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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Which Way Forward for the UCPN(Maoist) and the Nepali People's Revolutionary Struggle?"

From David P.

The MLM Revolutionary Study Group in the U.S. has just published a major paper on Nepal titled,
"Which Way Forward for the UCPN(Maoist) and the Nepali People's Revolutionary Struggle?"
Its table of contents are as follows:

I. Moving Towards a Package Deal in May 2010
Protest Campaigns to Apply Pressure on the Nepali Congress and UML
February 2010 Statement by the UCPNM Central Committee
Integration and Fragmentation of the People's Liberation Army
Renewing the Revolutionary Struggle
A Parallel with Indonesia--or El Salvador?

II. The Real Obstacles and Challenges for the Revolution in Nepal
The Threat of Indian Intervention
Winning Over the Middle Forces
The Russian Revolution
The Chinese Revolution--1945-46 Peace Offensive

III. Revolutionary vs. Revisionist Negotiations in China, India and Nepal
A Different Situation in Nepal (referring to negotiating without intact military forces and base areas)

IV. Two Arguments by Prachanda Apologists in the U.S.
1. Prachanda and his supporters have a secret plan to make revolution
2. Who are you to criticize the Maoist Party in Nepal?

V. Genuine Internationalism and the Revolutionary Struggle in Nepal

The introduction to the paper reads:

The central question facing the Unified Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) (UCPNM) is whether it can develop the political line, strategy and tactics to conquer state power and wield it in the service of the vast majority of the people of Nepal and the world.
This question has become the subject of discussion and debate throughout the world, ever since the Maoists in Nepal signed an agreement in 2006 to end their 10-year old people's war. Over the years of the people's war, the revolutionary forces had inspired people the world over, winning wave upon wave of victories and building both guerrilla zones and liberated areas which were beginning the work of a new society. The Peoples War in Nepal, it must be said, rekindled the spirit and hopes of revolution around the world. Their successes, winning nearly 80% of the territory of Nepal, had drawn such attention and acclaim that ending of the people's war with the peace agreements of 2006 came as a great surprise and shock to many.
The course which has been followed since has been discussed and debated--and denounced or embraced--by various forces, because the Maoists had achieved so much prior to the 2006 agreement, and had seemed to be approaching nationwide victory. Why this change of course? Was this a departure from a new democratic revolutionary strategy, or was this a sophisticated move toward successfully winning the revolutionary struggle for power?
To answer this question, it must be determined whether Prachanda and the majority of the UCPNM leadership are leading the party and the masses of Nepal to complete the new democratic revolution and build socialism, or they are implementing a disorienting strategy—leading to a political “package deal” in the next few months--that will result in a major setback for the Nepali people’s revolutionary struggle.
The full paper is available at

The MLMRSG describes itself as:
The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolutionary Study Group is not affiliated with any party in the U.S. We advocate the development of a broad struggle against the U.S. capitalist system and government and the worldwide imperialist system as a whole; and the building of a dynamic and vibrant revolutionary movement that pays special attention to the political action and organization of the most exploited and oppressed sections of people in the U.S.
We anticipate that serious revolutionaries who share an internationalist perspective and mass orientation will undertake the building of new communist organization to concentrate and develop capable revolutionary leadership of the basic masses, and to chart the pathways for revolution in the U.S. We encourage such a project and will work to assist its development in every way we can.
The revolutionary struggle and communist movement in the U.S. must be solidly anchored in internationalism, in active unity with people’s movements everywhere against all forms of capitalist/imperialist rule, and particularly with Maoists and all revolutionary forces that are battling to achieve socialism and ultimately the complete liberation of humanity in a communist world.
We believe that the revolutionary mission of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism needs to be reaffirmed and its fundamental principles identified and promoted. Its scientific method of dialectical materialism must be further developed and wielded in both summing up the positive and negative experiences of revolution and socialism in the 20th century, and in guiding the next wave of communist revolution in the 21st century. We hope to take an active part in the great debates sweeping through the international communist and revolutionary movements on these questions.

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