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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Proletarian Internationalism and Nepalese Revolution- PBM of UCPN (Maoist)

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The Proletarian Internationalism and Nepalese Revolution- Indra Mohan Sigdel (Basanta), PBM of UCPN (Maoist)

Dear Sir,
I want to submit that the entirety of this content is understood and I feel that it need it to put on the test in the society for its prospects of possible applications in the day today life of every one those who has directly or indirectly associated or influenced by these proposals for the betterment, in my own way in the form of compliments, and remarks in accordance with the principles what we believe and want to achieve in our practice.

The proletariat class which has the only source of its labor to serve in the production and see the products be out from their work place for its owners at the cost of their wages for the markets for its returns covering the whole calculations of the expenditure as investment. The question of wages and the part of labor what the proletariat class delivers does not have any claim on the entirety of the cost of the product due to the quality and competitive cost of the products in the market. Moreover, in the feudal society the master or the semi-capitalist in the semi-feudal and semi-capitalist societies the master of the capitalist class works more than the labor and feudal lords in the non-productive side of the entirety of the productive process of the commodity as they have the sense of responsibility of looking out the entire process of the commodity for the market with its demand and quality.

Yes Karl Marx and Engel’s efforts were great and exemplary at that time when they were alive. And they fought against the capitalism during their lives for the betterment of the working class. But in practice in the great Britain the capitalism is going on along the side of American capitalism despite the different struggles and rebellions there.

The great philosopher, Karl Marx has done a lot from his base point in organizing the new class from the feudal society through his writings against the capitalists. But the capitalist society was risen from the debris of the feudal society there in Britain which was the winner in the wars against the old kingdoms of Europeans and Romans. This period is understood that the great wealth was gathered in the hands of British Empire and became the society of capitalism. The sixteenth and seventeenth century have been known as the industrial revolutionary age for those who tries to know the growth and progress of society towards future, treated as the great asset to understand the pace and movement of the societies towards the known destinations of the another form of the society that is none other than socialism as claimed by the Karl Marx.
The communist revolution which has been described by different schools of Marxism in different ways by the Karl Marx, Lenin, and the Moa due to their understandings and their own interpretations according to their situations based on their societies.

Lenin was greatly influenced by the writing of Karl Marx and started living his life basing on the writings of the Marx as he has himself kept the point in mind to retaliate the death of his brother against the regime at that time. He has seen the crucial periods of Russia in his life time for at least three times in making success the revolutions in Russia .

I have a lot of thing in mind to repeat the situations of Russian revolution and the Chinese revolutions including the period of Paris commune which was shortly lived there.
finally i would like to conclude here on this issue by saying that intensive and impirical study from the period of sumarians to the present form of states by covering all aspects and origin of state to the growth of cultural laws in all societies be studies and should find the pulse and pace of the societies which are moving like a mad bulls without control of the power agasinst the working class of the world.
Ayub Mohammed

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