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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Franken finally wins

Al Franken was just officially declared the next U.S. senator from Minnesota! Will he make a good senator? He can’t do much worse than the slime buckets there now. He’s a smart man and a good comedian. The trick for him will be to try and change the system more than it changes him. He has looked to grass roots organizations such as MoveOn for financial help.

He sent a personal note to MoveOn members in the wake of his victory (see below).

What a day! I just wanted to take a moment amidst all this to say thank you to the MoveOn members in Minnesota and across the country. Paul Wellstone understood that real change comes from the ground up. And there's really no better example of that than You've been there for me since the beginning. And I look forward to working with you as a U.S. senator to make the progressive vision we all share into a reality: affordable health care for all, new jobs from clean energy, and an economy that works for everyone. Thank you for all you do.

Senator-elect Al Franken

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