA. In Kansas City, MO, (about a four hour drive from Maize) there is The Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC). They are also a Maoist group and they seem very similar to the RGLA. But they haven't published anything on their web site since last May.
 I have not even begun to oppose the gentrification that has been put in place in Maize. But that may change. I now have plans to run for city council. Most Maoist oppose using elections, but my idea is to bring together residents who have been harmed by the gentrification and start an actual activist group or groups that can come up with ways we can fight for our rights, especially for those who lived here originally. For me the time to swing into action is now. Maybe later we can start a people's war, but today we are no where near that stage, at least not here in Kansas.

An endless stream of clutter.

[1] I have to wonder if these hipsters were easy to identify, for example did the men have those scrawny beards that look like just a few days growth on them, as such celebrities as Jimmy Kimmel have on them? Do they have certain clothing to identify them?

Monday, March 05, 2018

India: CPI Maoist Party Telangana State Committee Press Statement

While we were taking rest & speaking to the people the police raided and unilaterally fired at the information provided by a culprit.

As police were saying, Hari Bhushan, Bade Chokka Rao and Kankanala Rajireddy did not die in this encounter.

District Committee member Dhadaboyina Swami Alias Prabhakar - a resident of Rampur village, Kazipet Mandal and Ratna a resident of Bijapur were martyred in this encounter along with 8 other comrades who belong to Sukma & Dantewada of Chattisgarh State.

Dictator KCR is committed to this type of fake encounters to drive water and land to corporate houses. From now on, we will intensify the attacks on TRS leaders.

Hindutva leader Raman Singh and fascist KCR are unleashing attacks on Adivasis & common men. Despite the police knew the details of the martyrs after the encounter, police misguided people & media to confuse & create panic in the public.

The police tried to hurt people's courage by propagating top leaders were dead in the encounter.

The Telangana, AP, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh governments aimed at completely eradicating CPI (Maoist) in order to give away the natural resources to the corporate houses.

With the help of the people, we will retaliate these attacks and win.

Spokes Person,
CPI (Maoist) Telangana State Committee

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Jugendwiderstand : Support the Revolution in the Philippines – Victory to People’s War!

Supporters of Jugendwiderstand recently spent more than a month with and within the revolutionary movement in the Philippines.

It’s the most silenced revolution in the world.

In the Philippines, a protracted people’s war is taking place.

In the depths of the jungle and in the mountains of the 100 million inhabitants of the archipelago, the ranks of the New People’s Army are growing.

In the cities, the oppressed – workers, youth, women, the urban poor – are developing their own mass organizations that fight for their own rights while they work and serve the armed struggle to take the power of the country. Despite the huge counter revolutionary terrorism of the US-Duterte regime, comrades all over the country carry out their tasks without stopping and they learn from their mistakes.

At the head of this heroic and sacrificial people’s struggle against their exploiters and oppressors – against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism – is the Communist Party of the Philippines.

It’s not a reformist and legalistic electoral club like the bourgeois parties, but an illegal war machine that organizes and leads the revolution from underground, in the middle of the people’s war.

The Philippines is an incredibly resource-rich country. These are plundered by foreign powers and their local henchmen and none of them benefits the people who live in poverty, misery and filth and are forced to fight for their existence day by day.

But the Filipino communists demonstrate how to defend themselves and fight against that situation!

His revolution is leaded against the interests of the US and other imperialists and can not be manipulated by any other power, and that is why our media keep it deliberately silenced!

The media wants us to not take an example of their struggle. Let’s take an example then! Let us learn from the revolutionary movement of the communists of the Philippines, let us unite with them and wage the same war.

We hereby inaugurate a month of solidarity with the people’s war in the Philippines, as moral support for the comrades and to spread their silenced revolution in our country.

During this month, our supporters will also hold events in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Weserbergland, Magdeburg and Berlin, where they will report on the people’s war and the revolutionary movement, its history, ideology, current practice and perspectives.

We urge all revolutionary and anti-imperialist organizations and groups to also act and support the campaign.

Support the Revolution in the Philippines – Victory to People’s War!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Statement of the First Meeting of European Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

“There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and that is—working whole-heartedly for the
development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in
one’s own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid)
this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception.” 
- Lenin
From Maoist_Revolution:
We, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations have held a First Meeting of European Parties and Organizations and successfully conclude our objective of strengthening our ties and mutual coordination and assistance, giving an impulse to the struggle for the unity of the communists on this continent, as a part of the International Communist Movement. We see this meeting as a beginning of a process of debate and theoretical and practical joint struggle, on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the implacable struggle against revisionism, to serve more and better the world proletarian revolution. Comrades from other countries who were also invited to the Meeting, but where unable to participate due to particular problems, sent greetings to the meeting and we will continue to struggle to include them as well as other communist forces, from all parts of the continent, in our joint efforts.
We have studied and discussed the Documents of the Fifth Meeting of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of Latin America: We consider these documents to be an important contribution to the development of the two-line-struggle in the International Communist Movement salute the exemplary work of the comrades. We have the need to deeper study and debating all the matters dealt upon in the documents, but we are confident that they provide a foundation for a fruitful discussion among the fraternal Parties and Organizations; we underscore in particular the importance of the recognition of the universality of the People's War as the highest military theory of the international proletariat applicable to all countries without exception. We salute the initiative of the Latin American comrades to give a strong impulse to the struggle for an International Unified Maoist Conference and look forward to work with the comrades in the struggle to reunite the International Communist Movement.         
We send our warmest greetings to the Communist Parties which lead People's Wars in Peru, Philippines, Turkey and India, as well as the combatants and masses they lead, who struggle with unbending resolve to bring the democratic revolution to victory and once this is achieved, continue uninterruptedly with the socialist revolution and with cultural revolutions the march towards communism – all with People's War. These Parties stand at the forefront of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution and we pledge to reinforce our internationalist work of class solidarity and to not spare any effort to assist them in any way we can to bring the People's Wars to victory.       
We send our warmest greetings to all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of the countries oppressed by imperialism; the countries of the Third World which constitutes the basis of the world proletarian revolution, and we pledge to support them in their struggle to initiate People's War, reconstituting their Communist Parties as militarized parties, by all means and in particular to uphold revolutionary defeatism against the imperialist States in which we are active, raising the slogan “Death to the occupants” as part of understanding the fact that every blow against the imperialists given by the oppressed peoples is a direct assistance to the development of the revolutionary movement in the imperialist countries. We particularly call upon the Communist Parties of the oppressed nations to take up the task to give their assistance, according to their abilities, to the development of the process of reconstitution of the Communist Parties wherever they are active.  
We send our warmest greetings to the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations in the imperialist countries which, just as we, struggle to reconstitute the Communist Parties as militarized parties to being able to initiate and lead People's War. We particularly call upon the comrades to merciless fight against any expression of imperialist chauvinism, rejecting legalism and economism.         
We manifest our solemn commitment to defend the lives and rights of the – revolutionary - prisoners of war and political prisoners in the world. We call special attention to the need to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo – who defined Maoism as the third, new and highest stage of Marxism, and established that being a Marxist today means to be a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist – and to fight off the sinister attacks against against him by imperialism, reaction and revisionism. We also express our pledge to fight to defend the imprisoned communists and revolutionaries in India, like the comrades Ajith, Gandhy and Saibaba.
We firmly reaffirm our decision to strengthen our ties and coordination at all levels and in this context develop joint activities as part of the protests against the G20-summit, to be held in July this year in Germany, and to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution  upcoming November.          
Unite under Maoism!
Fight imperialism, reaction and revisionism, implacably and inseparably!
People’s War until Communism!

Committee for the Construction of the Communist Party (Maoist), Galicia
Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
Committee Red Flag (FRG)
Maoist Communist Party –

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