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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Koch Brothers free from protesters in their home town : robber barons of Kansas- Part 3

Here in Wichita Kansas we have the offices and home of David and Charles Koch. They are among the top $billionaires in the US. They not only have a family fortune built, but they are deeply involved in politics financing political PACs that give millions to conservative pro-business candidates, as well as political front groups such as the Americans for Prosperity political action group.
The Koch Brothers have been involved in such new super PACs as ALEC, which not only funds political candidates, but provides them with position papers, model laws to promote and even pre-written speeches.
Even before the election, when they didn’t realize their financial investments in candidates was not going to pay off, they decided to act against their most vocal opponents, the Occupy Movement.
According to Natasha Lennard, writing for Salon, has exposed the Koch Brother’s newest tactics, paying protesters to disrupt Occupy events. In Salon he writes;

”It seems an odd choice, to protest against Occupy Wall Street; police forces around the country have already done a thorough job of taking on Occupy groups throughout the year. However, billionaire Koch brothers’ right-wing advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is still concerned that Occupy needs dealing with.
On Thursday(last September of this year) in New York’s midtown, Americans for Prosperity activists are gathering for a protest in a leg of their “Failing Agenda Bus Tour,” aimed at disavowing government policies that would increase national debt. On Thursday, however, the free market fans will take specific aim at Occupy Wall Street. A statement from Steve Lonegan, Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey state director, said of Occupy participants, “These are people who despise free enterprise. They are not attacking Wall Street. They are attacking the very freedoms that everyday Americans cherish to pursue their own dreams and succeed.

Lonegan is not entirely wrong in his statement. There are those among us, especially most of us who post here at Otto’s War Room, who despise his phoney “free enterprise,” which for many of us, who have experience living these phoney dreams, is a freedom for the 1%-ers and a lock of freedom for those of us who have to work for them.
As for “attacking the very freedoms that everyday Americans cherish to pursue their own dreams and succeed,” obviously not all Americans cherish the pursue of phoney dreams that only a handful of people will actually realize. The fact that this groups has taken on Occupy, when the mainstream is trying to portray the movement as a spent force, proves the Koch Brothers realize there is a growing dissatisfaction with the system they insist on forcing on us.  
Lennard pointed out in his article that 7,500 people have been arrested for Occupy related activities last year. There we 200 arrested for the anniversary marches and rallies in New York.

“Aggressive policing of Occupy has drawn broad criticism, including from a United Nations special rapporteur on human rights” he said.

As the article went on, Lennard found that brutal police suppression of Occupy was seen by Americans for Prosperity and their leader Lonegan as “too lenient.” Since Lonegan can be considered a mouth-piece for the Koch Brothers, we can only guess what kind of brutal treatment the group would LIKE to see for those who stand up against this unjust system. The Koch’s and their lackeys seem to believe complete annihilation is too good for those who would oppose their God-head status in such places as Kansas.
One place they don’t need their fake protesters is in Wichita. There are many progressive groups in this city, but none have taken on the Koch Brothers, even though they have offices, a factory and they have homes in Wichita.
Last year there was a protest called Occupy Koch Town and it drew activist from all over the country. It was spearheaded by the Sierra Club. Since that time there are no plans to hold protests against the Koch’s and their mighty divine empire.
So for those of us who want to take on these modern day aristocrats, we may have to go to other cities were organizations are more interested in taking on the economic and political power of the 1%. -សតិវ អតុ

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