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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evolution part 2

This is the last of a two part essay on evolution:

In a court case, in Little Rock, Arkansas, evolution was accused of being part of a “humanism religion.”[1] Morris claimed that “if God does exist and if he is the Creator and Sustainer of history, then it is foolhardy to attempt to understand history apart from revealed World.”[2]
As for evolution being taught in school as a religion, consider what Albert Towle, Author of the high school text book Modern Biology said in his introduction:
“Studying scientific process will reveal how data are used to form conclusions, make inferences, and project theories. As you continue your biological studies and begin to examine the order into which biologists group living things, keep asking yourself, “Why?” When you look at the specialized structures of each living thing, ask another question: “Why does this structure look the way it does, and how does it work to help this animal (or plant) live where it does?” [3]
How is that religion? What dogmas are present in that statement? The author is asking students to question evidence and make decisions for themselves. How is that indoctrination?
As for Morris, he seems to believe that God “poofed” the universe into existence, much like a magician waving a magic wand over a top hat, producing a puff of smoke, followed by a rabbit popping out of nowhere. Evolution is a process and there is no evidence that the process is completely without any design. Creation, without a natural process, is a simplistic view of Morris’s God. A factory does not negate a watchmaker. Factories are used because they are more efficient. No one complains that their watch is not made by just one person.
Another argument is that evolution violates the laws of Thermodynamics, or the idea that the universe is winding down. Nearly all creationists use this argument. But we know the universe does not break down in a clear cut line or all the stars would have burned out by now. Evolution is not a process of complexity developing from simple chemicals. The early atmosphere of earth had more complex chemicals, ammonia (H3N) and methane (CH4). There was also sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2) and hydrochloric acid (HCL). The ocean had complex hydrocarbons in it. Simple cells converted that atmosphere to simple oxygen, (O2) carbon dioxide, (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) atmosphere, and in the process, the organism became more complex. One celled organisms had to give up their own complexities to be able to exist individually in order to form higher forms of life, known as multi-cellular. It was a trade off, not a complexity coming from something simple.
The bottom line is that evolution is a logical process that is based on scientific evidence. The worst Creationist scenario is that God simply “poofed” everything we see into existence. That is illogical. We all know a magician does illusionary tricks, while nature is a process that we can observe. Why would a supreme being violate the very nature it created?
[1] Langdon Gilkey, Creationism on Trial, Evolution and God at Little Rock, (Winston Press, Minneapolis, 1985) p. 96.
[2] Morris, pp. 29 - 30.
[3] Albert Towle, Modern Biology, p. xiii.

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