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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What’s so bad about meth labs in Kansas?

Adding to the jobless rate, the State of Kansas is cutting back on law enforcement work.
This time it is cutting back efforts to stop what was suppose to be the greatest threat to all of us, the making of methamphetamine. After all the talk of needing to find and close meth labs, the state has now abandoned that job and turned it over the federal government.
This is one more example of how the “war on drugs” was just a scam. If this drug war was as important as we were led to believe, just a few years ago, our state government would never just throw up their hands and walk away. Once again they are cutting the government work force which will add to the state’s unemployment. It was a stupid effort but at least it kept cops busy with something to get paid for doing. There will be illegal drug labs as long as there is a demand for illegal drugs.

From The Wichita Eagle:
State cuts meth cleanup

The Wichita Eagle
The state of Kansas has eliminated its methamphetamine lab cleanup program, forcing law enforcement departments to turn to a federal agency to do the work.
Recent budget cuts led to the elimination of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Clandestine Drug Lab Response Program. That means that law enforcement agencies — including the Wichita Police Department and the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office — are now turning to the Drug Enforcement Administration for help cleaning up meth labs.
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