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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afghanistan revolutionaries and their position on the elections

From Shola Jasid:

Afghan Maoists: "Do not take part in the puppet regime's presidential and local council elections!"

10 August 2009. A World to Win News Service. Following are excerpts from a July leaflet by the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan.
Dear people of our country!
As you know the second round of the puppet regime's presidential election and local council elections will be held in late August. The reactionary-imperialist show has already started. We call on all of you: Do not take part in the puppet regime's presidential and the local council's elections!
We issue this call because:
First of all: Many people believe that participation in this election will be even less than last time, and that only a very small minority of the population will vote. Our people have the right to react to the upcoming elections with indifference. They experienced the results of previous elections: more murdering bombardments, the deepening and spreading of the regime's corruption, homelessness, unemployment, poverty and hunger among the toilers...
Under no circumstances sell your votes, either individually or as a group… resist even if you are faced with threats by regime officials and forces or those of the criminal warlords who may belong to different regime gangs…
We in turn see it as our responsibility to resist any sort of superficial or real threats and also struggle against any kind of trading votes by any means available, or at least to expose such cases.
Secondly, like this regime's previous elections, this campaign, the publicity accompanying it and other aspects will be politically backed, financed and even directly carried out by the occupiers, who are also taking responsibility for its security. The whole election process is firmly controlled by the occupiers…
Taking part in this election means approving the occupation of the country by the reactionary foreign imperialists and also approving the rule of the puppet regime…

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