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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Nepal

This is an update on the continuing turmoil going on in Nepal as the United Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist and the more conservative parties continue to look for a way out of the political stalemate that took place when the UCPN-M resigned from the government more than a year ago. Here are two sources of information one the revolutionary struggle taking place. The CPN-UML (Communist Party Nepal United Marxist Leninist) is a much more conservative party than the UCPN-M and are opponents rather than allies at this point.


UML will not claim leadership of new government: Khanal

CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal on Wednesday made it clear that his party will not stake claim to the leadership of the new government after confirming that Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal will tender his resignation following his address to the nation today.Khanal also trashed rumors that he is all set to become the new prime minister of the country.Emerging from the standing committee meeting of the party held at its central office in Balkhu, he said PM Nepal, who is also a senior CPN-UML leader, had told the party leaders during the meeting today that he will step down in order to put an end to the deepening political crisis. The UML strongman reiterated the need for national consensus for peace and constitution.

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And from the Kasama Project:
Kasama will be posting a series of new articles appearing in Nepal, that lay out in some fresh detail the perspective and debates among the Maoists in Nepal. These pieces have appeared in the Nepali English language journalThe Red Star Vol 3 issue 16.
“If we pay our attention towards the history, there was a hot debate on it in course of justifying the bases of revolution before initiation of People’s War (PW). The debate was about national and international situation at that time. In course of debate, the aspect to consider international situation more decisive than the national was defeated and PW was initiated. The success of PW justifies the factual reality that the internal aspect- that is people, politics, struggle,ideology and leadership- can have more important and decisive role than external aspect. The same debate has come into existence due to the prolonging peace process.”
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