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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are terrorist responsible for Major Hasan—Scott Roeder?

A new discussion is evolving over the massacre at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Is he legally a terrorist? Even though he acted alone, he was in contact with several Islamic terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda. He may have gotten inspiration and encouragement from them even if they didn’t actually help him. Some politicians are concerned about this and pundits are also questioning whether or not Hasan is actually a case of international terrorism. For example, see:

“Uncritical Pursuit Of Diversity Prevents Calling Hasan's Ft. Hood Attack Islamic Terrorism,” Pipelinenews.

This raises anther interesting question. If terrorist groups can be held responsible for what Hasan did, what about Scott Roeder? He was in contact with a member of Operation Rescue. Some anti-abortion fanatics have actually tried to raise bail for Roeder through the sale of terrorist manuals and other items on eBay. The Army of God web page starts off with the headline: “American Hero Scott Roeder.” Then it invites people to send “a thank you” to Roeder with a hyperlink to his e-mail. With all this glorification and moral support, is the Army of God responsible for those who commit murder. As with the jihadists, the Army of God and others like them, try to use religion to justify the killing of innocent people. Why is there no investigation into Roeder’s contacts? Why is he not connected with domestic terrorist groups and how are they able to openly support him and his criminal actions?

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