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Monday, October 20, 2014

New hype over use of mild narcotics by our mainstream news media

This country is obsessed with a so called “drug problems” that include controlling or stopping the use of every narcotic known to man, in their puritanical struggle to push people with chemical problems into their churches. Religion is still a useful tool for our government to control the minds and actions of its people. Part of this system is a steady supply of media hype and propaganda.
Consider this report that came from KAKE TV:

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Debra Billingsley, executive secretary of the board of pharmacy, told lawmakers Monday that promethazine with codeine syrup is being increasingly abused as a recreational drug, particularly by high school students. She says when it's mixed with soda or candy the mixture is often called by several slang names, including purple drank and sizzurp.
If it's added to the Kansas Tracking and Reporting of Controlled Substances program, promethazine with codeine would join dozens of substances that pharmacists track and law enforcement can access with a search warrant.

One little question is “what about those who actually need this stuff?!”
All cough syrup products with codeine are already heavily controlled. A person can buy it without a prescription, but he or she has to sign for it. Those who do are checked and kept from just driving around and buying this stuff all over the town or state. Pharmacies today are very careful not to sell those products to just anyone and especially if they don’t know the person. All narcotics are being watched and those who buy them and those who prescribe them are heavily watched.
The harder it gets for people to buy pain relief the more likely a doctor is to hold back in prescribing pain medicine for those who really need it. Our puritan politicians and pundits would rather leave people in pain than take a chance that a person will take it who doesn’t need it for pain.  
Our founding fathers called for “the pursuit of happiness.” And yet those who want certain drugs that may help them to feel better are denied by a puritan society that believes prayer and religion should be the only kind of self medication. The founding fathers’ words are simply ignored. We live in a “one-size fits all” society that believes we must all live the same, believe the same, act the same and live in a restricted environment where our life style choices are heavily controlled.
Our mainstream press is constantly filling people with hype that sells news, but exaggerates the real danger these medicines actually cause. If use of codeine cough syrup is so wide-spread, maybe we need to look at how young people are buying it and how they get around all the stiff controls on it.
A year ago I wrote this piece of satire on the idea that some legal drugs can be offered for such things as depression, but those who try to use other medications that are not recommended are punished as if they are rapists, armed robbers or murderers for a personal choice they have made:

All I have to do is take codeine and I feel better

By សតិវ អតុ
The political and cultural system here in the USA is completely illogical. We get treated as criminals if we use simple logic. In other words I could easily replace Abilify with codeine and the statement would be true: “I took codeine (or other narcotics) for my depression and I feel better.” However our society has decided that some pills that make you feel better are medicine while other pills that do the same thing are illegal and horribly wrong. Yes there are negative side effects for using narcotics and they can be addictive. But if they make a person feel better, how is that much different from the ad below? People take pills that make them feel better and there is no logic in threatening them with jail and life ruining penalties for doing that. It is simple logic that people do NOT want to feel bad. Duh!!!

-សតិវ អតុ

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