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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Army of God’s COWARDS

The Rev. Donald Spitz is the main name listed on a sight by the Army of God. This site is dedicated to making heroes of doctor killers, such as Rev. Donald Spitz, Rev. Donald Spitz, even the murderous Rev. Donald Spitz, perhaps the most murderous of all, since he bombed a clinic that killed a security guard and has killed gays and other innocent people.

All this is done in the name of Jesus, their lord, god and savoir.

They also condemn birth control and the United Way. They include the writings of the Rev. Michael Bray.

The most interesting thing about Bray and Spittz is they are typical of the coward who put this site together. Those two don’t sit in a jail cell waiting to be tried for murder, with the chance of never seeing the outside again. They wait until some dupe does their dirty work for them and then they idolize them, even though they can do nothing to really help them. They are like a Monty Python skit from The Life of Brian, where they write resolution condemning the execution of Brian, but refusing to life a finger to actually help him.

These are true paper tigers. The web site is impressive, but put together by comfortable cowards who will never do what they promote for other—other who are stupid enough to put their lives on the line for these cowards.

The Cowardly Rev. Bray

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