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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interview with Alessandro della Malva- Leftist activist arrested by the Italian Government-part 1

From the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) – Italy:

Interview with Alessandro della Malva, arrested by the police while facing the fascist patrols promoted by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's government

The comrades of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey North Kurdistan (MLKP) asked us for an interview with one of the comrades arrested on latest July by the police while they were opposing the fascist patrols established by Berlusconi's government. Below the comrade Alessandro della Malva answers to the questions of Turkish comrades.

Dear comrades, firstly I would thank you very much for your message of solidarity, on behalf of CARC Party and Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP): actually, it has helped us to face bourgeoisie's repression more strongly. The many messages we got from everywhere in Italy and by organizations and parties from abroad become a weapon we can turn against Italian government, that persecutes workers, migrants and everyone who struggle for building a different society.

1- How did the patrols appear? What was the background that led to such process?

In Italy, these patrols are born within the reactionary mobilization promoted by the bourgeoisie. Concretely, the Minister of Interior Maroni has established them by law with the "security set". By these measures, the government wants to intervene against immigration that is the source of all evils, according to its propaganda. By these patrols, the bourgeoisie wants to mobilize the most backward parts of the popular masses against the other ones.

2- What is the opinion of democratic organisations in general? How do they evaluate the appearance of the fascist patrols? What is the plan for action in general?

The parties of the bourgeois left and the trade unions linked to them are against the patrols because they are founded upon racist principles of hate and suspicion. Anyway, today the bourgeois Left does not promote the protest against the fascist patrols. They protest only formally. The bourgeois Left considers the fascist patrols as a means of propaganda by the Right wing, that so tries to mobilize and tie to itself the most reactionary part of the country. Today the bourgeois Left do nothing but announcing that it will struggle by legal means for hampering the fascist patrols because they are not constitutional. In some zones (particularly in Northern Italy), some antagonist groups demonstrated against the patrols: these organizations denounce that these patrols are the attempt of the bourgeoisie to resort again to Fascism, as it did in the Twenties of the last century. Where it has been carried out, this kind of popular mobilization prevented the steady development of the fascist patrols and obliged the State to deploy great police forces, for protecting the patrols from being attacked by the people.

3- What is the attitude of your organisation?

The CARC Party denounces the fascist patrols as the attempt by the bourgeoisie to control the territory facing the growing people's protest against the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. The reactionary mobilization going on with this "security set" is the way out the bourgeoisie is carrying out for saving its power. On the contrary, for us is the field on which we can develop the mobilization of the popular masses, on which we can develop the ideological autonomy from the bourgeoisie: the antifascist proletarian patrol of Massa represents an experience of self-organization of the popular masses, for controlling the territory. The antifascist proletarian patrols comes out from the conception according to which only workers and popular masses' organizations can find solution to the problems that trouble them. Only these organizations (through a People's Block Government) can take the direction of the country and carry out those emergency measures requested as the crisis of capitalism is going on.
On the contrary, the measures the bourgeoisie will take will do nothing but driving proletarians to desperation and war. Because of this, the proletarian patrols are mainly "for". They are for a public order of the popular masses, for people's security (our enemies are the fascists provokers at the service of the masters, and not the migrants), for defending the conquests of civilization and democracy wrung out during and in the decades before the Antifascist Resistance, for building a People's Block Government thanks to the people who organizes himself and becomes protagonist.
Secondly, proletarian patrols are "against": against rehabilitation of Fascism, against government's reactionary measures.

4- How do you describe people's patrols? Which methods of struggle did/should they use?

As I told above, people's patrols are not mainly a means against fascists, against the State that supports them, against the reactionary mobilization of the popular masses that the bourgeoisie promotes as the crisis goes on. They are mainly a way of self-organization of the masses, to create the mass organizations that connecting each other will be able even to rule the country, if they only understand that this is quite possible and necessary, if they want to go towards the solutions of the troubles the crisis creates. They are a means for the revolutionary mobilization of the popular masses, for creating a People's Block Government, for going toward socialism.
The method of struggle of the people's patrols consists of mobilizing the masses against fascists (by meetings, demonstrations, rallies, wide spreading leaflets and so on). It consists of denouncing the fascist nature of the patrols instituted by the State, of denouncing the bourgeois institutions that do nothing against the exaltation of Fascism that the Italian Constitution prohibits, of denouncing the fake antifascism of the bourgeois leftist parties.
The people's patrols may use any legitimate method of struggle even if they are methods the bourgeoisie declared them illegal. This is the principle according to which "what is not legal for the bourgeoisie is legitimate for the masses."

5- What is the attitude of other political and democratic organisations to the people's patrols? Are there any other organisations defending the same way of action?

There were two kinds of reaction regarding the first antifascist proletarian patrol at Massa. On one side the majority of the bourgeois Left put fascist and proletarian patrols on the same level. They hide behind the opposition to all "extremes" for not standing on antifascists' side and to not express solidarity to the comrades hit by repression. On the other side, some leftist parties and many popular committees expressed solidarity and they too said that the way to follow was that of the proletarian patrols. Some popular committee opposed the fascist patrols just from the beginning: so they did in Padua, in the Venetian region, and in Prato, in the Tuscan region.

Alessandro Della Malva
Secretary of Tuscan Federation for the CARC Party

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