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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wichita's Women's March—a huge success

I was really impressed with Wichita's Women's March. There were thousands of people there. That has got to be about the larges march I ever attended in Wichita.
There seemed to be a general agreement that we all wanted President Donald Trump to know we will not sit back passively and just watch as he destroys women's rights and other rights that we have. There were also women's marches in major cities across the country and across the world.
The march started at the Keeper of the Plains statue. Then people marched to Wichita City Hall. One estimation I heard was that the crowed reached about 3,000. Women and men of all ages marched. Although most of the marchers were women, there were a lot of men and some children.
Once the crowd gathered at City Hall there were some women singing with guitars and the speakers started.
Julie Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Trust Women, spoke of need to fight for reproductive freedoms.
"Dr. Tiller used to say to me 'tell me the bad news first," she said. "Well the bad news is for the next few years reproductive freedom rights will be bad."
She went on to talk about efforts in two states to completely ban abortion.
"If you can't control reproduction you can't control your own life," she said.
Trust Women has a clinic in Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City.
Karen Countryman-Roswurm spoke about human trafficking.
"Sexual violence is the pipeline to prison for women," Roswurm said.
She went on to talk about women who end up in prison, women who lose their children and women whose lives have been messed up because their men have been jailed under the "war on drugs."
"We have to stand outside our privilege and recognise that violence exists," she went on to say.
Pastor Pamaline King-Burns spoke of her faith and fighting against hate.

"There are the seeds of discord," she said. "There were the children who grew up slaves, black men were slaves, Chinese were indentured. The seeds grew oak trees of hate. But we rose up. We made child labor laws, women can vote."
Briley Meek spoke for Planned Parenthood.
"I don't think I'm alone when I say I'm afraid for the future of my health care."
She said that Planned Parenthood not only gives women health care but does it without passing judgment on women.

The crowd was enthusiastic. Reproductive rights, Obamacare (Affordable Care Act, ACA) and issues of combating racism were themes heard from the various speakers.

Other rallies have been held across the country and world. My wife Cam Gentry was in Washington, DC. She said that march was way bigger than anyone thought it would be.
One thing I noticed from many people I know and talked to is that Trump is galvanizing people to become politically active. This may be just the first salvo of a political movement for women and men to defend their rights. 
It was hard to capture the crowd with a camera.

There were some very creative signs.
Cam and her sister Marsha Hesany.


Anonymous said...


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Trullz said...

Soros funds women's march:

Soros funds BLM:

Trullz Garcia said...

You think Tiller the babykiller is some kind of hero? Your heart must just be a festering ball of shit and maggots. But then again, you support an ideology that is responsible for one-hundred-million deaths by democide, so you obviously have no sense of morals or shame.

SJ Otto said...

Tiller is a hero. He was shot twice by right-wing religious fanatics. The first time he went to work the next day. He stood up to the crazies who tried to stop him at every turn. He was very brave. He paid for his beliefs with his life. That is a hero.
As for all those all those 100 million deaths from democide, don’t forget it was Nixon and Kissinger who killed millions in Indochina and thousands in Chile. Republican capitalist have plenty of blood on their hands.

SJ Otto said...

Also my wife is an American woman. I have no complaints.

Trullz Trujillo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SJ Otto said...

Normally I don’t erase comments. I am willing to listen to any arguments. You can look back at my post and see a lot of different viewpoints, often different from my own. But the last comment by Trullz Trujillo is the exception. He called me a fucktard and insulted my wife. That is going too far. I don’t have to take insults on my own blog, especially personal insults. Trullz Trujillo is obviously a very ignorant and closed minded individual. I Trujillo had taken the time to read my blog entries, many of which are on the front, he would realize I have written extensively on the claims by right-wingers that “It was the Communists who killed millions upon millions of innocent people in Indochina. They used to run children through with bayonets and starve them to death. They subjected their opponents to the most medieval tortures imaginable.” This statement is wrong on many levels and I have written much about these claims. They are simply not true. There were some children bayonets in Cambodia, but not in the rest of Indochina. All he had to do is read the blog entries, which I imagine he was too-short sited to do.

Trullz said...

Censored by communists. Their only rebuttal. That and rewriting history of course.

The claims about the indochinese communists are true. Communist forces carried out mass atrocities in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and it was known as a common commie exercise to murder the children of their opponents in the most extreme and tortuous ways possible. they butchered millions of innocents and are known for their absolute cruelty and collective punishment. That's not including the millions starved to death both intentionally and through incompetence. Such a vicious, evil, insidious aggressor you support. Immoral and disgusting...

Read up on it here: - actually read the source articles. Don't ad-hom the messenger like a weak-minded commie, Mao even said not to do that.

I mean, you're so morally debased you even think Tiller and Gosnell are heroes. You think people who bayonet babies in the womb are heroes and then deny the truth about your other heroes, the NorVs, bayoneting children?! Wtf?! You obviously have no objective problem with children being bayoneted to death so why re-write history? Those Indochinese children bayoneted and tortured to death were part of the "wrong" social class and deserved to die, right? The revolution must move forward, after all. And the babies bayoneted in the womb are nothing more than a "blob of cells" even when they survive the abortion attempt and have their spinal cords snipped with scissors or they're placed on a shelf to die of exposure while they cry.. Woman must have their right to "choose", so she won't have to take responsibility for her actions. The revolution must go forward, after all. Seriously, what a sick person you are.

Trullz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Trump ends abortion funding for NGOs that perform or even talk about abortions overseas:

Heartbeat law on the way:

Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Supreme Court judges and the overturn of Roe v. Wade will complete the tri-fecta!!!

SJ Otto said...

All of nonsense is debunked at All those myths that have been perpetuated by rightwing crack pots and unscrupulous conservative politicians are just that—MYTHS!
Yes abortion may end up disappearing and becoming illegal again and when it does, all those years of hard work will have seem to have been for nothing. But once women realize what they have lost it should not be that hard to build a movement against the crack pot right, led by now President Donald Trump. The right is can’t maintain their ridiculous reign forever. We will win in the end.