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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yes, we are already sick of the Hartman ads

A lot of people are already getting sick of seeing Wink Hartman campaign TV Ads. Just recently the posted an article; “Anyone Else Sick of the Wink Hartman Campaign Ads?”
The answer for a lot of us is YES. The ads run every hour on most TV stations and they are designed to drive a deep divide between the conservative Republican majority and the liberal minority.

More and more our political campaigns and their candidates are relying on name calling, outrages accusations, the questioning of people’s patriotism, and a clear cut case of distorting historical facts. This is especially bad on the Republican side. Their theme is clear; to demonize President Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party.
Recently Sarah Palin came to Wichita, KS to denounce liberals and their gains in Washington. But this was not just factional disagreements, There seems to be a mean streak against all those who stand in her way. Over and over we hear Republicans arguing that liberals are “ruining the country.”
If the campaign for the Congressional House fourth district in Kansas is typical of other campaigns, nation wide, we can expect more of the same. In one of his ads candidate Wink Hartman attacks Nancy Pelosi and other liberals for “ruining this country” and “creating great hardships for “real Kansas families.”
The new “liberals are “ruining the country” message is catching on with conservatives. We are seeing it and hearing it every hour on every station by the Republican candidate Hartman. Hartman is running for a seat vacated by Representative Todd Tiahrt who is running for the senate. He uses the same party lines as Hartman and he introduced Sarah Palin when she was in Wichita.
As for Hartman’s own solution to the present economic down turn, there is nothing new about it. Anyone who is over 25 has heard this all before. It’s straight off the Republican Party’s platform. What’s most interesting is his insistence that all the government had to do was get off the backs of small businesses, stop taxing people and spending money and the economy would be “turned around by now.”
While many of us would agree that small businesses are not treated well in these modern times, it is extremely simplistic to claim that the present Democratic government created the economic slump (remember it started during George W. Bush’s administration) and the simple solution is to free up small businesses and quit spending money. It’s all so simple. It’s also wrong. Liberals have run the country before and they have run it during times of prosperity. Remember the John F. Kennedy era? Hartman acts as if this is the first time a liberal has ever been in the White House..
None of these conservatives will admit that our bloated military budget simply never gets discussed when it comes to tax, spend and borrowing by the government.
No serious political scientist is going to believe that one simple solution can end a very complicated economic recession. It’s just not that simple to the more educated voter.
One thing the Republicans don’t seem to get is that the voting public is getting sick of both parties. There are a lot of voters that just want the economy to work and jobs to come back. So far neither party has any new ideas on how to do that. They do have plenty of nasty accusations for their opponents.
Wink tries hard to look like a serious business leader who is “just like you” and wants common sense solutions to the problems in Washington. “I’m not a career politicians,” he said in recent ad.
Some simple questions come to mind with this guy immediately. How many of us have an arena named after us. Hartman does. Were is all the money coming from for all of those ads. The TV is saturated with them and they are not cheap. If he is against spending money so much, why is he spending an exorbitant amount for these ads?

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