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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Crisis in Greece is not over yet

Syriza washes his hands. It's time for people
Posted by Jose Luis Forneo 6 reviews:
Under pressure from the EU, IMF and World Bank the Greek government and Syriza
Anel ultranationalists, who form coalition, have finally decided to wash his hands, placed against the rock and the ultimatum of the troika. So, instead of returning the ball to safety that have much more to lose than the Greeks themselves, (Brussels mafia make thinking over the possibility that the Russian mafia to help Greece and the CONDIR example, opening a nightmare scenario), the timid Athens government has chosen to release the straws to decide other, employees, knowing that all means of propaganda of the system will begin to talk about the disaster to leave the euro, hell outside the EU and damnation to refuse to be a vassal of the inexorable laws of the market.

Laurentiu Iluistraci'on Ridichie
It is true that, according to the bourgeois concepts of democracy, a referendum is the ultimate expression of this and, therefore, accepting the rules of electoral politics, ask the people is, in theory, as the most. However, it's only been five months since the election, in which the Greeks charged the new government to face the pressures of the Troika (ie, international capitalism) and avoid more cuts and sacrifices. So, why a referendum if Syriza know what to do?

Actually, both responses to the referendum, could lead to a yes to the EU and, therefore, the continuation of capitalist barbarism of the Greek people, if the troika, big capital, giving just because the gangsters live not stealing the people thanks to his stupidity, but they are wise as vermin, so probably win if NO, make an alternative offer or accept directly the Greek vassalage with Syriza-Anel recipe.

As mentioned above, the international financial terrorism, represented by the troika, knows that much at stake in the negotiations with Greece playing continue to monitor the Greek people, keep plundering their public coffers, in addition to the example that this can result if finally freed from the clutches of the scavengers in Brussels and Washington, especially if Russia, stalking, luring her lap just to Greece and becomes its funder What would the rest of the people, especially in the eastern border EU, if they see that there is life beyond slavery and European submission?

The referendum, beyond the euphoria of the early days, singing to electoral democracy citizenist and Paripe the anger of European leaders, perhaps not pretend to be more than the Greek people who accept to live on his knees and, Thus, continuing cuts, looting, emptying of the budget (filled with the taxes of workers) and continue under the tyrannical boot of capital (perhaps with a slightly more friendly face, as has been done so many times in history when you had to please the slaves and avoid passing on offense).

The government seems to blackmail people with the approval of its proposal to the troika, which is the other side of the same coin. That is, it is asking the Greek people to consent to their unpopular plans, through a new agreement supposedly "improved" with the imperialist organizations or accept, directly, the ultimatum of the financial fascism.

The Greek people must reject both proposals troika as government proposals of Tsipras, because the two are barbaric. So, and based on the fact that the referendum is called, we must seize the opportunity to, in any case, vote for a resounding NO to the proposal from the EU, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, but not to accept the official alternative but to continue fighting, take to the streets, not in any case accept Syriza-Anel impose their own, in short, mean more or less the same as those of international mafias and will assume, despite the fuss assembled media at first, little more than more of the same.

No to the U.E.! No to the Euro! ! No international terrorism! This is the only possible so that the Greeks can stop option to live on their knees; and for that we must also reject attempts flirtations or Syriza-Anel agreement and pass, once on the offensive to oust the parasitic class and to be the workers who take charge of their own destiny.

It's time for people, little people:

"LITTLE PEOPLE". Mikis Theodorakis

Little people fight
without swords or bullets
so that everyone has bread,
light and music.
Under his tongue keeps
their groans and cheers
but while pretending singing
broken stones

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The confederate flag raises its ugly head

The confederate flag controversy is annoying and tends to distract us from the killing of innocent black people by racist individuals. But to actually look at the flag controversy it is worth noting that there is an issue here. The Southern Cross is a battle flag that is mistaken for the official flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA), a nation that was formed when several southern states broke off from the United States of America. That started the US Civil War that lasted about four years and cost this country more American lives than any other war in our nations history.
To begin with, the Southern Cross was only a battle flag and not an official flag of the CSA.

The first official flag of the CSA was the "The Stars and Bars:"


Later in the war, the Southern Cross was incorporated into a new CSA


And later, they decided the new flag looked too much like a surrender flag so  the final CSA flag:

The flag of controversy is the Southern Cross battle flag. It is usually used to represent the CSA. While many southerners claim this flag represent their "heritage" it also represent the past. The CSA was an attempt by several southern states to be independent of the US government. That society was dependent on slaves for its economy and no amount of "heritage" can erase that fact. The CSA was dependent on slaves for its economic success. Just recently the
The CSA was an attempt to create a separate government from the north. That alone is not racism. Attempts at succession are not rare in the world of the 19th century or the last 20th century. It was a failed government and refusing to let go of that dream shows a real resistance from the reality that that government did FAIL. Now the federal government is forcing that flag down from the officials offices of South Carolina,in  the south.
In today's society this is not the only group of people to hang on to a dead dream. In Wichita the city government has agreed to adopt the South VietnamRepublic of Vietnam) government, at the request of Vietnam Veteran groups who refuse to acknowledge the loss of that government after the fall of Saigon. Like those who dream of a CSA, the dream of a revival of the Republic of Vietnam

But that is not going to happen either.
It is time to give up this foolishness and except reality. There is no CSA and their is no Republic of Vietnam. So let's get on with reality.
 Today's Vietnam flag:

-សតិវ អតុ

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shock waves sweep U.S. after white supremacist murders nine Black people

From A World to Win News Service;
 Many people abroad, and some in the United States., believe that with the presidency of the African-American Barack Obama, the U.S. has become a "post racial" society. In fact, the country is becoming increasingly – and violently – polarized for and against the oppression of Black people. 

Despite the massive protests against police killings of Black people that began breaking out after the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida by a white vigilante, and then especially last year after the shooting of the unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and choking to death Eric Garner in New York, U.S. police have been continuing to kill Black people and other minorities at a terrifying rate. To give a statistic that reveals something about the difference between the U.S. and other imperialist countries, despite the prevalence of racism in all of them, U.S. police have shot dead almost 400 people so far this year, not counting those who were choked to death, killed by electrical shocks (Tazers) or otherwise murdered in custody. Half were minorities, and Black people were far more likely to be killed while unarmed and allegedly committing a minor offence (like failing to obey police orders) or none at all. 

This has everything to do with the legacy of slavery and other forms of the oppression of Black people that have continued since the end of the civil war, when the southern states (the Confederacy) fought to preserve the "right" to enslave African-Americans. There is tremendous controversy over whether to remove the Confederate flag that now flies in official events and locations, including the capital of South Carolina, a state where slaves once vastly outnumbered white people, and where the civil war began. 

When 21-year old Dylann Storm Roof walked into a church in Charleston, South Carolina whose history is deeply rooted in resistance to slavery and Black oppression, he wore a t-shirt bearing the flags of the white minority regimes that once ruled Zimbabwe and South Africa. His Web site also featured the Confederate flag. The state's governor at first denied that the massacre of nine people in this church had anything to do with racism. Later, she claimed that state law will not allow her to lower that flag. While other politicians called for its removal, as if the official American flag itself were not itself a symbol of oppression in the country and the world, the fact that many prominent political figures have defended the Confederate flag or refused to condemn it shows the depths at which fissures are speeding through U.S. society. Roof explained his act by saying that he wanted to provoke a new civil war. 

In its coverage of the massacre and the aftermath, Revolution, newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA , reported the following observations by a team of revolutionaries, including members of the Revolution Club in Atlanta, Georgia, at a 21 June memorial service held at that church, located in what has become a white area after Blacks were pushed out. Hundreds of people crammed inside and gathered on the street in front, many from nearby churches.

"One older white woman from a different church congregation brought her Confederate flag from her house. This flag had been passed down through generations in her family and had been on the wall of her kitchen. She brought it to the church and said she didn't want it on her wall any more. A group of white children with scissors ceremonially cut it up.

"We weren’t the only ones challenging the terms of 'healing' – before the disease is cured. One sister came with her sign 'Enough is Enough' on one side and on the other 'White Jesus isn't Coming Back.' She, too, was the focus of controversy. I talked to her about why she was making this statement here. She said, 'They are continuing to mask the underlying hate.' 

"She said, "Black people make 13 percent of this country, but we are the highest rate of incarceration and death. We are killing each other – because what do we do with the hate? This Kumbahyah [an African-American folk song often taken to mean that God will everyone together – which is Obama's stance] ain't working for everyone. That white boy was angry, what do we do? I'm not saying go out here and kill anyone, I don’t condone hate to that measure, but we have to be able to express [our] anger...
'[I'm focused on] those who are struggling in the economy, who have no hope, this next generation, they are the ones who can make change... Everyone coming to me with anger is 23, 24 and younger. Out here, they are trying to cover the anger. This country has been built on Black backs. I've been told they have pushed Black people out of this community. We are angry at this gunman, but he ain't by himself. It would be stupid to think this is just one man with a gun!'" 

Pix of Dylann Storm Roof,

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Yellowstone National Park vacation—a conservation monument created by a bloody imperialist

I just got back from my vacation trip to Yellowstone National Park. The park system was invented by past President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. His image and his name are everywhere in the park. I spent several days in a small cabin my wife and I rented in a place called Roosevelt Lodge Cabins.
Teddy did some fine things, such as supporting unions against assaults by their corporate masters. He was interested in land and wildlife conservation. That is why he developed the park system with the idea that wild animals in the US could be protected from extinction. He liked to hunt and wanted to make sure such animals were available to future generations.
On the negative side Roosevelt was a hard core imperialist and war monger. While president he chose to colonize the Philippines and crush an independence movement led by Emilio Aguinaldo.  He supported the Spanish-American War in Cuba. It was during that war that he put together an imperialist private army of mercenaries that he called the Rough Riders.
A lot of places are named after the Rough Riders as if they were heroes. My cabin was in an area called the Rough Riders. At a small general store they have a giant stuffed teddy bear dressed to look like a Rough Rider. He has glasses to look like Roosevelt and his hat has "Junior Rough Rider" on it. It looks very cute (see picture below). But this glorification of the Rough Riders is deceptive. The Rough Riders were probably an illegal regiment considering they had no legal authorization to exist. Their purpose was to violate the rights of the Cuban people to develop their own independence movement. The goal was US colonization of that island. They were a sloppy and murderous gang of adventurers. There was nothing heroic about them. They were a bunch of imperialist bandits who wanted to fight off the Spanish, but not to liberate Cuba or to free its people. They wanted to enslave Cuba's people. They wanted to turn the Island into a piece of US property.
Roosevelt was probably one of the US's most pro-war presidents in history. He liked war and treated it as if it were the same thing as a hunting trip. For him it was a chance for adventure and opportunity. War is bloody, brutal and cruel and yet Roosevelt treated it as simply a good career move.
I enjoyed a wonderful vacation at a park that was a great idea by a really bloody and evil president. It is a tragedy that a president could have such good accomplishments and yet have such evil designs as well.   
-សតិវ អតុ 

My wife, Cam, stands next to a giant cuddly Rough Rider teddy bear. Imperialism and murder made cute.

Yellowstone does have lots of animals preserved in it.  

Philippine government arrests revolutionaries

Adelberto Silva, Rosanna Cabusao and Isidro de Lima, members of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), were arrested 1 June. As explained by Luis Jaladoni, chairperson of the NDFP Negotiating Panel, the NDFP is an organisation which represents the "people’s democratic government" led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in the now stalled peace negotiations with the Philippine government. Jalandoni called this "an act of sabotage... at a time when the NDFP was undertaking steps towards a possible resumption of formal peace talks."

At the turn of the 20th century, as a rising imperialist power, the U.S. drove Spain out of the Western hemisphere and parts of the Pacific and Southeast Asia and took over its colonies. The Philippines were part of a U.S. war of conquest. In 1898 the U.S. slaughtered between 250,000 to one million anti-colonial fighters and other Filipinos according to various estimates. In addition to outright massacres, the U.S. also routinely used torture (including waterboarding) and forced detention in concentration camps. The "enemy" was defined as anyone over ten years old. To further U.S. interests there, it propped up ruthless rulers like Ferdinand Marcos and the current U.S.-subservient president Benigno S. Aquino III whose job is to facilitate the vicious oppression and exploitation of the Philippine masses and suppress their fight to liberate themselves.

Following are excerpts from a statement on these arrests by Laya Guerrero, spokesperson for Kabataang Makabayan, that first appeared on Philippine Revolution Web Central, the official CPP website.


The Kabataang Makabayan (KM) condemns in strongest terms the illegal arrest and detention of Adelberto Silva by the U.S.-Aquino's mercenary troops last June 1, 2015 in Molino Bacoor, Cavite. Silva is a National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) peace consultant and covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG).

We demand the immediate release of Adelberto Silva, his wife Rosanna Cabusao and Isidro de Lima who were arrested with him and also charged with same cases as Silva. The PNP [Philippine National Police] claim that they seized rocket-propelled grenades from each of them is utterly ludicrous and a clear alibi to justify the filing of non-bailable charges against them. Silva was charged with fabricated cases of murder and illegal possession of explosives.

Under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees which was signed by previous Philippine regimes with the NDFP, Silva and all peace consultants are guaranteed immunity from arrest, detention, surveillance, harassment, search and other punitive actions.

The AFP [Armed Force of the Philippines] and PNP claim that the coordinated operations were hatched more than a year ago and Silva has been under constant surveillance from the mercenary troops of Aquino. This only proves that the Aquino regime has never been sincere in the peace negotiations in order to address the root causes of the armed revolution that rages in the countryside. The U.S.-Aquino regime is viciously ridiculing the peace negotiations and the past agreements signed by the Philippine government with the NDFP and systematically attacks the NDFP personages who are directly involved in the process.

This and the arrests of other NDF peace consultants Roberto Saluta, Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria-Tiamzon brings to 16 the number of peace consultants treacherously detained under the U.S.-puppet regime of Aquino, and among the 527 political prisoners languishing in jails across the country.

KM demands the release of Adelberto Silva along with Cabusao and Isidro de Lima, and other NDFP consultants and all political prisoners under the U.S.-Aquino regime.

Pix from

Google backs off censorship of leftist web site

   Dear Comrdes. Today Google removed all remaining restrictions on Communist Voice Revolutionary sites on Google in response to request sent by me for Google!!

   Today I sent request for Google inform them that I face difficulty on log in by asking me to give a phone number & all PDF files on Google drive are still blocked .......... Then I recieve a notification from Google say that difficulty should be removed now!! And indeed every think return normal & all communist bokks now are viewable & downloadable !!

   I ask Google about what happened. No reply. I reasking & then I recieved a notification from them say: "Sorry for difficulty that you faced. It was a big error due to a fulse data from a 3rd party"!! I asked about what this mean & who is the 3rd party, but they not reply me. Then I asked about there previous decision to permanantly block my sites except Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library which Google decided previously to change it to an archive. They give me same answer: "Sorry for difficulty that you faced. It was a big error due to a fulse data from 3rd party"!!

   I'm very suspecious & does not trust Google further. It my be a game from Google to monitor me. I'm not sure. But why Google block accounts all this long time (2& 1/2 months)?

   In all cses I decided to launch new site for Arabic Communists Library as a spare site. If Google not liar, then new site my inhibit the effort of 3rd party which was responsible. If Google liar, then new site will cover when original sites will be blocked again in future.

   In all cases it is very obvious that Arabic Communists Library on internet is a risky penetration online for reactionaries.

   I finished 99.8 % of new site & it is just few days & I will notify the public about it's address.

   Communist Voice

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Google helps repress free speech to protect world capitalism

Here we see the combination of free enterprise, a corporation- Google - working on behalf of capitalist western society and governments world-wide trying to squash free speech. We hear about all of these other "repressive" governments such as Cuba or Democratic People's Republic of North Korea where people are prevented from having free access to political ideas. And yet here we have western political forces repressing free speech. Some ideas are just too dangerous for western people to be able to read about. The governments and corporations are trying to protect us from these sites that may allow us to be exposed to bad ideas.
 AND once again I am exposing the outright hypocrisy of the western governments, such as the US and their corporate backers. Capitalism also restricts free speech and here is my latest example.



   Revolutionary Greetings ........
   In my previous e-mail I notified you that Google decided to permanently block Communist Voice revolutionary account on Google & blocking all his revolutionary sites with only one site which is Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library:
مكتبة ماو تسي تونغ للعرب / Mao Tse Tung for Arab Library

Google decided to change it into an archive.

   Today I noticed a new thing: all other blocked sites now are visible BUT NOT POSSIBLE TO LOG IN WITHOUT PHONE NUMBER!!

However, all the above sites now request from me a phone number when I enter user name & password!! Google insist on the phone number!! Moreover, all PDF files that I uploaded on Google drive are all unavailable (blocked & unviewable)!!

It is very clear that Google tried to investigate the real ID of Communist Voice & where it is located!! It is a great scandal!!

I already will transfer libraries to new servers.

For all comrades & readers please realize the position of these sites: all of them are out of my reach & I'm not able to modify them or updat them. Arabic Communists' Library is totally useless since all it's contents are PDF uploaded on Google drive & all them are totally blocked at this time.

However, Google will take a painful reply by launching Arabic Communists' Library on new servers in near future.

   Communist Voice

Monday, June 15, 2015

Over population—Don't use religious dogma for science

This week The Wichita Eagle had an article about a church leader who holds services at River City Brewery in Wichita's Old Town. The Rev. Pat York was featured as he tries to keep Christianity alive for 20 somethings, or millennials as they are called.
I really didn't have a problem with most of the article. I don't have anything against people simply trying to promote their religion. But one thing he told a crowd did bother me:
"The vast majority of you I hope get married," York said. "And have a bunch of little freaky mini-mes that look just like you and have lots of babies for Jesus."
The problem comes up when outdated dogma and dangerous ideas are reinforced, because of religion. The Bible does tell people "Now be fruitful and multiply," (Genesis 9:7).
But that was thousands of years ago. The Earth was not overpopulated then. It is now and this is just one really bad idea that our culture hasn't really dealt with yet.
America isn't as overpopulated as India or China, yet we still have those problems which can be ignored here for now, but the time is coming when we won't be able to ignore them. 
Those problems include the depletion of natural resources, degradation of the environment, increases in unemployment, increased costs of living and even increases the likelihood of wars. At some point there just won't be enough food, land and fuels to give people the kind of life we consider acceptable.
Pollution problems will multiply. The great extinction of so many species of plants and animals will speed up as they are replace by humans. The important thing is that it doesn't have to be that way.
Most industrialized countries have already discouraged large families and most people living in them have learned to avoid having lots of children. In Eastern Euorpe or Japan it is not uncommon to find people only one child or none at all. People in the US still seem to think it is the "Christian thing" to have as many children as possible. But would Jesus really want us to multiply to the point that we can't feed all these people or we can't house them?
Most overpopulation is in the underdeveloped countries were birth control may be non-existent and there is a lack of education. But people in this country really should consider what they are doing when they have large families. The entire world will pay a price soon for having too many children. I'm not opposed to religion, but religions need to stay relevant to the times and the problems we face. Following outdated dogma serves no one—god, Jesus or man.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

MANIPUR (next to India): A report from War Zone of Manipur-MCP.


It is an act of cowardice to separate the people of Chandel district aside from other places of Manipur because of the ongoing Indian Military Operation. Chadel district is a very important and remarkable place for Maoist Communist Party Manipur from where its first vice-Chairman, comrade Ngamlet Baite hailed since the first establishment and embodiment of the party. Still this district is a place where our party committee has been prevailing in a complete and solid organizational form. The Indian Army has been endlessly continuing to jeopardize and frighten the innocent people in the areas of the district after the attacked against Indian Army carried out by some ethnic militant group.
The act of Search and Destroy operation is still imposed, by using a group of armed black gang who are under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with government of India on the pretext of ongoing peace-pact, in search of militants. According to the information provided by the cadres of Manipur Maoist who are operating in the areas of Chandel report that the armed Black gang under SoO came on the lead followed by Indian Army behind. Mr. Minthang, a gang leader took the charge of first in command and Thangboi@Jacob as second in command while the Indian armies followed behind. Thus some of the individuals who are claimed or said to be talking peace-process under SoO are utilised as Human Robot by Indian Army in this so called Military Operation. Mr. Jacob@ Thangboi is the middle man to communicate with the Indian Forces and their Gang members as Indian Army does not understand and speak local dialect and he is the lone person who understands and speak Indian Language (Hindi).
These gang of reactionary led by Minthang and Jacob has pick them up from a camp which officially constructed by the Indian Government at Khamarol Village, hails at Chandel District. They are not allowed to use in so called Counter Insurgency operation of Indian Army as per the agreement under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) or Peace pact. The people of Chandel know well, clearly which members of gang party Mr. Minthang and Mr. Thangboi@Jacob belong to United Kuki Liberation Front, (UKLF). There are many party cadres and its units in different places in Chandel district of Manipur. There is no any point of hurt or wound or casualty on the part of the party members in there where military operation is undergoing. It is also an impossible thing on the part of Indian Army who afraid to approach on the lead the encounter to suppress and defeat the revolutionary parties of Manipur.
There is not a single camp of MCPM in the territory of Burma (Myanmar). The National Liberation Movement of Manipur cannot be ever suppressed or uprooted whenever and wherever the Manipuri’s exist on the earth. That the Indian Army who have joint and sent to earn monthly salary by the imperialist and Colonialist India will never be able to suppress the National Liberation Movements of Manipur. Without the slightest knowledge of what is happening in Manipur and without collecting any exact details of the Operation from the spot or nearby villages, some of the mainland Indian Media houses make the Indian armies turn into tigers. Nothing is to be considerable and convinced such hired propaganda. Such people and such activities are termed as “Reactionaries are the paper tigers” by Comrade Chairman Mao. Amid this, the most wonderment is that real situation are in front of the local journalists of Manipur, yet reports are copied or translated from concocted information’s which are published in mainland Indian media (National media, which are thousands of miles far from the Manipur) and re-printed in Manipur by Manipuri Media.
Even a single Manipuri journalist (media) including Mainland Media has not yet trodden and traced into any place where the Military Operation, which comprises of the gang party under SoO is on the lead and the Indian Army that follow behind the gang party, has affected. So the news and information which has been provided regarding the Military Operation in the media are all for none but to preserve the moral of the Indian Army. Thus the newspapers run in mainland India are all hiring of Indian Multi co-operation. Unfortunately, the way of taking responsibility of the journalists of Manipur at this juncture in such crucial moment is contemptible that such deeds never existed in the history of Manipur. It is high time for the local journalists to ponder over their 
risk and responsibility in such a situation particularly Indian Military Operations and gross human rights violation by the State.
Essentially our communiqué is to extend so as to affirm the people of Manipur and the people of the world as well to know the very fake drama played and exercised by GOI since local media and occupied Indian media have not yet provided and published the true 
accounts of Military Operation conducted utilizing group of Black gangs under SoO. Our Statement might not be published by any of the Indian media. Therefore, all the Maoist Party of the world is appealed to publish it throughout the world. The very message that the UNDERGOING MILITARY OPERATION CANNOT AFFECT THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS OF MCPM is relayed and assured to the people of the world at large.

Kansas legislators end this year's miss-guided session of childish hijinks

As Kansas legislators quit and go home we can only marvel at their wasting of tax-payers money on a budget bill that will cost poor and middle class more money.
Governor Sam Brownback worked hard to protect the wealthy business people he feels he represents. Most of his cronies went along. They all know who is paying for their re-election campaigns. And they know that we poor and middle class will pick up the tax tab because it's the Republican way. We can vote, but we can't buy candidates like the wealthy Republican backers. So we reap our reward.-សតិវ អតុ