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Monday, December 21, 2009

Is religion an opiate?

Many political groups on the left have denounced religion in harsh words. Some, as the Revolutionary Communist Party do not allow their members to believe in any gods, spirits or supernatural practices, otherwise defined as religion.
But not all religion is bad and not all religious people are bad. Martin Luther King advanced the rights of African Americans. So did Malcom X. Our own local Peace organization here in Wichita Kansas has many people who have helped us oppose implerialist wars and they are quite religiuuos.
Maby the real problem with religion is when a person begins to lose track of the real world. Then it is no different than a drug. There’s no question that scientist are finding out that religion has become a part of human evolution. A person who feels religious is acting on biological impulses. Many people say they “feel” religion. Others don’t. For some people faith gives them comfort, for others it is just not anything they can find reality in.
There are rational reasons to believe or not believe. It isn’t entirely a biological feeling. There is also a hope of live after death for many people and it is a lot more attractive than the idea of total nothingness. God is hard to prove or disprove entirely. That is the nature of religion. It is based on faith and not science. Many religious scholars have stated that there is a difference between religious faith and trying to prove that the Bible is scientifically correct. The Bible obviously isn’t based on science.
Yet there are those who believe the Bible is more reliable than science. They scoff at evolution. They laugh at global warming and claim that true believers in the Bible would not take part in any environmental organizations. We are supposed to use what God has given us and have faith that he will always provide for us. No need to worry about the environment. We’re supposed to trash the planet.
When a person lets mythology take the place of science, they have lost touch with reality. When a person believes the word of God popped the entire universe into existence 12,000 years ago, they are believing in a fantasy. What is the difference between such irrational beliefs and a person using LSD to interpret reality? When a person has so much faith in God they are willing to ignore dangerous trends, such as overpopulation and global warming, this person is using religion as a form of dope. These fundamentalists have completely lost any sense of reality and instead live in a fantasy world based on ancient religious beliefs. One of the reason there is so much emphasis on stopping drugs such as marijuana is that religious leaders fear that people will trade their Bibles for chemicals that produce a sense of wellbeing without needing preachers to tell them what to think. In other words, drugs are competition for the mainstream religions in the US.
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