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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tiller's Killer to go for manslaughter

The murderer of Dr. George Tiller, Scott Roeder, will be allowed to argue the "imperfect self-defence" according to a ruling by Judge Warren Wilbert, This opens the way for Roeder to try and get a reduced sentence for Manslaughter if his lawyer can convicen the jury that Tiller was breaking the law by terminating late pregnancies where the fetus was viable. Of course this has never happened, but Roeder’s lawyers to create enough reasonalble doubt in jurrers minds as to get him a reduced charge in what is obvous to most to be a cold blooded murder in a man’s church. According to the Wichita Eagle:

“Roeder free to pursue 'imperfect self-defense'

A Sedgwick County district judge Tuesday said Scott Roeder could pursue a defense of voluntary manslaughter.
Prosecutors had asked Judge Warren Wilbert to block Roeder, 51, from building a case that might lead to a lesser charge than first-degree premeditated murder. Roeder is charged with killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller on May 31 at the doctor's church. Roeder has admitted to the shooting but said he killed to protect the unborn.
Kansas law defines voluntary manslaughter as the "honest but unreasonable belief" that the use of force was necessary in defense of another. It's called the imperfect self-defense. “

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