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Sunday, June 27, 2010

More on the 60th anniversary of the Korean (한국) War

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner:

The week was the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. The last few weeks I’ve posted a few articles on the Korean situation. According to The Wichita Eagle, most Koreans don’t worry about the North invading them:

When 46 South Korean sailors died in March in what the South charges was a North Korean torpedo attack on the Cheonan, a naval warship, people in Seoul mourned, but there weren't huge demonstrations across the country, much less panic. After South Korea said it would seek United Nations sanctions, and Pyongyang swore retribution, analysts called it one of the lowest points in Korean relations since the war. Many South Koreans just shook their heads.
"It's not something I take seriously," said Choi Song-gu, a 65-year-old real estate agent who was visiting the observation platform on the DMZ with friends.
Choi said he wasn't worried that the DMZ, a ribbon of heavily mined land that cleaves the nation with thousands of soldiers on either side, is less than 30 miles from Seoul. While there are no exact figures for the North Korean arsenal of missilhe Southern capital off the face of the Earth.
"I don't believe that North Korea is a threat," he said. "I read the articles in the newspapers, but I don't buy it."

es and artillery, the country has more than enough firepower to wipe tAfter 60 years of one of the bloodiest wars the US had fought since World War II, there doesn’t seem to be the same fears of invasion on the Korean Peninsula today.

Losses by local Koreans were heavy and included:
South Korea
137,899 KIA
450,742 WIA
32,838 MIA or POW
North Korea
215,000 dead
303,000 wounded
120,000 MIA or POW
That was just the locals. Although the war was technically a UN effort, the real losses went to
The US
400,000+ dead
486,000 wounded
21,000 POW
114,000 killed in combat
34,000 non-combat deaths
380,000 wounded
21,400 POW
With all those dead and wounded, it is hard to imagine that people in Korea don’t fear a return to such a bloodbath. At one time, South Korea was nearly wiped out. Then the US came in and the North was nearly wiped out. Then the Chinese came in. After more than two years of bloody conflict the war ended close to where it started.
Maybe that is why people are confident the war won’t be repeated. Neither sides wants the deaths and destruction that came with the Korean War. And if that is the case, it is a good thing.

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