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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ten Declarations of the Maoist Communist Party of China (MCPC)

This is the first time I have ever heard of this organization. It has appeared on both the Kasama Project and Revleft:

22 March 2009一、
强烈抗议中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团对我党实行秘密追剿的声明!1. We strongly condemn the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party and its policy of secretive suppression towards our party!2008年12月26日, 我党分别在北京、上海等大城市闹市区散发了“宣告中国人民对中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团造 反有理”的《 告全国人民书》,在“老虎”的屁股上狠狠地摸了 一把!随后在网络上和其它一些城市也进行了宣传。我党的这次革命行动,对中国共产党修正主义叛 徒统治集团造 成了强烈的政治冲击,有力地打击了中国共产党修 正主义叛徒统治集团的嚣张气焰。我党的《告全国人民书》是号召人民起来推翻中国共产党修正主义 叛徒统治集团 、开展一场中国无产阶级反复辟大革命运动的号 角;是号召人民共同声讨中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团的罪行、剥去中国共产党修正主义叛徒统 治集团的伪装 、打一场文攻武卫的人民革命理论战争的信号弹。 On 26 December 2008, our party gave out the pamphlet "To all the people of China" that declares that "the peoples of China have the right to rise up against the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party" in the central districts of cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. By doing this we have dared to "touch the bottom of the tiger"! Afterwards we engaged in more propaganda online and in other cities. This revolutionary action of our party has resulted in a strong political wave against the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party, and managed to beat down the arrogant air of the revisionist ruling bloc. This is the horn that calls to arms a great revolutionary movement among the Chinese proletariat against capitalist restoration; this is the signal fire to mobilise the people to strike against the crimes conducted by the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc; to peel away the false skin of the revisionists, and to engage in a people's revolutionary war through both words and actions.我党的《告全国人民书》不仅在国内引起了广泛关注,极大的唤醒和鼓舞了中国无产阶级,而且造成 了强烈的国际 政治影响。“自由亚洲电台”、“美国之音”等宣 传媒体纷纷作出“中国出了个中国毛泽东主义共产党”的报道。国内外反动派对我党《告全国人民书 》的亮剑顿时 感到如临大敌,纷纷跳出来对我党进行攻击并为统 治集团出谋划策,什么“震惊!反胡拥毛,毛子毛孙成立了中国毛泽东主义共产党”,什么“不彻底 清算毛泽东养 虎成患”,什么“强烈要求把毛泽东像从天安门上 摘下来”,什么“要求中国当局脱掉共产党外衣”,什么“共产党若不迅速剿灭中毛共党,必将死于 其手”等等, 真是鸡飞狗跳炸开了锅……The pamphlet of our party "To all the people of China" not only received great attention within China, and to a great extent acted to wake up and stimulate the Chinese proletarian class, but it also resulted in a lot of international political influences. "Radio Free Asia" and "Voice of America" all made reports about us. Reactionary forces both inside and outside of China immediately felt threatened by our pamphlet, and started to attack our party and offered strategies to the ruling regime of China. They used slogans such as "Shocking, going against Hu Jintao in favour of Mao Zedong, the sons and grandsons of Mao have created the Maoist Communist Party of China"; "Without completely getting rid of the legacy of Mao we will surely be breeding problems for the future"; "We strongly propose that the portrait of Mao be removed from Tiananmen"; "We demand that the Chinese government discard its communist coating" and "If the CCP does not destroy the MCPC fast, it will surely die in its hands"'s almost as if chickens and dogs are flying apart!中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团表面上装聋作哑,实际上却迅速指使警方对我党展开了不遗余力的 阻止和追查, 他们勘察散发传单的地点,调集当天的监视录像,在互联网上顺藤摸瓜,传讯审问可疑人员,企图将 新生的我党扼 杀在摇篮之中。对此,我党向中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团提出强烈抗议!我党强烈要求立即停止对我党进行的 秘密追剿!The traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party pretends to not hear anything, but in practice they have began to utilise police forces to pursue our party. They are keeping the locations where we hand out our pamphlets under careful supervision, and are checking the CCTV images of the days when we are active. Through the internet police they are pursuing suspicious personnel. They want to destroy our party while it is still in its infancy.We strongly condemn the actions of the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party! We strongly demand that all secretive suppression of our party by the regime completely cease immediately!我 党奉行“君子动口不动手”的民主政治诉求原则,同时也奉行“小人动手,老子也动手”的革命铁律 。我党的《告 全国人民书》及此《十大声明》,就是要动员全国 人民行动起来关心国家大事。我党坚决反对中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团实行法西斯白色恐怖! 如果中国共产 党修正主义叛徒统治集团一意孤行,硬是要把中国 人民引入腥风血雨之中,那么,我党只有奉陪到底!直到打得中国没有一个敢于恶毒攻击毛主席的反 革命分子为止 !直到打得中国没有一个敢于走资本主义道路的修 正主义叛徒分子为止!Our party follows the democratic political principle of "the virtuous person uses his/her mouth rather than his/her hands", but we also follow the iron revolutionary law of "if the petty reactionaries use force, we shall do likewise". The pamphlet "To all the people of China", as well as the Ten Declarations here, shall act to mobilise everyone in China to start considering the big events of our country. We firmly oppose the utilisation of fascistic "white terror" by the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party! If the revisionists stubbornly carry on with their actions, and drag the people of China into bloody wind and rain, then we will surely accompany them to the very end! We shall not stop until every single anti-Maoist reactionary has been removed from China! We shall not cease our struggle until every single traitorous revisionist that dares to embark on the capitalist path has been utterly destroyed!二、感谢人民群众理解与支持的声明2. We shall give thanks to the understanding and support shown to us by the people毛主席指出:“真正的铜墙铁壁是什么?是群众,是千百万真心实意地拥护革命的群众。这是真正的铜墙铁壁,什 么 力量也打不破的,完全打不破的。反革命打不破我 们,我们却要打破反革命。”我党的诞生和《告全国人民书》的发表,得到了绝大多数知情群众的拍 手称快。我党 所接触到的群众不仅为我党的诞生感到欢欣鼓舞, 而且在精神、物质方面都给以了有力的支持。特别是在我党短短三个月的党史中即不得不经历了党内 一次大的路线 斗争之后,更加得到了解真相的群众的理解和支 持,原来没有打算急于入党的同志,现在积极要求入党了;原来没有打算对我党给予赞助的朋友,现 在给予大力赞 助了……Chairman Mao once said: "What is the real "bronze wall and iron shield"? It is the masses, the masses who whole-heartedly support the revolution. This is the real "bronze wall and iron shield", something that cannot be destroyed by any kind of force. The counter-revolutionaries cannot destroy us, but we shall destroy them." The creation of our party and the release of the pamphlet "To all the people of China" have received the support of the majority of the masses who know what this really meant. The masses who got into touch with our party not only felt happy at our party's creation, but also offered a lot of support both spiritually and materially. Especially ever since the first great political line struggle in the first three months of the short history of our party, more and more people who learned the truth about us started to show their understanding and support. Those who did not wish to join our party at the start, now actively wished to join; those who did not decide to support our party at the start, now started to offer a lot of help...对此,我党向理解和支持我党的人民群众致以崇高的革命敬礼!感谢人民的理解!感谢人民的支持!有些群众担心我党的进一步活动会受到敌人变本加厉地迫害,实际上,我党越是活动频繁就越是能得 到人民群众的 响应与支持,而得到人民群众的响应与支持越是广泛和强烈,我党的安全系数也就越大。For this, we shall offer a revolutionary salute of the highest degree to all those who understand and support our party! We shall give thanks to the understanding of the people! We shall give thanks to the support of the people!Some people are concerned that the continued activities of our party will cause more retaliations by the enemy. In fact, the more active our party becomes, the more support it will get from the masses, and the more support it has, the safer our party will be.毋 庸置疑,我党的存在和我党的行动已使统治集团感到如坐针毡了,他们的确是恨不能将我党一口咬死 、一把掐死, 可是敌人总是习惯性的过低估计革命人民一方的能 力和力量,总是习惯性的错误判断革命人民一方的智慧和勇气。由于我们这个党是符合广大人民群众 和大多数中国 共产党普通党员愿望的;由于我们这个党是在人民 群众中汲取了充分的养料才裂石穿云、横空出世的;由于我们这个党的根是深深地扎在人民群众当中 的。所以,一 旦反复辟革命形势到来,他们就丈二和尚摸不着头 脑了——分不清楚到底有多少人和有哪些人是能够跟着他们反革命的,更分不清楚到底会有多少人和 会有哪些人也 是要准备革他们命的。所以,他们奈何不了我党也 就不足为奇了。Without doubt, the existence and actions of our party has caused the ruling bloc to feel uncomfortable, they hate the fact that they cannot destroy our forces in one go. But the enemy by habit tends to under-estimate the power of the revolutionary people, and by habit tends to wrongly judge the wisdom and courage of the revolutionary masses. Since our party fits in with the wishes of the masses of people and the majority of the ordinary party members of the Chinese Communist Party, because our party has only emerged through taking in nutrients given out by the masses, our party has deep roots within the people. Therefore, when the anti-restoration revolutionary situation arrives, our enemy would be confused - they would not be able to know how many people and whom they can trust on to follow them on the route towards counter-revolution, and furthermore they would not realise exactly how many people and whom would be prepared to overthrow them in a revolution. Therefore, there is no suprise in the fact that the ruling regime cannot really do much to our party.三、中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团是中国人民的头号敌人的声明3. We declare that the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party is the top enemy of the peoples of China历 史已经证明,修正主义者上台,工农就下台;修正主义者掌握政权,无产阶级就丧失政权;修正主义 者搞“改革开 放”,广大劳动人民就吃二遍苦、受二茬罪。“改 革开放”给中国人民的造成的一切灾难,都是由中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团一手造成的。世界 上,由于帝国 主义的侵略给被侵略国家造成的一切灾难,中国共 产党修正主义叛徒集团也难逃其责!所以,中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团是中国人民的头号敌人 。资产阶级右 派分子也是我们打击的对象,但是打击的重点还是 中国共产党修正主义叛徒统治集团。History has shown that if the revisionists get into power, then the workers and peasants shall be cast down; if the revisionists control the government, then the proletariat would lose their political power; if the revisionists engage in the so-called "opening-up reforms", then the labouring masses of the country will be exploited for the second time. All of the disasters that have been brought upon the country and our people by the so-called "opening-up reforms", are directly caused by the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party. Globally, the Chinese revisionists also share responsibility for the disasters imposed upon countries that have been invaded by imperialist powers! Therefore, the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party is clearly the number one enemy of the peoples of China. The capitalist right-wingers are also attacked by us, but our main enemey is no doubt the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party.毛主席指出:“否定马克思主义的基本原则,否定马克思主义的普遍真理,这就是修正主义。”同时 还指出:“修 正主义者抹杀社会主义和资本主义的区别,抹杀无产阶级专政和资产阶级的区别。他们所主张的,在 实际上并不是 社会主义路线,而是资本主义路线。”资产阶级在 党内的代理人邓小平、江泽民、胡锦涛就是这样的反革命修正主义分子。他们都抹杀社会主义同资本 主义的区别, 把社会主义同资本主义混为一谈,而在行动上完全 推行资本主义路线;他们都抹杀无产阶级专政同资产阶级的区别,把无产阶级专政同资产阶级混为一 谈,而在行动 上完全推行资产阶级的那一套。一句话,他们都反 对社会主义革命和无产阶级专政。毛主席教导我们:“修正主义上台,就是资本主义上台。而且是最坏的资本主义,是法西斯主义;如 果有一天共产 党不为人民服务了,那么人民就要起来打倒他!”这里的“他”,指的就是中国共产党修正主义叛徒 统治集团。Chairman Mao once said: "To negate the basic principles of Marxism, to no longer acknowledge the universal truths of Marxism, such is called revisionism." At the same time he points out: "revisionists deliberately try to white-wash the differences between socialism and capitalism, and dampen down the fundamental distinction between the dictatorship of the proletariat and the bourgeois. What they propose is not really the socialist path, but the capitalist path." The representatives of the bourgeois class within the party, such as Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, are all counter-revolutionary revisionists. They wish to white-wash the distinction between socialism and capitalism, to confound the two together; but in their actions they completely pursue the capitalist line; they all deliberately destroy the fundamental difference between the dictatorship of the proletariat and the dictatorship of the bourgeois, and in action they are completely capitalist. In one phrase, they all oppose socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship.Chairman Mao teaches us: "When the revisionists get into power, it is the same as the capitalists getting into power. And indeed it is the worst kind of capitalism, it is like fascism; if one day the Chinese Communist Party no longer serves the interests of the people, then the people should rise up to overthrow it!" Today the traitorous revisionist ruling bloc of the Chinese Communist Party is indeed in power, and therefore should be overthrown.

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