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Friday, April 02, 2010

Dr. Tiller’s Killer gets life in prison

Scott Roeder will rot in prison for the next 50 years provided he lives that long. The damage he did when he shot Dr. Goerge Tiller, one of the few abortion doctors who did late term abortions, can’t be undone.
We can only hope that his life is miserable as he spends it in a prison yard, in an orange jump stuite and loses all his personal freedom.
Roeder was un-repentant. According to NPR:

“Before he was sentenced, Roeder testified that he killed Tiller because he felt doing so would protect unborn children. He accused the judge of "duplicity" and said his trial was a miscarriage of justice because he wasn't allowed to present testimony about the evils of abortion. He said the deaths of a few providers like Tiller must be weighed against the millions of abortions that have been performed.”
"I stopped him so he could not dismember another innocent baby," Roeder said. "Wichita is a far safer place for unborn babies without George Tiller."

His family member also pleaded with the judge:

“Earlier Thursday, an attorney for Tiller's family, Lee Thompson, asked Wilbert to give Roeder the harshest sentence possible, saying anything less would encourage other anti-abortion fanatics to follow in Roeder's footsteps.
"It will happen again and again," Thompson said. "This is domestic terrorism. This act will be repeated by this person if he ever sees the light of day again."
Thompson said the slain doctor had believed strongly in women's rights.
"The impact of his death on women throughout the world is like an earthquake," Thompson told the court. "They ask, 'Where can I go? What will I do?' I have to say, 'I'm sorry, I can't tell you.' That's the impact of this crime."

He will be honoured by such fanatics as the Army Of God while the more civilized amoung us will feel that some justice has been done now that Roeder is put away. The problem comes from those who are encouraged to do more of this.

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