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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Document from the new Communist Party of Peru Marxist-Leninist-Maoist

A comunicado from the Communist Party of Peru Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, has been sent to the newspaper El Diario International, This group appears to be the off shoot of what the press has been calling the Shining Path (the group has called itself the Communist Party of Peru or PCP). The old grouping of the PCP is now referred to as the Gonzales faction, after the party’s founder Chairman Gonzalo or Abimael Guzmán. The PCP is now split between two rival factions, one that fallows the old leadership and calls for an end to the People’s War and the other PCP Marxist-Leninist-Maoist which has continued the People’s War and redeveloped its presents in the countryside of Peru.
El Diario has published the PCP Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comunicado and this is an excerpt from it translated by Google:

ABOUT THE GONZALES Date PCP Friday January 15, 2010

COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU Marxist-Leninist-Maoist

To our dear people of Peru and Latin America, tell your children best and are developing democratic people's war of national resistance Yankee imperialist, to see you freed from the oppressive yoke mainly Yankee imperialism and feudalism, which are energetic and willing to fight properly, and give life and our blood for emancipated and happy to see you. First, we are not hikers, or narco-traffickers, we are the Communist Party of Peru militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist people's war develops from 17 May 1980. Clearly proven, that the real drug traffickers in all oppressed nations and the imperialist powers are the same imperialist finance capital mainly bankers, most honorable families and subtle, jacket and tie, both civilian and military as the walls to resolve the APRA campaign apparently decent and respectable people, but they are full-body mud in drug trafficking, and they are in demand and drug trafficking, while the coca growers are offering and they absolutely are not drug traffickers, but simple farmers , whom the Peruvian state and government drug trafficker, the genocidal and sell patriotic armed forces and police forces must congratulate them for having the ability to generate themselves a job. However, the essence of the plan the "operational excellence 777", is to seize and exploit the area's oil and laughed Toroqocha Tambo, who want to monopolize the gathering around the VRAE the drug business. A revolution like ours, develops and succeeds in mobilizing and rallying the support of the masses, mobilizing and rallying the support of the international proletariat, oppressed nations and peoples of the world.

LOCAL STATUS To our dear comrades CRO - CRC - CRS - CRN - CRM, and the Peruvian people, noting that Viscat, never took or will take, because that site is located elsewhere. The genocidal armed forces what they are doing is placing military bases and deploy military patrols in the environment that is Pichis bit, and it does not control anything or took anything important in fighting the Democratic People's War in Peru. Now, Tinku Hill, is located on the left flank of the Military Base Pichis (Rio Seco). To be ignorant notion of government, this time deployed 3 patrols of Chivani to Johnson, 4 patrols to Pampa Aurora, 2 orange foot patrols, 2 patrols to Good Libra, 2 patrols to Pakistan, 2 patrols to toroqocha and 2 patrols to take Tinku, in its first operation failed, that was attacked three times that caused the deaths and injuries. All this fuss, they are making about 1 square kilometer, this spot of land militarily, it has no importance for us, but will cost them huge human and material resources, and that's what's coming. Since August 30, 2008 through today September 20, 2009, on both sides of our political and military counter-campaign, and 154 soldiers were killed, (killed and wounded), we have confiscated Galil rifles, AKM, Beretta, visors night, RPG, MGL and other military supplies, and as we are concerned we had a low, and a wounded comrade Angel mild, Comrade Alfonso, but some angurrientos informers, soldiers killed and traffickers bribed newspaper correspondents, like Joaquin Canchanya of Reason, saying nonsense and reported falsehoods, even that we have dropouts, everything is so fake, like the 7 narco killed in a clash in Pichis and 3 in San Jose, Sec. If you are able and in all honesty, these genocidal forces and the Peruvian State, show live and direct to the national and international press and the people of Peru, between August 30 and September 30, even a deserter.
Specific situation of the Party and Revisionism We are the Communist Party of Peru, which began to take people's war and democracy in Peru, 17 May 1980. We are one party, and everything we do from this date, democratic people's war, not just military action. Gonzalo, is the normal custom, after degenerate as communists and betraying the party and the armed revolution, give birth other revisionist parties and capitulation, which even called it the same name to traffic and ride, confuse and bamboozle many children of the people and the international proletariat. Gonzalo for 12 years on behalf of the Party and the Democratic People's War in Peru, terrorism did not revolution, and the flatterers and breastfeeding Gonzalo, those of the "Central Division", made terrorism for 19 years, causing extreme damage to the property and interests of the people and the nation, the Party and the Democratic People's War in Peru. Therefore, it is terrorist. And from the so-called "catch of the century" and his speech on 24 September 1992, "Speech of the Century." Gonzalo begins to lead the right opportunist line, for six of the "Central Address" still we’re not duped, including Feliciano and Artemio, but, from 14 July 1999, all were already part of the black dance Gonzalo capitulationism. That's why, on 14 July 1999, unmistakably, Gonzalo and the "Central Division", finally split the party and of the Peruvian revolution, that is, they no longer belong to any case to the militarized Communist Party of Peru or are already part of the democratic people's war. Gonzalo and the "Central Division" were a complete ignorant, stubborn terrorists, none of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism had understood, they were stubborn dogmatic, stubborn through and through, inept to the height, look, did not establish a serious partnership with the peasants, with the poor peasantry and not even properly develop the United Front, which in all democratic people's war like ours, is basic, and the main body of the revolution. The revisionism of Gonzalo, from the start of the Democratic People's War in Peru, 17 May 1980, with the propaganda of "no vote", "boycott the general elections", "death threats to those who would vote "and the" fire of the amphorae in Chuschi "was showing right and left, but as presumed inter alia absurd and infallible assurance, he went up antagonizing the action of Lucanamarca, in April 1983. From there, he began to lead to an opportunist line "left", then in 1988, the First Congress made opportunistically, then in 1991, belch "strategic balance" this stubborn revisionist Gonzalo, today raises peace agreement and national reconciliació n , embodied in his book "handwritten" is not nothing but a revolutionary flourish, in particular, a counterrevolution io not to understand the essence of class struggle.

About Artemio, it is true that armed actions carried out, as he says, in self defense and to require the government to accept its political and its demands for "political solution to the problems of internal war." But look, which is a revisionist blackmailer. Artemio, since he was duped by the "liberated Julian, a represents the armed wing revisionism, and is saved away from contrarrevolució n in Peru, with the aim of using it whenever the Peruvian revolution gives new impetus in its development . How long Artemio, and traffic will ride on the Party and the Peruvian revolution? Until that happens one of three things: Capitula in its way, the enemy comes Gonzalo style, or comrades, fighters, and masses of the annihilating Huallaga Regional Committee. For the armed forces and police forces, they will not stop, and not because there are no conditions, but that is his pawn Artemio playing in their plans, and that they know very well what U.S. imperialism and the Peruvian State. Our position on these hard-core revisionists have the status of unforgivable, for the Party and the Democratic People's War, by the people and the Peruvian nation, for the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and peoples of the world. In particular, according to the laws of the people's democratic dictatorship, these revisionists Gonzalo, Feliciano, Artemio and its Central Committee must be punished by death, for cause extreme damages, degenerate traitors and today by former rebels, unconditional pawns and agents of the Peruvian contrarrevolució No. Clearly, we have addressed the state and the Peruvian government, we give out for that there's no shelter, no greenhouse or 'golden jail', here there is only one effective sanction and popular communist justice.

NTERNATIONAL ANALYSISSocialism in Nepal, Hamas, Venezuela, Salvador, Nicaragua and Bolivia, in truth, their styles are socialism, a socialism that is far from true and scientific socialism, but have as positive, educating their people in theory and have the language that the enemy of oppressed peoples and nations and our beloved America, is U.S. imperialism.Hugo Chávez, is theoretically the standard-bearer of socialism to its style and education for the Yankee imperialist struggle, so it deserves to be ready for the practice of Yankee imperialist armed struggle, alongside the State, its government and the Venezuelan people. Indeed, it has the objective conditions to develop, and support to other states, governments, peoples and revolutionary organizations in Latin America and the world, that we must stress that there will be a victory for armed revolution so lonely is only possible together, let us therefore set aside the narrow nationalism that is very damaging and harmful, and this policy, which encourages parasitically U.S. imperialism and its lackeys.

For the rest in English click here.

For the original in Spanish click here.

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