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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Glen Beck on communism and the right and left fringes

Glen Beck fancies himself an expert on Communism. We need a lesson on the fringe right and left by Glen Beck? He is the fringe right. Now he wants to debate the far left.

Glenn Beck Shows Video Of Jed Brandt Calling Himself A Socialist And Communist

Is there as many communist and socialist as the Tea Party? That’s interesting to hear.
“I never heard anything like that (bringing this country down) at the Tea Party?” He doesn’t listen well.
He believes Marx said “we need to kill off 20 % of the people” Where did he read this?
“Name the free speech communist regime, name one.”
How about Salvador Allende and the Sandinistas? No free speech under Hugo Chevez? What does he base that accusation on? What about the 100 flowers campaign in China?

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