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Monday, January 25, 2010

GQ- Don’t sensationalize Tiller’s Murder

Court actions in the Scott Roeder case, the man show shot abortion provider Dr, George Tiller, began with full coverage of The Wichita Eagle.
Already the magazine GQ has used a pre-trial interview of Roeder for a sensationalistic piece called Savior vs. Savior as if this was a simple case of comparing two leaders of separate movements. Tiller never broke the law, while Roeder is a terrorist and part of a faction that sees itself as above the law and willing to kill innocent people to get what they want. His is already glorified on the web site The Army of God,
How many journalist tried to find an unbiased slant on those who did the world trade bombings. Should those people be described as simply doing what they thought was “righteous” as the GQ article said, “Scott Roeder was convinced that killing his kind was the duty of the righteous.”
Putting these two men on the same level is like putting al Qaeda members on the same level as a religious lobbyist. It is not only sensationalistic it is an insult to those who had to suffer the loss of Dr. Tiller


Anonymous said...

My name is Devin Friedman and I'm the author of that story. And I neither wrote nor said the quote you attributed to me.

Salamander 奥托 said...

It is in the paragraph above the article, which is where I took the quote. I'm glad you let me know you didn't write it. It appeared in that article and I assumed it was something you said.