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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kansas City music: The Futants

Music Review: The Futants:

Pass Me the Butter

Review by Pete Dulin.

The Futants picked a helluva song title for the lead track, “Those Who Danced Were Thought to be Quite Mad by the Deaf.” It’s bold and bizarre like the plotline of a B-movie airing at three in the morning. The Futants aren’t going for a sub-par horror flick soundtrack. They aim to deliver A-list progressive metal with an imaginative flair. About the name, Futants is a mashup of future and mutants. The band seized inspiration for its name from a theory by psychedelic shaman Dr. Timothy Leary, who proposed that a type of genetic wild card exists as a small percentage of the population at any given time. Futants aid humans as a species to adapt and advance in the Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest, given the proper environmental recognition and support to exist. When Futants in the form of scientists, philosophers, artists, athletes, or other roles push our threshold to new ground, then the entire race evolves. It’s heady stuff with a sci-fi bent that gives the band ample conceptual room to maneuver as they pound out chords, crash cymbals, and unleash their message with a guttural growl.

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