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Kurdish National Congress: Stop ISIS attacks

Kurdish Guerrilla fighters are being attacked by ISIS. This is a crude Google translation of a Spanish language statement from the Kurdish National Congress, from Luminoso Futuro:
- សតិវ អតុ

YPG-fighter in Kobanê. Photo: Carl Drott
28/09/14 - The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), in
45 Kurdish organizations have joined forces in an urgent appeal to the
international public opinion. During attacks of terrorist militias in Iraq ISIS
and Southern Kurdistan have been observed and condemned the attacks ISIS Rojava are ignored
The Executive Committee of the KNK inaction "coalition" (United States and other countries, air strikes against lead ISIS) ISIS position in Kobanê. Vice President Nilüfer Koç writes: "If it happened in Kobanê a tragedy, then the public Kurds to Turkey and the USA, Europe and other coalition members blame encourage coups coalition the other parts of Syria. attacking ISIS Kobanê., this is unacceptable. the Kurdish National Congress of resistance in Kobanê compared with the fascist resistance in world War II, he complains that the coalition against ISIS attacks are not around the city of Kobané, the fact that they attack other parts of Iraq and Syria, but the ISIS has a free hand in Kobanê, awakened in Kurds public and doubt the sincerity of the intentions of the coalition. "
For more information:
Glory to Revolution Rojava!
We salute the regional self-government enshrined in the smaller area of Kurdistan Rojava, Cizire, Kobane and Efrin. For the working class is a joy and an accomplishment that linguistic identity and colonial oppression has been disrupted and that, based on the rights of peoples, have established democratic political structures.
The new raid Revolution Rojava printed force the people of the Middle East and germ revolutionary struggles. We call on all revolutionaries, anti-fascist and anti-colonial Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, to fulfill the purposes of taking Cizire democratic governments, and Efrin Kobane and Rojava Revolution. Our Party will continue its advocacy to ensure achievement of fully hit the colonial oppression and revolution in Rojava.

Biji Koletî Bimre Azadi!
Şehîd Namirin! Thousands of greetings to immortal Rojava revolution!
Equal rights for nations and tongues!
Long live the proletarian internationalism!
MLCP Turkey / Northern Kurdistan

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mass detention and arrests in Hyderabad- India


Mass Arrest in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh: Black days of Emergency are here??

The AP and Telangana State governments have coercively prevented the one day convention of the FORUM FOR ALTERNATIVE POLITICS in Hyderabad on 21 Sep 2014 from being held. This is a most condemnable, undemocratic and unconstitutional acts of the two governments. The meeting was scheduled between 10 am and 5pm and speakers from other states were invited to participate in the meeting. The convener of the forum, Mr Varavararao and a few other activists, have been taken in to custody by the police. Mr Kalyanrao , senior member of VIRASAM was arrested in Dachepalli (Guntur district) who was on his way to Hyderabad to the attend this meeting. Mr. Chilaka Chandrashekar (General Secretary APCLC) and many other leaders of peoples’ organizations were picked up from their houses and have been detained in Machvaram police station (Guntur district). Mr. Suresh Narayanrao and other office bearers of APCLC were detained in Kachguda police station in Hyderabad city. About fifteen members of Chytanya Mahila Samakya were also arrested and detained. Twenty Passenger Trains have been cancelled to prevent people from attending the convention in Hyderabad. It is reported that about 300 people have been arrested including the members of the Forum. Bojjaa Tarakam and Prof. Haragopal were not allowed to reach the venue of the meeting and were asked to return to their houses by the police and have been forced to remain indoors.
The police claim that the arrests are being made as preventive measure and had information that the Forum for Alternative Politics is a front Organisation of the Maoist Party. Since the mass organizations are banned they do not allow any kind of meetings conducted by them. Anticipating the situation Mr. Varavararao had moved a petition but it has been rejected by the High Court. Encouraged by the High court order the police surrounded the venue and erected barricades to prevent the people to reach and enter the venue (Sundaraiah Vignan Bhavan). A delegation of APCLC made efforts to meet the Chief Minister and request him to direct the police not to arrest the activists and give permission to hold the meeting. But the CM did not give an appointment to the delegation. Attempts were also made to meet the Home Minister and the Commissioner of Police but to no effect. The attitude of the government and the police is extremely hostile. They are determined to disturb the meeting and create a panic among the common citizenry. After frantic parleys the Home Minister spoke to a delegation and then the police agreed to free the activist but only after 9 pm attesting the unconstitutional and undemocratic intent of the government not to let the FORUM’s meeting happen.
A few days back only the FORUM FOR ALTERNATIVE POLITICS was formed by several intellectuals with Mr.Varavararao as its convener. The object of the forum is to inform the public about revolutionary politics and revolutionary parties and to subject the models of development and mainstream politics to a radical political scrutiny. Whatever be the politic of the FORUM, it has the constitutional guarantee to pursue it in constitutional manner. The government of Telangana or its police may have problems with the members of the FORUM but it has no authority whatsoever to curb its constitutional guaranteed rights to pursue its politics. It is their democratic right to engage in practice their politics within the bounds of the constitution of India. The government and the police are subverting the constitution by preventing the Forum from holding the meeting.
It will be in order here to remind the AP/Telangana governments that the Supreme Court of India in some of its decisions made observations that to sympathize with even the Maoist Politics and subscribing to its ideology are not offences. Characterising the FORUM as front organization of Maoist Party and banning its meetings and activities is not only unconstitutional but also undemocratic. The arrest all over the state reminds us the days of Emergency.
Further the dream that formation of new Telangana state will guarantee the basic rights and a repression-free society is cruelly shattered within hundred days.
WE Demand
· That all the arrested persons must be released immediately
· That the forum must be allowed to conduct meetings and other activities freely
· The state must restrain from curbing civil and political rights of the citizens

C. Chandrasekhar (CLC, Andhra Pradesh), Paramjeet Singh (PUDR, Delhi), Parmindar Singh (AFDR, Punjab), Phulendro Konsam (COHR, Manipur) and Tapas Chakraborty (APDR, West Bengal)
(Coordinators of CDRO).

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

America consumes 80 percent of all prescription painkillers sold globally

This article implies that living under US capitalism causes a pain in the ass. -សតិវ អតុ

Though it often isn't talked about, Americans consume most of the pharmaceutical drugs produced for the entire world, even though we represent a mere 5 percent of the global population. And when it comes to painkillers, Americans consume a staggering 80 percent of the global supply, with doctors prescribing more than 259 million scripts for painkillers annually.

These figures suggest that, behind the facade, Americans as a whole suffer from far more pain and disease than much of the rest of the world. Either that, or many Americans have become so depressed and hopeless that the only way they can cope with living is to constantly medicate themselves, a reality that seems to be reflected in the latest data sets.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Egypt—hunger strikes continue as U.S. counts on regime more than ever

Hunger strikes in Egyptian prisons have been a problem for a regime that has found it easier to consolidate its power than dispel challenges to its legitimacy. While the authorities have attempted to deal with the situation by temporarily releasing a few of its jailed opponents, some have remained on hunger strike and others have joined them.

This new wave has come at a bad time for President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the U.S., which has been going even further than before in publicly supporting the regime that first came to power in a military coup in July 2013 and then confirmed its rule in an election ignored by half the electorate.

Hunger strikers Alaa Ebd Al-Fattah and Mohamed Abdel Rahman, along with Wael Metwally, associated with the youth movements that brought down President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, were released on bail on 16 September. The three were part of a small group that held a rally outside the upper house of parliament last November in defiance of a new law forbidding any public protest not authorized by the regime three days in advance. They had been convicted in absentia after security forces prevented them from entering the courtroom. Now they are to be retried.

However, some veterans of those movements have remained on hunger strike, which has now expanded as other people in and out of prison take it up in opposition to the anti-protest law.

Reports of the number of prisoners refusing to eat vary, and it seems that some are waging on-and-off hunger strikes. Others have not eaten for months, although they are taking dietary supplements to prevent permanent damage. Amnesty International reports that the authorities have tied Ibrahim al-Yamany's arms and legs to the bars of the cell where he is being held in isolation. He was accused of working in a field hospital set up when the military attacked a demonstration at the Rabbaa mosque in support of the Moslem Brotherhood it had overthrown. Another long term hunger striker, Mohamed Soltan, accused of working with the Brotherhood's media centre, is said to be in a coma.

The regime has also imprisoned Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Peter Greste since last December. They are not part of this protest movement.

After overthrowing the elected Moslem Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, the military massacred more than 1,000 people, most of them in a single day at the Rabaa mosque, and arrested tens of thousands, at first mainly Islamists and then also secular youth who had opposed military rule after Mubarak's fall and later came to oppose the post-Morsi military government.

On 21 September, dozens of journalists began a three-day hunger strike against the ban on protests. Doctors and health workers fasted for one day in symbolic solidarity.

Egyptian news outlets report that after Sisi agreed to join the U.S.'s "coalition of the willing" against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the U.S. Defence Secretary called his Egyptian counterpart to inform him that ten Apache attack helicopters will be delivered to the Egyptian armed forces. Washington had put this delivery on hold last year to distance itself from Sisi's repression, although this was mainly symbolic, as U.S. aid for the Egyptian government has continued with little change. The importance of this phone call, on the eve of Sisi's departure for the UN General Assembly meeting, was that it made it possible for the regime's media to announce that its differences with the U.S. are a thing of the past.

So far, the Egyptian armed forces have been reluctant to directly participate in U.S.-led military actions, although Sisi lends his country's name to the list of coalition members and promised logistical and intelligence support. Sisi is the former head of Egyptian intelligence, which played an important role in torturing prisoners handed over by the U.S. in its secret "renditions" programme. The U.S. also thanked him for brokering the recent cease-fire in Gaza, without which the U.S. would have found it even more difficult to find an Arab government willing to take the political risks of joining the U.S.'s "coalition". The Egyptian regime is also said to be playing a role in discussions regarding military coordination between the U.S. and Syria.

We are now a part of Red de Blogs Communistas

We have just joined up with a blog collective; “Red de Blogs Communistas.” It gives me a chance to reach out to people I haven’t reached yet and I will have one more source of posts I can make use of. It is important that we can all counter all the right-wing news sources out there. People need a source of news and commentary for the non-capitalist and non-imperialist minded persons.
While we all have definite ideas and an ideology, I feel secure that these blogs are not so dogmatic as to stifle imagination. I find that each of the blogs, while primarily Maoist have all got their own cultural slants, home grown heroes and the people from these various countries have plenty of information that can only come from those in these countries. It enriches our own political experiences to get fresh views from other parts of the world.
Here is a general statement from Red de Blogs Communistas that I translated from Spanish. It is a Spanish dominated collective, which is one reason they were grateful to have me join. They are now branching out with English blogs:

-សតិវ អតុ

"Marxism is not a dead dogma, doctrine is not a finished, complete, unchanging, but a living guide to action, it could not at least reflect itself a startlingly abrupt change of the conditions of social life." (Lenin, about some peculiarities of the historical development of Marxism). 

Precisely because it is not a living and not a dead dogma science, because it serves in practice and nourished her, Marxists are still in development and enrich their theory in the course of the class struggle, the struggle for production and scientific development .

Over the past 150 years, the brightest leaders of the international proletariat (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong) started and enriched the Marxist theory in the crucible of the class struggle and ideological struggle against bourgeois ideology and its various manifestations in form revisionism and other trends of different classes.

The Network of  Communists Blogs want to honor this dedication the last of the major contributors in the development of Marxism with the succession of historical, social and political changes, when they complete 38 years of his death, Mao Zedong. 

Mao led in the last impulse in the development of proletarian science, applying the contribution of the history of Marxism-Leninism prior to concrete practice of the Chinese revolution and the world proletarian revolution, in the course of the resulting struggle against modern revisionism led by Khrushchev and company.

RBC wants to honor the great Mao because we consider that the International Communist Movement owes him important contributions (New Democracy, the People's War, the Cultural Revolution ...). In this sense, we want to highlight, at first, to put your finger on it to ask the question we all should do the Communists, to analyze why after the death of Stalin, revisionist and pro-capitalist miscreants were made with little power in only time and without resistance, ie, how we can prevent even developed into a socialist state could overturn all that has been achieved in decades in a few years?

Mao tries to answer the question of how to fight against the class enemies within socialism, which sought to answer through distinct revolutionary practices such as the Cultural Revolution, and that still remains unanswered (because, unfortunately, as happened with Stalin, then Mao's death, the revisionists and pro-capitalists were almost immediately started with the power and, as in the USSR, the return to capitalism).

Precisely the answer to this question they did with Mao, as also seems to be made ​​with Stalin, Molotov and Yakovlev, planted the fight against gentrification of party leaders from so early a date as publication at the 17th Party Congress in January 1934, as shown in studies of Grover Furr, Stalin and the struggle for democracy, the key is to avoid falling into the errors that were repeated again at the end of the socialist experiments. Nevertheless, Stalin, Maoor even Hoxha, built themselves a system of struggle against capitalism, however, that is where we have to seek the key to solving this is not to be repeated in the future.

Mao became therefore the follower of Marxism in the concrete conditions of a colonized country, China, responding and theorizing about the conditions of the building of socialism and communism in what soon would be called, Third World. So would open the third stage of Marxism-Leninism, following Lenin and Stalin, which would live and learn, but to apply that very important new contributions according to the practical reality of his country, opening the door to the little industrialized and colonized peoples to building communism.

As said, the contributions of Mao in Marxist-Leninist theory and the International Communist Movement are innumerable and a unique importance, Mao converting the main representative of the fourth tier of Marxism-Leninism to the final triumph: Maoism, short and deep the contributions of Engels and Marx, Lenin and Stalin,and the adaptation of communist theory in the practice of a world colonized by the imperialist powers but with the same desires for emancipation and end all forms of exploitation of man by man.
We can say that these days, completed 38 years of the death of Chairman Mao, the movements are inspired by his works on which are the revolutionary vanguard, as learned from the mistakes he began and his proposals for solutions, following his example constant applying Marxist theory and revolutionary practice and make the turn develop from this theory.

Ultimately, RBC wants to remember Mao Zedong, in his anniversary of his death, as one of the great revolutionary leaders and theorists of history, along with Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and honor their memory, their contributions and their great achievements in posting the struggle for emancipation of the Chinese working class and world




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The power of prayer and the demise of ISIS

From Red Rob Blogger

I have come up with a great new way for this country to save $billions on defense and I will shortly relay this idea to Prez. Barack Obama. It involves the power of prayer. We don’t need troops, planes, missiles and soldiers. We just need troops of people who will agree to pray against ISIS (ISEL or Islamic State).
Before dismissing this idea let’s look at what the experts say:
Never underestimate the power of prayer. When you are praying according to God's will, your prayer is unstoppable. And how do we know what God's will is? By careful study of Scripture.
Jesus made this promise: "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you" (John 15:7). — GREG LAURIECHRISTIAN POST.
And the pro-life (anti-abortion) crowd have dedicated a lot of space to using prayer in their holy war against abortion:
Pro-Life Wisconsin believes in the power of prayer. No one should underestimate the power we hold when we come together to pray for an end to abortion and all crimes against human life.
To further this effort, PLW produced Pro-Life Prayer Cards and distributed them across the state. Today there are literally tens of thousands of our prayer cards circulating throughout the state.
We currently offer two prayer card options: 
 Pro-Life Prayer Card
Loving God, Creator of all human life,
we adore You and worship You.
You create all human beings in Your
image. May we, Your people, dedicate
ourselves to defending the preborn, the
terminally ill, the disabled and all those
 threatened by the culture of death.
We ask You to touch the hearts of all
mothers considering abortion, the
abortionists, and those who support
killing preborn babies.
Help all people, especially Wisconsin's
elected officials, to realize that innocent
human life-from fertilization to natural
death-is precious and worthy of protection.
Give us courage and strength to follow
the example of Jesus, Our Savior, as we
defend Your precious gift of life. 

So we can see how much the Christians in this country value the power of prayer. The president is a Christian, despite all of those nay-sayers who continue to claim he is secretly a Moslem or an atheist communist. So if he really is a Christian he can prove it by pulling back all that military hardware and putting his faith in prayer. Let the prayer legions pray around the clock in churches all across the country. Let the power of prayer get through.
He can expand this all across the Middle-east. Most countries are Moslem and “God is great!” And even though our God is greater than anyone else’s god, we can still combine the power of prayer for both Christians and Moslems and we should be able to kick ISIS's ass. We all know ISIS are not REALLY Moslems. They are just godless evil terrorists claiming falsely to be Moslems. So all we have to do is out pray them and Jesus and Allah will come down and throw lightning bolts in the backs of all those ISIS troops—knocking them all dead. If we have faith in OUR GOD surely he will win this war for us and stop us from having to kill our children and waist all that money on military hardware.
So once our government takes up my idea I will be a major US hero. Line up now to get my new book Prayer Is So Powerful, signed while you can.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brazil—murder in the State of Rondônia

From Maoist_Revolution/Maoist Road:
Dr. Ermogenes Jacinto de Souza is a well-known People's Advocate and a
member of Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers. He has spent his
professional life defending the poor peasants who have struggled for their
legitimate right to have lands in the State of Rondônia, in Brazilian
Amazon. This area of Brazil has witnessed significant number of murders
planned, ordered and executed by Landlord or their mercenaries.

No one forgets the murder of Renato Nathan a teacher and Élcio Machado,
Gilson Gonçalves peasants and dozens of others. The Landlords commit these
atrocities and criminal acts due to lack of rule of law and accountability
in the State of Rondônia. Murder, with total impunity is the fact of life in
Rondônia. The State authorities have failed to act. The Judiciary including
prosecutors and police have been busy dancing to the Landlord's tunes. They
are institutionally corrupt and server and assist the landlord to continue
their land grabbing strategies. Dr. Ermogenes have been threatened and
severely restricted in performing his duties as a lawyer.

The landlords' armed mercenaries have constantly threatened him. The
Judiciary, civil servants and member of the police forces in the State of
Rondônia have repeatedly denied his legal request such as access to his
clients, disclosure of evidence and police reports and legal files and
papers. They have literally obstructed him from exercising his duties as a
lawyer. He has been prevented from representing more 20 poor peasants who
have been detained for brining legal actions against the landlords in the
region of Rondônia. Dr. Ermogenes has become extremely vulnerable over the
past three months. He has established certain facts regarding the state
corruption and the police collusion with the landlords. He found out that
specific members of the Military Police Edelvan Moura da Silva (nicknamed
Zeca Urubu), Andrade Kenio Fonseca (nicknamed Fonseca) and Fernando Alencar
Larios, had been doing private work for the landowner Nadir Jordan dos Reis.
It was revealed these officers were involved in the confiscations and land
possession against the poor peasants. He was informed that these three
officers were recently convicted of torture (Proc. N.
0003343-69.2011.8.22.0021, district of Buritis-RO).

In spite of this they are still active member of the military police. Dr.
Ermogenes received a death threat from Edelvan . He was literally warned
that he could be eliminated at any time, unless he ceased his activities
against Mr. Reis or any of the other landowners in the region of the city of
Ariquemes. Dr. Ermogenes has brought actions and made official complaints to
the 'National Agrarian Ombudsman' chaired by Gercino José da Silva Filho,
and at the same time in the Special Secretariat for Human Rights of the
Presidency, chaired by Minister Ideli Salvati. The atrocities such as
unlawful arrest, torture, against the peasants, repeated shooting incidents
and police actions against those peasants who complained to the Police were
clearly raised and addressed in the 'National Commission for Combating
Violence in the Field' during the meeting on July 22, 2014, in Porto Velho,
with the presence of the Chief of Agrarian Civil Police, Lucena Vinicius
Tavares Bastos, and the Attorney Raphael Bevilacqua.

On another recent occasion, Dr. Ermogenes was unjustly admonished by Judge
Alex Balmant, from the 1st Criminal Court in the case involved 14 peasants
unjustly convicted for conspiracy. This judge repeated insinuations brought
by the police that Dr. Ermogenes allegedly urged the poor peasants to occupy
land. This is a clear violation of professional prerogatives according the
Statute of Advocacy. Dr. Ermogenes has also noted that the police have
started a new campaign of persecution, undermining his professional
reputation by spreading wild and baseless allegations against him whenever
he represents peasants who took actions against forced evictions of their
lands and wrongful arrests of their comrades peasants. Since 2000, when Dr
Ermogenes began his professional work in that region, he has been subjected
to restriction, obstructions, in his professional work.

He has been receiving constant death threats from the landowners and their
gunmen. In his report, he outlined the details of his persecution
orchestrated by landowners Nadir Jordan dos Reis, Jorge Chaparini, Dilson
Caldato, José de Oliveira Heringer, Cataneo and Antonio Martins dos Santos
(nicknamed Galo Velho, business owner of Leme Ventures Ltda, company that
was mentioned in the Report of Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Public
Lands in the Amazon region). Ermogenes stated that Mr. Chaparini already
insulted and threatened him with death. At another point, some armed gunmen
who work for Mr. Chaparin had tried to kidnap him in Porto Velho Court
office. To avoid being kidnapped by the gang, Dr. Ermogenes managed to
escape unharmed when he climbed the Court office wall. He reported that he
has faced many difficulties in the Porto Velho Court office because the
landlord José de Oliveira Heringer, who is also a lawyer, has an office in
the same court. In 2008, Mr. Heringer invited Dr. Ermogenes to his office to
deal with a case where both were involved.

When Dr Ermogenes reached the office, he noticed that another landlord,
Dílson Caldato, (Mr. Heringer's client) was waiting for him with some of his
armed men. Dr. Ermogenes clearly states in his report that he cannot work in
free and safe environment in Porto Velho and Buriti Court offices (two
cities in the state of Rondônia). He cannot work in his office due to the
fact that Heringer's employers informed the landlord of his presence in the
office whenever he attends his office. In addition to this, he further
stated that he has been under surveillance by The Federal Police and his
phones been tapped without judicial authorization. Dr. Ermogenes has been
recently investigated for a false allegation of racketeering by Helio Vieira
a landlord and former President of the' Lawyers Association of Rondônia'.
This charge was later filed without any further action.

He further stated that the Chief of Civil Police of Porto Velho, Antonio
Garção Sobral, who is also a landowner and Helio Vieira's neighbour of Helio
Vieira, has been involved in fabricating this false accusations. It is clear
and evident that Dr. Ermogenes' life is on stake. An urgent national and
international actions are required to stand and defend the right of those
who defends the defend less and poor oppressed people. We hereby urge the
international organisations to raise their support for Dr. Ermogenes and his
fellow lawyers in Brazil who stood for their personal and professional
integrity which is the cornerstone of any civilised society. In endorsing
this statement, the following organizations, democrats and advocates for the
rights of the people affirm their concern about the situation of Ermogenes
Jacinto de Souza and require immediate action by local, state and federal
authorities to protect his life and the legitimate exercise of his
professional activity! August 12, 2014 .

Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers/ABRAPO

.International Association of People's Lawyers/IAPL .

Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples/CEBRASPO .

Torture Never More Group/Rio de Janeiro .

Lenir Correia Coelho, Legal Assistant of the Pastoral of Land Commission
(CPT)/Rondônia and Lawyer of the National Network of Popular Lawyers (RENAP)

Marilsa Miranda de Souza - Professor of Education Departament of Federal
University of Rondônia (UNIR) .

Márcio Marinho Martins - Professor of Federal Institute of Education,
Science and Technology of Rondônia (IFRO) 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

We may all live to be 100—but do we really want to?

I just read a very long article stating that many of us will live a lot longer in the near future—maybe past 100, on MSN. The article looked at some of the changes we can expect from a longer lifespan—both for ourselves and others.
My fist thoughts are that I would like to live to 100, but not if I have to take all the advice on healthy living—lots of “nos.”
There is no red meat; no drinking; no smoking; no to sitting idle and watching too much TV and we should all work to an older age in our lives—way past the present retirement age from 62 to 70.
Once I start adding up all the negatives I have to wonder if I really want to live that long. But before we make up our minds let’s look at the article and it predictions.


“Longer life has obvious appeal, but it entails societal risks. Politics may come to be dominated by the old, who might vote themselves ever more generous benefits for which the young must pay. Social Security and private pensions could be burdened well beyond what current actuarial tables suggest. If longer life expectancy simply leads to more years in which pensioners are disabled and demand expensive services, health-care costs may balloon as never before, while other social needs go unmet.”
We can see the results of some of these things already. The whole issue of raising the retirement age is an example of this. The last generation gets socialized medicine and a small, but adequate pension, along with other benefits for those above 62. But members of this very generation want to raise the retirement age to 70 and above. This means young people now will not have access to all these benefits for eight more of their years. Some pundits are warning that people over 55 will have a hard time finding jobs if they lose the job they have before retirement age. Many employers don’t want to hire people that old. Also people’s health is not keeping up with the longer lifespan. That means a lot of people will live longer, but they will have more expensive medical needs and they won’t have access to Medicare until the age of 70. This could be a disaster waiting for those who try to retire 20 years from now.
Again from MSN:
“Society is dominated by the old - old political leaders, old judges. With each passing year, as longevity increases, the intergenerational imbalance worsens. The old demand benefits for which the young must pay, while people in their 20s become disenchanted, feeling that the deck is stacked against them. National debt increases at an alarming rate. Innovation and fresh thinking disappear as energies are devoted to defending current pie-slicing arrangements…
The problem of aging leadership
As the population ages, so do the political powers that be - and they’re aging in place. Computerised block-by-block voting analysis and shameless gerrymandering - Maryland’s new sixth congressional district is such a strange shape, it would have embarrassed Elbridge Gerry - lock incumbents into power as never before. Campaign-finance laws appear to promote reform, but in fact have been rigged to discourage challengers. Between rising life expectancy and the mounting power of incumbency, both houses of Congress are the oldest they’ve ever been: the average senator is 62 years old; the average representative, 57.
A graying Congress would be expected to be concerned foremost with protection of the status quo. Government may grow sclerotic at the very time the aging of the populace demands new ideas. “There’s already a tremendous advantage to incumbency,” one experienced political operative told me. “As people live longer, incumbents will become more entrenched. Strom Thurmond might not be unusual anymore. Many from both parties could cling to power too long, freezing out fresh thinking. It won’t be good for democracy.” The speaker was no starry-eyed radical: he was Karl Rove….”
Again we see a lot of this now. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is an example of a politicians working hard to entrench the Republican Party all across the country with voting restrictions (disguised as anti-fraud) that are not only being implemented in Kansas, but he is traveling around the country to help other states enact the same restrictions. The restrictions affect many minorities, especially new immigrants who do not always have the proper paper work to prove when and where they were born.
The Koch Brothers and their allies have been busting unions and they have been recorded at fundraiser bragging that by “knee-capping the unions” they can cut into the supporters of the Democratic Party. Many people are now calling the Republicans and/or the Tea Party as the party of “angry white men.” And we can add to that “OLD angry white men.”
This phenomenon explains why there are so many politicians in Wichita, Kansas and nationally who seem incapable of thinking outside the box. They are rigid and seem oblivious to the changes that have gone on for the last 30 years such as gay rights, changing views on marijuana and needed changes in their attitude towards environmental issues. Many of those politicians are stuck in the past and they are keeping us stuck in there with them. Our politics seem dominated by dullards and obvious dolts.


One prediction of the future is that older people will retire later and spend more years in the workforce:
“If medical interventions to slow aging result in added years of reasonable fitness, life might extend in a sanguine manner, with most men and women living longer in good vigor, and also working longer, keeping pension and health-care subsidies under control. Indeed, the most-exciting work being done in longevity science concerns making the later years vibrant, as opposed to simply adding time at the end.”
The big question here is how many of us really WANT to keep working after the age of 70? For some of us the desire to quit working is less about our health and more about spending quality time doing things we find more worthwhile. For me there is a difference in the writing I do that may have a positive effect on society’s consciousness as opposed to just shit work, such as putting beans in cans for a factory. We want to feel our lives are not just making money and being productive but also contributing something positive and meaningful in society.
There is also the desire for autonomy. To get jobs today, most employers want to drug test us. They want to see what we post on social media such as Facebook. Some companies want to punish their workers for leading unhealthy lifestyles, such as being overweight or drinking a lot. People can be fired for political opinions that they express on line. Many employers feel they have a right to control the moral or religious beliefs of there employees. An example of that is the recent Supreme Court decision to let Hobby Lobby refuse to provide certain types of birth control for their women employees. 
Early this year, Otto’s War Room reported on Jim Hillhouse, president of Alpha Testing, that he thinks of his employees as “rebellious teenagers” That is from an interview he gave to NPR in reaction to the US Supreme Court’s decision on Hobby Lobby—where certain birth control medicines violate his religious beliefs.
Hillhouse actually said: ‘You go by my rules if you want to live here.’—in response to any of his employees who have a disagreement with his anti-choice position. He actually talked of them as if there were just his children.
Then there is the freedom of speech issue. About a year ago I reported that Meagan May was fired from her job for criticizing the military. I often print my name in Khmer letters to prevent me from getting fired over controversial things I post online. Other political radicals use pen names. The point is that we can’t practice full freedom of speech as long as we have a job.
So basically employers control our lives. They seem to believe that THEY have the right to decide our moral and religious beliefs, health decisions that affect us and even our political opinions. It is if we never really get to grow up and leave home. Some even see us as rebellious teenagers. The only time we get treated as adults is when we retire and they CAN’T take our living away when we don’t show proper obedience to the states we live under.
What I want in old age—in retirement is FREEDOM!  
We don’t need any patronizing parental figures running our lives.

Life styles

Another important aspect of living longer are the sacrifices we must make to do it. Some are not so bad, such as education;
The single best yardstick for measuring a person’s likely life span is education. John Rowe, a health-policy professor at Columbia University and a former CEO of Aetna, says, “If someone walked into my office and asked me to predict how long he would live, I would ask two things: What is your age, and how many years of education did you receive?”
Since I already have a college degree, a teaching certificate, a journalism endorsement and half a masters in special education that I was never able to finish because there were no jobs for me to take, I already have an education. I’m not sure how that makes me more likely to live longer, but I choose to believe it will help. After all, since I have the education—why not?
Other things from that article are less inspirational, such as the usual trashing of America’s favorite bad habits; drinking alcohol, Smoking and eating red meat;
Researchers at the Buck Institute are lean: society’s obesity problems are not in evidence there. Everyone takes the stairs; elevators are viewed as strictly for visitors. If there is a candy machine on the 488-acre grounds, it is well hidden. I met some researchers for lunch in a glass-and-chrome conference room (Buck’s buildings were designed by I. M. Pei and fairly shout “Give me an architecture award!”). Lunch was an ascetic affair: water and a small sandwich with greens; no sides, soda, or cookies. (Brian) Kennedy says he seldom eats lunch, and runs up to 20 miles weekly. Yet, even doing everything right by the lights of current assumptions about how to stave off aging, at age 47, Kennedy has wrinkle lines around his eyes.
Except with regard to infectious diseases, medical cause and effect is notoriously hard to pin down. Coffee, salt, butter: good, bad, or neither? Studies are inconclusive. Why do some people develop heart disease while others with the same habits don’t? The Framingham Heart Study, in its 66th year and following a third generation of subjects, still struggles with such questions. You should watch your weight, eat more greens and less sugar, exercise regularly, and get ample sleep. But you should do these things because they are common sense - not because there is any definitive proof that they will help you live longer….
I find the older I get, the less I want to give up things like red meat. I do eat other foods, vegetables and fish for example, which are recommended for a healthy diet. But there are times when I really want a large stake cooked rare. Many of us are not suppose to drink alcohol and that includes me, due to having had hepatitis for the last decade. But the disease is gone and I really enjoy a pint of beer or glass of wine now and then. I don’t get drunk anymore, but I don’t like to have to restrict too much of my diet. I also like to drink a Coke or Pepsi once in a while and I’m not supposed to have those either.
I think the real issue is not that people as I don’t want to live 100 years…I’m sure that would be swell. But the quality of life is just as important to me as the quantity. I don’t want to do ANYTHING just to live longer. I want to be happy and comfortable. I am now 59 and I want to enjoy the years I have left. I’m willing to compromise—healthier foods most of the time—but at times I eat and drink what I want.
As for our political and economic system—I eventually want a revolution—in the mean time, everyone has to make adjustments and that doesn’t mean to just take from one class of people and give EVERYTHING to another. Older people have a right to the health care they need and fare treatment in the work place. Don’t expect us to work for more of the years of our lives without fare treatment with the benefits we deserve.
Let US decide how we will live out our final years.
- សតិវ អតុ

The aims behind the U.S.'s new war in the Middle East—part 2

Continued from Part 1…..

The second component of their strategy is to bolster the peshmerga of the Kurdish Regional Government, which abandoned the Yazidis, Turkomans and Assyrians to the IS and instead concentrated on grabbing oil-rich Kirkuk from the central government. But even protecting the Kurds is not a U.S. war aim. For the most part the U.S. and its allies are not giving them heavy weaponry, which would displease Turkey, and they could end up as cannon fodder in the bigger game in Iraq and the region. Protection of religious and ethnic minorities has long been an utterly false pretext for colonial and neocolonial intervention.

Obama's "partner" in Baghdad, the third component, is Haider al Abadi, the new U.S.-installed Prime Minister who replaced the old U.S.-installed (and then discarded) PM Nouri al-Maliki. Abadi declared that his armed forces will no longer carry out "indiscriminate shelling" as they have been doing in Falluja, where Baghdad's massacres are said to have driven many inhabitants to embrace the IS. This seems to be an admission of what has been happening so far. But even after this, the main Falluja hospital has been rocketed again, with more civilian causalities.

Abadi, like Maliki, is a product of the Shia fundamentalist (and historically pro-Iran) Dawa party, and Shia militias are his only reliable troops. Obama has begun sending 12-man teams of U.S soldiers to lead the Iraqi army (even the New York Times calls them "advisers" in quote marks, suggestive of American "advisers"' in Vietnam).

The U.S. turned a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing that drove many Sunnis out of Baghdad when the city was under its occupation, and the looming offensive will likely see more ethnic cleansing on a bigger scale, as has already been the case over the past weeks. This, too, flows from the U.S.'s real war aims, which do not include saving anyone's lives.

Fourthly and most importantly, if the U.S. is to attack the IS in Syria, it must have "partners on the front lines" there, an "anvil" against which the hammer of American-led air strikes can maul IS forces. Without this, some military experts say, Obama's proposals would be tactics in search of a strategy. That role is to be played by a future armed force comprised of soldiers provided by the Syrian "opposition". But the truth is that now this opposition is almost entirely Islamist itself, differing from the IS and each other above all by their backing from Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Qatar, etc., and increasingly relying on the same kind of religious sectarian policies and terror tactics (including cutting off heads) as the IS.

One thing seems sure: the clash between the U.S. and the IS is a vortex that will pull the broader Middle East into a merciless, complex and prolonged series of conflicts. Millions of people are likely to suffer even more horrendously at the hands of reactionary forces, each pursuing their own interests by force of arms. The situation will almost certainly not come down to two neatly defined sides but rather be marked by contradictory and shifting alignments of mutual mortal enemies. As all the region's contradictions become greatly accentuated, it is likely that the clash between the Western powers and Islamism will become an even more important factor.

While the IS has created big problems for the dominant powers and may deal real blows to the U.S., the religious sectarianism necessarily entrained by the goal of a belief-based state is creating a vicious spiral of divisions and mutual slaughter among the masses of people whose interests lie in getting united against the imperialists and their global system. We've seen this in Iraq, where Sunni-Shia religious sectarianism sabotaged the struggle against the occupation and remains a factor that the U.S. is counting on to keep Iraq and Syria under its boot, with or without occupation.

There is no point in trying to figure out which is worse, the U.S. and its partners and clients representing the unacceptable old order on one side or the Islamists seeking an unacceptable new order on the other. The situation is terrible and will never change as long as people feel compelled to choose between one or the other.