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Monday, March 08, 2010

Lot’s of local press for the tea bag liars

Last week the Wichita Eagle, (Wichita, KS) had two large articles on the Tea Party movement. They have given this movement way more publicity than any progressive organized group or even. At times they have completely ignore large gatherings of the local peace movement or women’s groups.
They have given the Tea baggers plenty of sound-bites without ever checking them to see if they are accurate. For example, The Wichita Eagle printed; “Many tea partiers are common working people. Sedgwick County Republican Party Chairman Kelly Arnold counts himself a tea party enthusiast.”
Are they really working class people? Just look at ho they interviewed in “5 offer views on tea party movement”;

Dan Heflin
"The tea party movement is not an angry movement. We're not mean and mad, we're just mad."
Heflin, an engineer, was laid off from Cessna Aircraft a year ago in January. He is married to a physician. The two of them, he said, were paying enormous amounts in taxes.”

Married to a physician? He’s sure not working poor. His wife is Petit Bourgeoisie or professional class.

"We only have one life," Heflin said. "Taking a dollar from any one of us is taking part of our life away, it amounts to taking away our right to live.”

Give me a break. This guy makes more money than most of the working stiffs who pay as much tax-percentage-wise as he does. Who does he think is going to pay for the roads he drives on?

Gary Townson;
"What happened in the election a year ago was that Republicans voted, by and large, by staying home. They gave the election away."
Townson is retired from the postal service."

Since he has social security to take care of him, he doesn’t have to worry about health care, because he has socialized medicine (Medicare). He doesn’t care about the rest of us.

Ken Ciboski
Ciboski is a political science professor at Wichita State University, quoted often in the local media for his perspective on political movements. He has watched the local tea party with interest.

This guys a college professor. He’s a known right-wing blowhard.
Also in the article;

“At the most recent rally in Wichita, Feb. 20 at Century II, tea party organizer Lynda Tyler told 2,500 enthusiastic listeners from the podium that the last time Americans were as upset about government as they are now, they wrote a document called the Declaration of Independence. That document pointed out that it sometimes becomes necessary "for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another."
Organized locally by Tyler, a licensed Wichita financial adviser, tea party members are motivated, energized and ticked off at both mainstream parties.
They are not highly organized or moving in lockstep, and Tyler says that means their opinions are fresh and unrehearsed, unlike many stale mainstream liberal and conservative opinions.”

Not highly organized? Look at those who have helped them and it seems to couldn’t be more organized and not at all spontaneous.
Just check out a recent email from American Majority, a strong supporter of the Tea Bag movement:

Salina, KS Government 101 Training
American Majority will be conducting a Government 101 Training in conjunction with the Salina Tea Party on Saturday, March 13 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Salina Public Library. Attendees will receive training on how local, state and national government structures operate, how to be an effective campaign volunteer and affect change in your community, how to hold elected officials accountable, how to write effective letters to the editor, use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and wikis to impact government.

Manhattan, KS Activist Training
American Majority staff is looking forward to hosting an Activist Training in Manhattan, KS on Saturday, April 10th at the public library in Manhattan. This training will feature full presentations equipping attendees to make a difference. More details and registration are available at our website.”

They have training all over the US. Just check their websites.

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