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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

News Network Communist Blog for the death of Fidel Castro

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From Network Communist Blog (RBC):

Network Communist Blog (RBC) pays revolutionary tribute to Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution and key figure in the history of the second half of the twentieth century.

With the death of Fidel Castro is ended symbolically the revolutionary cycle begun in 1917.

This is not the time to enter political assessments on the role of Fidel Castro in the future of the communist movement, the class struggle internationally and the construction of socialism in Cuba. Sooner rather than later, a new cycle of successful revolutions know winnowing of his legacy grain straw to give birth a new world without capitalist exploitation.

In any case, as members of the RBC we have no doubt that the anti-imperialist internationalist spirit and strength of Fidel Castro and revolutionary who led Cuba will be an unfading inspiration for all future proletarian revolutions.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Buy I Am Pol Pot for the holidays

As the holiday's approach many of you are looking for that perfact gift—one that is not just a lot of bourgeois junk that no one really needs or wants. How about a book. And that brings me to I Am Pol Pot. Here is an historical interpretation of what the former dictator of Kampuchea might have been like if he had written his own auto biography.

From Amazon; this book is a steal at $19.16.
But for those who need something a little cheaper trie buying it as an i-books, for $8.99.
Just click on those hyperlinks and the book is yours. Buy it as a gift or for your own library.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A few thoughts about Fidel Castro, who just recently died

“I am a Marxist-Leninist and shall be one until the end of my life.”[1] 

By សតិវ ​អតុ

I was raised in an anti-communist household so when I first heard of Fidel Castro, he was described as a dictator. "He was against freedom and democracy. He had taken over Cuba and ruined it," or so I was told. Well, I changed over time and I'm not longer anti-communist.

Still, my views of Castro changed over the years. In the 1970s I believed that Castro was a pro-Soviet stooge. I saw him, as others I knew saw him, as a revisionist and part of the Soviet Empire. And to be honest he was a dictator and not all that found of freedom or democracy. His newspaper, Grandma, often said "this is not a place for liberals." It was a place for Marxists and Marxists only.
But by the 1970s I realized he wasn't all bad. He supported Salvador Allende, the Marxist president who won an election in Chile. It seemed ironic that Allende followed all the rules of the bourgeois democracy he came to power in. He never abused power. He was a benevolent ruler. And yet he and Castro were good friends while the Richard Nixon administration tried everything they could to get rid of Allende.
Years later he supported the Sandinista Revolution. That new government also respected bourgeois democracy, a free press (with a little censorship) and other freedoms. Once again our own president, Ronald Reagan, did everything he could to bring the Sandinistas down. Eventually they got voted out of office, but Fidel and his party still reigned in Cuba.
For all the other parties, politicians and guerrilla groups in Latin America, the Cuban revolution has stood alone. Some left-wing governments came and went, but Castro and his Island remained.
Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Castro and his party defied all odds to keep Cuba a Marxist regime. Today, it still is. There is no telling how much longer Marxism will survive in its one last stronghold. But it is 2016 and the Cuban revolution is still there.
After the Soviet Union fell, I gained a lot of respect for Castro. Leaders in other Soviet Block countries scrambled to find favour with the west. But Castro stood his ground. For that I gained a lot of respect for him.
While his government falls way short of the kind of Marxist revolution I have hoped for all my life, it seems like a nostalgic breath of fresh air in a world run mostly buy right-wing jerks. Today Daniel Ortega is president of Nicaragua again, even though the country is not the Marxist paradise many of us wanted to see in the 1980s. We have the  "Bolivarian Revolution" in such countries as Venezuela, even though it may not last much longer.   
Castro is one of the last of the old cold warriors of the 20th century. He has outlived John Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. There may never be another Fidel Castro. He deserves to be remembered for all the good he did, despite his faults.

[1] And he did stay a Marxist-Leninist until the end of his life. History Channel;

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday—a fake holiday for corporate profits!

By សតិវ ​អតុ

We stand on the edge of time for another Black Friday, a corporate consumer holiday designed to send the bold and adventurous, in the early morning hours of the day, to try and buy cheap stuff. Yeas cheap is the word. They want all their stuff to be bought cheap, but at a pace that brings them huge profits.
The corporate captains of our day have changed the story of a little god-baby in the manger into a crass orgy of consumerism and greed. From Thanksgiving until Christmas day, that important holy day for Christians around the globe, capitalist corporate pirates will be trying to entice people into buying various products for themselves and as presents to their friends, relatives and children.
As a child, I understand the joy of getting new toys on Christmas day. But as I get older I realize that trying to fulfil my needs, wants and desires from this season are mostly good for the capitalists who make all the money providing these things.  And let's  be serious folks. A lot of what we are enticed to buy is useless crap that most people don't need. And there are always those items we think we will enjoy but they become forgotten so quickly.
I'm not a Christian. I do like the holidays but as an Epicurean. I celebrate Winter Solstice rather than Christmas. That is a holiday that allows the same traditions. (they were taken from early Pagans by the early Christian Church.)  But I avoid buying a lot of crap from name brand stores.
I don't buy many gifts and the ones I do buy I try to get from small local businesses- not large corporations like Wal*Mart.  

So for me on Black Friday...I'm home relaxing and drinking a beer.

Frank Zappa/ Mothers- Uncle Bernie's Farm

Bad News - Cashing In On Christmas

Monday, November 21, 2016

US- North Dakota- Water cannons fired at water protectors, of the protesters of Standing Rock encampments


This protest has been going on now for several months. It has been largely ignored by the mainstream press. This is probably the  most important protest movement of the last year.
The whole mess demonstrates once again that the Native American Indians, after 250 years of being cheated, lied to and just plain dehumanised through torture and murder— are still being ripped off by the US government today. Corporate interests of Three Forks are clearly more important to our Democrat President in office Barack Obama than Native American Indian rights. Would it be so bad if just once the government treated our Native American Indians with respect, dignity and fairness? That is not what is happening. Our government is taking the sides of Three Forks.
This protests has turned into an outright battle between the Native American Indian Protesters, of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and people across the country who are supportive of their cause.
The following article gives us a look at what is happening there now. -សតិវ ​អតុ

Cannon Ball, ND-- Hundreds of water protectors were injured at the Standing Rock encampments when law enforcement blasted them with water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday evening.   The attacks came as water protectors used a semi-truck to remove burnt military vehicles that police had chained to concrete barriers weeks ago, blocking traffic on Highway 1806.  Water protectors’ efforts to clear the road and improve access to the camp for emergency services were met with tear gas, an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), stinger grenades, rubber bullets, and indiscriminate use of a water cannon with an air temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Some flares shot by law enforcement started grass fires which were ignored by the water cannons and had to be extinguished by water protectors. Law enforcement also shot down three media drones and targeted journalists with less lethal rounds. 

To see the rest of the article click here.

Also from this site:
Tara Houska, National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, says, “For weeks, the main highway to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation has been cut off, with no movement by the state to address a public safety risk. Attempting to clear the road was met with police spraying people with water cannons in 26 degree weather -- that’s deadly force, it’s freezing outside. They want to kill people for clearing a road? When will our cries be heard? Stop the Dakota Access pipeline. Respect the rights of indigenous people, of all peoples.”
LaDonna Allard, Director of the Sacred Stone Camp, says, “All I can say is why? We are asking for clean water, we are asking for the right to live, we are asking for our children to live. Instead they attack us, because they protect oil. Morton county and DAPL security are inhuman- what is wrong with their hearts?”
Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network, says, “It is below freezing right now and the Morton County Sheriff’s Department is using a water cannon on our people, that is an excessive and potentially deadly use of force. Tribal EMS are stepping up and providing services that should be the responsibility of Morton County, this is ridiculous. Because of the police enforced road block, ambulances now have an extra 30 minutes to get to the hospital. Those are life and death numbers right there, and Morton County and the State of North Dakota will be responsible for the tally.”
The Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council released this statement: “The physicians and tribal healers with the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council call for the immediate cessation of use of water cannons on people who are outdoors in 28F ambient weather with no means of active rewarming in these conditions. As medical professionals, we are concerned for the real risk of loss of life due to severe hypothermia under these conditions.”

Another Thanksgiving- more mythology

By សតិវ ​អតុ

Today, Thanksgiving is seen by many as a "politically incorrect" holiday. The pilgrim forefathers took advantage of the Indians. And some people believe that it is barbaric to plan a holiday over killing a turkey. Still there are my relatives and I probably won't tell them how bad their holiday is, at least not until after we all eat. So I print this so all may know the truth.
There was a “first Thanksgiving” dinner, but not likely turkey or the fixings we see today. The original meat was fish and deer.  The turkey became part of Thanksgiving about 1857. It is supposed to be of foods native to the New World. It became a national holiday in 1941. The traditional fixings came from a women’s magazine in the 1850s.
For a look at the real first Thanksgiving see the Kasama Project. For the Kasama Project:

"Every schoolchild in the U.S. has been taught that the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony invited the local Indians to a major harvest feast after surviving their first bitter year in New England. But the real history of Thanksgiving is a story of the murder of indigenous people and the theft of their land by European colonialists–and of the ruthless ways of capitalism."

I’m an Epicurean and don’t believe in praying to god, I will simply be thankful, while I am with friends and relatives this season. I'm thankful for all of them. I'm thankful for being alive and I'm thankful that I have friends and family involved in political movements that may someday make a difference in this world. 

Addam's Family Values Thanksgiving Play

Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff The Turkey (This is not that political, but sometimes a Marxist just wants to have fun.)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Donald Trump's new cabinet—The Scum rises to the top—Despicable

For those who thought that maybe future Prez. Donald Trump isn't all that far to the right—Think again. Trump's appointments to cabinet positions amount to a 'who's who' of far-far-far to the right scum bags that are now crawling out from under their rocks to poison the political culture of America. 
Most of the bad things people accused trump of being are being realized by the despicable people he has chosen.
For example:

Stephen Bannon, chief strategist and senior counsellor: OK we can all see that this guy is a Neo-Nazi style far right maybe he is just one bad there is more...
Jeff Sessions, attorney general: This man is a blatant racist—the type we thought we finally got rid of when southern politicians such as George Wallace, and others like him, finally died off. This guy is strait out of the 1950s complete with admiration for the Ku Klux Klan.
Gen. Mike Flynn, national security adviser: a blatant Islamaphobe.
Mike Pompeo, CIA director: Trump seems eager to collect Kansas' garbage politicians and put them on the national sceen. This man is the most pro-war, pro-military, pro-imperialist Republican to come from Kansas. If this country isn't at war soon after he takes control of the CIA, it won't be because he isn't trying. He has cheered when the NSA spied on millions of Americans. He saw no threat to our privacy. He said we need to trust the government.

These people are some of the worst scum that Republican politics can produce. If this is a look at the future Trump administration- Wow! Get ready to fight the good fight.

Pix from

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Peace and Social Justice Center's Annual Dinner —Wichita, KS' main opposition group to US imperialism

Maxine Phillips, editor of Dissent Magazine, will be the speaker for the Peace and Social Justice Center's Annual Dinner. I realize this speaker is a democratic socialist, but the Peace and Social Justice Center has been a major opponent of militarism and imperialism here in Wichita. Regardless of their political and religious leanings, the group has done a lot of good for this area and deserves support. I work with this group every chance I get. -សតិវ ​អតុ

Maxine Phillips, daughter of an Italian immigrant, was raised on stories of both opportunity for and opposition to immigrants. Her church, Judson Memorial in New York, works with the New Sanctuary Movement to protect and advocate for immigrants facing deportation. She is former executive editor of Dissent Magazine and a vice chair of Democratic Socialists of America. For many years, she was  co-editor of the magazine Religious Socialism and currently serves as a volunteer co-editor of the blog and the print newsletter Democratic Left. Maxine will speak about strategies for supporting undocumented immigrants and changing U.S. policy. Dinner is $25. Please RSVP at 316 2635886. Seating is limited. On December 3, at noon, we will host an activist workshop with Maxine at SEIU, 3340 W Douglas.