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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The US government is a rotting corpse… We don’t need it!

Communism is a belief and an ideology. The idea that it depended on a country for it to exist was an invention of the capitalist pundits and politicians. We were supposed to believe that the Soviet Union WAS Communism and yet most Marxists rejected that model. Only other Marxists were aware of this, due to the great power of the U.S. capitalist press. If the Vatican is nuked and the Pope and his groupies die, does the Catholic Church die out completely? Or would its believers try and rebuild the church? It is their belief, not the buildings and hierarchy (some exceptions of course) that most true Catholics have put their faith in.

Marxism has produced some great contradictions. There was Pol Pot and Salvador Allende – Joseph Stalin and the Sandinistas. As with Christianity there are those who use it peacefully and some who use it as a cover for fascism. Capitalist society is a lot like standing in a knee deep pile of manure and being told to thank the manure providers because in some other place the manure is chest high. What I really want is not to stand in manure at all. It stinks. I don’t need statistics to tell me that a rotting animal corps, in my front yard, is the most efficient system I can hope for. If there is a rotting animal corps on my front yard I want it gone, regardless of the consequences.

So excuse me if I put my faith in some type of Marxism over the rotting smell of our capitalist country, that not only waists our resources, (including human) but keeps us in a constant state of war. Right now we are building an empire in the Middle East so that we can control the resources of that region and help us deal with the Peak Oil crisis. Right before he started the war Bush said of Saddam Hussein:

"He is a danger not only to countries in the region but, as I explained last night, because of his al Qaeda connections, because of his history, he is a danger to Americans," Bush said, referring to Tuesday's State of the Union address. "And we're going to deal with him. We're going to deal with him before it's too late."

So just as with Vietnam, the war was started on a lie and we keep using that phony slogan that we are “fighting for our freedom.” What freedom? Freedom to do what? To drive our oversized pickup trucks and SUVs?

The new bankruptcy law is an example of the pure corruption of our congress.
After an eight-year multimillion dollar lobbying effort by financial-industry giants, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed their heinous "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill (S. 256/H.R. 685) by a lopsided 302-126 vote.Members of the House briefly debated this important matter before they voted.However, the speeches on both sides tended to be surprisingly simplistic, given the complexity of the bankruptcy bill, largely because the Republican majority leadership chose to display their contempt for democratic processes by:
disallowing votes on the 35 amendments the Democrats had proposed;
ordering the House Rules Committee to allocate only one hour -- far too little time -- for substantive debate on this complicated 500-page bill; and
ordering the House moderator to rudely interrupt every Democratic speaker when they lined up one-by-one to register their objections to the bill in brief biting statements.
The consumers (most people) were sacrificed on the capitalist alter in order to please the highest corporate bidders. Many Democrats actually voted for the bill – so much for our working class friends.

The democracy we are supposed to have has resulted in a near one-party state that already controls and soon will control every branch of the government and seems to dominate the news media. Many foreigners who come here tell us “we know you have an independent press, but it sounds like a government owned press.”

Marx said the socialist revolution would come to the most advanced country and yet it has developed in the poorest countries. That has lead to obvious problems. We searched for models and ideas from people who had few resources of their own to carry out such development. Now we must face reality. We are in the belly of the beast and that is where our next socialist revolution should be. The real model must be our own. We can learn from others and take inspiration from others, but they can’t do this for us. No other country has the resources to build a new society except us. And a new society is the only way out of the mess we are in. We can’t vote out the slime. It has to be kicked out. We can do better and we should.

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