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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The issue of a minimum wage is going strong in the US. This article looks at the issue in Bolivia. It would seem from this article that much of the same points are being made in that South American country as goes on here, even though Bolivia is a much poorer than the US.
-សតិវ​ អតុ
A Google Translation:
A while now, successive governments and the organizations of workers have used the so-called “National Minimum Wage”, as a social conquest. This is not true. The trouble is that this tolerance SMN with the workers themselves, has come to be used as a buffer against the development of social struggles of workers. We know that, in a society like ours, subject to the rules of the free market, wage rates are subject to market fluctuations and that this has caused tremendous harm against the social interests of workers. So , populist and neoliberal governments , have used the NMS as a remedy against the manipulations of wages , given that the employer has always tended to pay less for the price of labor , something we've seen unfold during the neoliberal governments and during the military dictatorships .
As a result, it was seen as a remedy or rather a deterrent against abuse of the employer's determination of wages should be the minimum rate of wages should receive a worker, as a price for the sale of its force job. That was called the National Minimum Wage and brandished it as a social conquest, he hypothetically guaranteed that no one should perceive as the price of his work, a lesser amount. With that, he disappeared the need to determine the Basic Salary. The Salary is the base amount to be paid to a worker in time to start business working in an item and this base amount , you must have the value of overtimes , old bonds and subsidies border as well as other benefits. With the application of the Salary, after a certain time I could several finds 20 to 25 years or more, a worker should earn a salary plus 50 % of the Basic salary, or as in mines or workers education, plus 100 % of Basic salary. The so-called National Minimum Wage , applied as a parameter , as a result of misreading the DS Nr 21060 in its Article 60, I replace all forms of seniority bonus , for a new scale , in which a worker with 25 or more years of service, reaching a bonus equal to 50 % of their salary . As a result of the distorted interpretations of wage problem by the employer , as in this decree was not mentioned if the scale was applied to the basic salary of the employee , applied as a rule, the determination Bond joined on the MINIMUM WAGE NATIONAL later to be determined by the DS 21137 . Indicated The Article 30 of the Decree states that the parameter for determining the Bono of antiquity, should be, NOT THE BASIC SALARY, but the NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE. As a result, the salary of workers was badly damaged because, in fact, was reduced.
If the application of neoliberal reasoning in wages, was actually reduce the amount of wages, was a duty of subsequent government, correcting this bombing cons of wages; but no, to the silence of the COB, which a while now has become the office of labor relations for public and private companies, has remained silent. With the implementation of the National Minimum Wage as a parameter for determining the Bono of antiquity, this social benefit has been reduced to 50 % of SMM what a removal to a social right and thus a reduction ipso facto, the wages of workers, given that the majority of workers, wage rates higher than perceived SMN The S.M.N. social security is intended to protect the workforce, so that no worker should receive for the sale of their labor power, a lower amount: Salary not determine. The Salary is another thing, as we say above, is the minimum amount you must earn a worker will no seniority, to begin working. Subsequently , the accumulation of seniority , should change permanently the wages actually perceived and is composed of the Base Salary plus Bonuses old, totaling 100 % of the Basic Salary plus 50% bonus old , making a total of 150 % of Base Salary . This reasoning applies even in the case of the miners of the nationalized mining and education workers , who over time , with a per iodization 5 years , receive bonuses age 20 & making a total of 100% of his salary basic , but not just 100% but 120% . i.e., plus an additional 20 % category called Category Merit.
The COB should resume its role of representing economic and social interests of workers, because if you do not well for anyone, because it would dilute the movement. The COB should incorporate in its annual Statement of Issues, not only the adoption of the Basic Income as a standard for determining, among which, the Bond Age, but the repeal of the disastrous SCALE inversely social benefits for workers is an unfair way to download on the salaries of the workers themselves, the obligation to improve the wage level of the other workers of the lower level; punishing specialized or experienced workers, excluding them actually wage leveling. False confiscatory this curious way, is its own conquest of socialism; because socialism NO EGALITARIANISM but everyone receives a salary equal to his work. Neither Anarchists claim equal pay. Everyone should receive a salary according to your work experience and training.

 If the State is aware that there are sectors who receive wages an amount less than the NMS, you need to do is to apply corrections to improve the general purchasing power of wages and salaries and not impose on the workers themselves, which it is your obligation as a state. We as RECREATION COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLIVIA, will develop outreach activities among workers, this proposal, using all means at our disposal.
LA PAZ, May 23, 2014.
For the original in Spanish click here.

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