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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greece riots continue—statement from the Communist Organization of Greece

Riots continue in Greece Today with about 60,000 people taking to the streets and three people are left dead.

This was sent from Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy:

Solidarity with the popular masses of Greece, with struggling teachers, with the Communist Organization of Greece, with Stathis Katsoulas.

Video sent to us by the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE):


We translate the following remarks of KOE about the report:

Precariously working teachers "invade" the studios of public TV, the day before general strike.
The teachers interrupted the news broadcast and demanded to participate in a TV program with Ms Diamantopoulou, Minister of Education. The TV administration called in the Police Special Forces, who attacked brutally the teachers. Their representative Stathis Katsoulas, member of KOE, was wounded (after the conclusion of the mobilization he was transported to the hospital with his leg broken by the police). However, the teachers resisted and obliged the TV to broadcast live their declaration (see at 7min 30sec). Meanwhile, more than one thousand people gathered outside the TV building, supporting the teachers, and then, at around midnight, marched in the city with slogans against the government, the IMF and the EU.

More info about the developments in Greece:

Communist Organization of Greece / Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas (KOE)
International Relations Department
Email: *

The CARC Party expresses the greatest solidarity with the popular masses of Greece, with the struggling teachers, with KOE and with Stathi Katsoulas. We invite everybody to show their solidarity by sending mail to and

The CARC Party is well aware of the falseness of those who say that "Greece is not Italy”. Greece is Italy, it is Spain, it is Europe. In Greece, the imperialist bourgeoisie of Europe shows to the world that their governments, in order to save their banks and their rotten and corrupt regimes, are ruining whole countries and no longer know how to respond to the most basic needs of the masses. Papandreou, Zapatero, Berlusconi have neither the ability nor the will to ensure the needs and interests of the popular masses of their countries. In our countries, there need emergency governments formed by personages who already enjoy the trust of workers and of the organized masses, by individuals who are determined to take special measures to achieve the following six measures:
1. To assign to each firm productive tasks (of goods or services) that are useful and suitable to his nature, according to a national plan (no company should be closed).
2. To distribute products to families and individuals, to firms and to collective uses according to clear plans and criteria, universally known and democratically decided.
3. To assign to each individual a socially useful work and, in exchange for its strict implementation, guarantee him the necessary conditions for a dignified life and for participation in managing the society (no worker must be fired, no individual must be marginalized.)
4. To eliminate unnecessary harmful activities and products for humans or for environment, giving firms other tasks.
5. To start the reorganization of other social relations according to the new productive base and the new distribution system.
6. To establish relations of collaboration and exchange with other countries willing to establish them with us.
We agree with the statement of the Central Committee of the (new) Italian Communist Party on May 5, 2010, of which we give the final part:

"We wish the masses, the workers and the Communists of Greece to be able to find their way. We wish they not only give a hard time to the corrupt government of Papandreou clan, but also succeed in forming their own government!
The Greek people have a glorious revolutionary tradition!
It has been able to cope with success and heroism the armies of Mussolini!
It gave no respite to the armies of Hitler, while leaders of the clan Papandreou had fled abroad!
It dared to challenge British and American imperialists for establishing socialism as an outlet of the victorious resistance against the Nazi!
Even if this enterprise was defeated, it left an important legacy to the Greek people. In order to wipe it out, U.S. Imperialism and NATO have used the dictatorship of the colonels (1967-1974). But the Revolution of December showed that that legacy is alive. We wish that this is the right time and that the Greek masses finally will succeed in forming a popular government able to cope the crisis and that will be an example for all European peoples.

Let’s go onwards with confidence and strength!
Solidarity with the Greek popular masses!
Let’s contribute to their struggle advancing towards the establishment of an emergency government in our country! "

CARC Party - International Relations Department

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