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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

India—comments on the new Hindu fascist prime minister elect, Narendra Modi

By Rishi Raj Baral
Recently, in a Nepalese  vernacular online news portal,  Pambha Bhusal,   spokesperson of CPN-Maoist, addressed   Narendra Modi, the newly elected Prime Minister of India,  as a 'Nationalist Leader'. It has  produced a lot of confusion, debates and discussion within CPN-Maoist and also outside. Cadres of CPN-Maoist have demanded   disciplinary action against Pambha Bhusal. They have demanded Pampha Bhusal immediate quit out from the  spokesperson of the Party. Particularly the 'facebook' holders  inside the party and outside have made Pampha Bhusal's  pronouncement as a matter of  fun . Someone has written that 'Pambha Bhusal must be awarded with 'Bharat Ratna' in the coming 15 August–'Indian Independence Day'.  We can't say whether it is true or false,  but it has come to know that after this statement,  she has  got invitation  from 'South Block' to visit India.
We all know Narendra Modi is the leader of Bharatiya Janata party, a party which advocates  Hindu fascism. This is the party, which wants to wipe out Maoists from India. Not only the Maoists, this is the party which always discards the role of leftwing parties in India and elsewhere. It was Jaswant Singha  the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party and then foreign minister, during his official visit  of Nepal, declared Nepalese Maoists as the terrorists and announced more supports to abolish the Maoist revolution.
Most of the left online  and print magazines   of India have denounced the role of Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendr Modi. International news portal also have denounced Narendra Modi as the Hindu fascist.  But it is a matter of irony, not only irony, it is a matter of great sorrow and grief that the spokesperson of CPN-Maoist has   declared Narendra Modi  as a Nationalist leader! What a silly statement !  It is a matter of surprise that how can a member of revolutionary party can speak  such words ! She is alone behind this event or  there are other persons and agencies are working behind it ?  It is  the  matter that needs  investigation. As we think, it is a designed announcement.  It   reflects the ideological deviation of so called spokesperson.
We know, India is the number one enemy of this region. Here India means the reactionary regime of India. Neighboring countries always hate India as an expansionist country.   The nationalism of Indian reactionaries  has stood on  the foundation  of their hegemony over neighboring countries. The philosophy  of their nationalism   is to manage more and more domination over neighboring countries. India has occupied more than 70 places of Nepalese territory in the eastern and southern border. Indian regime wants to manage its hegemony in each and every part of the Nepalese  society exercising neo-colonial position. Nepal, Bangladesh,  Pakistan, Shree Lanka and  Bhutan are facing same type of  domination from Indian regime and these countries are fighting  for their National  sovereignty. In fact, in Indian context to be Nationalist means to suppress  oppressed class, communities, castes and regions. Likewise in Indian context, to be nationalist means to create hegemony over neighboring countries.  In such situation,  how  Pampha Bhusal  dared to declear Narendra  Modi, the leader of fascist camp, as a nationalist leader ? We know, the whole world knows Gautam  Buddha was born in Nepal . Recently in a speech, Narendra Modi  said – Buddha was born in Bihar, India. This is the real face of  Pampha Bhusal's nationalist leader.
We know, basically Indian Congress Party and Bhartiya Janata Party   both represent same class and same attitudes.  In fact, Narendra Modi is the new client of American Imperialism. After the victory of Narendra Modi  Marxist intellectual  Saroj Giri  wrote two articles :   'Modi the secular right-wing and communalism'  in May 16, and  'A moment of Clarity' in May 17  in   We know friend Saroj Giri  has  written dozens of articles  about oppressed people of  India and state terror by Indian regime.
Here we want to put some words from above mentioned articles.  
It is in this context that Modi might emerge as the strong man about whom the world is supposed is wondering, ‘who is he like?’: Putin, Lee Kuan Yew, Ahmedijinad, Ariel Sharon, Xi Jinping, Thatcher, Shinzo Abe or Reagan. Perhaps more like Sharon with the difference that Modi was more directly connected to the 2002 pogrom in Gujarat than Sharon to the Sabra and Shatila massacre. And also like Thatcher, in his commitment to neoliberal economics and destroying working class power. 'Modi The secular right-wing and communalism

 In another place,  he has  mentioned :
Thanks to this, perhaps the Maoist movement is the single large left movement in the country today. Given its extra-parliamentary nature, it is like the reserve army of left revolutionaries, beyond the contingency of electoral defeat or victory, beyond the long arm of a Modi!
Hence we cannot simply fight to get a Congress or the left or seculars back in government. Let us also not harangue with the big media and big corporates and complain about their pro-Modi stance. Let us accept that the present democratic order is inherently skewed against any possibility real social transformation – or else one only indulges in an untruth. Let us reject both Modi and Nehru and revise ‘the idea of India’ from a left-wing perspective instead of defending this status quo.
One cannot fight one untruth with another. The process of truth must begin. Time to begin from the beginning again, as Lenin would say. Particularly now that we are living in this moment of clarity.
Now it is clear,  only those persons and  agencies who are working for Indian interest  as  faithful clients, can admire Modi. Only such persons can admire Indian reactionary regime. A Nepalese citizen, who loves  his land,  country's national sovereignty and  he,  who is working for the oppressed people  of Nepal, must condemn, should denounce the statement of Pampha Bhusal.  That's why The NextFront  condemns the  silly statement of Pampha Bhusal.  Pambha Bhusal must be penalized for this anti-nationalist and anti-people statement.  It is the evidence  that new clients are emerging also  in the new party . Let  us wait and see for  more other new names. And it is a matter of glory that oppressed people of Nepal  and the revolutionary cadres of CPN-Maoist are watching this  event very watchfully. They are ready to face each  and every thing  that  is going to happen in the coming days.

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