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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foreign wars for Americans only

A new proposal for the Vietnamese soldiers who fought for the south has to be in a different spot than the Americans from that war. It may seem trite, but the Americans want to keep their war memorial only American.

According to The Wichita Eagle;
“The Veterans Action Committee's main mission, according to its Web site, is to have the City Council declare that the park is reserved for memorials dedicated to United States Armed Forces only.
Highlights of the compromise, according to the veterans committee, include:
* The memorial, now to be called the South Vietnamese Community Memorial, would be constructed north and west of the existing Veterans Memorial Park, but outside of park land.
Future attempts to make the proposed memorial part of the park would be denied.
* Landscaping, possibly including a 6-foot-to-8-foot tall berm, would separate the memorial from the park, and block any views between the two.
* The city would work with Veterans Memorial Park of Wichita Inc. to create a master plan for the park's future development.
* The City Council would be asked to designate Veterans Memorial Park for those who served in the United States Armed Forces.
The city is expected to release an official version of the compromise proposal today.”

They fly a number of flags, including the old South Vietnam flag and the Confederate Southern Cross. So why is it so important to them to have only Americans in their foreign war memorial?

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