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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Heath care rightwing organizations get ugly

I received this e-mail from The American Majority, a right-wing anti-healthcare reform group:

Last night, while many of us were preparing for bed, the Left-wing propaganda machine was hard at work. On MSNBC's late-night Rachel Maddow Show, American Majority and other grassroots organizations were the subjects of typical name-calling and partisan slander. Rachel shamefully attacked our leaders and other coalitions involved with the Recess Rally as,“Experts at fake-grassroots campaigns that promote corporate interests” and, “Republican operative millionaires clubs.” If you have a strong stomach, and can stand Rachel’s perpetual sneer, you can view the entire video here: (the attack begins about 3 minutes into the clip) 26315908/#32307452

The Left continues to ignore facts and marginalize our efforts to train and strengthen the voice of regular citizens, calling our movement a farse by claiming that:“Americans are showing up at these events, and people are enraged,[but] they are enraged only because there being riled up by over the top fabricated conspiracy theories about healthcare. . . . is not some organic outgrowth of american anger, this is how corporate america creates the illusion of a grassroots movement to support their own interests.” The left-leaning, utopian statists are saying that your disdain for the absurd in our country is not representative of the average citizen. I would say, “On the contrary.” The collectivist, statist thinking behind the proposed health care “reform” is at odds with virtually everything that this country was stands for and was founded on.
Here’s more on these anti-health reform group:

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