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Monday, February 23, 2015

Manipur Maoists to hold a Solidarity Evening for the Communist Party of Philippines

The following letter was sent to my email. Although I can't make this event (most likely no one I know will) I am printing this so others can witness the solidarity between these two M-L-M parties in Asia. This blog supports both parties and their revolutionary activities. There may be some differences between these two parties as well as some differences between US revolutionaries as myself—but the important thing is that we Maoist can agree and find common ground. In these countries were Maoist parties have been successful in organizing  mass movements and revolution, we in the US can stand in solidarity with them.

From Maoist Communist Party Manipur:

To The Central Committee,
The Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of our party, the Maoist Communist Party Manipur (Manipur Maoist) of the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people in Manipur, we send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt Yawolna Yaifare to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), Brave Filipino People’s Army, New People’s Army (NPA) and Its Revolutionary Masses.

As representing an Proletarian Internationalist Party, Manipur Maoist, It’s my pleasure to declare that An event called ' A Solidarity Evening with Filipino Comrades ' is to be organized in Manipur by our Party in support of the Revolution of the Filipino people led by Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) which is waging a victorious Peoples War as a part of the World Socialist Revolution, on the International Women's Day that falls on the 8th March-2015.
There would be visual(video) show, discussion program and leaflet distribution in various schools, colleges, institutions, work places and revolutionary Areas focusing on how New People's Army (NPA), People’s army of Philippines  has been facing and encountering very bravely and firmly with great enthusiasm.
The world is progressing, the future is bright and no one can change this general trend of history. We should carry on constant propaganda among the people on the facts of world progress and the bright future ahead so that they will build their confidence in victory.

Red Thunder, the monthly journal of the party, in its continuous publication, the (XVIII) Issue will be published and distributed on this precious day. This volume consists and is mainly based on the background and current activities of the Revolution led by CPP.
Manipur Maoist was formed and established on the 10th August 2011. During this short span of time the Party can occupy and carve a special niche on the World Socialist Revolution when the party is organizing a Solidarity event in support of Filipino Revolution as an initial duty of the party on Proletarian internationalism. Manipur Maoist shall take its responsibility and perform its duty of Proletarian Internationalism persistently and consistently. This is the first kind of event in the history of Manipur Maoist taking the responsibility of proletarian Internationalism.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Long live the proletarian Internationalism!
Long live the unity of the international Proletariat, revolutionary and democratic forces and the oppressed nations and peoples of the all over the world!
Yawolna Yaifare.

In Struggle,

Comrade Ngamtaaipa Meitei
International Department,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

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