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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Indian Maoist critisized Nepal’s Maoist party for its perceived mistakes



Press Release: May 5, 2009 - (Became available June 29, 2009)

The political crisis in Nepal is the result of Indo-US conspiracy!

Oppose the attempts by Indian expansionists
to meddle in the internal affairs of Nepal!

People's democracy can be established in Nepal
only by smashing the old state!!

Withdrawal of support by CPN(UML), MJF and other allies to the government headed by comrade Prachanda does not come as a surprise to any keen observer of the unfolding situation in Nepal in the context of the growing realignment of forces in South Asia and the world at large. South Asia has become a top-priority zone for American imperialism in the context of its growing rivalry with China which is seen as the greatest threat to American imperialism in the world arena in the coming decades. Besides, its importance has grown against the backdrop of a series of defeats suffered by the occupation forces of NATO and US in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban and the latter's fast-expanding hold and influence in Pakistan. The strategy of US imperialism in the region is to contain the growing influence of China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), forge a powerful pro-American axis of powers to turn the tide in its favour in Afghanistan where its forces are on the run in the renewed Taliban offensive, and establish its hegemony in the region as part of its global strategic designs. To achieve this goal American imperialism has been trying to forge an alliance with Pakistan and India, preaching to Pakistan that it should do away with its obsession with threat from India and, instead, concentrate on war in its western frontier to crush Taliban.
US imperialism and Indian expansionism are particularly perturbed over the growing influence of China over the region, consolidation of China's grip over Sri Lanka, and the fear that the government in Nepal is moving closer to China. And it is this fear which is common to both India and US that has pushed these powers to oust the government led by the Maoists in a bid to install a regime loyal to them. Hence Washington and Delhi had instructed the allies of UCPN(M) in the ruling coalition to withdraw support to the government headed by Prachanda and to form a government with all other forces sans the Maoists. Attempts are already on to form a government with UML, Koirala's NC, MJF and others all of which are loyal to India.
The arch-reactionary UML which dons the garb of Marxist Leninist had always served the reactionary rulers of Nepal and their foreign masters. They blame UCPN(M) and com Prachanda for "unilaterally sacking" the chief of the Army Staff, General Rookmangud Katawal. But why such a step had to be taken is simply hushed up. Moreover, the unconstitutional act of the President in reinstating the Army Chief is given legitimacy by these anti-people Parties. The fact is the army chief had ordered the fresh recruitment of several thousand soldiers into the Nepal Army while blocking the integration of the PLA cadres thereby going against the letter and spirit of the agreement reached between the various parties who waged a unified struggle against the monarchy. Gen Katawal had also extended the tenure of several senior Army officers with the aim of retaining the hold of the pro-monarchy elements over the Army. It is a deliberate planned move by the reactionary ruling classes of Nepal under the close guidance and planning of the Indian expansionists and US imperialists. By resuming recruitment to Nepal Army even before finalizing the integration of the two armies, these reactionary forces wanted to precipitate the situation and place the blame for the break-up of the government on the Maoists themselves. Thereby they aim to isolate and attack the Maoist forces, consolidate the anti-people Army, tighten the hold of India-US over Nepal, and contain the growing influence and competition from China in the region.
In fact, the Indian ruling classes have been feeling uncomfortable ever since CPN(M) had emerged as the single largest political Party in the elections to the CA in April 2008. Their attempts to prevent the formation of a government headed by the Maoists had failed. Hence they had been waiting for an opportune moment to topple the government and preparing to create such a crisis by placing spokes in the process of integration of the two Armies, advising the Army Chief to go ahead with massive recruitment into the Nepalese Army, and assuring support to any unconstitutional move to oust the Maoist-led government.
That Gen Katawal should have been allowed to continue for so long in office even after his mentor, King Gyanendra, was forced to retreat from the political scene in Nepal, is itself a bad thing. He had been the most reliable pillar of the monarchy and the old state power whose interests he had served all along. He and the Army he heads are representatives of the old state and naturally would cling to their privileges and class interests until they are overthrown by force. The attempt by the Maoists to utilize the apparatus of the old state to bring about change in the social system, instead of smashing it, is the basis for the development of the present dangerous situation. Today any slight mistake on the part of the Maoists would result in grave disaster. The reactionaries in Nepal, with the active aid and assistance of US and India, are hatching conspiracies to unleash a blood-bath to wipe out the Maoist forces. The only way to resist these reactionary attempts is to rely on the revolutionary masses, organize them against the state and prepare them for street battles basing on the base areas in the vast countryside. At least now the leadership of the CPN(M) should realize the futility of the parliamentary path and resume the people's war to achieve complete victory by smashing the old state and reactionary forces, and establishing the people's democratic state. And to achieve this, the major chunk of the Party leadership and cadre should go underground immediately, rely on the vast countryside to wage guerrilla war on the one hand and mobilise the masses politically in the entire country against the reactionary forces who are attempting to establish the rule of the feudal forces, comprador bourgeoisie.
The CC, CPI(Maoist), condemns the Indo-US conspiracy in toppling the government headed by comrade Prachanda and warns them against meddling in the internal affairs of Nepal. It pledges all support to the Maoists in Nepal in their fight against Indian expansionism and cautions them to beware of the attempts by the reactionary rulers of India to create a blood-bath of revolutionaries in Nepal.
Central Committee,

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