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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Lies, damn lies and the US news media—designer drug scare

It was in high school writing papers on legalizing marijuana that I found out how much our government lies to us. They told us marijuana often led to harder drugs—especially heroin. But guess what—I’ve used both of those drugs and they are not the least similar. It is like comparing apples and oranges. One causes distortions in a person perception and the other produces euphoria. So why would a drug that has nothing in common with another drug drive its users to use something else? It simply makes no sense. There was also a long list of supposed side effects, for smoking marijuana, that no one I knew ever experienced.
That hasn’t stop our modern day political propagandists from trying to deceive the majority of the public into believing things that the government wants us to believe, even though these things are unfounded.
According to ABC News:

"Millions and millions" of dollars are flowing to terror groups in the Middle East from the sale of synthetic drugs like " K-2" and "Spice" in the United States, according to Drug Enforcement Administration officials…
…Most of the synthetic drugs were imported from Asia, specifically China and India, DEA officials said….”

Now they are trying to use this supposed “drug problem” combined with their other favorite cause…the cause that allows them to spy on law abiding Americans, send troops overseas to defend oil routs and to defend spending record levels on military hardware.
Now we have heard about terrorist groups making money off of these US drugs. But who are these groups? How much are they making? How do they profit off of chemical products that bring in so much less money than harder drugs, such as meth amphetamine, cocaine and heroin?
Years ago we were told that Fidel Castro, of Cuba, the Sandinistas of Nicaragua and Manuel Noriega of Panama were making money off of the Cocaine trade. The only real evidence the Ronald Reagan administration over showed us was a plane landing in Nicaragua. We were expected to take Reagan’s word for it as well as the DEA.
These questions aren’t asked and they aren’t answered. Our national news never questions what government agencies tell us. For example they don’t tell people that these drugs have been legal, up to this year, in most states. It is easy to blast away at the people who sell these drugs when they can catch them off guard because they are NOT breaking the law.

Again from ABC:
"The bad guys need money to operate, to buy explosives, to buy weapons, to come after this country, and these designer drugs are generating millions and millions of dollars," Derek Maltz of DEA said.”
That’s right: “bad guys” as if that is respectable or responsible journalism. That is to imply that anyone who disagrees with us and takes up arms to defend themselves, they are just mindless and evil animals. And from CBS 5:

"The money is going there, where it stops we don't know," Large said. Large said it's also unclear which criminal organizations may be profiting from the drug proceeds.
U.S. authorities long have worried about criminal and terrorist groups in the Middle East using drug trafficking to fund illicit activities.
In a November 2013 report on transnational organized crime, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart said "drug trafficking organizations and terror networks are joined at the hip in many parts of the world.”

This is pure bunk. There is no evidence to this and as long as our media reports these opinions as fact the more misinformed the US public becomes and the less they are able to make informed decisions. Many of us already us the BBC and RT for information on US news because they give more details and sometimes we can actually get the truth.
I have used K2 and it is not strong enough to cause all of those hospital emergencies. The problem is that US entrepreneurs keep find new products that get people can get high on. The DEA can’t get over the fact that they can’t keep people from getting high on various products and there are people who want that. The DEA needs to justify its bloated budget so they keep us flooded with horror stories that keep people worrying for the next great boogie man to attack and kill their kids.
Likewise the FBI and CIA need to connect armed opposition groups with as many horrible scary things the US public will believe in order to justify their bloated budget. In other words “if you don’t fear the beliefs of these people, then fear them flooding your country with drugs.
Terrorist groups live in broken down third world countries  and they don’t have the equipment and know-how to create designer drugs. That knowledge is only found in countries such as this one.
Spare us the lies paleeease.

-សតិវ អតុ
Will we believe ANYTHING they tell us?

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