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Monday, October 29, 2012

Wichita honors the Koch Brother: robber barons of Kansas- Part 2

I have already given plenty of coverage to The Wichita Eagle’s glorification of the Charles and David Koch brothers, as they try to buy our electoral system, with lots of money, fake think-tank institutions and some just plain dirty tricks, such as “voter ID laws.” The “voter ID laws” are a thin disguise at keeping poor, elderly and minorities from voting. -សតិវ អតុ
I have found others who have also taken on the Koch brothers, so I am posting the following article;  
By Mike Caddell;
While the Kansas Brownback conservatives celebrate their methane inspired global warming spawned calamity along the eastern seaboard I am obliged to inform all of the following:

Contrary to the current chorale of, "free markets, individual liberty and limited government" among the many acolytes of Kansas based billionaire philosopher King Charles Koch, the class struggles of the "haves" and "have - not" will not miraculously disappear with the rigged election of their latest stooge, the Christian Mormon Mitt Romney..

King Charles Koch has successfully spread this bastardized American version of the "libertarian" doctrine by decades of financing think tanks, nationwide armies of elected law writers, an officer corps of  tax avoidance lawyers and accountants to create a once in a lifetime political "Frankenstorm" for U. S. citizens.

King Charles Koch hiding under the anonymous cape of an everyday "private citizen" has billions of dollars in tax havens outside the country, received hundreds of millions in government subsidies, and since former Sen. Bob Dole received like share in federal tax refunds.

King Charles Koch was wiretapped decades ago by the federal cops saying, "I don't want my fair share. I want it all."

King Charles Koch through his employed agents for years wantonly created false oil shipment manifestos thus depriving Oklahoma Native Americans of millions and millions of dollars from their own land.

King Charles Koch through his campaign financed elected agents of influence waged a victorious war pulling the law enforcement teeth from the Environmental Protection Agency and launched numerous attempts to repeal clean air laws.

King Charles Koch has aroused through nefarious networks of tax deductible "social welfare" organizations mobs of self-styled "Tea Party" citizens to howl against Universal Health Care, Social Security and food cards for American families of four making less than $23,000 per year.

King Charles Koch holds private galas to entertain members of the U. S. Supreme Court to "educate" them on his metaphysical "free market" philosophy as an American "libertarian."

King Charles Koch through a well documented trail of monopoly capitalist intrigue has bought, exploited and polluted the geopolitical terrain not only of Kansas, but as part of the .001% has made demons in the minds of our leaders the "47%" who receive ANY federal checks.

King Charles Koch, including those in the Loyal Opposition, are baring their corporate vampire fangs, sharpening their budget cutting butcher knives with the election of the Christian Mormon Mitt Romney, magical underwear and all.

I am reminded with the fall of President Obama, not of a well intentioned Jimmy Carter, as so many Koch heads proclaim Obama to be, rather of Lyndon Baines Johnson who once famously told his Vietnam Cold War hawks in his council, "Fine, I'll give you your god-damn war."

LBJ lost after serving one elected term and like the disastrous climate changes we are witnessing today, Heaven fell asunder. Karl Roves' designed "40 years" of a G.O.P. dynasty will shape shift, like Mitt Romney into a robber baron empire of King Charles Koch.
Here is another example of the wealthy 1 percent using their muscle to bully their own workers into voting for what’s best for rich, but not the workers;
More Corporate bullying of workers to vote their way
From Daily Kos;
By Chris Bowers,
Campaign Director
Please sign our petition calling on the Wisconsin attorney general to investigate Mike White, chairman and owner of Milwaukee based Rite-Hite, to determine if White broke the law when he emailed his employees about "personal consequences" if President Obama wins reelection. Click here to sign.

Around the country, there have been disturbing reports of employers sending vaguely, and sometimes not-so-vaguely, threatening messages to employees about how they should vote in the upcoming presidential election. Take, for example, the email that Mike White, chairman and owner of Milwaukee-based Rite-Hite, sent to his employees a few days ago:
"[Employees] should understand the personal consequences to them of having our tax rates increase dramatically if President Obama is re-elected, forcing taxpayers to fund President Obama's future deficits and social programs (including Obamacare), which require bigger government."
This email appears to violate Wisconsin statute 12.07 (3) which expressly forbids "threats intended to influence the political opinions or actions of the employees."

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