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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anti-health kooks come to Kansas

Those idiot right wingers are at it again. They seem frustrated that they can’t stop health care reform, which some of us are depending on and it will save out lives, so they show up at town hall meetings, as they did this Tuesday in Derby and the Kansas City area, and shout down politicians. These town hall meetings are an attempt to answer questions that normal people have over the proposed changes.
Instead, they have turned into a bunch of loud-mouth crybabies blathering on their paranoid fear of the government getting into their health care. They don’t mind all their money going to insurance companies, who put them up to this. These people are nothing but a bunch of dupes for the medical insurance agencies and they have become rude bullies. They were able to make the KAKE TV news and pretend that only medical reform opponents where there.
The stinking bastards!


macleoud said...

Good post. I know exactly what you mean. I saw one woman crying, "I want my America back." And just which America would that be, honey? You mean the one where taxation fell equally on the rich and people could work a job for a good wage? If so, where've you been? And why aren't you taking your shouting to the front lawns of CEOs and corporate execs and ..... say, why no shouting on the sidewalks of Wall Street? I mean, nice you could finally join us, but go take a shower and when you're completely awake, let me know. Until then .... SHUT UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Now i wonder if the opposed people or officials are under the influence of drug rehab. Lets hope not.