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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

History will NEVER absolve George W Bush

It’s not surprising that there has been a few people trying to re-write history and use Obama’s so called lack of popularity to try and revise Ex-president Bush’s place in history. Since they have already named an airport after the late Ronald Reagan and now plan to put him on the $50, it comes as no surprise that a few bloggers and pundits are trying to make Bush look like a hero and make his dismal presidency look good.
The reality is that Reagan pushed the country to the far right, starting a conservative trend to take right and affluence away from the working classes and spending record amounts of money to prop up and try and popularize US imperialism.
Bush ran the economy into the ground, then handed it over to Obama, who now has to try and fix it. He got this country involved in two unnecessary wars, where the US is trying to create a puppet democracy.
To add to that, Bush was probably one of the dumbest presidents this country has ever had. He could barely give a speech and his stupidity made this country a laughing stock.
Now that there is an anti-intellectual trend in the conservative movement, it’s not surprising to see an attempt to make Bush look good. -- សតិវ អតុ

According to The Wichita Eagle:

“Obama’s trouble fueling Bush nostalgia
The “Miss me yet?” billboard starring George W. Bush along I-35 in Minnesota is only one visual example of the 43rd president’s rehabilitation, which New York Times blogger Stanley Fish
notes is officially under way. The March 8 of Newsweek added the cover line “Victory At Last” to a photo of Bush’s 2003 “mission accomplished” moment on the aircraft carrier.”

For the rest click here.

Do we miss you Goerge? No! Not at all!

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