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Monday, February 23, 2015

Comment from our local newspaper—"Not our war"

A letter I submitted to The Wichita Eagle:

I see a lot of letters, such as “Obama no leader” (Feb. 8 Letters to the Editor), complaining that President Obama doesn’t do enough as a leader to take on ISIS. I think he has gone too far.
All we have to do is look at the Kurds to see that people who take an interest in their own democratic institutions are willing to fight ISIS and win. In Iraq, lots of land was originally lost to ISIS because the people do not respect the puppet government this country installed there thanks to President Bush.
There are also countries with no democracy or input from their people, such as Saudi Arabia. They don’t need the support or effort of their army because they just count on the United States to go in and fight for them.
We need to start letting these other countries fight their own war and get out of the Middle East. That fight is over land, oil and other resources, all of which do not justify the kind of military intervention we are involved with now.
This is not about our freedom or democracy.
This is not our war, and we do not need to waste our troops or resources in someone else’s battles.


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