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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A flag for a Communist Revolutionary United States

I wanted to find a flag that represents US and its cultural history, but that hasn’t been easy. The old Gadsden flag was an early flag flown for Revolutionary bourgeoisie US, when this country was fighting against a major imperialist power.

The present US flag seems to represent a new imperialism and that’s not what we on the left want. The Gadsden flag, while uniquely US, is used by rightwing militias and nut-jobs who oppose health care and abortion. I saw them at Tea Party protests. Most of those people see socialism and communism as an evil as bad as Nazism.

So I came across this website where a person designed his/her own Communist American flag. I took out the Gadsden flag off my blog page and replaced it with those flags.

From Revleft:

Most Maoist parties simply have red flag with a hammer and sickle. Yet the Chinese designed a flag specifically for their country. So did Vietnam. So did Mozambique. So will we do as the old Soviet Union and simply fly a hammer and sickle or do we design our own communist flag?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting but not pretty. Also why stick with the 13 colonies motif? It is easy to identify w USA tho.

Anonymous said...

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