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Monday, June 07, 2010

How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other

Part 3

By Ayub Mohammed

Alienation of productive force from the production work for the whole society at that time, the reasons were demanded them to set aside from the mere and little responsibility of the production work to the high degree of total responsibilities on the newly emerged needs they adopted to the system of uniformity in decisions in implementation of the activities they carried out in the new areas at that time.
The alienation from the productive work had the universal sanction to deal the new challenges from the new responsibilities they all were to resume. The new challenges they had to face from the old responsibilities to new tasks. Consequently the non-productive sections in which they allowed to work were more widened with the new needs and demands.
The burden of the production work was consistent with the need of all, with the reduced strength of the productive forces. The pressure was mounted to full fill the growing demand of the needs in food habits, which were taken new turn from the raw to the boiled or roasted in its form. At the same time the work of eating from the temporary ‘spots’ to the permanent shelters was given a new ground to engage the new men to work in the ‘preparation’ of food ‘, taking care of the food, and bringing the food material from the distant areas were made to engage a courageous and well built men into it.
The divisions of the non-productive work field occupied a wide are to adopt more men from the production work to non-production work. Resultantly, the skilled and non-skilled portions of bifurcation were taken place in their lives at that time at the time of shift of their dwellings to plane areas. The skilled and non-skilled work both in productive and non-productive fields were taken place within the unit under the pressure of the protection of the people from both natural, and wild animals under the conditions of which they were to live.
While living under the threat perception and their moves, could never be understood by any body in the world, because they want to see the past and remote events which were changing under the differences of the changes for identifying the factors that had to play in both material and in mental forms of the people, who were only able to know what decisions could be taken in according to the circumstances under which they were allowed to live.
At the same time, these types of changes in all fields were taken place under the need of the growing demands which could be taken over by the efficient and capable individuals. At least four fields were in open before them to meet the task of the changes, which could be seen as follows.
Productive field which was under pressure and that had given birth to the need of selecting the skilled workers in proving a food to all with leading, some minors for the purpose to train them, during the traveling, while their work. Here the selections and the selections of the skilled, training, at the same time, casual, regular works divisions were taken place.
In the non-productive field, the coordination of all four sections were needed as to see how much of the guarantee they were secured from the men who were on that responsibilities had been entrusted to, to be verified, and the depositing of the food with finding out the durability of what were to collect with protection of it from its own people were the reason to actively work with muscle and with their minds. At the same time, the foods responsibility was to carry out in a same way where the men were appointed for that had to be verified with the balance of the needy men and excessive use of the working at the spot of the society.
The imbalance of utilizations was automatically accrued there due to the allotment and work divisions of the men into productive and non-productive forces. It means the side effect was shown its result on the whole system of the society in which they were to over come it without going back to the original phase of their journey. The result of the emergence of the two fields from varying each from its own origin were moving its own way from many hurdles in their long run. In every field at the dwelling centers from where the origin of finding the irrigation, domestication of animals, cultivation, planting and other fields were emerged within its own set of laws . The non-productive field had been reduced to the broadened responsibilities of keeping unifying members by avoiding a clashes at the women, at the work of guarding the food storage, and at the selecting the men to all other works within the society that kind of attraction from both sides of productive and non productive fields were made them to kill with the support of the others who were mostly entrusted to the most key centers of the society. By formulating the developments in the society, I do not like to lead it towards the principle of the fittest was survived . But I like to say the fittest system was survived and made to continue from that ancient time to the present modern times. All these developments were taken place at the African jungles and at the surrounding places of the Egyptians, and Sumerians dwelling centers. I am not talking about the developments that also were taken place at the Indian subcontinent. Because Indian and its south Asian history does not consist all transitional periods as claimed by the world Marists and Indian Marxist in India . In my earlier article I explained the system of slavery which was jumped out to the feudal system without passing the phase of the slave system.
Here the entire Marxist believes that the interpretation of the history through the phases were the same and India also has such history and they tries to apply the other model of proposition to India and its historical developments. It was the different story about the Indian transitional period which was and is quite opposite to the Marxist interpretations in its philosophy. The responsibility of the coordination of the many diversifying needs and its filling-ups with men was stood to the top of the position like a post at that time. In its true sense it is the name of ‘state’. It was in its responsibility to lead the society into the further advancement based on the coming new and newest challenges in the hands of the coordinator. The non-productive fields such as protecting the society, guarding the storages, food preparations at the society, and the responsibility of feeding the children and women who were allowed to be at the wishes of the head of the society.
As these developments were taking place at the society, the inventions and findings were lead them towards progress and advancements, such as developing irrigation channels, tiles, metal equipments, in plowing, and other inventions were taken place in the same way. Simply, this kind of historical interpretation from the point of materialistic way what I like to assess the past to understand the present conditions of the world in its exact manner without committing bias against the whole history of man kind.
At the same time, from the past to the another form of social system which was known by all those who have a political knowledge or any political affiliations in interpreting the past and remote developments in the history which had the role to play the same role in further developing the society from one phase to another.
The known history, through the available sources at present could be broadly said that the inventions from the first book bible, which states that there was slavery and it, had social sanctions at that time when the bible was written. And many more evidences are available to claim that the slave system was come into being without knowing its prior system which had lead to its advanced system at that time. Aristotle, in his writings, and in Greek philosophy the slave system as a legalized system was existed. And they supported while their life times. Before going into depth on the subject of the slavery, it is necessary to inquire the leading and the most striking features on the society upon which the entire system was and is based and on the stable process of progress any society could emerge as a powerful and resourceful of the time in the interest of the people.
To identify the exact factors of the society with its features which lead it from stage to stage on each and every findings and innovations, every factor behind every invention, which are discussed here below
there must be a need to which the people was in relentlessly trying and bearing the losses on unsuccessful attempts like a factor, if we take as example, the people did not know about the swimming, they needed to learn the swimming and built a ferries or logs they used to cross the rivers, which was the new for the new people and the old were drowned
The code of Manu, which had a section in the list of punishments on proof of guilt by throwing him into water because the reason at that time the people did not learn swimming. So that the section of punishment of throwing the guilt into water was the reason they were in belief that the guilt did not swim out of the waters. The act of swimming was made them to cross the rivers and they got their settlements wherever they believed as the place of safety.
The sensing of the need should come out of skilled, cleverish and personal emotions, while resuming the responsibilities in the entrusted fields irrespective of the productive and non-productive sections .
In every filed, the lead role played by active people who may be even one or two as an indicators of such need as an essentiality while discharging their works.
Those men who were engaged in their respective works were in feeling that all were doing the work with equal responsibility under the single command or force on one or few with their help in discharging their works
An organizational vacuum was come with the differences between the two major sections of that society besides its own and internal differences among the newly emerged sections through the skilled works of the capabilities which were the basic and primary need at that time to take birth another section from its own that lead one stage of advancement and progress to another.
The clear cut demarcation between the productive and non productive sections were taken place within which every advancement and progress taken place within its own spectrum of each field beside its major fields of productive and non-productive.
In the similar way of the developments in the productive side with its extended braches now we all are evident about its existence in present time in all societies from the right from beginning, at least three major braches through which all fields of the present day of progress and advancement of the societies we should note which are named as follows.
As a major section in the society, the productive field from its ancient origin to present that feeds the whole society with its all extended branches of the present society in all over the world. The transition of the phase of the society from one stage to another stage in each country was and is very different from each other. No common model of Marxist philosophy, or its extended Leninism, in U.S.S.R, and the last model of Maoism could never be applied to the other parts of the world. To understand this particularity principle from the principle of generality which was I previously discussed in my another article, some two three months back, to all the states in the world may need many more decades or centuries, I do not expect, because the philosophy is such that would never allow anybody to review the past of its possible applications to the global countries
. The whole philosophy and a thought to state any ideas or a set of ideas by somebody, though, it may be in a materialistic form, against idealism, and utopian way of presenting the ideas about the people ,society, state, and other important things with were and are proved that as a facts and the same were and are proved correct through its reasonable and in rational way in the interest of the society, nation and for the people who lives in the society by entrusting the general responsibility of their protection as their first priority and prioritized nature in the set of other natures of the human beings whose nature and mind to calculate in every time hundreds of theories were and are come up but could not succeed to present the human nature and their behaviors would be such in the when they face such conditions in particular time and place with the particular factors that cause them to come up with their decisions, the only philosophy in the world on the serious observations on the change of the nature through the industries in the industrial revolution and its consequences with progress and developments it was formulated by the great philosopher Karl Marx and Engel. Both saw the results and they represented the whole theory and their philosophy in their literature which had given the two models of Marxian states in the world. The other was and it’s some level of progress in gauging the minds of the people in achieving their task of the removal of the monarchy in Nepal . Hence these models are known that all were and are the direct contributions of Karl Marx, Engel, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, how many lives were behind the success of these two states, and what were the factors really played in that socialist system of the governance have been told by many more than the Indians. But the British and American universities were allowed to carry out research works more on Marxian philosophies than any other subjects of social sciences.
In India there is more working groups on these philosophies are working than the findings the philosophical contributions to the social science from the side of Marxian philosophy in India . Coming back to other section of the society which relates completely to non-productive sections whatever we have in present day that had their origin in the ancient
As a part of the society, the non-productive filed which did not share in the productive work of the society. And it is completely depended upon the productive field of the society. Since the say of alienation of this diction from participation of the productive work, it has been played a lead role in development and progress of the society as a whole but through it’s extended and sub-sections of its major field. It has no power in the direct way of interfering in the affairs of the productive works and its relations within its own sub-sections of the branches.
In its apex seat, the state what we call to the chief of the non-productive sections of its own, from post of the president to the least and lower post of contract labor of the local bodies, all does not participate in the production works in the society. But all those who belong to the border security force personnel to India ’s telecom company’s night watchman lives like members of the same society from the days of alienation from the participation in productive works.
As an unavoidable need was its emergence in ancient period and from that period to till now they have been diversified and extended its roots to every branch of the government in present society by resuming the responsibilities of their respective fields. In other words, if we say correctly all the major sections of executive, legislative and judiciary all of its related branches and other sections of the society like press/media, education, entertainment, etc.
All those who do not have the direct participation in the productive field, were and are known that they are non-productive and dependents of the productive forces. And it was not easy at the time of its emergence and growth, but now it has become easy to work. So that most of the members of the society seeks these fields. And the productive field which was and is the base of all members of any society from ancient societies to the present modern societies. I go on about it later, but coming to another important section of the society which was and is the key in fastening the pace of the progress and development of the society. It is still in the hands of the people who play multiple roles in the society both in two to three fields of the society.
Productive tools, which were and are the key players in the society from ancient times to the present day of every progress and development of the society and played a predominant role in all times since the ancient days to present day. From the period of stone tools to the nuclear weapons, the growth and origin of the tools and equipments were used in the production fields for feeding the whole society at that time.
And now its peak stage of industries which are now producing the products for the benefit of its owners has a different story that may be detailed some time later. But the role of the productive tools which were used in feeding to fighting against the enemies has the same origin and its developments from that time to present period especially after the industrial revolution. But all these are in whose hands have another story to discuss in another article. One tool of iron on the development in this field, by finding the iron for hunting the animals, had been made useful in plowing the land in the Sumerian civilization, iron use was made in the transport of a carts as a development and contribution for another invention by using it for digging water storages on finding the scarcity of it in summer times. At the same way all these developments in the filed of tools taken place for the list of serializing such finding are not possible to discuss here.
How did the state pay its role from the needy time to present day is discussed in detail in the next article.

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