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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Chilean MIR on the Earthquake

A Google translation from the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR):

Public Statement The morning of Saturday 27 February, the Chileans we woke up to the cruel reality of a society of the third world, almost 72 hours was delayed in the current government organize aid for the cities most affected by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated large part of the country in recent days. The disaster in human losses caused by speculators edilicia estates and neglect of important state of India is what remains in memory the Chilean people. The Constitution of 1980, delivered to the armed forces 10% of copper sales modernize the weaponry and equipment and infrastructure. Unfortunately, no that modernity could save the coastal villages hit by a tsunami, and may give notice time to all of them and thereby avoid many lives lost and missing persons. Today that the country needs to invest at 10% reconstruction in all the villages and cities in the earthquake severely compromised. We denounce that many authorities in the eighth region clamored for intervention repressive armed forces, to stop the violence of groups dedicated to assault shops closed, that they released no food and water to the population urgently needed, because from 3.35 am the product of the earthquake grade 8.8 in the Richter scale, all the cities hit by the quake left without electricity, water and communications, and until today those authorities instead of so urgently demanded aid bullets to suppress their own people. Ordas calls, organized in Concepcion and other bad people who take advantage of disasters to steal or harm their own brothers, are the result of the quality of life, education and human formation of the present inhabitants of Chile, the product of this economic model that is born in a dictatorship but that deepens with the Coalition, people ruthless, without any sense of solidarity and used. We hope to overcome this matrix current patterns of training people in this country. Unfortunate end of the governments of the Concertación, with disruption, cruelty, and also has a state of siege and curfew in the seventh and eighth region, what will happen in the rest of the country? We called the people of Chile to organize, to recover the sense of wonder and solidarity, understanding that we are brothers of the same land and that no material means can divide or bury our best values as human beings. We will work on organizing our people, demands that recover their losses caused by speculators, and we are all Chileans duty of complaints against builders who speculated in the construction of residential buildings or highways and bridges have been torn like paper, and the requirement to eliminate the fixed charge on electricity, water and telephone, which was made evidence in this tragedy and nothing he says is really misleading propaganda, 72 hours ago that the country has no water or energy.

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