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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Save the planet from capitalism! - CARC Party

Environmental Crisis and Copenhagen Conference: a Statement by the(new)Italian Communist Party

We release this statement by the (new)Italian CommunistParty about the environmental crisis and Copenhagen Conference. As it is astatement firstly addressed to the advanced people of the working class andof the popular masses, and to the communist, revolutionary and progressiveforces, it talks about the People's Bloc Government, the only solutionpossible in Italy in the next future to face the ongoing economical andenvironmental crisis. Anyway, this statement regards an international eventas the Copenhagen Conference, and some important issues concerning theInternational Communist Movement. That is why we release it and exhort topay attention to it.The statement mentions the war the Indian State is going to rouse againstthe revolutionary movement in a very large zone in North and East India.This war has been called "Green Hunt". It is a war of a same level as in
Afghanistan, involving at least 150.000 troops or more, targeted at theforces of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and at the tribal peopleliving there for thousand years. It will be an extermination war, noinferior to those carried out by the Nazis, with concentration camp likethose already imprisoning Tamil people in Sri Lanka.Indian State wants to free this great area for defeating the Maoist movementand because it wants to allow great multinational companies to devastate theterritory and take possession of its great natural resources. So, the warwill not only be an extermination but it will also open the way to anenvironmental devastation of the "green heart of Asia" that will have effectall over the world, as we have been told in a Conference held in London by some most important representatives of the movement defending human andpolitical rights of poorest people in India. The fact that such a matter isnot dealt with in Copenhagen Conference is only a sign of hypocrisy of thepoliticians there gathered.The war against tribal people and revolutionary forces in India is also anattack to the environment, maybe greater than that in the Amazonas. A commonfront in defense of the life, of the human rights of millions of people, andof the environment must be established on the international level and inevery country.

In solidarity,

CARC Party - International Department

December 3, 2009
Statement by the (new)Italian Communist Party
Central Committee
Preparatory Commission

Save the planet from capitalism!
Let’s lead mankind out of the cultural and moral chaos, of the economic and political crisis and of environmental disaster in which the bourgeoisie and the clergy bogged it down!

On December 7 to 18, the leaders of most of about 200 countries and major world and regional organizations established on the Planet will gather in Copenhagen. The vast majority of them are individuals promoted to the position they occupy in their country and in the world and stay there as they are useful to ruling classes whose primary role in society is to increase capital. Each their member must raise its money and the one he manages. His morals, his mentality and the rest of his social relations are formed primarily by this social role.
Among the personalities who will gather in Copenhagen, very few are not so. They are the spokesmen of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea’s governments and of few other countries. Not by chance the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and of other countries of ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative) gathered in late November in prospect of the conference in Copenhagen which they would participate in, and, synthesizing their position in relation to the themes that would be on the agenda, drafted a statement entitled “Let’s save the planet from capitalism.”
So, with few exceptions, the people who gather in Copenhagen are delegates, representatives and members of the class responsible for the path that humanity followed up to here. In particular, they are also responsible of the environmental disaster. But they will carefully refrain from honestly show their responsibilities and indicate the reasons.

The environmental crisis is not an accident in humanity’s history. It does not happen by chance. It is not even a natural disaster. It is the result of human behavior, but not the result of error or of ignorance, of personal, strange, isolated behaviors by single individuals who can correct it changing their conduct. On the contrary! It is the necessary, so to speak the natural result of the mercantile system and of capitalist social relations, that is to say the system that more and more extensively has regulated the conduct of mankind for centuries until today and that has led humanity to the current level of civilization. It is the system that creates and benefits the classes that keep in office the celebrities who will gather in Copenhagen and that they impose and defend by all means, by cunning and violence in every corner of the world and in every field of activity. The privatization of water and of waste treating just now decreed by Berlusconi’s gang is only one among many examples.
To clearly understand the nature and origin of the environmental crisis is a practical issue of crucial importance in order to address it effectively. For putting an end to the environmental crisis we must clearly understand its nature and cause: what generated and what worsens it, with which other aspects of human behavior it is connected, what effect it has on each of the actions did to address the crisis environment, who is interested in the course of events that generated and worsens it, who instead is interested to change the course of things without reservation, and who has something to lose by changing such present course of things.

In this regard, there are different and opposing views. We are interested in making them clear. Who tries to forget the differences has something to hide.
Some say that the causes of environmental decline are the limits of resources (land, water, minerals, oil, and energy sources) available on the Planet. From another point of view, this thesis means that men are too many or that they grow too much, or that men are using too many resources. From this conception of the cause of environmental crisis there start thousands of more or less coherent and radical proposals to stop growth or even decrease it: men should return to a more primitive life.
Firstly, it does not matter whether the person who supports such a view really believes it, if he has good or bad faith, if he is sincere and consistent to them in his personal conduct: let’s not care of such priestly ways to discuss. What matters is that the ruling classes of bourgeois society have put forward such theories for the last two centuries.
The first one who systematically did it (in 1798) was the priest and English economist Thomas Malthus (1766-1834). At the height of the period of “human faced capitalism“, in the late Sixties, such theories were drawn up and presented again on a large scale by the Club of Rome sponsored by Aurelio Peccei (The Limits of Growth). Who examines these conceptions easily sees that they are inconsistent and unilateral, and that they are closely linked to problems that the bourgeoisie and other ruling classes deal with for justifying and maintaining their dominance over the popular masse. When they had to tell why a great part of the population is condemned to poverty, the answer was: “Because there are too many men and there is not enough for everybody.” Implicit meaning: if poor men will disappear, there would be no problem; there would be no more poverty. Poverty is fault of the poor: if they will take their leave ...
Socialists and communists, spokesmen of the workers from long time, objected: the misery of the workers and of the rest of the other masses is the other side of wealth, luxury and waste of bourgeoisie, clergy and other ruling classes. And it is not just misery. Close to it there are also social marginalization, exclusion from cultural and spiritual heritage of society, the condemnation of so much of humanity (particularly women, peoples of the colonies, national and religious minorities, etc.) to perform only purely executive tasks, to “obey and fight”. There is the monopoly of culture and power in the hands of a privileged and rich minority. The bourgeoisie uses the extreme poverty of the population as a weapon of threat and blackmail to make docile the part which it “allows” to work. A British conservative and unscrupulous bourgeois, Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), said: “In England there are two nations living side by side and ignoring each other. For our safety we must also take care of the other.” It is true, there are two nations, the socialists replied, but they do not ignore each other. One is formed by a handful of rich and parasites and rules the other. The other shoulders it and is the mass of the population. Oppression and exploitation are responsible for and source of misery for the workers and the rest of the masses, for all other social unrests and the resulting individual diseases and perversions. In order to eliminate poverty, we need to eliminate oppression and exploitation, to eliminate the division of mankind in classes, to introduce a new and different system of social relations. The progress achieved by humanity until today can finally eliminate the division of humanity into social classes. It is not true that what we have is not enough for everybody. It is true that it is badly distributed and so it is because it is produced under capitalists’ direction and initiative. We produce what is worth for them, if and when something is worth for them. In order to eliminate poverty, we must eliminate the capitalist private ownership of productive forces, that is to say, we need to eliminate capitalism and mercantile production that is its base. This is the prerequisite to eliminate many if not all the other ills that beset mankind.
Today men are about ten times what they were two hundred years ago, 6 billions in front of 600 million. Obviously there are resources to ensure a vastly higher standard of living than that of two hundred years ago for a ten times greater number of people. And the standard of living did not grow thanks to god or to kindness of the rich. It grew because workers organized themselves, created a conscious and organized communist movement, carried out any kind of claiming struggles and even created the first socialist countries. So Malthusian theories have been disproved by the facts.
But today their supporters present them again with renewed energy and with some new arguments. Not only poverty, hunger, lack of food, clean water, education, health care, other conditions for a dignified life (that is to say the ills that even worse affected part of humanity two hundred years ago) still affect more than one third of humanity, more than 2 billion people to 6, but there are new and serious problems such as water pollution, soil and air pollution, global warming, the cementing of the soil, deforestation, reduction of the variety of plant and animal species, etc. And oil, uranium, etc. sooner or later will end up, and natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, etc.) are increasing. So they say. The end of the world hangs over. These are the new problems that, according to them, put the limits of planet’s resources on the foreground, regardless of the system of social relations.

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