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Monday, August 12, 2019

US and imperialist scavengers of Europe relentlessly attack Maduro of Venezuela—progressive activists defend him

By SJ Otto
While US and western European governments have relentlessly attacked the Venezuelan government of  Nicolás Maduro, people throughout the world are rejecting the phony human rights campaign against his government.
According to Liberation News:

“With Trump’s Aug. 6 announcement of a total U.S. economic blockade of Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro is calling on people worldwide to stand with Venezuela on Saturday, Aug. 10, with solidarity rallies.
Massive marches in Venezuela will be held the same day to denounce the most severe economic attack yet.”

While the US tries to make it look like the campaign against Maduro is about human rights, it is really about politics and economics. The US and its western lackeys are making up phony charges of human rights violations when in fact this is about restoring capitalism and overturning socialist government.
An example of a phony human rights campaign is Tamara Sujú, the executive director of the Casla Institute and a Juan Guaidó supporter. She is trying to bring Maduro up on charges that he has had prisoners in his jails tortured, including the use of water boarding, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). If she as really concerned about human rights she would bring up charges for the government of Colombia where the government there has tolerated the assassinations of leftist politicians for many years.
Also the ICC is just a tool for wealthy industrialized governments to attack poor third world underdeveloped countries. No one will ever put the US on trial for the water boarding which the CIA has done on prisoners of war.
One thing we don’t hear about in the US mainstream press is the treatment, by the government of Maduro for Venezuela’s poor. They are taken care of and they have the food that they need. Once again from Liberation News:

“Each month, Venezuelan households receive at their homes a substantial food box containing nonperishable foods. Chicken, meat, eggs and other proteins are also provided in additional deliveries. The people in the neighborhood communes and communal councils are the guarantors of the food delivery.
CLAP was instituted by Maduro in 2015 to overcome the U.S. and Venezuelan elites’ economic war and assure that the most vulnerable people receive food at highly subsidized prices. For instance, in May the CLAP food boxes were costing a nominal price of about 2,800 Bolivares (Bs) versus the estimated 178,000 Bs to purchase the same food in a private market. At that time, roughly 4,000 Bs were equivalent to one U.S. dollar.”

If Maduro is overthrown all those poor people will once again be ignored and neglected as they had been for centuries before the Bolivarian Revolution.
So far Maduro has resisted US efforts to overthrow him and restore the capitalist system. Cuba and other progressive governments, such as Nicaragua and Bolivia have defended Maduro. Activist here in the US need to do our part to defend the Maduro government. And many people here have answered the call.  Poor people’s government—socialism needs to be defended and this is a crucial struggle. We can’t afford to loose this.
While President Donald Trump is the obvious villain in this struggle, he is not alone. It should be pointed out that Trump has the backing of all Republicans and most Democrats. So this is not an issue that is being debated in congress, with the exception of just a few Democrats such as Ilhan Omar. She has taken a lot of flack for her opinions and she deserves to be supported. We must all do our part.

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