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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Friday, July 16, 2010 8:35 AM

Aims and programmes of DAFODWAM[Democratic Action Forum Of Dalits,Women And Minorities] are emobodied in its name itself. here Dalits mean scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward communities. DAFODWAM is not frontal organisation of any Political Party, but it is very much aware of social and political incedents of the india which is defacto upper caste hindu state .Financially it is dependent on co-thinkers, not on Government[s][ central or state] or west based funding organisations[ usually known as funded NGO]. For more information contact ananta acharya- 30-2 N P RD. KOLKATA 55 INDIA.PHONE- [0] Jun 3 delete ananta
CLASS CASTE RELATIONS-MARXIST APPROACH,first english publication of DAFODWAM[DEMOCRATIC ACTION FORUM OF DALITS, WOMEN AND MINORITIES] is just published..available at world view[jadabpur university campus], book mark, new horizon book trust, Pati ram, manisha, manab mon. book stalls near rashbehari crossing and bbd bag telephone bhaban... For more call [0]9331858854... DAFODWAM-30-2 NP RD ..KOLKATA-55DAFODWAM thinks that India is a de facto upper caste Hindu state and Brahmanism derived from Manu Sanghita is still the guiding philosophy of Indian rulling classes. Untill the abolition of caste system and discrimination based on gender and religious community there is no chance of victory of class struggle, in whatever form. And this book will help those people who are trying to build up a real democratic India free from caste discrimination and caste division

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