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Religious intolerance in the USA

Once again we see the arrogance of a US Christian Rightist. This person can't respect another person's personal religious beliefs. This kind of harassment of another person's religion is destructive and counter productive. People like this are a threat to everyone's religious freedom.

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This is the translation of a Spanish blog to English:

The Reconstruction Committee of the Communist Party of Bolivia, greets jubilant victory achieved by workers and the masses of Greece, amid a severe economic crisis and unpopular policies imposed by previous governments under the aegis of the European Union, allowed Tsipras And SYRYSA obtain the electoral triumph in the context of inter-confrontational open for hegemony and the new world order.
Undoubtedly it has opened a significant gap in the field of the countries of the European Union, which depending on many factors cohesion   in the line of revolutionary confrontation against imperialism, can allow workers and the masses Greek progress   to the path of democratic and popular revolution in the perspective of scientific socialism.
The communists and revolutionaries of the world, consistent with proletarian internationalism,   can not fail to speak out and morally support the heroic action of the workers and the masses of Greece, because they were the ones who had the suitability of advancing boldly and combative resolution sowing way for the  electoral triumph of Tsipras and SYRYSA.The latter   seized the political opportunity, prosecuting popular discontent against the pro-imperialist of the past, to the electoral process, as happened in our country after the Red October 2003. 
To our knowledge, Tsipras and SYRYSA brought together in its design to various political and ideological trends, from some communists, Maoists, Trotskyists, Social Democrats, environmentalists, and others. We imagine that the conditions and peculiarities of the political struggle in Greece, allowed the formation of this alliance in an election situation to deal with the reaction and imperialism.
We believe that the struggle of the workers and masses of Greece continue tireless and persistent anti-imperialist and revolutionary beyond simple reforms to the old state of Greece struggle, it is not conceivable any peaceful transition to scientific socialism if it is not preceded by a revolution can overthrow the old state order destroying and replacing it with a new state. Otherwise it will lead to reformism, populism and anti-imperialist rhetoric, or where appropriate, may allow the political articulation of the reaction and the fascist gangs in the past persisted throughout freely attacking and repressing  workers and people of Greece.  The experience of the revolutionary struggle of the workers and the masses of the world teaches us well.
The reaction, imperialism, especially US imperialism and the European Union, shall endeavor by all means to mitigate or neutralize the government of Tsipras and SYRYSA; pro-burguesas ideological tendencies of postmodernism and its variables  decolonialistas, multiculturalists, heterodox, neo-Marxist, Marxist-anti-Marxist,  environmentalists,  NGOs funded by imperialism, the Possibilists and others also make it possible to deflect the political course of the struggle of the masses of their revolutionary aims to degenerate into reform processes to thrill the masses with measures radicalization of bourgeois liberal democracy (as in some countries in Latin America) but ultraconservative of bourgeois economic structure. However, the Bolivian Communists are firmly convinced that workers and the masses of Greece, as well as demonstrated in the past in their fight against the anti-people and pro-imperialist governments, and against the fascist gangs, will not compromise and will continue impetuously with the revolutionary struggle toward its strategic objectives class.  

Political Committee
Communist Party of Bolivia
Reconstruction Committee

Greece: What is the problem Syriza is supposed to solve?

This is just one in a series of articles I plan to run on the Syriza victory in Greece. I plan to run several views on this, including my own. I will try to provide several different views. -សតិវ អតុ

A World to Win News Service:
The electoral victory of the Syriza party and the formation of a government with its leader Alexis Tsipras as prime minister is an important event, not just for Greece but for Europe. This is not only because of the potential economic consequences for the European Union but also because Syriza and Tsipras claim to represent a solution to the hardships that Greeks and many other Europeans have endured since the 2008 world financial crisis. "Far left" and ultra-right parties in Spain and France have seen the Syriza victory as heralding their own future electoral triumph.

For historical reasons that have to do with the late, weak and foreign-dominated development of capitalism in Greece, it has long been economically and politically subordinated to the big capitalist powers. Much of its ruling class, especially concentrated in shipping and banking (with major investments in the Middle East and later the Balkans), has been particularly intertwined with big-power capital, especially the UK and Germany, at various times and in various combinations, and the U.S.

This dominance has been violently enforced. Germany seized Greece in World War 2. Britain sent Winston Churchill and troops to support the Greek fascists facing a communist-led rebellion at the end of the war. When civil war broke out, the U.S. sent CIA advisers to direct the anti-guerilla strategy later applied in Vietnam: to defeat the guerrillas by emptying much of the countryside. The king went from being a British intermediary to an American one.

Greece did not follow the trajectory of the bigger and more developed European powers, for whom the three post-war decades were a period of vigorous economic growth and a fairly broad rise in living standards. Massive emigration and exile played a major role in transforming Greece from a rural to a modern urban country. Much of the country's ruling capitalist bourgeoisie was and is concentrated in shipping and banks (major investors in the Middle East and later the Balkans), with a political base among the many traditionally-minded family business owners and self-employed professionals. It was not until the 1980s that the state was able to bring greater political stability through government spending and employment and the kind of social welfare measures implemented elsewhere in Europe.

The integration of Greece into the European and international market, and especially the international capital market, accelerating after Greece's entry into the eurozone in 2001, brought about economic growth. Yet this process and its particular forms in Greece laid the basis for the particularly Greek severity of the later crisis. Government spending was to a large extent sustained by loans. The prosperity of the Greek economy actually weakened it structurally. Imports towered over exports. The big trade deficit, too, required loans to bridge the gap. That growth itself was fuelled by foreign investment, including in the form of private bank loans.

German and French banks lent the Greek government money spent to import goods from Germany and buy war planes and other arms from France and the U.S. (amounting to 40 percent of Greek imports in the last decade). In effect, Greece was subsidizing the profitability of German, French and U.S. business. Further, of course, these loans were a form of investment which themselves yielded profits for capital based in other countries.

It has been charged that Greece became addicted to foreign credits. But at the same time, foreign finance capital became addicted to loaning money to Greece. The Greek government already had a high level of debt when Greece joined the euro zone, but its books were "cooked" to conceal the situation by the U.S. financial firm Goldman Sachs. This was not because of "corruption" but a consensus among all the big powers – the monopoly capitalist ruling classes and their governments – not to forgo the profits that could be gained by extending even more loans to Greece. Nor was this just a question of greed. None could afford not to grab when their rivals were grabbing profits to inject into their own economies. Some big French banks invested 40 percent of their capital in Greece. This pyramid scheme – debt paid for by borrowing and expanding debt – was a bonanza for foreign and Greek finance capital alike. High risks meant higher "spreads" – higher
potential profits for those who bought into it.

The U.S. Lehman Brothers bank got the Greek government to agree to a derivative scheme, a restructuring of part of Greek government bonds, which became even more attractive for financial speculation with the country's infrastructure (airports, seaports, etc.) as the collateral. Agreeing to these debt instruments was a short-term solution for the Greek government and its debtors, but ensured that the long-term debt could never be repaid under any imaginable circumstances. A competition-driven profit system that destroys the earth we live on can't be expected to factor in other long-term consequences.

In 2008, when a financial meltdown swept the globalized economy, a process was launched in which Greece was lent more and more money in so-called "bailouts" so that its government could continue making payments on its debts to foreign and domestic banks and other creditors. In exchange, the "troika" formed in 2010 by the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank (now headed by Mario Draghi, formerly of Goldman Sachs) imposed draconian restrictions on Greek government spending. These cutbacks sent the Greek economy into a tailspin and its economy shrank by about a quarter. Even as some of its debt was paid down, its continuing payments soared in relation to its ability to pay through government revenues.

Salaries and pensions were slashed or simply went unpaid. Millions of jobs were lost. Hospitals and other vital public facilities closed. Many Greeks could no longer afford even electricity. They shivered in the winter and survived on charity food or by their wits while foreign financial companies fattened and Greek shipping companies and the large land holdings of the Greek Orthodox Church continued to enjoy tax exemptions.

To call this "austerity" doesn't begin to describe the hardships imposed on Greeks. It is the worst collapse in living standards modern Europe has ever seen in peacetime. The main traditional ruling class parties, one historically rooted in the monarchy and fascism, the other social democratic, saw their attractiveness and credibility in tatters. Elected governments had trouble claiming to represent the will of the people when basic decisions were clearly out of their hands. In 2011, when Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou announced he would call a referendum on the country's debt, he was publicly humiliated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who told him otherwise. His social democratic government was followed by a rightist government led by a former vice-president of the European Central Bank. This is the background to Syriza's rise.

If the situation is understood in this light, then even without trying to predict how events will unfold it is clear that Tsipras's proposals (chiefly negotiating a debt reduction and making more government spending possible) cannot possibly bring about a basic resolution to the situation. Regardless of whether or not Greece leaves the euro zone – which Tsipras says he does not want – Greece is structurally dependent on its relations with capital based in the world's biggest powers and the imperialist world economy as a whole. Further, Tsipras's proposed continuing links with the EU and Nato are meant to keep Greece firmly on the dominating side of the Mediterranean.

This reactionary nationalism explains why his party formed a governing coalition with the Greek Orthodox, Greek-chauvinist, immigrant-bashing ANEL (the Independent Greeks party), which was given the key ministry of defence. That nationalism also explains the apparently paradoxical fact that Syriza is being hailed by both rightist and "leftist" parties in imperialist France and Spain, parties whose programme is not to overthrow the monopoly capitalist ruling classes in those countries but to bring back the social welfare schemes and living standards of the days when imperialism seemed to be thriving in Europe, even while crushing much of the rest of the world.

The situation in Greece is in many ways a concentration of the global contradiction between the "severe imbalances built up between the financial system – and its expectations of future profits – and the accumulation of capital, that is, the structures and actual production of profit based on exploitation of wage-labour," to quote Raymond Lotta ("Financial Meltdown and the Madness of Imperialism", Revolution, 20 April 2008) – How can capitalism in Greece unzip itself from the global, competition-driven profit system – which is not Syriza's intention anyway? How could radical change in Greece – or anywhere else, for that matter – take place except as part of a country by country but ultimately worldwide revolution whose ultimate aim is the abolition of all exploitation and all the oppressive relations of class society?

To free Greece from this system would require a new kind of state, born of a revolutionary movement with the material power to shatter the state apparatus of the capitalist ruling class and then entirely reorganize the economy step by step, creating an economic, social and political system where the people could actually and increasingly have say over their lives, which is not at all the case in Greece, with or without Syriza. The ruling classes of Europe were frightened by the mass tumult and rejection of the measures imposed on Greeks. A revolutionary movement in Greece and especially a revolution could help transform the regional and even world political situation, which in turn would make a breakthrough in Greece more possible to achieve and sustain.

When "austerity" – a nice name for brutal mass impoverishment – first hit Greece, some commentators predicted that would spell the end of "democracy" there. The thinking was that a political system based on elections (and the whole traditional state apparatus that implies) could not survive if millions of people no longer believed in it. Among other things, the electoral triumph of Syriza represents a rebirth of false hope in the political and economic system that brought Greece to where it is today. Reformists in other European countries and elsewhere are placing their own hopes for a share in power, or at least government, on bolstering the illusion that radical problems can be solved by reformist means. The experience of the elected, self-proclaimed socialist government of Salvador Allende in Chile, overthrown by a U.S.-organized military coup in 1973, showed how raising hopes that a government is in no position to deliver on, imperialist economic pressure that a populist government has no plan to stand up to, and the resulting divisions among the people who united around it or accepted it, can pave the way for the fiercest repression.

The palpable failure of the old order, the discrediting of its institutions and the collapse of the daily routine that limits people's horizons that Greece is experiencing today provide conditions for rapid revolutionary advance – if this situation is really used to do that. Syriza, which calls for an adjustment and not a revolutionary rupture, is serving as a main channel for people's rage in Greece at the moment.

Our point here is not that Syriza could bring stability to Greek capitalism, although some representatives of foreign capital may think that some kind of deal with Syriza is in their best interests right now. Political and social stability is the least likely of all possible outcomes, not only in Greece but worldwide. But no matter what happens, fostering hope in the possibility of repairing and patching up the existing system is part of the problem, not the solution.

Within the political hodgepodge that is Syriza and among its supporters internationally, too many leftists and people who consider themselves opponents of capitalism are, once again, suspending their once real or professed disbelief in the parliamentary and electoral path. Rather than help Greeks find a solution, they are themselves creating further obstacles and leaving people helpless in the face of what is likely to come: the further squeezing by the capitalist imperialist system and rapid and dangerous political gyrations.
(Among other sources, this article draws on the work of Stathis Kouvelakis, political philosophy lecturer at King's College in London and Syriza central committee member, for both information and insight and some of the thinking that we critique here. (see and

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Argentina—Strange death-foul play-political foolery

There has been a big scandal in Argentina this week The country's special prosecutor is now dead and the president, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, now plans to dismantle that country's intelligence agency. There is foul play for sure. I thought it best to look to our comrades in Argentina to explain what is going on. -សតិវ អតុ

The following is a Google translation;

The suspicious death of (MIA special prosecutor Alberto) Nisman shows that the struggle for power in Argentina has become fierce. Before Menem was with the Yankees, now Kirchner with China and Russia, we get into the imperialist board.
1. The rot
Events occur rapidly. First was the prosecutor Alberto Nisman complaint against Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner officials and leaders of "criminal agreement" with the government of Iran to "impunity" of Iranian officials accused by the terrorist attack on the AMIA. He followed the suspicious death of the prosecutor. "Operations" of information and misinformation about these facts, both from the government and from the holding Clarín, reveal the dark, sinister face of intelligence as a basis for policy state institutions.
Also popular reaction was accelerated. In factories and neighborhoods is heard: "Nobody believes the government or anyone." "A Nisman was killed, no one can say or investigate anything that disappears." "There are a lot of anger, disbelief much, much confusion and keen to understand what is happening." "The government is suspected." "A 20 or 30% believes the government, for the rest they killed him." "The best argument the government is the berreta opportunism of candidates who stroll through the TV". "The situation is dangerous, no worry and fear that everything goes to hell." "Go back pressure by the economic situation." "They fight each other, it is good time to shoulder".

2. The speech of President
Faced with the gravity of the situation and the discrediting of the masses, the president had to face. He reappeared with his speech on national television on Monday night. He spoke for those who follow, but must announce the dissolution of the Secretaríade Intelligence.
He spoke to those who follow. They said she never spoke of "suicide" when the whole country heard his ministers and other swordsmen argue that Nisman had committed suicide when there was not a single serious thing. He spoke of "services" as if she had nothing to do. Ten years ruled hand "Jaime" Stiusso as boss of the Ministry of Intelligence, he increased the budget to $ 800 million, and assured him that the Commission of the National Congress should review their accounts and their activities are not met; ie, ensured that SI had rotten lot of money and no control. Milani put him at the head of Army intelligence, and gave her budget to buy technology that serves only to domestic spying. Is not it Milani, today, the real head of the K intelligence?
Incidentally, Cristina K advantage of the situation to try to "sanctify" the brutal corruption of its economic group.
Compared with the growth of discrediting state institutions, the President dissolved the Ministry of Intelligence. Of course, true to form, backed up a box to advance two: moving a box with the creation of the Federal Intelligence Agency K, and other apparatus providing phone and Internet punctures his right hand on Justice, Attorney Gils Carbó.

3. Disinformation
Cristina K's speech last Monday, hid the times and changes, Nestor and she, in her international alignment.
A policy was the photo of Nestor K amicably with his hand on the knee of US President Bush; and then "flirtations" Cristina K with Obama. This policy led to the agreement with "the Iranian track" for the AMIA case: the CIA and Mossad brought to Argentina claims of a "repentant". Néstor and Cristina agreed with the governments of the US and Israel, and Nisman and Stiusso, that Iran was a "terrorist state" as Loretta Lynch, the procurator of the US Justice said. All became distracted with the "terrorist state" of Israel. But there was a change. The "hand" on the leg of Bush was passed Timerman taking the plane of a military mission of the United States and opening the drawer with key communications of the US intelligence, then the speech in which Cristina K branded Obama "terrorist". Néstor and Cristina K advanced toward signing the "comprehensive strategic partnership" in Argentina and China, and "strategic partnership" with Russia. It is this policy that led the Argentine government to sign the memorandum with Iran.
The other plant, Clarín, also misinformation. Talk of an international terrorist attack, in a world of fierce dispute between imperialist powers, not to mention China and Russia. Iran is a strategic ally of China, is the main supplier of oil, and in return, China, among other things, provides weapons. No Clarín that Iran 21.01.2015 Russia made an agreement of "military cooperation" in claiming learned: "A powerful Russia and an independent Iran are two fundamental pillars of regional and global stability."
US believes that Israel is "the carrier" in the heart of the world oil; China and Russia, as seen, working to tie Iran and turn it into "its aircraft carrier" in the same region.

4. The Curse of carnal relations
"We have a multipolar world with three major powers: the United States, China and Russia. Of the three, for now, only the United States is the only economic and military superpower with global reach (...). [US] tries to recover land in Latin America "(Report of the CC of the RCP, 1/2015).
The Argentinaes a dependent and disputed by various imperialist country. As Menem carnal relations with US imperialism to put Argentina on the board of inter dispute, which is the background of the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA. Now, government carnal relations with China and Russia K, including the installation of Chinese military base in Neuquén (the first foreign military base in Argentina's history) has also put us on the board of inter dispute. As seen in carnal relations with one or another imperialism always lose the people, and always pay with blood.
The suspicious death of Nisman shows that inter struggle for power in Argentina has become fierce. Chances are it has not decided here, and will continue to follow closely how the facts. The K government pays for having gotten into that damn board. And its rivals in the ruling bloc trying to gain space within that dispute is alien to us and it cost us hungry, delivery and blood.


  5. Good time to pechar
The situation is very serious. The covenant of governance of the above, has cracks or has cracked.
The fight between the above can be used by the people. The workers and the masses, disgusted by the rot that is uncovered, seek to understand the situation and ways to be protagonists.
It is good time to shoulder, as they say, and in some factories. Shoulder one's fighting for the claims of employed workers, unemployed and pensioners; peasants, students and other popular sectors. After adjustment of 2014, it is necessary to prepare the asset 36-hour national strike, sectoral adjustment to face 2015 and to go deep into the truth and punish the crimes of the AMIA and other unpunished crimes.
It is very good time to shoulder with the Popular Front and the campaign for the personality of the PTP. And to strengthen the PCR, which in 1983 raised leave no stone unturned apparatus of the dictatorship, while politicians impunity trading system, as acknowledged Cristina K, to say the rot that comes out today (for her reduced services), is "unfinished business" of all governments since 1983 to now.
Let us return to the slogan that gave us the patriots of the Revolution of May 1810: Neither old nor love new love, no love!
Sufficient unto carnal relations with the Yankees, Chinese or Russian imperialists that subject us to hunger and delivery, and to be cannon fodder for the disputes between them!
signature: Writer Ricardo Fierro

Iowa (phony) Freedom Summit 2015-Sarah Palin's idiot Speech

Sarah Palin's speech is supposed to be real incoherent. OK...I'll bite. Is it really that stupid or am I so used to idiotic Republicans I just don't get what the buzz  is? Also, who can discuss idiot speeches better than Jon Stewart?  -សតិវ អតុ

Jon Stewart mocks Sarah Palin’s “rambling” and “incoherent” Iowa Freedom Summit speech

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Unite in struggle against the Indian state!

From of Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Maoist Communist Party Manipur:

Under the signboard of globalisation, structural adjustment and open market economy world imperialism has announced its global agenda to further intensify the domination, exploitation and oppression of the people. The current global crisis of world imperialism has further sharpened its attacks, bringing about the inevitability of even more misery, horror, devastation and war, on a world scale. The proletariat and the oppressed people of the world continue to resist this agenda by raising revolutionary struggles, against imperialism and the subservient reactionary ruling classes of different countries, generating a new wave of people struggles all over the world, particularly in the oppressed countries. As Mao had formulated, the oppressed countries constitute the storm centres of world revolution and revolution is the main trend in the world today.

The region of South Asia continues to provide a concentrated expression of this truth. South Asia, with more than 1/5th of the world population, is a simmering volcano, as recognised by the imperialists themselves. All the major contradictions in the region are intensifying and call for revolutionary solutions.

In India, national liberation movements are continuing in Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. The protracted people’s war continues to rage in Central and Eastern India and is now opening up a new front in the South West. Various people’s struggles against imperialism and the reactionary ruling classes are also surging forward. India forcibly maintains the oppressed nationalities under its hegemony. Not only does the Indian army of occupation crush their just demands with utmost brutality, they have been pitting one section of the people against the other to drown their just struggles in oceans of blood. This is to be seen in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Kashmir and Central and Eastern India. Naga regiments are deployed in the latter against the people’s war and Indian Army is deployed in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya to suppress the national liberation movements.

The Indian state is more and more functioning as the regional gendarme of US imperialism and thus fulfilling its expansionist ambitions, suppressing people’s movements in the sub-continent. Indian rulers have been even more crudely intervening in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. The recent visits of the Indian Prime Minister to various countries in Asia and hobnobbing with US and other imperialists are new steps to preserve and consolidate its political and economic hegemony in South Asia region, contending with China. Barack Obama, the US President, comes as chief guest for the Indian expansionists’ show off parade of the 26th to promote this and tighten US control. The Indian expansionist state backed by world imperialism, particularly US imperialism, constitutes the common enemy of the peoples of South Asia.

The Modi regime of the BJP is transforming the state into a fascist apparatus to crush all types of democratic movements in India, surpassing all its predecessors. It is attacking worker’s rights and going all out to deepen imperialist penetration of the economy. It is imposing Brahmanic fascist values in all spheres of society. The main thrust of this offensive is a new phase of the ‘war on people’ (Operation Green Hunt) aimed at destroying the on-going protracted people’s war and intensification of suppression of various national movements. This means more fake encounters (of both revolutionaries and common people), more loot, destruction, mayhem, tortures and atrocities on people, more attacks, political and physical, on any kind of opposition, more trampling of civil rights, and more severe repression in various forms on political prisoners incarcerated in prisons all over the country.

State violence in India is institutionalised through constitutional immunity to the police, the paramilitary and the army. The most notorious form of this is the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958). The AFSPA has its roots in British colonial legislation dating back to the mid-19th century. More directly, it was based on a British colonial ordinance, called the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Ordinance promulgated in 1942 to assist in suppressing the "Quit India Movement", part of the struggle against British colonialism. The AFSPA has been operative for years together in large parts of the Northeast region of India and in Jammu Kashmir. The AFSPA empowers security forces to arrest and enter property without warrant, to shoot to kill, even in circumstances where they are not at imminent risk. It’s a license to kill and rape when they want. It has facilitated grave human rights abuses, including extrajudicial execution, "disappearance", rape and torture. Declaring an area a "disturbed area" and granting the military extensive powers is in practice imposing an undeclared emergency regime. The AFSPA has allowed members of the armed forces to perpetrate abuses with impunity. They have been shielded by clauses in the AFSPA that prohibit prosecutions from being initiated without permission from the Central government. Such permission is rarely granted.

If the AFSPA allows the most heinous suppression to be legitimised by the constitutional standards of the Indian state, all of this and worse is being done as part of ‘Operation Green Hunt’ in the battle zones of the people’s war led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in Central and Eastern India, without any pretence of legality and even in open violation of judicial sanctions. Here the victims are mainly the adivasis and dalits at the bottommost layers of society. In a span of ten years nearly two thousand have been killed and countless more brutally tortured, and jailed. This brutal multi-pronged countrywide offensive on people’s various resistances, particularly targeting the Maoist movement, has been raging unabated, since its launch in mid-2009 by the UPA-2 government till date. Preparations for its Third Phase are going on at a rapid pace under the fascist NDA Government.

The peoples of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Jammu Kashmir have been for long victims of the Indian state’s counter insurgency operations. Thousands have been killed by the heartless Indian armed forces. In Manipur alone, according to rough estimates, eight thousand nine hundred and eighty three beloved people have been killed, under the AFSPA. The sixteen lakh indigenous population in Manipur live under the jackboots of one lakh Indian armed forces killers equipped with sophisticated weapons.

This is the real face of Indian ‘democracy’. This is the reality of the Indian Republic. It is a prison house of nations. It is a sweathouse for imperialism and its comprador lackeys. It is a torture chamber for the oppressed and exploited.

We appeal to the people, to the oppressed nationalities and the exploited, all over India,

Let us all unite to overthrow the Indian state and destroy this monstrosity!

Let us support each other in our struggles!

Let us advance along the path of protracted people’s war guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Let us fan the flames of new democratic revolution and thus serve the cause of the world socialist revolution!

Communist Party of India (Maoist)
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.
26th January 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Radical left (Syriza), wins the Greek elections

The left has won an important election in Greece. The Syriza coalition includes some Maoists and other Marxists. We will soon see of these new winners can actually bring any real positive change. Most of those European government's bourgeoisies are deeply entrenched and will do all they can to sabotage this victory. So the Syriza coalition has a tough road ahead. The following article gives some details as to who Syriza coalition is. It was written and posted about a month ago.
 -សតិវ អតុ

The Specter of a Revolutionary Left Government is Haunting Greece's Bourgeoisie

From Kasama Project:

All eyes are now on Greece. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has made the fateful decision to propel presidential elections forward. Samaras asserts, believes even, that the people of Greece do not want elections.
It is not the Greek people who do not want elections but the governing regime. In October Samaras managed to garner the support of 155 MPs for his government from PASOK and New Democracy allies in a vote of confidence, which only delayed the inevitable. The regime of Samaras could breathe easy, however temporarily, at the time.
Before the most recent vote of confidence were the elections held to the European Parliament in May. The ruling New Democracy-PASOK coalition received a combined vote of 30.2 percent, compared to 26.4 percent taken up by the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza), the paltry percentage that PASOK got beefing up New Democracy’s lesser 22.8 percent. This effectively allowed Samaras to declare victory. Samaras could boast that the attempt to turn the European Parliament elections into a plebiscite against his coalition government had failed, easing the fears of the broader European community by trumpeting the admittedly empty promise of continued stability. Syriza leader Tsipras spoke of the will of the people being more or less left unheeded as a result of the unfavorable disposition of political forces.
Just prior to the European Parliament elections were the Greek municipal elections, held in the same month, which did not bode well for Samaras either. Syriza would sweep up Attica. Syriza easily trumped the Independent opposition in the Attica region, winning by 50.82 percent. That gave them sixty-one seats there. In Athens proper, Syriza narrowly lost by one percentage point to an incumbent politician, nonetheless gathering up an impressive 20 percent of the vote. New Democracy managed to do considerably well in Central Macedonia and elsewhere, but this was hardly a positive showing for Samaras. New Democracy candidates lost out in the second round of elections held in the municipality of Athens, letting populous Attica slip form the party’s hands. Samaras would proclaim the triumph of stability in this instance, too, as to lessen the jitteriness of the always edgy markets.
For the rest click here.

Kid Rock's music sucks—and he likes real life snipers

It takes a real ass hole to admire and defend Military snipers, no matter who they kill for. But Seth Rogen, from "The Interview" made a harmless remark comparing snipers with the NAZI one he said he saw in "Inglourious Basterds." Now all the ultra-patriot jingoists are coming out of the woodwork to defend the US Army's use of snipers as being patriotic.
Apparently there is no end to the jingoist support of ANYTHING to kill off the bad guys and that includes having snipers kill women and children who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Such mediocre rock stars as Kid Rock have really slammed Rogen and without any real cause. Kid Rock, as with Ted Nugent and all other mediocre hacks make it easy not to like them because most of their songs suck anyway. -សតិវ អតុ
Here is the article:

AP Exclusive: Rogen responds to 'American Sniper' comments

© The Associated Press FILE - In this Oct. 13, 2014 file photo, actor/writer Seth Rogen poses for a portrait in Los Angeles. Rogen responded to the outrage incited by a series of tweets he wrote regarding the film "American Sniper" in a statement issued exclusively to the Associated Press on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, saying it wasn't his intent to offend anyone or to say anything with political implications. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Seth Rogen responded to the outrage incited by a series of tweets he wrote regarding the film "American Sniper" in a statement issued exclusively to the Associated Press on Thursday, saying it wasn't his intent to offend anyone or to say anything with political implications.
The actor and filmmaker, fresh off of the whirlwind, Sony-hack-addled release of his film "The Interview," was thrown back into the spotlight Sunday when he tweeted that "American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie that's showing in the third act of (Inglourious) Basterds."
Quentin Tarantino's 2009 revenge fantasy film shows clips from a fake propaganda movie about a skilled Nazi sniper.
Online outlets including Fox News Insider, the Daily Caller and Brietbart concluded that Rogen's intent was to liken Clint Eastwood's fact-based drama about the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle to "Nazi propaganda."
On Monday, Rogen went back to Twitter to clarify that he "actually liked" Eastwood's film and that he wasn't comparing the two at all.
Conservative blogs, however, were not appeased. Celebrities like Dean Cain and Kid Rock joined in to publicly criticize Rogen, too.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

How the Right-wing CHEATS and how to stop it

It doesn’t take long to see how the far-right Republicans are winning races. They have a whole bag of dirty tricks they use to confuse the voters and the issues. One sure sign of this is the “The Most Comprehensive Training in the History of the (Conservative Political Action Conference) CPAC” Being offered by conservative groups such as American Majority (AM).
They recently sent out an e-male offering conservatives a “Activism Boot Camp.” This event is going to start on February 25 and last for three days.
If there are any doubts that these people cheat, they have put it in bold writing.
Talks include:
7 Best Grassroots Cheats You’ve Never Heard of
Hacking Facebook and Twitter
How I Stole My State (and How You Can Steal Yours)
Run for Office with Victory Guaranteed
Also it will be interesting to see what the consider “ultra left” with:
The Real Face of the Ultra Left"
The event will be held in such cities as Mequon, WI; Naples, FL and National Harbor MD. They obviously have a very impressive play book that they go buy and liberals and leftists need to see what these folks are up to. Serious left-wing politicians of any type need to send in plants and spies who can capture their secrets and let the rest of us know what they are.
We know they are using a lot of subtle propaganda techniques and many or either illegal or unethical. But apparently the end justifies their means. They believe anything they do is OK if it furthers their cause. We might try to find these out and learn how to counter them.

They REALLY hate liberals.

Studying Pluto up close—space craft to see the tiny planet up close

Space is important....I want to know what is out there!  -សតិវ អតុ
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has traveled 3 billion miles and is nearing the end of its nine-year journey to Pluto. Sunday, it begins photographing the mysterious, unexplored, icy world once deemed a planet.
The first pictures will reveal little more than bright dots — New Horizons is still more than 100 million miles from Pluto. But the images, taken against star fields, will help scientists gauge the remaining distance and keep the baby grand piano-sized robot on track for a July flyby.
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Thursday, January 22, 2015


A Google translation:
Raipur - January 20, 2015 - The news agency PTI reports that the Maoists in Chhattisgargh have distributed leaflets in various areas of Bastar region opposing the visit to India of US imperialism head of Barack Obama. According to police, the Maoists have called for a boycott of Obama's visit and to a bandh (general strike) on January 26. As told PTI Deepanshu Kabra, Chief Deputy Inspector of Police (division of state intelligence), "the leaflets that illegal CPI (Maoist) opposes the visit to India of US President Obama have been recovered in the restive areas of Narayanpur and Kanker districts. "Kabra also said central security agencies have been informed of this while the police have been put on alert in the area affected by the Maoist insurgency region. The pamphlets were signed by Gudsa Usendi spokesman Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee and the heading `WAPAS Jao' Obama (Obama go away) and include, according to police, several messages and contents of" anti-national "character. Also in the pamphlets called burn effigies of Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi durantela Obama's visit to the country. Obama will hold a 3-day visit to India from 25 January to attend the parade of "Republic Day" in New Delhi.